Craving Kissing Cousins (M seeking F)

Started by Artairus Dent, November 16, 2012, 07:56:14 AM

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Artairus Dent


There's so many Daddy/Daughter, brother sister plays out there. 

I'd love to do a cousins RP, maybe even have them be second cousins or something so the only thing stopping them from getting married is more family taboo, not the law.

The back-story they've known each other since they were kids.  They live far apart, but meet each summer at the same vacation area.  As they get older, they start discovering an attraction for each other and agree to become each others' 'test' cases.  They figure since they are cousins, they are 'safe'.  It is just 'practice' as they learn how to kiss each other. Plus, they they only see each other once a year or so, so it's not like things will get out of hand (so they say). 

I was thinking we could start it when they are 18.  They have decided to go to the same college and even end up in the same dorm.

The moment comes when they realize that everyone around them is losing their virginity.  They think about it and realize they can't think of anyone they'd rather give up the V-Card to than each other.  Their relationship blossoms, and then they are faced with the idea of the family taboo and having to sneak around at holidays, etc.

Anyone interested?  I think this could be a very sweet, romantic, yet hot story.


I'd like to join, if you don't mind a male writer writing a female character. If you want a female writer, that's fine too.

Artairus Dent

Thanks so much, but I always prefer writing with a biological female.