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Author Topic: Six, 6, VI  (Read 660 times)

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Six, 6, VI
« on: November 26, 2012, 01:14:53 PM »
Six, 6, VI

(looking for five more players, apply if the idea interests you.)

There are dangerous enemies on the horizon, any worthwhile prophet has seen and told of this, usually only to be scoffed at by fakes and hypocrites alike. "The day of reckoning in which the beings known as our gods will descend upon the earth with halos of light and release the devil's beast. Conquest will bring war upon the land, famine will follow, and death will lead hell's charge. Unless if the sixth can reseal the skies soon will come the just conqueror and the end of humanity."


The first part of this role play will take place in a year round boot camp like boarding school where the six characters will develop their bonds and discover their "talents".

NAME: Nicholas Kertrouse
AGE: 17
APPEARANCE: Standing at seven feet and ten inches Nicholas is the tallest man in his family. His dark skin tone, brown hair, and eyes tell of his mother's Hispanic ancestry. His hair's refusal to obey the directions of a comb, his height, and his eyes odd shades come from his father, a Russian man. If you ever get a second glance at the eyes hidden behind unruly bangs you will likely notice the star burst jagged edges of his iris, and the way the colors are arranged, best compared to a jar of honey held to the light. Around his pitch black pupils is a thin white layer of the star like pattern, around the white is a golden brown, around the golden brown is a tan, then brown, then dark brown, and finally black.
PERSONALITY: Nicholas is well organized, has great reflexes, and has trained most of his life under his Asian grandfather leading to a level of discipline many wouldn't believe.
BACK STORY: Nicholas was born to Angel Martinez and Michael Kertrouse, he was practically raised by his Asian grandfather who died when he was ten. He was then sent to live with his mother and her newest husband, a snobby white man. He had no objections when his mother enrolled him in a year around boot camp like boarding school at thirteen.

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Re: Six, 6, VI
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2012, 01:16:40 PM »
It might seem a bit confusing but I promise that there will be fun, fighting, romance, romance, and aliens... Which made a great combination in the Avengers.

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Re: Six, 6, VI
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2012, 07:24:33 AM »
NAME: Ki Lung Sama
AGE: 16
APPEARANCE: 4' 3", Japanese Boy, black hair, close-cropped. Intense eyes, emotionless face. Wearing jean-shorts, tabi-boots, and a knee-length white tee-shirt with dark reddish-brown splotches on it (printed? dried blood? hard to tell). A leather harness-strap hangs diagonally on his shoulder, supporting a clip sheath in which is an ancient samurai sword (3'10" long).
PERSONALITY: Ki Lung Sama is proud, fierce, but usually very calm. While he automatically analyzes everything he perceives and determines possible dangers and opportunities, he does not judge anyone's moral worth by their appearance or by what they say - - - he observes and remembers what they do. He needs to know the chain-of-command in any situation, usually obeying well when he is not in-charge, ready to kill anyone who will not obey when he is in-charge. He is also fairly vengeful, and does not deal with 'mind-games' very well.
BACK STORY: Ki Lung's grandfather is the last of the modern Kagi (samurai sword smiths), and the sword is a family heirloom dating back hundreds of years: it contains the soul of a Dragon, and of two samurai ancestors of Ki Lung's. Ki Lung was raised as if he were a samurai, taught and guided by the samurai warrior-souls within the blade. He is expert at Iajutsu (the way of the blade) and Bushido (source of the various Japanese martial arts). When the blade is drawn, the souls within it become able to perceive and interact with the here and now - - - the warriors mainly ge Ki Lung ready for combat, and advise him afterward (except that if anyone other than Ki Lung Sama draws the blade, one warrior possesses him/ her, and commits sepuku with the blade; the other takes up the blade and the sheath, and flies it to wherever Ki Lumg Sama is); the Dragon waits for Ki Lung to command her to use any of her abilities (he knows about her illusionary spells, flight ability, and breath-weapon= sleep gas; she has much more magic that she has yet to reveal to him). She also seeks to find an Alligator egg, and work magic upon it to make a suitable body for her to possess, so that when the egg hatches she will have a winged reptillian female body for as long as it lives, and she will be able to produce dragon children for the modern+ age.
Ki Lung Sama's grandfather has foreseen that the best place for him in this time is this 'bootcamp', and so he has sent him there.