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January 16, 2021, 03:22:12 PM

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Author Topic: Flexible Writer (M looking for F) on SOLD!  (Read 570 times)

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Offline ExnealTopic starter

Flexible Writer (M looking for F) on SOLD!
« on: November 13, 2012, 08:58:40 AM »
Hello there and welcome to my humble abode! Please take a seat on the nearest corps- I mean futon.

I have recently returned to this website after a long period of not being able to access it. Thankfully, I was still able to roleplay outside of this community so I can say that I am not as rusty as I could be. In fact, I am even willing to say that I manage to expand my skills and can now offer something much greater than I could two years ago.

What am I?
As you already know, I am a human male who is 21 years old (though I feel like I could retire any day now). I have been roleplaying for a number of years now and I have taken on themes that range from pure smut to pure plot while taking equal pleasure in this. The reason? I consider myself to be a freelance writer of sorts and the simple action of writing a compelling story is enough to keep me hooked. Of course, just like any perverted writer, I love my smut and somedays I will be craving more of this than anything else. As vague as all of this sounds, just try and think of me as a slave writer that will go to any lengths to make our story the best out there... Or to make our smut the filthiest and most exciting, depends what you're looking for.

What do I get kicks from?
My partner... Seriously! This may sound wrong on many levels but there is no other way to put it. If you are someone I can get on with and we have things in common to share then my objective will instantly become that of fulfilling your desires. You may call it empathy or the deepest form of selfishness, but all I want to do is meet a fun partner and to offer her a roleplay that will tick as many of her boxes as possible.

What am I looking for sexually?
I won't discriminate anyone based on kinks, if that's what you may think. If my partner is into bestiality and wants to find a shame free place where she can get spit roasted by two horny hounds, then I will do that and just that to the best of my ability and I will love it if it ends up becoming the right roleplay for you. I consider myself to be very open with kinks and I have been known to crave things after trying them. As long as there is pleasure involved and you can describe this in a way that makes my blood pump, then I willdo anything to multiply this pleasure.

What am I looking for plot-wise?
Quite frankly, anything original! I have written stories in many different settings and any genre can hit the right spot on any given day. The only requirement is that it shoudl be either an original plot/settings or an existing one with original concepts. Fan-fiction is probably my weakest point, but give me some original characters (either mine or my partners) or a good story to drive it and I will be anyone's anything. My personal favorites though are modern-day stuff (detectives, college, street, wars), fantasy (anything goes except hardcore fantasy settings that might otherwise have too many pre-existing elements to stay in my head) and supernatural (reality with a touch of anything in my book).

Who is my ideal partner?
Anyone who has a repressed kink/idea or a kink/idea they have not been able to explore fully. If you have everything going for you and are just looking for another plot then I won't really be a good addition to your existing plays because I will always be looking to hit as many of your favorite spots as I possibly can in a single play. I would also ask that you be understanding with time-zone differences and real life and that you do not get offended if I cannot offer a reply within the day (though I guarantee you that I will feel guilty) and that you have an open mind. I have a very odd sense of humor and my interests are too varied to match a certain person category.

What can you ask for?
 -Worlds: one of the things I have done in recent years is actually offer my partner more than just a settings and a character with which to roleplay with. Entire continents, worlds and a vast number of characters is an option. In sexual terms, this would mean I can offer you a pretty good gangbang and in plot terms it means I can design a world of adventures ready and waiting for your favorite characters.

 -Kinks/Ideas: although I tend to work off the back of my partners kinks/ideas, I also have plenty of my own that are lingering in the deeper side of my brain. Still, if you want to play one of my plots then you better be ready because I will give them a lot of thought and they may be far from your liking.

 -Method Flexibility: PMs, posts, IM... You name it. The internet is my home and I have various  summer houses such as IM accounts and more. I am also willing to take on "systems" for our roleplay such as dice or classic PnP engines.

So, convinced? Did I sell myself well? Just send me a PM or an email and we can begin the planning or chatting. I also have Skype for those that prefer this so just ask for my account and its yours! Thank you for taking the time to read this and happy hunting ;)

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Offline ExnealTopic starter

Re: Flexible Writer (M looking for F) on SOLD!
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 03:44:10 PM »
That's right folk! Chug your beers, grab your ace of spades and get outta my bar :P

And thank you for reading/participating!