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February 25, 2021, 04:03:46 pm

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Author Topic: Who wants a SPD prostitute? And more~ (M/M)  (Read 762 times)

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Offline ChikaoTopic starter

Who wants a SPD prostitute? And more~ (M/M)
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:07:53 pm »
Needless to say this will be a man on man Roleplay. Please keep your character legal drinking age and up. There will maybe probably be sex, of what nature I'm not sure yet.

There's a character I've been dying to use for ages. So here's a brief synopsis: Dio has Split Personality Disorder (SPD), meaning technically he isn't the prostitute. His other personality Royle (No, it isn't Royal, Royle is a real name) is a cheap thrill seeker to put it bluntly. Basically he does anything that sounds like it wold be fun or make Dio angry. This includes a medley of things including alcohol and drug abuse, tattoos in places Dio wouldn't easily be able to see, a medley of piercings, and of course, prostituting their shared body out for the hell of it and some extra money to pay for the rest of the stuff listed.

Personality wise Dio is the usual meek and abused sweetheart that can't seem to get a break. He does have a back story that explains why he subconsciously created Royle but I'd like to save it for the RP. Roy is a sarcastic asshole who is seemingly hellbent on ruining Dio's, and succeeding. He has possession of their body 70% of the time and doesn't like letting Dio have it unless absolutely necessary or when they're sleeping. Some days he is nicer to his counterpart but he likes picking on him more than anything. Moreover the two cannot really talk to each other. They don't have conversations in their head, any sort of communication is between recordings or notes or even all those little presents Royle seems to like leaving.

So here's what you get if you agree to this request: A choice. Depending on your character you could sway over the sweet Dio or the Feisty Royle. Depending on how you do you could even get both~

I somewhat had a beginning setting but if you pitch another to me we could just as easily pick that one, but for now here's one of the two vague ideas. Dio/Roy ends up in jail since prostitution is illegal in whatever state/province he's in (I sort of expected a industrious city, but again, open to any changes) You have the option to break him out, be a corrupt guard, pay his bail, etc. Basically free him and you've got him.

The other idea is the regular, "Oh-ho, I see a pretty little piece of ass selling itself. I'm off to go purchase, tra-la-la~" I do kind of wish there was a touch more originality in the concept but this one can be easily done, and for the millionth time all of this is flexible. You got an idea or a tweak to these just say it.

Yes, you can have this lovely little man, all you have to do is ask~

EDIT//}I'd like to open the board to more.

Always a fan of dying planets, the setting would be a desert like world. There is water, but it's sparse and manufactured. There's  a few different pairings that could arise from this. We could have some sort of upper class who actually has water and such go with....well....Anyone. Servant, slave, prostitute, water worker, rebel, another noble. You name it and you can be anyone, even the first upper class guy. We wouldn't even need to have him, we could be any combination of characters there of. Ah, and of course I forgot to mention: Due to the lack of water most nutrients don't come from real food. You basically take vitamins and these weird sponge food things that sustain your body, this is where I'd like the plot to focus.

As a noble we (whoever wants to be one) would have access to water and there for real food. Of course our characters would have some love thrown on the side but I was thinking that a rebel force is basically uprising and trying to get resources back. The supplements may provide proper nutrients but over the years certain side affects have come to light, including birth defects, infertility and a wide range of diseases. Feel free to fiddle with this as always, I'm very open about plots as said before.

~mindless whatevers
Let's try going with a 'hooker with a heart of gold' feel. Hire a cute little twink of mine and eventually fall in love? All plots flexible but if you need more of a base then:

My OC is a little bit of a prostitute. Okay maybe not a little.....But your OC hires him and then they keep meeting up, my OC gives yours a 'freebie' and his pimp gets mad. Rescue the twink and win a prize! Mostly just keeping said twink. (it's like that fishing game at carnivals!)

If you have a plot you want to do then here I am, I'm up for pretty much anything EXCEPT:
NO Scat/wantersports
NO Vore/gore
NO Furry/ werewolfs
NO Vampires
NO Incest

I am a switch. I can play any role though I tend to prefer bottom.
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Offline ChikaoTopic starter

Re: Who wants a SPD prostitute? And more~ (M/M)
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2013, 02:40:22 pm »
It's been edited, with more ideas: Dying Planet still open.  :-)
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Re: Who wants a SPD prostitute? And more~ (M/M)
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2013, 08:18:15 pm »
Chikao Spd prostitute sounds great and I have a few ideas so inbox me

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Re: Who wants a SPD prostitute? And more~ (M/M)
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2013, 01:33:43 am »
Updated and added a plot~