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Author Topic: FxF Story - Partner Needed  (Read 725 times)

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FxF Story - Partner Needed
« on: November 12, 2012, 10:13:54 pm »
I was in discussion with another member of this site for a FxF story based upon one of the ideas listed in my profile (I'll get to that in a second...).  Things were going along great, I was mostly done with the introduction post when they informed me that they are taking a little leave of absence due to personal reasons.  Since they have given me permission to look for another partner, and I do not want to feel as if my post was a giant waste of time, I thought I would post it on here and see if there was any interested writers.

Don't Let Me Down
Inspiration:  "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles
Light or Extreme
FxF Characters
Seeking F Character for Either Role
Lesbian Romance, Modern Era, Abuse, Redemption, Romance

The house was quiet after he left.  It was always quiet when he left her there alone.  Same shit, different day.  It was just another day of living with him, the abusive, domineering monster of a man.  He knew no bounds, knew no limits when it came to disciplining his wife.  The bruises all over her body, from her face where his fist laid into her, to the bottoms of her feet where he caned her.  She couldn't take it anymore.  As she laid upon the tiled floor of the bathroom, laying in blood from her mouth, she just couldn't take it anymore.  Out of desperation, she called the one number that stuck out in her mind, the one person that would help her.

It was during college when the two of them met, one a seemingly straight-laced good girl, the other a free-spirited young woman that was free with herself.  The attraction between them was unexplainable, neither sure why, but it just happened.  Together the two came, experimenting and exploring with each other the different layers and feelings to each other's sexuality.  For the two of them, things became closer, more intimate by the day.  It was only a matter of time before the two of them moved in together in a small apartment on campus, perfect for just the two of them.

However, things weren't meant to be.  As college came to an end, the two girls went their separate ways, despite what each wanted.  For one, it was a career, a job that seemed perfect.  For the other, she despised the thought of living in the city, surrounded by people she didn't know, living a life and a lie that would force her to hide their relationship together.  And so the two went, on with their separate lives.

Until that night, the night that would change both of their lives.  One needed an out, a way to escape her abusive and frightening husband, and the other was more than eager to help her friend, her former lover.

This is a lesbian story about an abused and battered wife looking for a way out of her life of being abused.  After ten years without a single word, she finally calls her college lover, hoping and praying for a way out.  This could go either way.  We could have the abused wife murdering her abusive husband in a crazed rage, needing a place to hide, or go with her running away from her abusive husband, taking what money and valuables she could find, and running away to be with the only person that loved her.

Looking for the Abused or the Old Lover.

Here is the link to the story, entitled Putting the Pieces Back Together.

If you're interested, please PM me.