Scifi Human/AI idea and some fantasy

Started by Maiz, November 26, 2012, 11:54:19 PM

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Not your generic fantasy: by this I totally want the beginnings of a generic high fantasy. some doomed kingdom or a war or a quest, but I want enough grey morality and uniqueness to make it fun. Political intrigue and betrayal helps too. Something that starts Tokienesque but then totally swerves and spirals away.

The Music of a People: What happens with the anarcho-capitalist daughter of the wealthy CEOs of a conglomerate and a working class revolutionary team together to bring down a government? I'm imagining this not going well, and failing for whatever reason. I don't have much on a plot but I have a pretty vivid setting going on? I'm seeing acid rain and tea parties, and an amalgamation of pseudo-neo-victorianism (a la The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson), super-capitalism, etc etc. I have a character thought out for this ( the anarcho-capitalist daughter), so if you're interested let me know. (F/F only please)

AI: This is inspired by equal parts Janelle MonĂ¡e's The ArchAndroid and by a story I've read recently. I'm really digging the angst/sad emotions surrounding a human/ai program romance. Maybe this program was modeled after someone else but their personalities/beings diverted years ago. Anyway, perhaps the human is a scientist and tries to program the AI into a robotic body/android/whatever. Of course, then perhaps the AI's programer tries to shut it down, or the government goes after them, maybe it's illegal to have androids that can 'feel' emotion, or be based off of real people. This is more sci-fi but maybe there can be a fantasy/mythical element (I'm thinking of Pygmalion). The genders of the characters can be whatever.

Gendercide. This is highly influenced by the Ooku series by Fumi Yoshinaga, but instead in an alternate history it would preferably be set in a made up world. 1 in 4 men die due to some plague, and society is drastically changed. As for a plot, I would like perhaps start with a marriage between two families, and have a lot of politics and intrigue. Ideally this roleplay would have a lesbian slant.

Moulin Rouge rip off: I've got an itch of a doomed romance between a courtesan and a poor artisan in some sleazy metropolis during the change of the 19th century (or for more fun the 29th century since a retrofuturistic reboot would be cool. Think how RENT is La boheme in early 21st century America.) (gender up for discussion but I prefer F/F)

For other ideas I'm up for see: here. Also please PM me if you are interested. :) Please read my o/os before responding.


Added a couple more ideas I'm up to for the moment.




Hi there.

Saw that you're looking for an android/ai game.  While I'm not interested in a game like that at the moment, I thought I'd point you towards a video that might be of interest:

Kara - Heavy Rain's Dev Trailer

It might be usable as a starting point to whoever you get the game going with.
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Hey! Thanks that was a pretty interesting video. It distilled some of the themes of AI involved stories pretty well :)


After a couple months off, I added a new idea and messed around with some old ones. let me know if you're interested.