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Started by ejohanson, November 17, 2012, 08:25:27 PM

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These ideas are extreme (as I understand it), and have NC potential. I think NC should be used sparingly, because it makes stories one-sided... it should be the distressing result of a powerless character continually refusing to bend to the will of a powerful one. If that makes sense.

Here is a link to my O/O. Please PM me if you have any interest or criticism.

"A Room of One's Own - MxF"
Premise: An intelligent, creative, lovely young woman who grew up without the means to advance herself is seduced by a wealthy, charismatic, well-educated older man, who after a brief and extravagant courtship, offers to give her the opportunity to fulfill her life's ambition to be a writer, if she agrees to be his wife, and leaves her family behind to come live with him. She wants nothing more than to be a writer, but as the saying goes, this requires 'a room of one's own', the space and time to breath. Not until after their whirlwind marriage does it become apparent he has no interest in allowing her this sort of independence.

Setting: one of the dynamic historical periods that are often remembered with an inexplicable fondness; an Atlanta plantation during the post-war Reconstruction (1850s), Paris during the 'Moveable Feast' interwar period (1920s), or perhaps a girl who fled her family's Dust Bowl farm, and is seduced by a vacationing European or Japanese businessman (1930s). Other ideas welcome.

Starting point: an opulent formal wedding on his estate made lonely by the fact that the bride's friends and family were unable to attend. I'd like her to start out with one or two friends or confidants she has made in her new environs, but other than that she should be a fish out of water (though still reassuring herself that this is exactly what she wants).

older/younger: a naive and trusting woman who thinks she's found the perfect man and the manipulative lecher who will disabuse her of that notion.

Humiliation, degradation, and misogyny: a progressive woman with modern attitudes trapped without means of her own in an abusive marriage to a man who sees his wife as chattel, just another servant, to use and discipline at his discretion... far from anyone she knows.

Sadism: spanking, binding, slapping, and other punishments that grow more elaborate the more they are resisted.

NC: a husband has a right to his marriage bed, doesn't he? Who could deny him that?
"Irresistible You - FxEverything"
Premise: She spent her whole life looking up to women who only needed one name; Marilyn, Audrey, Cleopatra, Helen - the women who had the world for their asking; she worked out dozens of hours a week, she ate a laboriously fine-tuned diet, she spent so much money on clothes and shoes and make-up, she could affect personalities from coy to coquettish, shy to slutty... and she did quite well for herself. The money she spent was rarely hers. The grades she received were rarely earned.

There was a limit though - the most powerful (and therefore, most desirable) men she met were beyond the lure of simple beauty - they were too enraptured by themselves to notice how perfect she was. It wasn't fair; she wanted what Marilyn had. She wanted a president... or at least a couple of senators and CEOs. Was that too much to ask?

She started playing at Wicca at the suggestion of one of her friends, a mousy dyke who was constantly trying to get her into bed. She found a few powerful needles in that haystack of mysticism. She began to seek it out independently, finally finding information on a spell to make herself irresistible. Literally.

Setting: modern horror; as the little witch makes herself irresistible, she quickly learns how broadly inclusive her desirability is.

Starting point: very flexible, but I imagine a small college town, like Ann Arbor, MI / Burlington, VT / Auburn, AL. I'd prefer to use a real place so we could use Google Maps to make it more game-like.

Explication: Imagine if every male wanted you - your friends, your teachers, your employer, your father, your brother, your dog. Men would find being in the same room as you distracting; they'd become inappropriately, massively erect at the scent of you. The more time you spent around them, the less they could control themselves. Even giving in to their lusts would provide them only a few minutes respite before your aroma begins again to stoke their ardor. Where would you go, what would you do? Surely you have heard of other witches, more experienced than yourself, but how are you going to get to them?

I imagine this would be something like a one-woman survival-horror scenario... so the content would be limited by the choices the player made. Play smart and the game could be sexless; stop to rest in the wrong place and find yourself the star of your very own gang-bang. Hide out in a zoo or a game preserve and find yourself the preferred mate of everything that can smell you.
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