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Author Topic: J's Requests (FxM)  (Read 376 times)

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J's Requests (FxM)
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:26:55 PM »

    Hello, I'm J and I'm just throwing out some of my own ideas and requests, but go ahead and check out my Ons/Offs page (linked above) and I'm pretty much game for anything else. So if anyone sees something they may be interested, just send me a message and we can talk about it, obviously anything that I have here doesn't have to be exactly as I described it and I really would prefer to polish these ideas or come up with a new plot entirely with someone.

    Now just a little bit about me before we proceed:
    • I'm heterosexual and I only play hetero characters, but I have no problem with homosexuality or bisexuality. With that said, I'll role play with bisexual male characters and possibly transgender ones depending on the context.
    • In addition to the above statement, I don't really care if my partner is a girl or guy, although I will say that I trust guys to write as guys better and same goes for girls writing as girls. Regardless of what the gender of my partner is, I'll say (again) that I strictly play hetero females simply because I have no attraction towards females and I'm not going to try and fake it.
    • I role play on forums, e-mail, and through messages since I know some people like privacy while others like getting a higher post count the organization of forums what with being able to link to a role play and all, but I don't do IMs, sorry, but IMs are reserved for people I know in real life.
    • I don't really like playing as the "sex-bomb" characters with huge breasts and voluptuous curves that don't exist on real people. I get why some guys and girls like that, but I don't and I really just can't bring myself to enjoy playing photoshopped magazine cut-out characters or some huge breasted porn star. If you want to have a partner who wants to play as a character like that, that's fine, but it can't be me since I want to be able to enjoy my character to.
    • I also can't enjoy playing the weak-willed wallflower. I do like playing the submissive role, but my "subs" are going to have a lot of fight in them.
    • As I get more acquainted with Elliquiy, there's something that I really want to point out at that is; post size does not matter to me. I tend to ramble on and make somewhat large posts, but I don't exactly want the same from my partner. What's more important to me is ingenuity and fun.

    A quick list, with descriptions, of my current RP requests below.
    • Guise (Modern/Supernatural/Horror): A police officer becomes the unwitting servant of a monster in the guise of a human (i.e. her deceased partner)
    • The Badlands (Western/Adventure): A western adventure story where a small town girl begins following a wanderer after he saves her town (whether he did it intentionally or not).
    • Game Breaker (Modern/Mystery/Supernatural/Horror): Two investigators are sent into a quiet mountain town to investigate a series of gruesome murders.
    • Mad Science (Modern/Sci-fi): A famed scientist and his assistant (idea needs to be expanded upon).
    • Being Discussed Edo (Historical; Japan, Early Edo-Period): A samurai and his newlywed wife who refuses to play the role of "good wife".
    • Altears (Fantasy/Adventure): A knight and thief forced to work together after he's betrayed by his country and she's put in jail for attempting to steal (from the knight himself no less).

    There are monsters that have existed since ancient times, ones that feast on humans and ones from which all nightmarish creatures gain their origin. All living things change, no matter how ancient, and the beasts of lore are not exempt from this. Perhaps not as common as they used to be in the times of the Old World, but they are still just as deadly and vicious and it is the evolution of their kind that they have taken on a new face. A human one. To any other person they appear human, but they use their facade, their pseudo-humanity, to lure out people, to get them to let their guard down, then feast on them. And it is not always of the flesh from which they eat. They are completely indistinguishable from normal humans until they show their true nature. A police woman and her partner end up being unfortunate victims to one such creature while trying to arrest who they initially believe to be nothing but a common thug, but reveals itself to be a monster in the guise of a human. In the struggle, her partner is killed before her eyes and she knocked unconscious. Come the following day, she is safe and at home in her own bed. She returns to the police headquarters confused and even more confused (and shocked) to see her partner alive and well. She is ready to dismiss the previous night as a nightmare, but to her horror, the monster has taken on the form of her deceased partner and the nightmare is hardly over. He plans to use her for his own means, to reclaim a throne from which he lost among his kind, and she is his unwilling servant.

    The Badlands
    Lawless lands and death, the wastes are unforgiving to those who tread it without caution and the inexperienced are cut down by the elements or shot down by the many thugs who wander it. It is because of this that people often find themselves stuck where they are born and despite any hardships they may face, they are unable to journey into the desolate wastes and deserts, their fates sealed by whichever land from which they come. Some places are lucky, like the small town Falling Rock, which has only ever known peace. However, born into a life of amity doesn't bode well for one woman; she's a goody-goody, the daughter of a priest at that, and an overly stubborn, overly idealistic, and overly talkative one, so when she sees a master gunman protect her town from raiders (whether he meant to or not) she is more than ready to force herself into his company, hoping that he will teach her how to traverse the wastelands and give her the opportunity to leave the place she has lived her whole life. She wants to fulfill what some may call an unrealistic sense of adventure.

    *I'm going to say that while this idea takes place in a western setting (cowboys, bandits, and all that) I don't necessarily want it to take place on the planet Earth and I'd actually prefer it to be on another planet or universe, which means it could be more sci-fi or fantasy or whatever. To what extent, I'd like to talk to whoever's interested so nothing is definitive, I will say that I do have some idea however.

    Game Breaker
    In a small, isolated, mountain town, there have been a string of unnatural murders—the victims mangled, torn apart, the murder sites destroyed, almost like they were ravaged by an animal, and perhaps most peculiar, there is never a witness, not a single person who even heard a sound despite the amount of destruction at each crime scene. It is because of this that two investigators specializing in unusual cases are sent in from their respective divisions from the city to investigate. The case is shrouded in mystery and it is perhaps the townspeople’s own claims that are the most abnormal; they believe that the murders are the result of a plague despite the obvious signs of physical brutality. They get delve deeper and deeper into the case, speaking to every townsperson and with each story, they gather a little bit more of the mystery, but the two detectives soon realize that this case may be too much for them to handle, especially when they have to begin treading cautiously around the townspeople who they become almost certain are trying to kill them.

    Mad Science
    The world of science it boundless and a certain famed scientist has proven this point over and over again with his ground breaking discoveries and inventions. He is seen as an absolute genius among his peers, colleagues, and common people alike—the type of person people write textbooks about. However, his assistant finds him a tiny bit more…psychotic than the textbooks let on and has a hard time keeping up with his eccentricities, especially when he constantly makes her the unwarranted test subject for many of his experiments. Despite her paranoia in the work place, always looking over her shoulders and keeping an eye out for any moment he might try something, she does respect him and is always happy to assist him when he’s not attempting to do something absolutely insane.

    Historical (Japan, Early Edo-Period)
    It is during the early Edo period that samurai have recently started to gain political power and for their skills with the sword, they are strongly admired. One such samurai is a man working for the shogunate, his skills both feared and praised. He is promised the hand of sole daughter of a respected and honored politician, the rumors claiming her to be beautiful, reserved, and compassionate, but upon meeting her face-to-face, he realizes that his new betrothed wife’s rumors were just that: rumors. In fact, she in an short, flat-chested, mouthy, and brash young girl who doesn’t want to be married and would rather be learning to fight alongside her brothers. Her dissatisfaction (and possibly his) leaves the two newlyweds with a tense relationship. Worse yet, she is less than the ideal wife; she can’t clean, can’t cook, can’t do any sort of housework and is lose with money. The only way that their relationship could possibly work is with compromise, but with two largely different world views and her strong desire to fight the gender role that has been forced upon her, there doesn’t seem to be much in the ways of compromise.

    Altears is a large kingdom that has, after years of war, finally reached an era of relative peace, however, there are still many problems that the people face. And banditry/thieving is just one of them. She’s an ordinary pickpocket and taking her by face value, one wouldn’t expect much, but she’s good at what she does. She has only ever stolen food and small amounts of money that no one would miss from the common cityfolk, but her routine has gotten monotonous and she’s tired of such small bounties and it because of this that leads her to try and steal from an important (and rich) looking man in the streets only to be caught instantly by him as the man in question is a trained and highly exalted knight. She is thrown into jail and with an unusually harsh sentence is going to be hung for stealing. The knight in the meantime faces his own problems as well when the King and his heirs are slain, only for his brother to take up the throne in place. It’s obvious that there’s foul play at hand and worse yet, the crooked politicians and nobles that made it happen don’t even try to hide it. The knight is soon wrongfully accused of treason and is also sentenced to be hung without trial or warning. He meets the thief again in jail and the two end up escaping together all the while becoming wanted criminals in the process. Together, they not only face crooked politics but ancient evils and magics that were once thought to be long gone.

    Misc Cravings/My Requests
    • Usually I'm not into them, but recently I've wanted to do a survival horror RP of some kind, whether it involves zombies, monsters, plague, or some other supernatural/paranormal entity.
    • Another thing that I've been wanting to do, for a while now actually, is a traditional fantasy setting like D&D or the BG Trilogy.
    • Mostly anything with aliens, the supernatural, monsters, and beasties, PM me and we can share ideas if you're interested.
    • I'm always open for a good military-based RP, whether it's modern, fantasy, sci-fi, or whatever.
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