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Author Topic: Its finally happened: Insanity is calling for a tiny wee harem.  (Read 498 times)

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Offline InsanityenviesmeTopic starter

The Manor Girls

I really can't seem to learn, can I? -involuntary, amused little- By the way, a long, possibly funny introduction pans until the spoiler which holds the plot. Do feel free to skip to then if you wish. Thank you.

Group games and I lead a mercurial relationship. When lost from its company, I pine and crave and serenade to win its hand. But when its touch graces my muse, an infernal amount of activity captivates life beyond the monitor screen. With a wistful sigh, all I can do is swathe the poor thing with fantasies about the literary escape that was so agonizingly close.

But despite the ancient signs, I will pick myself back up and furrow on with hope in heart and lust in thought- which incidentally has lead me here. The insufferable story teller in me thanks you kindly for your patience with my blabbering. His name is Smith. I know, for a storyteller he chose such an uninspiring name.

So, Mr Smith, the stage is yours.

Thank you, Mr Insanity. Your criticism of my name continues to amuse me, especially since you have no quandry in abusing my talent with words without so much as even an insincere rendering of gratitude

-Insanity peeks from his big bowl of ice cream and throws Mr Smith a thumbs up-

It confounds me why I service you, but alas, you need your kicks and you starve me when you do not get them, so begudgingly (hopefully in a comical way, otherwise all of this might be horribly detrimental to securing interest, which is now making me rather nervous -Insanity rampantly gulps down his ice cream to give himself a brain freeze-) I put forth the following scenario.

Be warned, it reeks of male depravity.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Harem play, pseudo-incest and D/s play represent the bulk of erotica that will unfurl as this roleplay ages. A distinctly higher level of confidence whilst bolstered by settings I can relate to keep most of my stories in the modern day world, but even at this evolved time, in one of the most “correct” cities in the world prevails a historic network of stunning, strong, well-to-do women seeking pleasure from one man. This man and his harem have populated rumors and legends alike but no one even fleetingly contemplated his existence to be as real as theirs until he revealed himself.

The story will feature one such seduction, but the narrative, though heavy on it, will not be limited to this character's initiation alone. In fact, I was hoping to reason her induction on the basis of a rather debauched shift in his sexual desires. Usually he prefers to keep a strict count of mistresses. But when they had experimented with pseudo incest, both him and his lovers realized a furious, unrelenting bliss. They soon grew insatiable for it, often times breaking several rules to engage its singular, sinful pleasure- especially the one about never taking their antics public. During one such transgression, they notice this woman and become completely enamored and a dastardly plot ensues to collar her in their little web of illicit pleasure.

He is suave. Quite articulate. Exceedingly confident, but not annoyingly so. Assured, perhaps is a better description. Detached, save for the throes to which he ushers himself and his companions to. Your average mysterious heart throb.

The women, to blatantly feed my need for depravity, will pull down highly respectable professions- doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, trendsetters even, heaven forbid a nun, perhaps? -Insanity snickers- The younger women might be up and comers, though even as I type I'm taken with the idea of a Selena Gomez kind of musician-y character background.

I'm afraid I feel disinclined to set a limit to the number of characters this game will contain without gauging the amount of interest it manages to draw. Ideally for the purposes of smooth running, I see this as being a 4-5 person game including my character. I'd be ridiculously over the moon if we can fill the roles of “Mother”, “Aunt”, one “elder” and one “younger sister” (charming the “younger sister” into their harem might become the narrative) but I have a funny feeling this might eventually end up in the trash or reduced to a merciful twosome -Insanity cringes and engages in animated prayer-

I have not considered other male characters, but I am open to persuasion.

My Ons and Offs are attached to my profile under the tab “Insanity's Insanities” and a more comprehensive list can be found at my Rabbit hole. Do also feel free to peruse through my previous posts and roleplays should you feel so inclined.

Please drop me a line here or via PM should you find your muse tickled by this delightfully deplorable venture.

Thanks again.
Insanity and Mr Smith
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Re: Its finally happened: Insanity is calling for a tiny wee harem.
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2012, 03:17:02 am »
I'd very much like to play. : D