new zombie apocalypse plot! please, let's do it! [f for m]

Started by sunbeams, November 10, 2012, 02:00:53 AM

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Looking for one role play to indulge in, apart from the other stuff I'm doing. Okays. So.

I love writing. I really, really want a role playing partner who also loves writing. I'm not asking for you to be capable of pumping out a novel, but I am asking that your writing be detailed and emotional. Emotion and forming interesting characters is everything to me, followed by plot (almost as important), followed by quality, and then, I suppose, quantity. These things are all important, though. Don't get me wrong.

I really enjoy when role plays can shift between dark and lighthearted, loving and cold. Let's drag our characters through hell and see if they come out in one piece! There's no greater way of characterization than to force characters through bad situations and see if they can handle themselves.

And, plots. Fuck. Plots. I continually feel like the things I come up with just aren't good enough, not for me and not for you. This means I really need to have an OOC thing going, where we will talk about the plot and decide, together, where things will be going. If the plot doesn't yield longevity, that's bad. There needs to be trials and tribulations, something the characters need to escape from, something that needs to be overcome, adversaries to vanquish and love to be won--a good plot isn't just 'omg this girl luvs dis guy & dey fuck constantly and itz sooo hawt.'

So, yeah, straight up smut is a no for me. I love building a relationship, a dynamic, between characters and waiting it out until they can barely hold themselves back. It's lovely. A real story gives the hot, steamy wordsex meaning that makes it all the better.

Also, characters need flaws. They need them.

I'm going to post some small ideas that desperately need elaboration--we'll do this together, don't worry. ;)

Zombie Apocalypse (this this this this this, ignore the other things for now, this is what I want to do.)
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Why didn't I think of this last night? Damn, I wanna do a good zombie role play. For this we could either each play one character, or both play two characters. Yep.

Okay, so I'm thinking the initial premise is in a suburban neighborhood, bordering a large metropolis where one, of many, outbreaks happen. Perhaps it's 12-21-12 (haha), or, better yet, the night before Christmas or something. How sweet. So the environment, apart from the brain-lusting zombies, will be cold, wet, and harsh. The neighborhood gets completely overrun, like a huge swarm of zombies make their way through, and no one has really had much of a chance to prepare/evacuate/etc.

I'm thinking, in the event where we each only play one character, that mine would be, you guessed it, a lovely young woman. Between the ages of 18 and 21. Perhaps she's a gymnast with a penchant for parkour, or a military brat with gun and survival skills--so, any way we slice it, she's not going to be some useless princess in need of a protector. However, it might be fun if your character was sort of "useless," so to speak. Like, with few applicable skills in their new situation. Just to flip the tables a bit, yeah? Haha. Or they could be useful, and they both just kick ass together. Either or, I'm pretty impartial.

In this scenario, she's the daughter of his next door neighbors and he really, really does not like her. She's loud and throws riotous parties when her parents are away, and makes sexually suggestive poses at him in front of his wife! Little slut. Then the apocalypse rolls around, his wife (maybe kids, too, up to you) get bit, as does the family of the girl next door. In fact, mostly everyone gets bitten. Go figure. So they find each other, arms toting whatever weapons and meager supplies they could hurriedly grab before bolting, and run/drive/whatever as far from the area as they can get. Perhaps with a destination in mind, perhaps not. But it wasn't just their city that was infected...

If we each double, we would just start with those characters and adopt new ones along the way. And, these people have just gone through some horrible shit, with their families being eaten and all, so there will be a lengthy emotional down time before they'd likely even think about fucking each other. Their will be flirting and suggestion along the way, though. Close, intimate moments. Just not sex... for a while. We can do some time skipping here and there, though.

Counselor x Student
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So, this would be between a high school senior (17 or 18) and her school's counselor, a male of somewhere between thirty and forty-five. Both of their lives are crumbling, for some reason, and she's often sent to speak with the counselor due to bad behavior or inappropriate writing or drawing, things like that. They develop a personal relationship, and eventually he begins to confide in her, so they grow even closer. Et cetera, et cetera. Making the plot work ideas: he's at risk of losing his job if they're found out, or she's a victim of a harsh home life and decides to run away and is pursued by law enforcement, et cetera. Or perhaps they both decide to desert reality and opt to go on a cross-country or international excursion... or other things. Lots of possibility.

Psychologist x Juvenile Delinquent
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Sort of like the idea above, except the juvenile delinquent would be seventeen or sixteen (I like seventeen a little better). The psychologist could also be younger. She's sent to the facility for anywhere between three and nine months or so, for repeat minor offences (drugs, alcohol, mild violence, things like that). I'm thinking the female would be callous, rough around the edges and rude as all hell. Disrespectful, unhelpful, resentful, uncooperative, and so on. Plot ideas: lots of directions this could go, no specific ideas.

Uncle x Niece
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No specific anythings here, I just really enjoy the dynamic this pairing can offer. We can mash out some ideas, it won't be hard. ;D


Haha, drinking or not, it's at least a good base for some rp.


Updated, with one plot/scenario. Let's do it. c:


The first posted rp, teacher/student stirs something in me. Are we truly meeting by surprise? What drives this more or less fatal attraction. Crossing into forbidden lands carries with it a form of exquisite pain known only to the chosen few.....(chosen by??)


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Yeah, so I completely changed what I wanted to do. So I don't want to do anything I updated this with last night, but I do want to do... ZOMBIE ROLE PLAY! Fuck yeah!