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April 23, 2021, 03:14:40 am

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Author Topic: The top of the pile (Story-based: M seeking switch F)  (Read 577 times)

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The top of the pile (Story-based: M seeking switch F)
« on: November 23, 2012, 03:35:17 pm »
So I've lurked around here for a few days, and I think I understand how to go about this.  I'm used to IM games, but when in Rome, as they say, and in this city, forums seem to be the way.  I don't really know what my posting behavior will be in this format, but I can tell you that I'd rather take the very beginning collaboratively, with rapidly exchanged posts, while we both get a feel for it.

The below scenarios are just three ways of representing a particular taste I'm seeking to indulge, telling the story of a very powerful woman at the top of her game in all respects, and the rare man who can actually keep up with her.  This is not a completely sex-driven game; your character possesses the means to overcome astronomical odds, whether this be through direct combat or some other means.   In both this respect and the sexual one, I'd like to strain the limits of belief, so if you've ever wanted to beat up a small army, or simply to screw one silly, this is your chance.  And though ultimately, the major male character may prove capable of taking control, I doubt this would prove entertaining to a hardcore sub.

In general, I like my sex outrageous and very messy, occasionally verging on 'humor' levels of obliviousness and treatment of NPCs.

Again, the below are merely examples, and many details, including the setting and genre, can be changed.

The Organized Criminal
(Suggested Genre: Cyberpunk)
Cincinnati had been her city.  She'd bested every rival who'd come after her almost single-handedly; amassed a fortune and an arsenal all before her 30th birthday.  But she'd gotten sloppy - things had been too easy, and when a major syndicate moved in, it didn't come straight on like she'd expected it to.  Before she knew it, her city had been turned against her; and assassins lurked in every corner to finish her off the moment she showed her face.  She had to get out of town, fast, with nothing more than the leather catsuit on her back.  She needed a new start, somewhere far away, somewhere she could build herself up from the dirt just like she'd done before, take her new city by surprise and amass the power and influence to exact her revenge.    But some of the players here aren't quite as slow to pick up on her potential as they had been in her youth, including one up-and-coming enforcer who sees how a talented girl like her could help in his own ascent.

Two sentence example of the sexual tone: Some street thugs try to rough up your character.  She beats them within an inch of their lives, fucks their girlfriends just as far, and with all that taken care of, notices my character watching, and dares him to try to do either one to her.

The Queen in Revolt
(Suggested genre: Medieval Fantasy)
It had been a marriage of convenience, and once upon a time, she had believed it possible that familiarity could someday turn to love.  But her husband inspired nothing of the sort in her; his rule was driving the country to ruin, and she was being treated little better.  Anyone could have seen that something needed to be done, but what power did she have, save for a throne owed entirely to her marriage to him?  Enter the enchanter, a handsome elven artisan known for his ability to craft items that allow the impossible.  For all her near-captivity in the palace, she has no shortage of valuables, and this newcomer may just prove to be the piece to turn the tide,  if he can be convinced not to betray her rebellious intentions to the king.

One sentence example of the sexual tone:  The pair of them give the king's mistress a night that ruins her for other men, then they go to work on each other, all while the king is holding court on the other side of the wall. 

The Black magician/mailer
Suggested genre: Modern fantasy
Mother had always told her to do something she enjoyed.  Even if she doubted mother would quite approve of her work now, one couldn't say she hadn't at least selectively followed that advice.  She was a professional saboteur of reputations.  Need a politician's career ruined?   She'd be happy to help.  Morality police hampering your perfectly legitimate business?  She could see to it their sparkling reputations acquired a bit of mud.  A private detective could dig up dirt that was already there, but only she was able to make up dirt out of nowhere, though every now and then, her mark needed a few alterations to make them palatable.  Naturally, she'd made powerful enemies in this line of work, and a federal detective had been sent after her, though he had no idea exactly what he was up against.  And she'd always gotten a thrill out of flirting with danger...

One sentence example of the sexual tone: The poor FBI detective probably didn't believe her when she told him she'd been expecting him - that was until she'd seduced her waitress in front of his eyes and then went to work on him.  (Note: This idea has some elements of transformation and mind-control)