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Author Topic: Picture/Post Ideas (M Looking for F)  (Read 750 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Picture/Post Ideas (M Looking for F)
« on: November 11, 2012, 11:17:14 am »
These are basically introductory posts for ideas. If any interest you, please PM me with your ideas/counterpart to such a story.

Fantasy Ideas:

Born of Fire

Fire raged through the village. Straw roofs and wooden poles burned up in an inferno. Harvested wheat incinerated. Ash fell from the sky and yet the roar of the flames was not enough to drown out the cries and the screams of the dying. For Ragnar, the World was ending.

The soldiers had come out of nowhere, unannounced, with the first rays of the Sun. There was opportunity for surrender, no demands made. The Guard Dogs that had barked an early warning had been silenced with an arrow through the neck. A hail of fire arrows then set every home and tent on fire, trapping many on the inside by the time they rose. Smoke filled the air and embers flickered skyward, spreading the fire. Soon, the whole village was engulfed in flame.

Only a Warriors training had saved Ragnar from the initial inferno. He quickly grabbed spear and sword and charged through the burning village. An arrow to the back and another in the shoulder did little to slow him down as his blood rage hit a boiling point. The Soldiers had moved into the village to put down the pockets of resistance, to rape and capture the woman, and to slit the throats of any that tried to surrender. Ragnar was not going to surrender. He was going to kill every last one of them.

His sword cut through flesh and armor with ease. His spear gutted those foolish enough to charge at him. Blood splattered across his tattooed torso. Another arrow thudded into his body, this time into his thigh, sending him tumbling to the ground as his leg gave out. He was starting to weaken despite the piles of enemy bodies forming around him. His vision began to narrow and something hard crashed into his back, snapping his head forward to slam into the ground.

Blackness descended onto Ragnar and the World went suddenly quiet and dark.

[Ideas for what I am looking for: A Mistress who buys him as he has been forced into Slavery....a Woodswoman/Healer comes across his village and finds him stirring under a pile of bodies, on the verge of death...OPEN to other Ideas.]

The Wanderer

The Man in the Mask. The Silent Warrior. The Wanderer. He was known by many names and for many deeds. Yet no one had seen his face nor had anyone heard him speak.

He was a large, muscled man. A fast, lightning fast, fighter. No one had ever bested him in combat. His helmet - his mask - was unforgettable. Four ridged spikes going down its back, a slit opening for his eyes, but otherwise solid. No breathing holes or slit for his mouth. Not that he ever seemed to get winded and he certainly never drew in a breath to talk. A man of mystery. Who was he? Where was he from? Where did he learn to fight? What was his purpose?

He would show up, in random places at random times. On battlefields, fighting for one side against another, carving a path through the enemy ranks. He's saved many lives, freeing those that had been surrounded, his blade reaping death to those who fell before it. He's fought for both sides in the same conflict, always vanishing once the combat was over. He's also saved caravans being attacked by bandits, villages from raiding parties. Yet no one knows anything about him.

[Looking for: A Mercenary who he rescues in battle, whom he can't seem to get rid of as she follows him everywhere....a Prostitute, saved from a raid on a village, who pays him back with her body and is curious about the man...OPEN to Other Ideas]

Offline Minty Minx

Re: Picture/Post Ideas (M Looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2012, 01:51:04 pm »
Still looking for someone to roleplay with?
I am interested in "The Wanderer"