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Author Topic: Looking for Long Term, Literate One on Ones Centered around Romance  (Read 342 times)

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Offline nothingbutporcelainTopic starter

Hey there! I'm back to the site after being gone for two years and I'm dying to start a few new role plays. I only have time for one or two role plays because I work full time. I also love to read so I don't like to spend 24/7 on the computer. I'm searching for partners who will write long, detailed posts. Also, I would like for this to be a long term role play. I do enjoy writing out sex scenes but I don't want to be writing them constantly. I need a healthy dose of romance and storyline! I hope there is someone out there who feels the same way as me. =] I only do MxF role plays and I only play females. I will list my favorite odd pairings and plots below! Please pm me if you're interested in writing with me. =]

+ means I have a plot

Odd Pairings:
Brother x Sister
Teacher x Student +
Cousin x Cousin
Model x Photographer
Abused x Abuser
Boss x Secretary +
Doctor x Patient +
Stripper x Strip club owner
Drug dealer x Addict
Sister x Brother's enemy +
Sister x Sister's Boyfriend +
Best friend x best friend's boyfriend +
Babysitter x Young Father
Wife x Brother-in-law +
Abused x Abuser's brother +
Abused x abuser's father
Best friend x best friend
Enemy x enemy +
Groom x Maid of Honor
Bride x Best Man +
Country boy x City girl
Father x Daughter
Uncle x Niece
**Best friend x best friend's father** +

Harry Potter Past and Present (I Play: Female Madeup usually) +

Insane Asylum
Mental Hospital (Pairings: Patient x Patient, Psychologist x Patient)

Television Shows/Movies:
***Gossip Girl (Pairings: Blair x Nate, Blair x Chuck, Chuck x Madeup)


Abused x Abuser's brother:
Basically my plot is that there is a couple and the boyfriend abuses his girlfriend. One night they are supposed to meet at a club and the girl is really late. When she shows up he gets really pissed, takes her outside, beats her up and leaves her there. Then his brother comes out and finds her. He takes her back to his place, cleans her up and they end up having sex since Callie (the girlfriend) shows her appreciation through sex since that's all she's ever known. But the only thing is this requires either you doubling or me doubling because we need the brother of the abuser and the abuser himself.

Doctor x Patient:
Normally I have it so that my character is coming into see her gynecologist because her mother caught her sleeping with her fiance and she wants to send her to the gynecologist as punishment. Jessica (my character) is a slut but she hasn't told anyone that when her mom caught her the sex was willing on her part. She was raped but she's too scared and embarrassed to tell anyone, plus she has to keep her I'm-a-slut-and-I'm-better-than-you-because-of-it attitude. But the doctor is married and has a family but he finds himself attracted to Jessica because although she is a slut and she acts like she is the best looking girl in the world she is very vulnerable and scared but she uses that attitude and sleeping with so many men to hide it.

Married Teacher x Student:
Okay so the setting would be a bar during the summer. My character (Callie Simpson) is at the bar, hanging out with her friends and drinking when she meets a guy that just happens to be your character. They both end up drinking way too much and sleeping together (she is 16 when they sleep together). We skip to a few months later when Callie is starting her junior year of high school. She walks into her first class of the day only to find the teacher is your character, the guy she slept with over the summer. Lots of drama and there is lots of potential twists in the future too. I have to admit I'm really good at coming up with twists if I love the rp and want it to not fade away because it's so boring. And I really like it when the teacher is married. It's not a requirement but I'm more likely to accept games where the teacher is married. It's just a fantasy of mine! I love it.

Sister x Sister's Boyfriend (Can also be best friend x best friend's boyfriend):
Okay so my intro takes place at a bar and I have both of the sisters there dancing and your character (which is Carly's boyfriend, Callie is her sister) is waiting for your character (her boyfriend) to show up since they're meeting him there. He comes then she gets a phone call saying one of her friends was in a terrible car crash so she has to go to the hospital. Then she asks him to stay with her younger sister Callie and make sure she gets home okay. So then he stays with her, they have too much to drink, and she ends up going back to his apartment (or wherever he lives) with him and they sleep together. In the morning they agree to never tell Carly or do this again but then they end up alone again and it happens again so they agree to just make it about sex since Carly is a prude and doesn't give him anything he wants anyways. But of course Callie starts to fall in love with him.

Lucius x made-up for HP present:
Basically it takes place over the summer and Jessica is drinking at the Three Broomsticks. Lucius comes in and he's just had a fight with Narcissa so he starts drinking a lot too. Then him and Jessica are flirting and they get a room and end up having sex but what he doesn't know is that she is already dating/sleeping with Draco. And of course they continue their affair all summer long because she allows him to forget about his family duties and she just likes being with an older man. Maybe they even fall in love. Then it's time for her to go back to school and both her and Lucius are surprised when they meet each other at the platform for the Hogwarts Express. It's very awkward since Draco is always all over Jessica when they're together.

Draco x made-up for HP present:
Okay so basically my character Jessica is a slut to put it lightly. Draco and her have been sleeping together for awhile. It's now their seventh year and Jessica is realizing she has feelings for him but she's afraid to say anything to him about it because she knows he won't want to be with her at all if she likes him like that. At the beginning of their physical relationship they clearly stated that they wouldn't let emotions get involved so she really doesn't want him to know. And we can add in all sorts of fun dramatic twists because I love drama.

Wife x Brother-in-law:
Basically the husband of the wife works a lot so one night they're supposed to go out together and he ends up getting called into work so she goes out by herself. She has way too much to drink and ends up seeing her husband's brother there. They're both drunk so they don't really realize who each other is and they end up going home together and sleeping together. Then the next morning they wake up sober and realize what a big mistake they've made. The Wife and said brother in law back in their highschool-early college days were dating and 'in love' but she gets a really good scholarship, but the only thing, it was in London. It causes a really really big fight because she doesn’t tell him and he find out somewhere, they blow up at each other, split up and have rough, rough angry sex a few hours later. So, she leaves and so years and years pass she marries his brother without realizing it until he comes to visit [where husband is called into work, so they go out to dinner, dancing and too much drinking] She has a huge surprise for him, but she told nobody about it cause she is still irked at him about the whole fight. The surprise is that she was pregnant when she left for London but she gave the baby up for adoption and never told him about it.

Sister x Brother's enemy:
I basically combine this with brother x sister. So the brother and sister get in a huge fight one night. I usually play the sister, Callie and she has a lot of problems like drinking and an eating disorder so usually they're fighting about how she needs to eat and stop drinking so much. The sister storms out and goes to a bar to drink since she knows it'll piss her brother off. She meets this guy there and sleeps with him also because she feels like she's getting back at her brother. Of course she has no idea that this guy is her brother's worst enemy. So then when the enemy drops her off at her house he sees her brother on the front porch and gets out of the car because he wants to fight or something.

Country boy x City girl:
So basically my character Callie is really messed up and in this plot she is going to a country town (it doesn't matter which one) to stay with her aunt and uncle since her father is in jail and her mother is dead. You'll find out in my intro that he killed her mother and that's why he's in jail. This really isn't a plot, just a set up for the role play. Her cousin's boyfriend (the country boy) comes to pick her up at the airport and maybe eventually they hook up or get crushes on each other? There will be some romance obviously but we can figure out what happens while we're role playing it. I can play the cousin and the city girl or you can play the cousin too if you'd prefer.

Twilight (Can work for Made-up x Jasper, Made-up x Carlisle or Made-up x Edward):
Okay so basically my character Callie is pretty fucked up. She has an addiction to cocaine and has had a rough life so one night her dealer beats her up very badly for not paying him for the coke he sold her. So I was thinking Jasper/Edward/Carlisle (or any of the male cannons) could find her on the verge of death and change her.
And it's also very interesting when she becomes a vampire and she has a power just like the Cullens. She has the power of seduction but the only one she can't seduce is her maker. So it would be really irritating for her maker to have to watch all of his brothers (or sons if it's Carlisle you play) flirting with her and wanting to have sex with her. And obviously her maker and her eventually fall in love.

Uncle x Niece combined with Country boy x city girl:
So basically my character Callie is really messed up and in this plot she is going to a country town (it doesn't matter which one) to stay with her aunt and uncle since her father is in jail and her mother is dead. You'll find out in my intro that he killed her mother and that's why he's in jail. This really isn't a plot, just a set up for the role play. Her uncle comes to pick her up at the airport and maybe eventually they hook up or get crushes on each other? There will be some romance obviously but we can figure out what happens while we're role playing it. I can play the cousin and the city girl or you can play the cousin if you'd prefer.

Gossip Girl (Chuck x made-up):
Callie Simpson used to attend Constance Billiard until something horrible happened. You see, her father murdered her mother and was sent to jail and the day he was locked up she lost all the money. She was forced to drop out of school because she could no longer afford the high tuition. Now she has been working as a stripper at Chuck's strip club because it's really the only skill she had before she left school. She's living in a crappy apartment where her landlord makes her have sex with him instead of paying the rent in cash. Her life went from being glamorous to a wreck. She used to hang out with Blair and Serena and was even considered to be the head of their group but the second she lost her money they wanted nothing to do with her. Chuck sees Callie out at a bar one night and decides he wants to make her his little project. He makes a bet with Blair saying that he'll be able to get Callie back in the social scene and that he can have her replace Blair as Queen Bee. If Chuck wins he gets to sleep with Blair. But along the way he ends up falling in love with Callie. Callie falls for Chuck too so she's crushed when Blair tells her that this is all just a bet to Chuck and that he doesn't really care about her. It would also be fun to throw in a pregnancy.

I'm dying to do this role play where an older man starts going to a strip club and interacts with Callie (my character) and they start to get to know each other. They don't end up sleeping together until they know each other very well. She really starts to like him since she knows he isn't using her. Then maybe she gets pregnant or something and when they do a DNA test they find out he's her father.
Callie has a lot of issues so she would really respond well to someone just wanting to talk to her and be there for her. She's a slut with a really dark past. I'd explain more about her in my introduction post.

Basically the older brother is like ten or so years older than his younger sister. Maybe he'd like 35 and she's 17. They both lived in the city together but he got married and moved to the suburbs with his wife. They have a kid together. He's sick of married life and his wife always nagging him so he goes to the city to spend a weekend with his younger sister. They do lots of partying and have lots of fun together. Sex happens eventually.

Model x Photographer:
Callie Simpson is a new rising starlet. She's the girl the whole world is watching. Basically we would just be playing out their photo shoots. The photographer is a married man in his thirties or forties (depending on how old you want him to be). Callie is only seventeen. I think it's really important that the photographer's marriage is happy. It's not as fun if his marriage is falling apart and that gives him a reason to cheat. I want it to be so that he really has no reason to cheat but he does it anyways because Callie is too sexy and alluring to resist. It doesn't help that the photo shoot is for a Victoria's Secret modeling so all she's wearing is lingerie. Callie also has a dramatic past. Basically her mother is dead and her father's in prison. I always explain more about it in my introduction post. So maybe this gives the photographer another reason to fall for her. He really feels for her and wants to help her out. He's also very attracted to her. I already have an intro written for this one so let me know if you're interested. If you're not sure I can send my intro and you can tell me what you think. =]

Another Teacher x Student:
The teacher has been having an affair with one of his students for a few months now. One morning he slips up and decides to fuck her in his classroom. Callie (my character) walks in on them fucking. She decides to start blackmailing the teacher for sleeping with one of his students. He does whatever she says because he doesn't want the principal finding out about his affair. He would get in huge trouble. Plus he's married so he would lose his wife too. There is a lot of sexual tension between Callie and the teacher. They fight for a long time and eventually sleep together but that would be far into the role play. I want to really spend a lot of time having them get to know each other and spend time together. I've done this before and it's lots of fun.

Best friend x best friend's father:
Callie and Cassie are best friends. They have known each other since kindergarten and have always been very close. Cassie was always there for Callie, even when Callie went through many terrible things. She was there for her when Callie's mother was murdered. Callie had grown into a beautiful young woman. In this role play she is seventeen years old. She's also a very sexual girl but she tries to keep this hidden from Cassie. One night they're supposed to go partying together. Callie always goes over to Cassie's house before the party so they can get ready together. But this night Cassie ends up being forced to go visit her grandmother with her mother but she doesn't have a chance to tell Callie this. Callie comes over and finds that Cassie's father is the only person in the house. She decides to hang out with him since it's too early to go to the party and she doesn't want to go home and be all alone. Maybe there is some drinking involved but they eventually sleep together. Then we decide what happens from there.

Bride x Best Man:
The plot is very simple. Callie Simpson finally found her true love and is about to marry him. She's in the final stages of planning the wedding but her husband-to-be gets called away on business so he can't be there with her to help her finish planning the wedding. He instead sends his best man to help her out. Callie's very spontaneous and out going so she has very interesting tasks for the best man to help her out with. The first thing she wants is for him to help her decide what lingerie she's going to wear on her wedding night. Callie and the best man have always gotten along and they're good friends. They just don't realize how much chemistry they have together until they start spending all this time together. It would probably be better if he helps her with the lingerie a day or two after they start spending more time together. So they pick out the lingerie at the store, buy it and they can't keep their hands off each other as they get back to her house she shares with her future husband. So then they end up sleeping together and suddenly she doesn't know if she should go through with the wedding.

Enemy x Enemy:
Two enemies meet at one of those parties where you have to wear masks so that they don't realize who each other is. They end up sleeping together but Callie (my character) sneaks out in the morning before your character sees who she is. Fast forward to a few months later and she finds out she's pregnant. She knows it's your character's baby because she saw him that night but she can't bear to admit that she had sex with someone she hates and is now having his baby. And to complicate things even more he is married to Callie's best friend. That's another reason she doesn't want anyone to find out. Callie's kind of slutty so your character has always hated her for that reason.

Offline bradjohn

Re: Looking for Long Term, Literate One on Ones Centered around Romance
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 10:27:04 PM »
I'm interested in playing the photographer in the photographer-x-model scene.  I've read your description of the scene and like the story.  Please let me know if you're available and interested.