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Author Topic: Once Upon a Kinky China (M looking for F)  (Read 596 times)

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Once Upon a Kinky China (M looking for F)
« on: November 27, 2012, 10:07:24 PM »
Alright, so this is the first time I've done a request thread, so anticipate that this will be rough and not as pro as other request threads.  After watching a ton of old Chinese Kung-Fu movies, most of them involving Jet Li, I came up with the idea that I will describe eventually.  Originally, I dismissed it on the grounds that no one would be interested, but it wouldn't leave me alone.  So I figure I'll just share it and if someone is interested, then cool.  If not, that's alright, at least it'll leave me alone from now on.

But before I start with my idea, let's see if we're compatible first! 

Things I'm looking for in a partner:

Spelling and Grammar - I'm not expecting a college degree on 'Writing'.  However, poor spelling and grammar is rough on the eyes for me, and it does impact my enjoyment.  In terms of what I'm looking for, I think this request thread is a pretty good indicator of where I'm at in terms of the technical side of writing, and where I'd like my partner to be.  Feel free to take a look at my post history and get more of an idea if you'd like.  I'm far from perfect, so I won't expect you to be, but at the same level would be perfect.

Communication - Things like letting each other know when we're busy and so on.  I try not to prod if the posting is slow, and my automatic reaction when my partner doesn't post for awhile is usually "Oh my god, I hope they didn't get hurt or sick" rather than "That lazy bitch!".  Usually, if I can get a sense of how often you post, then you won't hear a peep from me about how long it takes.

Equal Contribution - I don't want to do the lion share of running NPCs, and coming up with new plot ideas.  I don't expect you to do it either.  Cooperating together to write a good story is the key here, so I'll do my best to keep it interesting if you'll do the same.

Easy Going - We should be doing this for fun, so getting worked up about posting to a strict schedule and hitting specific plots points at certain intervals doesn't seem to be such a great idea.  I post anywhere from same day to two days later, and will usually warn you if it's going to be later than that.

Honesty - If you're not having fun, tell me.  If you don't like an idea I propose, tell me.  If you want to call it quits, let me know.  There won't be hard feelings over it: your time is precious and I don't want to waste it.

As for my O&O, just click my roleplay preferences and it'll give you an idea of what I'm into.  However, while I'm into them, they aren't mandatory by any means.  So if you see something you're not into, let me know and it won't come up.  And if something is a major turn on for you but isn't mentioned at all, ask me and I will let you know right after updating my O&O.

Now that all of that is out of the way, onto...

The Story Idea:
~In ancient China, the warlord Moh-Kei seeks to conquer all lands under Heaven.  His army is vast and his Kung-Fu is terrifying.  In order to defeat him, Shaolin send their most promising student, Li Tian Huo, out of the temple to seek out the 'Dragon-Phoenix' scrolls, legendary works that contain the instructions to learning the most powerful stance in the world, Heavenly Guardian Fist, the only Kung-Fu that is capable of defeating Moh-Kei.  However, Moh-Kei is out to search for them as well, and if he finds the scrolls, he will become invincible.

One day while wandering through a town, Li hears the sound of fighting in an alleyway.  Rushing to help, he sees a woman fighting off five assailants on her own.  Seeing that she is beating them easily, he admires her style and skill when he notices another attacker up on the rooftops with a blowgun in his hands.  Shouting a warning, Li leaps up onto the roofs and beats the attacker, but not before a dart is fired and hits the woman.  Fearing that it's poison, he jumps down, ready to take her to the doctor, when he notices that she's moving... kind of funny.  She's flushed and making moaning sounds, while running her hands over her body.  Her shirt slips down and for a moment, he can see text written on her shoulders.  A brief read tells him that it's a paragraph from the Dragon-Phoenix scrolls!  Before he can memorize it though, the text fades away.  Confused, he makes sure that the woman is alright before asking about the text on her body.

Grateful to her sort-of rescuer (she totally had that fight), she tells him that the dart wasn't poisoned but carried a powerful aphrodisiac.  The text on her body only appears when she experiences sexual arousal, and will only last long if she experiences orgasm.  Special training however means that she's resistant to aphrodisiacs, and it's difficult for her to achieve sexual release.  Only by fulfilling a certain turn-on will it work.  More importantly, she only has a portion of the text, the rest being tattooed onto four other women, each with their own kinks!

What is a poor Shaolin monk, sworn to the Ascetic lifestyle, to do!~

So yes, sex and martial arts.  I'm aiming more for Comedy mixed with Wuxia over an erotic romp through China, playing up the aspect of a pure and innocent monk being put on the spot to have sex with five women in kinky ways in order to save China.  This kind of does mean that if we're strictly adhering to the premise, my partner would have to play five female characters and given this is ancient China, the monk would end up married to all of them.  BUT!  But, the number of women is easily negotiable.  It really could just be one woman, with five separate kinks tied to different paragraphs that the monk has to figure out and perform.

If you're interested, or have ideas and suggestions, toss me a PM.  Information about you as an RP'er is cool but not necessary to have.
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