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Started by Mora, November 22, 2012, 04:32:13 PM

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Hi everyone, this is my topic for rp ideas. Anyone who is interested, please let me know. I'm into pretty much anything. I will post my ideas here, and update as new ones come to me. If anyone has their own ideas, feel free to share them with me. I play all gender pairings and will play either dominant or submissive, so whatever you would prefer. ^^

Crazy Love: (Asylum rp, MxF)

A teenage boy has always suffered with mental problems. These one day caused him to get into a  fight with a slightly older man, killing him in the process. He was found guilty and insane at the trial, and so he was institutionalized into an asylumm. He starts falling for the nurse assigned to him, and vice versa. but what will happen when they discover that her brother was the man he killed?

Master's New Slave: (MxM, S&M)

An orphan boy has made a habit of stealing from houses at night to survive. One night though, he lets his guard down and is caught by a house owner. How will he survive when he is left with two choices: Become the man's slave or be put to death?

Fur Island: (MxF, HumanxFurry)

A young sailor takes a voyage to an unexplored island and confirms there is no human life to be found. To his astonishment, however, the island is home to several cross-bred furry women, some are part-tiger, others wolf, dog, etc. The adventurer decides he wants to stay and starts falling for a certain tribes princess. (Said tribe is your choice, if you choose to play the furry <3)

Friendly futa: (MxFuta, high school rp) (The male in this story could easily be switched to female, if you so desire.)

A boy and girl have been friends for many years, and they both love each other dearly. They haven't gotten together yet though, partially because the girl has a secret she can't bear to share just yet, which is that she was born with something... extra. When they are in their final year of high school, their feelings stronger than ever, he finally convinces her they should be an item. What will his reaction be when they get intimate and he discovers the decade-old secret? Will he leave her, or will the love they'd built up to then be enough for him to stay?