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Author Topic: Prefect Mos's Emporium of Smut.  (Read 1758 times)

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Prefect Mos's Emporium of Smut.
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:53:40 AM »

  Viewer discretion advised 

The following
 presentation includes



    ~Water Sports                                       


    ~Girl on Girl                                           

    ~Guy on Girl                                           

    ~Guy on Guy                                         



    ~Non Con                                           



    ~Unrealistic Barbi-esq Bimbos           








    ~Snorting Coke                             

    ~Erotic Asphyxiation                     

    ~Gas Masks                                 

    ~Bigoted Jackasses                     

    ~Terrible Grammar                     

    ~and much much more.             


Act 1

|~8~|Haely Family Values|~8~|

The twins had not seen each other since the famous almost pass off in Michigan three years earlier.  There were bad divorces; there were divorces that ended up in one parent killing the other, than there were their parents. The only reason that Mom and Dad hadn’t killed each other was it would end the suffering of the other early.  The kids had no idea why they hated each other so much… when they were little mom and dad were always busy, and had more or less been risen by Nannies. Ten years prior in the summer of 1979 the divorce had begun, and would last the next four years. The result of the divorce was that the girl would go and live with her mother In Seattle.  The son would stay in New York with their dad.
In spring of 1989 Dad was brought up on charges for the Savings and Loan Scandal This of course brought nothing but joy to mom, and would also sort of reunite the family, as the twins had just turned 16, and with dad going to jail, custody would revert to mom.  The judge did decide that dad was not a flight risk, and suspended sentence so that the son could finish school in New York.   Mom decided that it had been so long.. a cross country summer vacation would help the siblings get to know each other a little bit better, so she bought a Conversion Van, bed in back, nice seats.. to take a tour of the country…. The siblings don’t really fight at all.. glad to see one another again for some time, but are fairly different people.. But both.. Adventurous, and were apart for those crucial growing years… that would make it feel wrong to fuck.  Thus begun the secret cross country fuck fest.

Act 2. ~
The two Kept up fucking all the way through school... but both went to college in different states to avoid continuing things… they did get together every once in a while, cause the two loved each other, quite a bit … Junior year of College dad died in prison, shived one night, no idea who did it, or why.  Mom got Drunk, in celebration the next day, and died of alcohol poisoning.. They were both sadism… but.. Their parents vitriolic hatred for one another made the kids.. Angry enough at the both of them.. That it wasn’t a crushing blow. A couple more years pass, and both kids get married to college sweet hearts.. But are still fucking every chance they get, trying to avoid meeting up for the express reason that.. well.. They shouldn’t be.. And there cheating, she gets pregnant, and divorced.. when the DNA test.. Done on a whim.. Comes up that her husband is not the father.. The husband long suspecting cheating.. But having no idea with who.. of course she knows who the babies daddy is… she only slept with two guys in years.. of course she had a girlfriend on the side the hubby didn’t know about…  She decides that despite having money (mom and dad were loaded) she doesn’t want to be on her own right now… so moves her, and her daughter to her brothers place..

It’s not long before she has two lovers in her life.. Secret from one another.. The only man she has ever actually loved.. and a woman… his wife.

Act 3.

Sixteen years later, the three adults are still living together, having long before found out each other’s secrets, the daughters are 16 17 and 18…. The family is about to enter a new generation…

It had been several months since the twins’ birthday, one of the few times a year that the two actually spoke to one another; they still loved and missed each other, but had grown apart in the decade since their parents divorce.  Truthfully they still didn’t understand why there parents hated each other just that they did. A couple of years ago there was an attempt to allow the twins to spend a little bit of time with one another , that ended at the airport when mom and dad saw each other, started yelling and scream, each had been arrested for causing a public disturbance.  But that was than and this is now.

They didn’t have what anyone would call a bad life, both parents had met at Columbia, Mom getting her masters in Architecture, Dad getting his MBA , they both went on to get prestigious jobs that filled the coffers well enough, that they didn’t have to struggle, they didn’t want for anything. But still it was hard in those days to have a split family; it wasn’t common like it is now. At least for Ashlyn Mom had gotten remarried, for Uinseann (Vince, as every one called him) it was a different matter. Dad never remarried, instead relying on the Academy of Central park West to watch over his son while he worked on Wall Street acquiring more and more wealth.

That Is until about a year ago when the world started to come down around him.. He was implicated in fiscal crimes, worse yet; he actually was guilty of them. The trial did take a while, but he was found guilty, but since it was a White Collar crime, he was able to post Bail post trial, to remain free for a few months, to tie up loose ends. It was arranged that Mom would be getting full custody of her son back after ten years. Mom knew that the son coming back into the family would be a little bit of a shock.. and would be best if it was a bigger shock.. planning a massive country wide road trip in order to reunite the family, and make things seem more normal once they got home.

Ashlyn knew that this was her last chance to really get to know her father, so with a lot of pleading, threats.. and frankly having to be a bitch about it, mom let Ashlyn go to new york a couple weeks early to reunite with her dad, before he went to the big house for the next twenty years. When she got there Vince was busy with a lot of things, saying good bye to friends, finishing up his last year in that school.. Packing up to leave New York, his home, to travel across the country to.. Seattle… he didn’t know anything about that city.. Who had ever heard of such a place… Bleach by nirvana had just come out, and was only starting to make the college rounds, and were still opening for a band called Tad.

Dad took his little girl all over the city, showing her everything about it, taking her to Lombardi’s for pizza.. even took her to breakfast at Tiffanies’, where he bought her a few pieces of jewelry , a piece for each of the next twenty years.  They had a dance at the rainbow room. It was highly emotionally charged, trying to stuff the past ten years, and next twenty into two weeks.  The two did manage to reconnect, and would stay in contact more through mail, and the occasional phone call, possibly even visits in the coming years… But when he hugged her good bye before taking a Cab down to the police station, was the last time he ever got to hold his little girl in his arms. Vince was of coarse right next to her, hugging her arm, and holding her as He watched the cab pull away, some tears in his eyes, knowing that the two of them would be on their own for the first time ever.. at least until morning when Mom and Steve would show up.. to take them on the trip that neither wanted to actually do.   

“It’s my last night in the city Sis… there will be time to.. get all .. Emotional later,, what do you say we go change into something a little less formal.. and see if we can sneak into CBGBS I think that REM is playing tonight… you ever hear them.. they have that Orange Crush song…”  His Eyes looking into hers, giving a look of needing to be distracted, not one of a heartless monster who already didn’t give a damn.

Vince had Gotten dressed up for the occasion, as the three of them had a very quiet lunch, at a local reseraunt, the twos favorite.. it wasn’t fancy, but it was good, local new york food. Still Vince was dressed in a black blazer, black slack, white shirt, but with a tie that was of the eighties ultra-modern cubist origin, too unsightly to the modern eye to dare punish by describing further. His shoes were shiny, his hair slicked back, clean shaven. He was wearing a Molex.. a rather good Rolex rip off.. this one seemed to be metal, and actually work , but he usually wore his Casio calculator watch, as he found it to be more useful .  He was tall , and played basketball, so he was in shape, black hair, and upper west side accent discussed his Irish roots a little bit but he was still more than slightly lanky.


  Viewer discretion advised 

One Sick Slick Chick

Please contact me with questions, this is a basic outline that can be changed, and filled in more. Also I know that I’m not communicating this idea very well.. it’s a dom sub thing, with vore as a theme.

She was wild, she was crazy, and she would do anything to get noticed. She wasn’t always this way, she used to be a shy little girl, and she was the ugly swan ten times over. She was bullied as a little girl, and the other girls made her eat bugs, worms, all sorts of disgusting things. She grew into her own though , there was but six months between being shoved into the mud and force fed worms, to her first Modeling contract. Of course her being a real life model, having pictures on the cover of Sixteen made all the other girls WANT to be her friend. At first she accepted it, reveled in it, until she realized that they only wanted to know her because she was a model.  She started to go more and more out there, to scare the fakers away, beginning to enjoy living a wild life style.

She’s now an Adult, living in the city. She still does the occasional photo-shoot if it’s interesting enough, though since she turned 18 its porn only. She doesn’t do shoots that she thinks will make her the money; instead she only takes the wilder ones, pushing the limits of bad taste. She wants to find a limitless guy to have a little fun with… but how can you tell if the guy is walking the walk.. or simply talking the talk. Then one day shes reading about a stupid fad diet, and thought to herself “whats next .. only live animals” she smiled at the thought.. by the end of her child hood torment, she was starting to enjoy how the live worms felt going down. So know she goes boy hunting , she dresses sexy as all fuck, gets all the boys attention.. sets her lunch box on a table, or hands it to some one to hold.. Pulls out a live mouse, rat.. Snake, or other small critter. Teases it with her mouth, than swallows it whole, enjoying its death throes in her stomach.  So far no one has approached her with anything more than condemnation, not that she minds.. she enjoys freaking out squares.. but today.. today a guy comes up smiling.. “My my my that’s sexy… you cut the claws off first or?”

Hello there, for clarity, I will be playing the Cheerleader. You the stalker.  This is adjustable , also I would like this to get really kinky.. but can be played to varying degrees of kink. I want to play this with a few people, so, even if it looks like I’m playing, and you want to play too.. hit me up!  More than happy to play with guys playing girls as well.

She was beautiful, cool, awesome, and popular. She was everything. She had come from seemingly nowhere, here family had money, but she had moved here freshman year of high school.  Before that, nothing is known about her, she doesn’t talk about her old school, it is something of a mystery. She was the head cheerleader. She also ran the Chastity club. She was outspoken against fucking, despite this, she was a slut. She made out with all the boys at the party, would take her top off, let people feel up her breasts, but never let any one touch her below the waist. Ever. If a guy tried to touch her on the pants she would Crush him socially, he would become outcast.

This is what led to her stalker to think that the head cheerleader was just like her. A lesbian.  For years the crush had built up, became an obsession. Becoming more and more an outcast. Everyone knew that she was obsessed with the head cheerleader. Everyone. It got worse and worse, till it could not be contained anymore and she professed her love. She was shot down on the spot, the teasing from everyone increased dramatically.  She still left presents, and steamy love letters.  It all cumulated in her coming home a little bit Early.. She was leaving her latest present..  A new picture of herself, naked, a pair of her used panties, a steamy love letter written in blood, some chocolates, and a couple of kinky sex toys. The stalker heard someone in the house.. And quickly hid in the closet, not wanting to be caught.. too embarrassed.   The cheerleader came into the room and noticed the package.. She looked around, instinctively.. it wasn’t the first the stalker had left.

She went to the bed, sitting down on it, and started to open the package, to see what had been left. She smiled wide, and lifted the used panties to her mouth, breathing it in.. Before going to the mirror, and started to undress, getting down to her panties.. They were panties the other girl had left a while ago.. From this angle the stalker could only see the ass.  She went to the bed, and set up a few things, starting a lilac candle, and set the chocolate on the on the bed pillow  She grabbed the picture, and took a good look at it smiling, as she laid out, to red the letter, the used panties on the pillow so she could smell them, for a wile she read with one hand, and grabbed a chocolate eating them one by one, slowly. As she flipped pagegs, sh changed hands, letting the other one drift down to her panties, and started to rub.. letting out a groan as she pulled out her cock. COCK!...  she.. was a HE!!

~ A work in progress ~

Please feel free to note or PM me at any time with comments, suggestions, love mail.. and especially hate mail.. its through the vitriolic that we learn to improve ourselves.

The Emporium is open for business.

Free to steel or borrow any of these ideas.

I’m going to try and organize this somewhat and right now it will be under construction. I’ll try and cross reference it so that you can find a closer match. Please be patient with me as I experiment with this.

Please feel free to note or PM me at any time with comments, suggestions, love mail.. and especially hate mail.. its through the vitriolic that we learn to improve ourselves.

I am interested in any and all RPs you might have, and am more than happy to play either gender, Dom or sub,  of any gender combination.

Pictures May be coming.. ill get back to you... or even just say if you think it would help or is getting cliche.

F-list or RH available upon request.

Light / Romantic Role plays.


The Tunnel of Courtney Love

There two kids in love. Two pseudo punk kids who have trouble with happy, their entire lives there been in a constant state of fears that the world has not dealt with in a few hundred or even thousand years... The Russians threating with Nuclear annihilation, The government slowly turning into a religious fascism,   the degradation of the environment possibly the end of the world, and even in the bedroom the gay cancer has been discovered to not be, but instead HIV.

Romance of two psedo punk kids at the close of the 1980's in the Rainy City of Seattle.

Bondage Role plays


Sue Awoke, It was the second day in that hell hole.  She was looking for that dammed computer, and to be honest she could do with a spot of that cake.  She was really starting to get hungry and was sure that the water that she had found the other day would probably make her sick before long. She had the aperture gun Witch would have been great had this place not been designed specifically as a maze to get out of using it. How many times did she almost break her legs. Hell she should have.. but those dammed scientists did something to her legs. If she ever got a hold of them.. Whoever they were. It can’t just be this Gladys figure.. Is she even real. Is she a computer or what?

"Morning Subject" the crackling digital voice came over... more through ..  all over and inside at the same time "I have for you today a gift.. It's your companion cube to keep you entertained and to have something to talk to. Rember There will be cake once you’re done. "

Sue looked at the cube.. Metal.. Aluminum, a pink heart painted on the side. the cube hand soft and sharp edges,, and a few designs of ridges on it. It didn't say anything. It was just a cube. But she figured she would need it for some puzzle ... then part way through the day she found a body of another test subject. Inside her head.. not the same sound Gladys made came "Go ahead sue. You need it.. there wouldn't be a burial for him anyway.. not with that computer gone mad"  it was a strong male voice.. not synthesized at all.. And it reminded sue of her father, in a close loving way.. Made her feel oddly safe... but what was it.


Loving Brother

you’ve been dating the nicest guy for years, high school sweethearts destined for marriage. He's handsome, smart, funny, a lot of what you’re looking for in a boyfriend, well at least he's 1everything that you want to want in a boyfriend. He's also very religious and thinks that the two of you should save each other for marriage, he even thinks that masturbating is "cheating god”. It was only a couple of months ago that you cheated, you met an older guy, it was a one night stand, but he tied you up, hog tied you, spanked you until your bottom was blue, then fucked you silly, you cried for days over it... but the strange thing was you weren't crying over the cheating or the pain... but rather the lack there of.

Over the past few months you've been looking at other outlets, other ways to express this new found sexuality of yours playing on the internet, and even went to a BDSM party, with a fake id that you had your brother made for you, claiming that you wanted to go to an 18 and over rock show. You made a few internet dating profiles and began to live a double life, not relay thinking about its consequences, simply "knowing" that you will grow out of the bdsm thing soon, and the wonderful boy that you love will marry you and never be the wiser.

I am a Nerd, a Geek, a dweeb, but I'm fairly athletic, I play football, I'm on the cross country team, do track ect... but am definitely a nerd, a couple of years older then you, and in college, having decided to stay local because the programs I want to go to are all available here and most of my friends decided to stay as well. I've had the occasional girlfriend, nothing very serious, it's only relay been recently that I've discovered my sexuality. I am a Dom, sexually. I'm not exactly the most Alpha male in society, not meek, not cowardly, but definitely willing to negotiate, talk things out, and not be overtly demanding, but, in my sexuality I want a total slut to do my bidding and love me for it.

Something that I was very conflicted about until recently, one of my friends who happens to be a girl and I were talking and discovered this about each other, after the obligatory me hitting on her, and getting the "too much like a brother response", she pointed me in the direction of some books I learned a lot about he sociology, and terminology of it, and came to terms with my erotic imagination not having a lot to do with my real life persona. One day I'm surfing the Internet, and I discover your alt profile, while searching for someone to have fun with. It’s you, it's a photo of you, and your even bound in it, a self-tie, a stare at it a long time, and even send off an email to it, not as me of course, and get a positive response to my profile that no longer has a face shot of me.

The next day, Friday , I'm surfing the Internet again, doing some research on my feelings and everything , my doors open, you walk by and see that I'm looking at your profile, you go to your room scared .You think and debate, and panic for the hour before dinner, it's quiet and awkward, but would be any way since tonight happens to be the night that mom and dad are heading off for a week long second honey moon, the two of us stand awkwardly in the living room until I hear the car pull away "Sis... I need to talk with you.."


Its a Standard incesty yada yada yada

Ash was something a girl of contradiction. She gave off a strong sense of stupid blond girl vibe, like she spent much more time worrying over the exact shade of pink lipstick that would make guys want to stuff there cock into her mouth , than about her school work. This was true, she did, but she was still under it all, a smart girl, got good grades, but hid them more than a little bit. She was a daddies girl, though did abuse him a little bit at the mall, and his credit cards.. if she thought for one second that it would upset him, she would probably cut back quite a bit , but figured he had a great job.. and even after her parents divorce had more than enough money to spoil his little princess. A few weeks after a slumber party at his house.. in witch he had bought the girls plenty of hard alcohol.. Ash went exploring and found pictures of her, and all her friends.. passed out and in copremising positions, a few of witch, even the ones that were just of her had cum stains on them... the sixteen year old girl didn't cringe at it, instead studied them, and thought about it... curious why her daddy wouldn't just ask her for pictures. It hit her sort of strangely how weird that would be.. and didn't take much longer to hit her how weird it was that she wanted it .. so she went to the bathroom, stripped down and with her darkest red lipstick carefully wrote "Love you Daddy" across her naked bare chest and snapped a few shots.. after choosing the best shot, printed it out, and added it to the top of the pile.

It's not that wrong is it?

She was divorced. It was a long and embittered divorce, one that was always coming but no one would have suspected a five year legal battle over the division of assets. Sure   early on she tried dating a little but it always seemed the same old things she knew she was looking for something different, something exciting. Her son was still in high school, but had mostly older friends mostly in College who would be over quite a bit and now that the house was fully hers, they would be over quite a bit more . One boy was always particularly helpful, and hung out with her in the living room.. yeah he was during the internet thing with all the others downstairs.. but he seemed to legitimately enjoy her company.  Soon things in the basement begun to get serious as the group of friends started landing a couple of programming contracts.. and in weeks turned it into an office .. They were all over quite a bit.. Getting projects done and working like a well-oiled machine. One night she gets a little drunk, and is more than a little horny.. Her vibrator just isn’t doing it for her right now...  and she wants to be in control, and she needs it now.


Legend of the Big Fish

He was Legend in the cow college town. The local big shot, the local success, He had been a foot ball player, and took the local high school to their first ever state championship , handsome, cool. He was a big fish, in the small pond. After his senior year though he disappeared for some months.. having gone to LA to explore another side of himself , the locals did not know that while he was an athlete, his true talents laid in Music. It didn't take him long in the streets of LA to put together a Band with himself as the Lead Vocals.. The locals all sort of assumed that he was living life high on the hog, giving into hedonistic desires constantly, and while he did .. Explore.. He was milking stardom for everything that it had... Saving his money, always working on selling more tickets.. More T shirts.. more songs on iTunes.  While the rest of the band spent the time after the concert sleeping with the next groupie.. he was out there hawking wears ..and building the coffers.. Because He understood that nothing lasts forever.

It was almost a decade of being a rock star before the band ceased to be, He knew it was coming... the Drummer had four kids with four girls... none of them were any were near legal age. The Bassist was so strung out that they had just been playing tapes of someone else playing for months... The Keyboardist was tired of living in the closet.. It pissed everyone off that the drop in sales of Rodger being gay was the last straw before the label dropped them.

He poured money back into the sleeper community, built up the school, founded local factories to keep the economy.. and now.. after ten years of the spot light.. He’s ready to begin life were he left it.. He enrolls in the small town school... an even bigger fish.. in Just as small a pond. He was the big man on campus.. And acted like it .. he slept around more than a little bit.. but was having trouble finding a girl.. Actually into his dark desires...rather than just put up with them.  That is until.. in the basement of the Music Building that bore his name ... so he had a key.. did he hear a girl adlibbing that Rihanna SandM song.. With added versus about gags, breath control, and public perversity....
Exotic Role plays

I Dreams of Genie

A genie , like a fine wine, gains gets better with time.. as long as it is not used in that time. She was used only once, almost four thousand years before when she was came from the either. A young prince in what had but one wish, and that was for the finniest horse in all the world. After that she was lost. Asleep in the bottle she was almost continued to draw knowledge from the world, not relay awake, almost in a state of non being, . There were few of her kind left, most used so much that there power had ran out, having been found they were passed around till they were wished out.. but over the millennia her power became nigh unlimited.

She could pull power from anywhere, and had more stored than she thought she could ever use.. and it had been a long time since any genie had pulled power from any were in close by universe, she would be akin to a god when found next. Her bottle was underneath the sand for a long time, than the river changed path and she floated to sea to and roamed the ocean before ore in the year 2009 on the coast of Oregon.

The bottle was glass, blue and pink, with a golden stopper at the end. Permittivity warm, the container sensed its surroundings and complied an image of those around, the ones that did not notice it, learning the language quickly, and forming the body of what the Gene would take when claimed.

When the man who would pick the bottle up approached, the bottle already knew he would be its contents new master, and used some of the limited magics that it could to cause the rest of the beach to clear , leaving the two of them alone. The bottle rocked making noise to attract him closer. It allowed itself to be examined closely for a little bit of time before the stopper exploded out , its little gold chain holding it to the bottle and clanging against it.

At first sparkling water appeared to be flowing from it, turning quickly into a rose smelling pink smoke quickly, the smoke kept poring forth in huge billows forming a opaque cloud . Soon a tall blonde woman with long flowing locks of hair walked out of the smoke. She was smiling lightly , her body was tanned but Caucasian , her chest was ample and clad in a Pink triangle type bikini, and her hips bore a white wrap skirt. she looked down at herself for a moment turning as red as she could in embarrassment.

“What is thy bidding my master” said oddly with a valley girl type cadence floating and a bit aloof as well as a bit bubbly but with the words it sounding odd. Then again a woman that had not been there just came out of a pink cloud that seemed to come from a bottle, calling a stranger master, there was little of the situation that didn't seem odd.. Even a bit campy like a mid-sixties TV sitcom.  The cloud appeared to start to flow back down to her bare feet, her movements were perfect, smooth, and deliberate as she began to bow, but moved her head to look at his eyes.

Her Eyes were a dark blue but the blue seemed to put off illumination, but the outlines of her eyes as well as the iris seemed to bot just be black, but also to absorb light from around the dark areas, just slightly.

A little Mouse Tail.

Thieve been roommates for a couple of years now, having met in college, and having a lot of the similar tastes actually. He always sort of had a crush on her, but she was a mouse he a cat, and that was just a bit taboo for everyone around, even in these days. Every day for the past six months he listened to her wine and bitch about not being able to get any... he kept telling her that she had to go out and meet people, go to bars and stuff.. that a man wasn’t just going to fall into her lap.. that is till tonight.. He had just broken up with his girlfriend.. two days before he went into sexual overdrive. He was always horny.. But that night, He went right to his room wanting to not be tempted.. but she came into it under the guise of wanting to help him.. but only a few sentences in turned into a wining session about her lonely bed... He had heard enough.

Tonks had a rough day that day, his hormones were raising as were half the offices. He worked in a mostly Feline office, and had been there long enough were the cycles began to sink up. He was not a happy man.. Work did have an anti sex rule , something not that uncommon really, but rarely so enforced. Other than that the job was great, and normally He would go to the girl’s house and get the relief that he needed. Sadly she left him for another dude a few days before. He didn’t have enough time to find a replacement.

Too add insult to injury he was going home to face his incredibly whiny roommate. He loved her, he always had a thing for mouse authors.. And not just on his dinner plate. She trusted him, and they were close, and he would never eat her.. Well.. He never thought about it at least.. not like in the mall.. He didn’t hunt intelligent creatures, but had no problem eating them if they were being served.. and considered hunting feral, intelligent creatures who had decided to live like there animal cousins. Worse still is that she had been stuck on finding a boyfriend for over a year, but never would do anything about it.

He was Black with orange accents tall, standing more than twice her length as well as an abnormally prehensile and long tail for a cat, he joked that he had a monkey uncle.. the truth is he had a monkey great grandfather . he was lithe, and liked climbing .  When he came home he went right to his room in order to avoid the roommate. He could smell her already.. he loved that smell but right now, this moment he couldn’t think of anything worse for him.


Stem punk outline.

I’m thinking of a game set in the Wild Wild West. Think Stem Punk in a slightly pre Victorian era in the wild Wests of America.  Magic exists, but its not all that effective, expensive and ritualistic. And not many have any talent for it, there are cultural biases though, The Chinese tend to be very good with Luck, and longevity magic, The native Americans tend to be good at Information gathering and Hiding. The Irish excellent at illusions , and so on.. but a very minor tone to it. What’s more important Is the Technology . Steam Power is every were, from Clockwork servants and railroad slaves, To a steam operated pistol . To a fifty foot tall mechanical tarantella raiding Towns. So join me Yall, for your interest and creativity in this endeavor ... Different story lines will be discussed depending on the person wanting to play. All peoples and styles will be considered.


The Clock work Girl

He labored over her for nearly 18 years, since he turned 18. not all day every day, but little by little... studding the work of other masters, the clock work apprentice began shortly after he started his apprenticeship .. had built other machines before.. some for war.. Some for use.. Even a couple intelligent machines before.. but nothing of this complexity , her skeleton was made of bronze, highly polished, she had skin.. Heated.. it even served a purpose.. Oil from her motors would run under the skin and radiate out.. She wasn't covered.. no far from it just some parts.. on the front.. parts that he hoped she would allow him to touch. Yes he could build her to simply serve.. Many had before him.. but he intended to give this clock will... it hadn't been done in generations.. But he found the right turning chain.. And it looked right... it was from the sirens house.. an artifact that he placed in her mind as one of the many routines... he polished her gears.. Some silver, some copper.. Showing through many parts of her... he ran the test chain through her one last time.. Perfect.  Taking the.. well i suppose you could call it brain.. it took up more of her than anything put the perpetual motion generator and ran most of her body with its complex actions. Locking it in place ... he takes the eyes.. not wanting them to be in place till just before she would become... hopefully alive.. placing them in then putting on the wig.. and covering her in a leather sheet.. Having given her a sense of modesty.. I start to raise the platform.. Disconnecting the temporary power.. to start to wait for a lightning bolt to activate you.


The Imaginarium of Lebanon Kansas USA

Amidst the many golden fields of corn of Kansas, land so far and so even that the curvature of the earth can be tracked with the naked. An eternity of golden roads to everywhere,  America leads here. A small memorial constructed before the advent of GPS depicting were they thought the center was. Instead laying a few miles further west than that, landing In a Motel, the Sleepy Inn Motel, a nearly deserted and penniless establishment. 

The owners of the Sleepy inn are a humble and modest older couple, who make ends meet themselves by growing their own food out back, and the occasional long time guest who stays to visit one of the towns three hundred or so residents. With no nearby real high way, and no major industry, the center never grew much; the whole area has the feeling of emptiness. Not Sorry, not joy, but emptiness. This is not caused, as some of the gods have theorized by a lack of holiness of the site, instead the overabundance of it dulling the senses of even the eldest and most worshiped of deity.

It Is the Focal point of dreams and nightmares, specifically, the American dream, different and complex for everyone to answer, but the whole world at times seeming to have it. Freedom, Justice, Democracy and one must never overlook a healthy dosage of American style opulence void of pomp and stance. The Focal point for all lays at the exact center, a mirror in room 6 of the hotel, a Mirror who placement seems odd in the room, but truth be told should the hotel be removed the Mirror would stand. It serves as a doorway, a fault in the fabric of the celestial  were the Dream is too powerful, and beginning , just beginning to break through to the mortal realm, Many have stepped through the gateway, some have returned, though never the same as they journeyed... the question becomes, will you go through the looking glass?

Extremely dark role plays.


The Dolcet Treaty.

The world was already in trouble, food resources were running thin, as were places to simply win. When it came down to it the war started in Texas, the state, without approval from the US government tried to annex Mexico. With that action whiten a week the Japanese invaded China, North Korea the south, India and Pakistan went live. Europe and Africa were the last to get involved, but they did.  The war dragged on for more than five years, killing even more of the dwindling male population the governments did some more engineering of their own on their males making them stronger, faster, more resilient.

Every government fell in time every last one, there was no winner, and luckily no nukes dropped.. all over the world slowly each world government faded during the war, army's continuing with their last orders long after the people in power were defeated. The republic of California was the last to fall. That's when the treaty of Dolcet was signed by two dozen of the leaders of government. It set out new rules and new laws to govern the world.

At the conference some observations were made, the woman of the world , through some of the engineering had become more docile , more submissive. There were also a lot of them, more than ten thousand women were left for every man that was, and however the world was still grossly overpopulated. There were few animals that were left, but for the most part there were enough in the major species for them to make an eventual recovery, if treated well.

The new world government had as a primary mission to lower the population of the world dramatic, but effectively. Woman would need to apply to become a breeder if they wished , otherwise they would be given shots to effectively turn off their reproductive organs . The application process was stringent and difficult, a Eugenics project at best. Seeing the need for food, especially meat, and that all animals need for now be preserved Females would become a new food source. Man liked animals, but pets would be rare, genetic modification would be able to be used to make woman into hybrids. All women would be owned, all of them. There closest male relative would own them, barring that would be tested out into different lotteries for placement.



She was always a little stuck up, But oddly not by choice her friends were always of the ultra-Christian variety.. just how it happened . She always felt like she was being prudish and uptight about things.  She never felt like she was being herself.. Holding her true feelings in for so long just didn't feel right.  She looked at other girls with envy.. Girls that her friends always looked down on .. sluty ones.. Dumb ones.. Deep down she wanted to be a bimbo. Then it happened ... one of her friends dads came on to her.. And she didn't stop it.. Helped hide the affair, and loved it.. Soon though they were caught.. All her friends rejected her. A few YEARS of trying to get them back failed... but soon she knows that it's a lost cause. She always read filth in private.. and is well versed .. but almost not at all experienced in sexuality.. and goes looking for the perfect dom to turn her into the bimbo that she craves to be.


Xaviers School for Girls.

Deep in the woods of Canada lays St. Xavier's Academy for Girls. It used to be a fairly exclusive school , very tough academics , and producing very refined Girls that would have fantastic marriage prospects. Xavier's though did not keep up with the times, it still services a fairly exclusive clientele.. But it’s no longer for their prized daughters, the ones that are going to make something of themselves.. Instead it services as a repository of trouble students from other catholic boarding schools, as well as upper middle class to rich children of parents afraid of that child's adoration of Paris Hilton. To this new mission.. they have been to this point an utter failure.. this year.. this year there going to try something new. Something unique.. Something extreme. Having hired an Expert on BDSM and humiliation m and having gotten extensive waivers filed, they have given the new expert free reign to Punish the girls how he sees fit.. train them.. and generally treat them like the little whores they pretend to be.


The Office Toy

 It had been a little while since she had been laid off from the last company where she worked. It was one of the companies that failed in the banking fiasco. It didn't take too many interviews to discover that more than a few pictures from her office exploits turned up on a simple Google search for her name. That didn't stop her from trying though .. she figured one of these days the little bitch in HR wouldn't know how to use Goggle, and miss something. It was nearing the time when her severance package was running out when she revived what at first she thought was a call back, it was for a prestigious Law firm.. in Seattle. It was only after she hung up that she realized that it wasn't a call back.. She hadn't even applied there , they had sought her out .. And were paying for a Business class flight to Seattle, as well as accommodation at a four star hotel for the interview. The interviews went great, everyone was very pleased with her.. but.. During the final part.. the paperwork part .. the Bimbo Blonde HR assistant turned her monitor to show the newbie a picture... it was of you . tied to a chair, blind folded, mouth in a ring gag.. Lips dripping with cum... Your hands still typing on the keyboard.. and asked "Is this you?"
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Hi, I am going to try and use E as my main ERP source again. I have gone back and forth between it and F-list, but E seems to be becoming more my speed these days.