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Started by Acid Lips, November 09, 2012, 09:45:20 PM

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Acid Lips

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night

I am Acid Lips, you may call me AL or Acid, up to you. I done a couple of request threads however I still have to find a good partner for a good long term story. So this is my new request, I will put everything I can think off in here so here we go. First off I love Modern stories without a fiction thing added to it. There is so much a person can do with a modern rp. I can do fantasy but the plot has to really get my attention. I won’t rp anything without a plot, sex can be the focus of he rp yeah but it has to have a plot behind it. I LOVE ROMANCE roleplays AS WELL AS GENDER BENDER roleplays.  Post apocalyptic roleplays are always a big plus for me, I just love a good Zombie roleplay.

My restrictions are simple, everything that belongs in the toilet has to be in the toilet, that means no scat or watersports. Vore and Gore are just ugly and yucky, I will not have anything to do with it so don't even ask. Bestiality it’s a big no, I know some people like it and I respect it but that is just a big no for me.

Now that my restrictions are out of the way let me tell you what I am looking for. First off I would love a person that can keep my interest during the rp. That doesn’t mean you have to post a wall of post but at least two strong paragraphs will keep me interested. I know writers block it’s a often cause for rps to die, if you are suffering from that just let me know and we can fix something up. Please DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING in a rp waiting for a post, I will put you in my black list. If I am no longer enjoying a roleplay I will tell you, please tell me if you aren’t enjoying it as well.

Please I beg you, don't post here. If you want to contact me them pm me.

Acid Lips

FxF, MxF
- I will play Girl 1

Friendship, that is something both of our character valued like nothing else. YC has been in love with MC for quite awhile now, Yc never had the guts to tell mine. However when a tragedy happened Yc is forced to look past all of her emotions and come forward for Mc. Mc got into a car crash when a drunk driver with a truck impacted the car her family was in, the result was her being the only one alive and remaining in a coma for almost a year.

Yc moved on, maybe gotten an lover. Mc suddenly wakes up and you receive a phone call from the hospital with the news. However with Mc having nothing else to her name but a bank account with almost a million dollars on it, her family left her a wealthy will. However having nobody to call friend or even lover what would she do?. Would Yc take advantage of her and her money? Will Yc step up and take care of her?, or will Yc leave her alone to face the world?.

-I will play the new girl

There is a nudist resort called Devilish Desires. This nudist resorts is more of an get away for people with money, some of them even make this place their homes. One day Yc is on Yc’s house doing whatever when he notices a moving truck. Usually people didn’t move to this place and those that did had a lot of money to spend since one of this houses could cost millions of dollars. Yc notices a beautiful woman coming out of the van, she is dressed of course but you know that would not last long. Yc knows about a contest that will award a free house if the person works in the resort.

When Yc decides to visit you notice all of her stuff are very poor, she almost have no clothing on her. She won the contest and not at a better time, her house just got burned and she has nothing to call her own but a couch she managed to get from a friend. With a new job and a new house she would try her best to come out the hole she is in, would your char help?


Since you cannot currently receive PMs, here goes...

I am interested in "New Girl" and would love to visit with you about it. I'm not sure how we can do so privately, but if there is a way...find it...find me...find our means of expression. I do have YIM, but since the site doesn't allow me to post the address on a public venue I am at a loss.

Let me know if we can get together
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