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Author Topic: Caela's Craving Corner  (Read 402 times)

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Caela's Craving Corner
« on: November 11, 2012, 08:26:12 PM »
Updating my Craving list. Sorry for the alliterative title...I couldn't resist. If you like any of my ideas please PM me instead of posting here so as to help me keep this as easy to read as possible! Thank you. :)

I should note that I am somewhat fussy about my writing partners. I don't expect perfection by any means but please do attempt some basic spelling and grammar checks. We're not grossly limited in the number of characters we can type, so text speak is unacceptable unless your character actually is sending a text!

Lately I am craving that my stories take a darker turn, so if you are looking for something just fun and romantic, I am probably not your girl right now. Also of note, I am far more apt to answer a message if it contains your own spin on the idea you like and perhaps a character sheet, to let me know what you're thinking, than a simple, "Hey want to write?" I also check the writing of possible partners, going back and reading older posts, to see if I think our writing styles would mesh well. I would hate for either of us to simply be wasting our time growing frustrated with each other when there are certainly enough partners on E for all of us to be able to write with people we will write well against. :)
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Re: Caela's Craving Corner
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2012, 08:34:09 PM »
~ Dark Twisted Fairy Tales ~

1) Cinderella: She's turned 18; the Prince needs to pick a bride, but will her Stepfather and Stepbrothers let her out of the house, much less out to a ball? And will the Prince be all he seems once they're wed?

Looking at possible incest with the Stepfamily, D/s themes, non-con, coercion, possible humiliations. There is also the opening for romance or just a dark twisted tale. The Stepfather could be in league with the Prince, selling off Cinderella to pay off debts, or the Prince could be the white knight saving her from the predations of her Stepfather and brothers.

2) Red Riding Hood: The Big Bad Wolf has plans other than making Red dinner.

Am thinking more a beast-man than an full wolf here though either would be acceptable. Possible bestiality, or he could be some sort of shapeshifter (perhaps cursed) and keep her hostage until he takes his human shape again. Kidnapping, non-con, BDSM, possible humiliation and terror.

3) Sleeping Beauty: How has the world changed since she fell asleep and just who is this Prince that managed to wake her up?

She's been asleep a long time. Long enough that she will be utterly naive of the world as it is now. She'll be moldable, shapeable and won't know any better than anything she is told. She'll come from a time when she would have been raised to be obedient to the will of her husband and will look on her Prince in such a capacity. Will he be kind, or cruel and is the witch that cursed her, or some descendant still around to seek further revenge? Or worse, might it be one of the Witch's own descendants that chose to wake her from her slumber?

4) Snow White: What would her life have been like if it had been Daddy who passed away and she had a wicked StepFather instead? Will the Hunstman simply send her running away into the forest, or claim a prize for leaving her with her life? Will those dwarves really leave her alone in exchange for just a bit of house cleaning?

5) Rapunzel: Trapped in a toward by an evil Wizard, will the Prince that finds her actually be willing to free her, or is working with the Wizard? Or does the Wizard works for the Prince, keeping maidens trapped so the Prince can use them to his own twisted purposes?

6) Alice in Wonderland: Years after her first trip down the rabbit hole, Alice, finds herself drawn back to the fantastical world of her childhood but instead of her dreamland, she finds a world far more dark and twisted than what she remembers. What caused the change and can she navigate the winding roads of Wonderland to find her way home once more?

7) Adventures in OZ: So many way this could be played. Dorothy herself returning and finding that time has passed far more swiftly and that the OZ she knew, and her friends are gone. Or a descendant of Dorothy arriving in OZ and finding that the family stories are far more...sanitized...than the reality.

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Re: Caela's Craving Corner
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2012, 08:37:42 PM »
~ Other ~

Against Her Will:
I have a craving for something darker too. I love corrupting fairytales by I like write things a bit more dark and intense as well. Perhaps a demon that comes up to the human realm every so often looking for a new slave to entertain him...not really caring that the girl has a life and desires of her own. There'd be definite non-con and BDSM themes involved and she'd be pretty darned stubborn before he was able to break her in...

Doesn't really need to be a demon necessarily, could just be a modern man with enough time and money, to break girls down and build them back into slaves for himself (or perhaps to sell).

Or something more futuristic a peaceful trading ship attacked by an alien destroyer and it's crew sold off in alien slave markets that specialize in species (in this crews case, humans) not often seen in this part of space.

His Ward:
Premise: Fifteen years ago a very wealthy businessman's best friend (and business partner) and wife died in a car wreck leaving him their 3 year old daughter to raise and her inheritance to manage as well. He gives her the best of everything but also keeps her rather sheltered with tutors, trusted staff to play with, and only allowing her to interact with select children from among his business contacts. He's also kept her very physically active (riding, fencing, dancing, trips skiiing and rock climbing etc.) so she is in perfect physical shape along with being smart as a whip and a little naive.

Now she's 18, sweet, innocent, lovely...ripe for the plucking...and coming into her inheritance. Legally she doesn't need him anymore but will he let her go, or will he keep her for himself?

Smugglers Trick:
Premise: A young smuggler takes on a job for her father who is incredibly ill. The job offers enough in payment to get him the treatment he needs but the catch is that the client is extremely paranoid and sadistic and will only take the shipment himself, not through any intermediaries. If anyone but her father delivers the shipment he's likely to torture and kill them, but her father is to ill to take the job. It's their best hope for his getting the care he needs however so she decides (against her father's express order) to take the job herself. The client lives on an alien space station so she is hoping to use a voice simulator and an oxygen suit to hide her identity long enough to make the drop and leave without him being the wiser.

He of course is suspicious and she has no choice but to follow him back to his private rooms (an entire section of the station not just a few rooms) where Earth air is the norm and she is forced to remove her suit revealing who she is to this notorious paranoid sadist.
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Re: Caela's Craving Corner
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2012, 09:01:04 PM »
Added Wonderland and OZ to the list of fairytales.

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Re: Caela's Craving Corner
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2015, 01:44:55 AM »
Opening this thread back up as I am looking for a couple of 1X1 games. Will be adding a few new ideas as they come to me as well. Please note that I have days I post rather quickly, and times when a post or two a week (I work full time and go to school full time as well) is all I can manage. If that ebb and flow in posting ratios is a problem than I am not your girl! On the flip side, I respect the ebb in flow in my partners lives as well so I find it tends to be an even exchange.  :D