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Author Topic: My emotional story ideas.Plots and Games  (Read 851 times)

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My emotional story ideas.Plots and Games
« on: November 26, 2012, 01:11:42 PM »
                                                   *** My Story Ideas***                                                            

Please read my   Ons and Offs

Some notes about me and my writing


Trying to define my style is hard as I’m still very new to roleplaying, but hopefully I will get better and take more of a lead, but at the moment I am tending to follow more than I should; I have ideas and can move stories along but I lack the experience, and rely (a bit too much) on my partner to add excitement and daring -- I am trying to alter this with every post I make.
E's DudelRok says, “ Just wing it, and wing it hard.”
I think I’m not winging it hard enough -- or something.
Well I wouldn’t say I had a flair for writing or a great imagination or anything like that, so I apologise, but I do like writing and so hope to improve on my abilities.   
Ways of writing:
I try to be as clear and as fluid as I can, I’m learning to be more descriptive and illustrative, and less factual.
I am also trying to learn to write in an imaginative and also more expressive style; a bit more vivid, and more thought-out, so I really am learning, please be patient!
I’m also trying to not write the way I speak, it’s hard and an ongoing battle. Finding that "voice" that is not mine but belongs to the person I’m writing about, is important to me and is part of this learning process too.
Grammar, spelling and punctuation are not the best, sometimes I rush and make silly mistakes but I’m getting better and feeling more confident about my writing.
I am experimenting with first person but usually I try and write in the third person, past tense. I like that "outside" view-point as it helps me keep myself separate from the character I’m writing about.

Anyway on to the stories...
These are just ideas ... and I'm open to all ideas and suggestions, please feel free to PM me.
Here are just some of the ideas I'm craving:
I really like one to one roleplays involving emotions so the following are about emotional entanglements.

To be poor is a crime! ~ F/M TAKEN

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Joan is a very poor woman in her early thirties. She really is in dire straits financially so her friend invites her to an interview for a semi- pornographic production company. Once there, she realises she’s bitten off more than she can chew. She will be “forced” to perform almost as soon as her interview has started. The story would first start with her financial and emotional dilemmas.
The production manger (you) setting the office scene, colluding with her friend, then moving onto his greed to make money, as well as to have her sexually so he can add her to his long list of people who owe him. I want to take things slowly, building on the story until she has no choice but to be turned into a porn star. I also want the man in the story to be quite ruthless, using bad language, maybe not politically correct language either. He should be age 45-60, very able to handle himself/confident and a bit seedy.

A Babysitters Dilemma ~ Mature, F/F or open to suggestions.

I would really love to do this one.
A young woman (23) is persuaded into prostitution by another prostitute (30). This is the one I want to do the most, it's open to anyone. 

A young woman helps her neighbor/ friend with chores, baby-sits for her and so on. She then gets caught up in the life of this prostitute friend. Her friend is nothing like her, she is glamorous, confident, and has lots of male friends, flashy car and the like. The total opposite of Carol.
Her friend wants to become a very high class hooker, and has more low- paid work than she can handle. The story will move to Jen being persuaded to take some of these clients on.

The two will not be sexual with each other unless I can be persuaded it’s part of a job. ;) 
I want to explore their hidden conflicts, such as being used by men, and their sexual kinks and emotional problems, stress and depression. I want them to discribe what their clients do in detail, and how they feel as they do their jobs.

Picture This ~  M/F or open to suggestions

An older man in his 40's (you) picks up a young woman (me) and her older sister while out on a job for his company; he's seeking locations for film studios. While taking pictures, he engages them in conversation. He gives the older one a job, and tries to separate them. The young woman 22 is very naive she will not see the sexual cues, her older sister does, and will not leave her sister alone for the man to "drop off" at night.
Eventually though, he gets the younger and very virginal sister alone, and attempts to seduce her in his car. He will not realize she is quite so untouched, and when he finally finds out, he will hold back, not going all the way.

The seduction will not be fast, but he will get dirtier and more urgent in his need to have her. I want to experience his ability to control himself. How he feels and what he does after he has dropped her off at night. He must be gentle and kind with her and not too pushy, but very seductive in his responses.

Inappropriate Roleplays: Smoking, Drinking,
Filth, and Racial plots or a combination of them.

The Inappropriate Nadia Martin  M~F
His back is against the wall, and he is cornered in all senses of the word.

His skeleton like slender hand ran through his almost slate, rain cloud coloured hair, army like, he‘d let it grow out as usual.
His mind fought, but his body succumbed as she pressed the length of her leg in-between his. Her movement was subtle, and as quick and as light a butterfly's touch; to anyone not looking quite so keenly, it might be mistaken for the sort of innocent hug many of them gave to each other, but she’d have still felt his body’s reaction. A spasm gripped him, racing through his body, and as an avalanche down a mountain side, she’d left her imprint, and he was left staring at her - long after she’d moved away from him. That was in full view of the others, and even if they hadn’t noticed -- which he was not too sure of either -- he was extremely aware of how her body had made him feel.
Now, every movement, every glance, was going to mean something to both of them, and yes, damn it to hell he wanted her.
He moved, trying to put space between them, finding sanctuary in one of the conference rooms and a bottle of beer. Oh yeah, he fucking wanted her… the most inappropriate woman in his office! People will talk, their bound to find out!

“Fuckin hell man what ya doing? ” His not so broad Irish accent surfaced, as he swallowed his beer in two gulps.

 “Holy shite.”   

It was her, after all, coming after him. Pushing things, forcing him to notice - to act on it. She knew it was just a matter of time… she’d already planted her seeds, and like any “sensible” gardener tended them with care. The next move was his, but “encouragement strengthens labour”  her mum would say.

Please do check my on and offs and my role playing preferences, I will check yours!

Please pm me if you are interested. :-)   


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Offline mrsjazTopic starter

Re: My emotional story ideas. Plots and Games.
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2013, 11:57:32 AM »
This space is for games. Some I will want to try running, and others that will need GM help. There are also games here that are are not that workable in their present form.

The Street
A through the keyhole look at the lives of a ( far from ordinary) suburban street.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The avenue looked just like any other, it is very long and wide but its tree lined façade  hides the lives of some, not so very, ordinary people.
The houses were huge, mostly set back from the road and a mixture of modern and classic styles. We can, with the benefit of technology, view the daily lives of these people.
The street numbers (and names) of these are houses are odd on the right and evens on the left; let us take the example of number 506, Brook Avenue, occupied by a couple whose eccentric and outlandish behavior (their parties are legendary) is the cause of much gossip, mostly emanating from two sources, number 501 and 407, both of whom have their own dark secrets.
A  character sheet that comprises the following:
Character Name:
Character age
Relationship Status:
Financial Status:
Background 1:  How did you end up in the street?
Background 2: Who you are and what makes you special to the street? This could be anything from fetishes to dark secrets and crime to local snob and gossip,   

Their address: Include the number and/or name of the house, a description of the house, its grounds and any special features it has i.e. Swimming pool, gym, bdsm room etc. Include building works.


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