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Started by Painless, November 09, 2012, 10:09:36 AM

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Hello all. I'm new here. Not exactly new to board based RP, but it has been a long, long while. I've mostly been doing plain old stories or chat based RP in recent years. This is my first time joining a big ERP community.

What I like:
Unusual settings. I'd love to do some fantasy or post apocalyptic stuff, but I'm fine with things that take place on real life earth, as long as there's a world we can both develop
One on one. I don't mind playing either of us bringing in new characters temporarily, so long as we keep the focus on one or two each.
D/s play, usually with bondage. The intensity, level of consent, and exact details are negotiable.
Feminine looking people. Girls, futa, MtF transgendered, or convincing male crossdressers. That only applies to the character you play; who you are in real life is your business.
Character interaction. The sex itself isn't nearly as interesting as the buildup, the foreplay, and above all, the characters themselves

What I don't like:
Scat/watersports/vomit/anything else expelled from the body: For the sake of roleplay, let's just pretend these don't exist, especially when mouths or genitals are in contact with the relevant orifices
Extreme bodymodding/gore: I'm okay with gore in action scenes, but I'd rather people start and end sex with their body in the same basic shape. A little blood play can be hot, so long as it's just blood.
Furry/anthro: I just don't like it. I am okay with monster girls, but I prefer to keep my focus on the human bits.
And the requisite RP things everyone seems to dislike: godmodding, one-liners, lack of communication, etc.

And now, on to the ideas

Swordsman's Apprentice (M/F or M/M, Fantasy)
You've been accused of a terrible crime. Whether you committed it or not is up to you. Fortunately, you've found a man to shelter you, and he'll even alter your appearance so you don't get caught. Only problem is, his template is an elf woman. If you're a guy, it doesn't change your gender, but it gives you a much more feminine appearance. All the man asks is that you learn to be a swordsman, or rather swordswoman, like him. It's hard work during the day, but it gets even harder at night, where he's interested in sticking you with a different kind of sword, whether you want it or not.

Dark Souls
I don't have much in the way of specific ideas here, but I want to do something in the world of Lordran. This can involve the various bosses and NPCs, and all the fetishes those entail, though I want to stick with the sentient, at least partially human ones. Obviously, in a setting like this there's probably going to be a lot more action scenes (I don't have experience with specific roleplaying systems, but if you do and want to use them, I'd be interested), and I want to stick with established characters, so if there are sex scenes, there will be less of them. I also wouldn't mind something involving Demon's Souls/Boletaria.

Adam and Eve (M/F) TAKEN
You wake up one morning to find that your family has vanished. In fact, everyone is gone. Abandoned cars dot the streets, houses and stores are empty. You are, as far as you can tell, the last person left on earth. But before you fall into complete despair, you hear a message coming in on the radio. There's at least one person left alive, and he's even close by, though he's just as scared and confused as you are. I'm looking for something focused more on romance and exploration rather than just sex.

Spoils of War (M/F, Game of Thrones)
Life in the royal dungeon is hell. Every day, you're tortured for information, your enemies try to force you to give up your secrets and betray your comrades. Every night, your fellow prisoners turn their attention to you, the traitor, the lowest of the low. One day, you get a new cell mate, in there for a crime no one will tell you about. But he gets treated worse than you. You two become close, and even begin to plot your escape together. But once you're out, will you strike out and seek a new life together, or seek allies and plot the downfall of the kingdom who imprisoned you? I really want to do some fantasy politics after reading Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, but it doesn't necessarily have to take place in that world. I'm fine if we keep this one-on-one, but I also wouldn't mind doing a small-group thing.

Aren't You Going To Ravish Me? (M/F or M/M with crossdressing)
It's finally happening. You feel his big, strong arms around you, his knife against your throat, his rough voice whispering 'Move and you're dead'. You can picture it now, he's going to take you to his sex dungeon and do unspeakable things to you. Or not. Turns out all he cares about is your stupid family and their stupid money. He won't even touch you because he doesn't want to 'damage the merchandise'. So it looks like it's up to you. You're going to have to teach him all about how a real kidnapper should treat his victim. Obviously, I'm looking for a pretty aggressive sub here. Someone who can top from the bottom.
For a little twist, instead of my character kidnapping a rich heiress, he can get her (male) decoy by mistake. Your character wants much the same thing as the female described above, but mine is ostensibly straight, and will require some convincing, especially because he doesn't have reason not to let you go if he can't get the money.

Less fleshed out ideas:
Zombie Apocalypse: You and I are left to fend for ourselves in the ruins of society, with a hoard of zombies chasing after us.
Master and servant: He's your master (M), you're his live-in maid (M or F). You've had a strict, sexually and emotionally repressive upbringing, and he's going to reverse that any way he can. Pain is an emotion, right?
Question/Huntress: I loved the DCAU portrayals of these characters, and I'm sure it's something that could be a lot of fun.

Picture Ideas
These are just some images that I like, but if they inspire you, go ahead and PM me with a suggestion
(NSFW: NC, Bondage, M/F, M/M, and everything in between)
(removed for the moment while I sort out some things with uploading)

If you have your own idea, I'm always open to suggestions. I'll continue to update as I think of more stuff.




Update: Added "Aren't You Going To Ravish Me?"



Update: added a small new idea and some picture for inspiration