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Author Topic: Dasheva Blackheart ~ The Mad Doctor.  (Read 589 times)

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Dasheva Blackheart ~ The Mad Doctor.
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:40:31 AM »
Thank you for taken interest. I'd like to start off by saying I'm not picky and I tend to not have  lot of limits. I can be very random and all around bat shit insane. When it comes to role-play, you have a basic outline of my character which can be molded to fit almost anything. I'm very willing to explore all kinds of story lines.

Do Not Want.

No GodModding
No Metagaming
No Overpowered Characters
No to scat or puking.
Do not ask me to be submissive, there is only one person on this earth that is allowed/can get away with that.
No underage characters (18+)

Thats about it, somethings may come up during a scene but it rarely happens.

My kinks? You don't have to bring these to the table to catch my attention, but they do rock my socks.

Violence (abuse, giving and taking)
Medical role-plays

Dasheva is my only character that I play seriously. My post sizes depend a lot on my partner. If you are into long and heavy detailed posts, I think we will get along. But I'd like to point out here and now that every so often you'll get a one liner from me. Its because I see a lot of outcomes from the post you just made so I'll make a small move to see reaction before continuing with a more detailed post. I am by no means being lazy!

~Dasheva Blackheart~
“A broken line, a dying breed. The Saber-Tooths never died, they just took a new shape.”

A long history is hidden within the shadows of this woman. Her old age brings nothing but darkness the color of blood. Dasheva is anthromorphic, appearing human most of the time. Rage changes a person and in Dasheva's case it brings out a more true nature. The normally flawless dark exotic flesh covers itself in cat like markings. A tail is molded as an addition to the spine. Human ears reform to cat like ones. Feet shape themselves for speed and agility and fangs form for bone crushing bites. Though, the full moon brings out a darker beast, a black saber-tooth cat. This large predator is blind with rage and blood lust. Reasoning with this brings is useless and could prove deadly.   

Age: 398 (appears 20)

Sex: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: <DELETED>

Sexuality: Perhaps pansexual.

(For the public)
Has a god complex
(For loved ones)
Self sacrificing
Still has a god complex.   


Medical practices over the lifetimes has taught her a lot the bodies of many types of beings. Needless to say, she knows how to make you hurt.

Powerful healing magic that can also be used for damaging effects.

Immune to fire.


Old age does tend to catch up. She is quick on her feet, but on in small bursts. Its easy to wear her down.

Salt is a good way to keep out or trap her within a room. Spreading salt across a door way with cause the saber to stop in her tracks. Its a compelling form of magic that can be used by any being. Though, if enraged enough it is possible for her to break free of the compulsion.

Holy ground is another form of  compulsion for Dasheva. No matter the form, holy ground is to be respected. No blood can be spilled on blessed ground. Priest and Nuns along with other people that give their lives to a holy cause are also safe from Dasheva's wrath. (Note: 'Holy' doesn't have to refer to the religions that focus on one god.)

Water, one of the major weaknesses of this being. Pure water (From a source that is forever flowing) can cause blisters to form over long periods of exposer. Even little drops of water can sap the woman of energy and while wet (Water wet) she can not use any form of magic.

Hand cuffs, she fears them. If one manages to lock her within them, fear would cause her mind to cloud, disallowing her to escape. (Ropes and the likes do not count.)

Again, this is just a outline to give you an idea of what to expect from this character. All other characters are roughly based off of this one, while being molded to fit in all kinds of role-plays. Feel free to PM me with RP ideas.

What I'm craving right now:

Repo the genetic opera inspired role-plays.

Disney inspired role-plays in dark settings. (Seems a little odd, yeah? A lot of our favorite Disney movies were originally dark.)

Fallout settings are amazing to role-play out.

Any kind of Zombie story lines.

Offline Dasheva BlackheartTopic starter

Re: Dasheva Blackheart ~ The Mad Doctor.
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2013, 04:56:29 AM »
I want a dark romance. A partner that is disgusted with my actions, yet can't step away. That kind of internal conflict is what I'm looking for. I'd rather this take place in a fantasy setting (Doesn't matter which time frame) However I can be persuaded into something else. Be warned: My role-play can be very graphic. If such things bother you, this is not the RP for you. Looking for a man, woman, or anything in-between. P.S. No matter the story we go with, this will not end up as some submissive/dominate type of RP. Okay? Okay. PM me if you are interested or have questions.