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Author Topic: Submissive seeking any for lewd, imaginative, depraved stories  (Read 12056 times)

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Submissive seeking any for lewd, imaginative, depraved stories
« on: November 09, 2012, 08:00:14 AM »
Hi there! 

I'm happy to play with anyone of any sexual identity writing any gender so long as they give it a good effort.  You can find my On/Off in my signature.  English is my first and only language.  As for my writing details, I would say I write quite well.  I don't need excellence from a partner, but I would ask you be able to get into a character and always give it your best.  When in doubt communicate.

I try to respond to a post every other day (or every other-other day), but sometimes I am swifter than that, and I can also manage a story that only gets a reply every week (or even two) provided it's a great one. 

I play as submissive females, submissive sissy boys, dominant/switchy females, and less commonly dominant males.

If you think you would like to play with me, please shoot me a PM and I'd love to discuss ideas with you.

Life is Strange - LINK to further details - exact plot very much up for discussion.

I'm looking for an enthusiastic partner for a long term roleplay, based on the Life is Strange universe.  The story I am looking for would, of course, be far more sexual and sexually explicit, showing things that were hinted at, going further down dark holes, and not pulling any punches.  I am definitely not looking for something that remains light and romantic, with just a little angst here and there. 

My Prostitution Holiday - Strangely consensual depravity, prostitution

Every few years, or at least every generation, some new sexual escapade is, apparently, discovered.  Some of the more recent have been sexting, nude selfies, celebrity sex tapes, and franchise gloryholes.  The most recent deviancy, as yet 'undiscovered' by the mainstream media, is for professional women to go on prostitution holidays.

The way it goes is like this: a woman contacts an agent, which is often one of many small startup companies, but can even just be a friend or lover.  The agent is responsible for transferring the client to some suitable stroll, which is usually a redlight district or a cheap ghetto, and often in a different city, if not a new country altogether.  The client is stripped of all of her money and ID, and dressed as a cheap hooker.  More well connected companies will set the woman up with a specific pimp for the duration of her holiday, while those with less resources will just dump her ass in the right part of town and trust someone will put her to work.

The most expensive companies monitor their clients in the field using panic buttons, and agree to bail them out of jail if necessary (even refunding their fee if they don't get a minimum amount of cock).  The cheaper companies just snatch the woman back at the end of her holiday.  The really shady companies often lose girls.  Sometimes just doing a piss poor job, other times selling the women off as property.  The worst of the bunch, upon taking a contract, even shop around to see if someone would rather the woman go missing.

For whatever reason, this specific kink seems to be held by more mature women, usually from 30-50, and those with greater personal wealth and education. 

You Want Me To Be Your Sex Slave - Dubious consent, blackmail, teacher, older woman

A high school student discovers some information exposing his unassuming but well respected English teachers second life.  She is internet-famous for writing erotic stories where horny students blackmail their sexy teachers.  She has written hundreds of stories in this field, and one of her full length stories (one of the lighter ones) has just been released as a novel, and it is currently crossing over into mainstream success. 

This could be done as a straight teacher blackmail story, or, more interestingly, it could have been the teacher who passed your character the initial clue to discover her secret.  She might end up being the more controlling partner, instructing the teenage boy (or girl, or other) on how to dominate her.  The teen could follow the script of her lighter stories, or the more edgy extreme ones.


Becoming Sex Slaves - Completely non-consensual, kidnapping, rape, forced prostitution, forced incest, slave training
While on holiday, a beautiful single mom and her teenage daughter/s are kidnapped by human traffickers.  They are raped, broken, and trained, passing through the hands of different criminals and unscrupulous rich owners.  Mother and daughter are used to make lesbian incest porn films, and perhaps worse.

I really would like the story to be something of a tour of the dirty underworld of human trafficking and sex slavery.  The family could do some time in a brothel, or being tricked out on the streets.  They could be passed around between some porn makers, both technically legitimate and underground, finally ending up purchased by a wealthy individual and receiving extensive obedience training.

Alternatelty: The story could focus on just a single woman.  My strong preference would be to play as an older woman, or at least not a young woman.  Probably 35-55.  I think it would be interesting to portray a woman who has a full life behind her and surrounding her, and to have all of these connections suddenly severed, and a life thrust upon her that she can't even imagine. 

Slave Camp Holiday - - Strangely consensual extreme depravity

Kinks I would like include: Fantasy Slavery, Whipping, Bestiality, Cum eating, Watersports, Branding, Impregnation, Birthing...

"I don't know about the branding.  That seems way too extreme.  I think I will pass on that."

She knew that if she said No to everything uncomfortable, then it would defeat the whole point of coming to the slave camp to get in touch with the plight of her ancestors.  The elf woman looked up and down the list of tortures and depravities, not really wanting many of them at all, but also secretly craving a few.  Nervously, she move the cheap pencil to one side and brought it down over the 'NO' box.  Before she could make her mark, the elven woman sitting across from her shot out her hand and took hers in a grip that was also a passionate plea. 

"You need to trust me, and be brave.  You don't want to feel like after you've given birth it's all downhill.  Letting yourself be branded is the perfect way to finish your holiday.  Trust me, when you're ready to BEG to be branded, and when you feel the burn all through your ass, and you smell your flesh cooking, bitch, you will cum for hours." 

Together, the two feminine hands held the pencil, and they marked the Branding box with a graceful tick.

It had been centuries since the humans had used their guns to break the might of the Orc tribes, and in doing so liberated the elves from their millennia long slavery.  For most elves now that time was just something spoken of (rarely) by their mothers or grandmothers.  For the Orcs, whose lives were much shorter even when they didn't end violently, three hundred years ago was as good as myth, their mythical golden age that had brought an end to the elves age, and in time passed the torch to the humans.

A small family of Orcs and their elf slave have tried to tap into a growing feeling of isolation and a nostalgia for that Orc Golden Age.  When it became abundantly clear that they could never find enough willing elves to staff the slave pits to cater to an Orc market, it was the elf woman's idea to switch the whole thing around.  Rather then catering to hundreds of poor and randy Orcs, the camp would cater to a more select and wealthy clientele.  It would seek out those elves who had turned stories of the brutal slave pits into a dark fetish.  Even if they received only a few clients, there was really no overhead to speak of, and so the family branded their business as a Slave Camp Holiday, where elves could come and get a connection to the suffering of their ancestors.  Beneath the supposed educational mandate, there was a non too subtle promise of depraved sexual torture. 

Characters: I would be looking to play an elf woman, perhaps with a daughter or a son as well.  They would be even less eager for the holiday, but would be thoroughly whipped by their mother. 

My preference would be to have Orcs as a single gender species that requires females of other species to gestate their young.  Elves would be close to a single gender species themselves, with less then a single male for a hundred or so women.

Certificate in Prostitution   Consensual, feminization, prostitution, teen, high school

<Snipped by staff - No underage models please ~ TS>
A boy signs up for his high school's prostitution class for his senior two years, over the loud objections of his shocked parents.  As the only boy in the class, his classmates are mostly academically disinterested girls, or those who think an expertise in sex will help them in their future career.  Maybe my character was forced or seduced into joining the class, or maybe he just secretly craves stocking, lipstick and cum.  Your would probably spend most of your time playing the boy's prostitution teacher, who could be either a man or a woman, or even two different people.  In past attempts (with me as the dominant partner) I've written a female instructor who was a prostitute forced into community service.

Legalizing prostitution, without onerous restrictions, turned it into a billion dollar industry.  Prostitution Certificate programs spread to schools across the country, with most paying top dollar for qualified instructors.  The series of Real Prostitutes of... reality TV shows made high end call girls and nasty streetwalkers household names.  It is expected the enrollments in this years prostitution classes will once again be the largest ever, and all that young pussy is saturating the market.  After ten years of this, the market is in the middle of a big correction, and even the pretty college girls are struggling to compete with the constant stream of high school pussy.  The rates for high end escorts have actually increased, as men seek either celebrity prostitutes or the very best of a huge field of talent.  The prices on street corners or in most brothels has taken a huge hit, and all but the most extreme sexual services are worth maybe half of what they cost just five years ago.  Government subsidized prostitution, such as fucking prisoners, the military, or 'economically depressed communities' were once considered too hard work for too little pay (and no glamour) but now offer good wages and stable work.

For schools, a successful prostitution program is a great way to boost their budgets.  The schools take a huge cut of the girls earnings, with government taxes taking out another huge chunk, leaving the girls something like 25-30% of their actual earnings.  Additionally, the schools charge the girls for shoes, makeup, clothing, and the wide assortment of drugs on offer, all at an premium rate.

Possible Curriculum

Walking on heels
Dressing like you're selling it
Makeup: Cheap, Quick or Sexy (pick two)
Confidence building exercises                             
Walking on heels extended
Roleplaying the approach
Personal hygine and enemas
Your first medical checkup

Practicing with dildos             
       Buttplug training
   Endurance training
Practice with volunteers   (unpaid)
Extra Credit: Licking pussy
Extra Credit: Fetish Specialization
Work Placement:
Working on the streets
Working from home
Working in a brothel
Working in a gentleman's club
Working in pornographic media
Working in a private home

Theory and accounting:
Declaring your income and paying tax
Mandatory monthly medical checkups
Building your prostitution portfolio
The benefits of a pimp or a madam
Roleplaying conflict
How much violence is too much, and when is it really rape?
Using makeup to conceal blemishes    (read: bruises)

My New Dominatrix
Allison is famous and fantastically successful as a young biotech entrepreneur.  She presents the public image of an enigmatic genius (think Steve Jobs, or Elizabeth Holmes pretending to be Steve Jobs).  Her company is a booming financial powerhouse.  She graces the covers of popular magazines, and posters of her are a common sight on college campuses and the walls of young girls.

She doesn't allow time in her busy schedule for love or romance but she still has her sexual needs, and given how highly she values her limited recreational time, to fullfil her needs she prefers to turn to a professional.  Whether it is a quick session during a lunch hour, a couple of hours in the evening or a rare long weekend, Allison pays her long term dominatrix handsomely to provide safe, discrete, quality play. 

I won't say I'm into everything, as if you look hard enough you can always find someone into some sexual kink you didn't even realize could be a sex thing, but my limits are certainly wide open.  As such, what sort of play Allison is into, and what she pays for, is open to negotiation with the prospective writing partner, which is just another way of saying she can probably be into whatever you want her to crave.  Her tastes could either be very focused, almost ritualistic, or she could be more of a sexual tourist.

Some possible kinks: rough over the knee spankings, caning, extreme humiliation, gangbangs, race play, class play, pretending to be a prostitute, extreme bondage, pet play, bestiality, fake rape, obedience training...

Something I tried in a previous attempt of this story that I quite liked was to have the dominatrix quit just before the start of the game.  My character doesn't know this, however, and her old dominatrix has been so bold as to select a new dominatrix for her without even consulting her.  Your character, this new dominatrix, would have access to the various apartments my character pays for to keep her dominatrix near her as she travels, and a vast library of filmed sexual content involving my character.

There are lots of great options for the new dominant, which we can discuss.  I want to play with whatever dominant you want to play as, but my dream dominatrix would be a busty, black, shemale, streetwalker who has all of a sudden been elevated into this ivory tower and put in charge of this beautiful, professional woman, who happens to be both a control freak, and a humiliation craving macoschistic slut.  Maybe your dom tries to be as professional as she can, attempting to get into this very different world, or maybe she has little care for these strange bdsm games and things become more like a blackmail story moving on.

She would have to be good for work after the sessions (perhaps right after) so any play would have to be cleaned up by a shower or hidden by sexy office clothes.  In fact I would say this is something I really want to explore in the story; how she fits this one recreational and theraputic element into a more important, more demanding life.

A School for Good Little Girls
The school keeps a low profile, thriving off the patronage of select wealthy clients.  The school caters to a very particular niece, only enrolling men who have had their minds transferred into the bodies of custom cloned teenage girls.  The curriculum is as unique as the students: To enforce the new gender roles upon the students, and to groom them into being perfect submissives, usually for those who paid the exorbitant tuition costs.  Some of the students are volunteers (eager or hesitant), some have been body-swapped and enrolled entirely against their will, and there is even some grey areas between the two extremes.  The curriculum is flexible in places, but in general it seeks to mold the new women into a mix of the stereotypical 'good submissive wife', and a 'dirty whore'.  The girls are expected to spend two years at the school before being returned to their owners on their 18th birthday.

Who is the man sent to the school?  Who sent him there?  Is he there against his will?  Who is the headmaster of the school?  Which teacher will the new girl be assigned to when she first arrives?

Protagonist (The man):  A vengeful wife/girlfriend enrolls their ex/husband/boyfriend, A wife (or husband) enrolls their submissive husband,  A wealthy teenage boy enrolls himself,   A criminal gets much more than he bargained for when he enters witness protection, A male journalist goes undercover (but does he decide to stay?)

Antagonist: Given that the story is going to take place inside the school, the person who enrolled the protagonist may be the initiator of the story, but they would probably not serve as the primary antagonist.  If each girl is assigned to a staff member upon enrollment, then this would probably be the primary relationship of the story.  The staff member could be male, and would likely need to be if the schools philosophy was that all women should serve men, but she could easily be a woman (or something in between) so long as the role of the school is a little more focused, (eg. Not all women are useless submissive sluts, just you!).  Alternatively, the whole thing could have a distinctly lesbian angle, where all the school girls are being trained so they can be collected by their wives and mistress' on their 18th birthday.  Perhaps some of the girls are sold off, this might also be the fate of any girl whose sponsor fails to pay the full tuition or dies before the two year term is complete.

Slave to the Holodeck

Captain Sarah Seward is very happy with her career.  At 37 years of age she is the captain of the USS Delilah, a small science vessel, with a crew compement of 90.  The ship is far from being a fancy Galaxy-Class starship, and her assignments are not the sort to win special recognition or fame, but this is the life she's always wanted.  The Delilah is small enough for everyone to know everyone else, and Captain Seward maintains the ship in good order.

Along with command of her own ship, the promotion has brought about another large change in Sarah's life; it has allowed her (forced actually) to unlock the next level of her ongoing Holodeck adventure story: 'Discipline'.  Sarah first started playing Discipline quite by accident as a starfleet cadet.  She stumbled across the hentai holoprogram innocently enough, as many probably did, but after playing it for just one hour, she'd saved the file with her personal files and she'd been playing it ever since.

Discipline was a training an immersion program, as many holoprograms were, but in this case it was a slave training program.  The program contained a trainer persona, which was capable of learning and adapting to its user.  The program was also designed to be aware of its status as a hologramatic entity, which allowed it to properly consider the context of the outside world when training Sarah as a slave.  The program could make demands of the young cadet to perform certain acts outside the holodeck, and it was capable of keeping track of time, and would frequently punish Sarah if did not meet it for regular sessions. 

The program would respect a users limits, while also pushing them, and constantly probing for when it might be allowed to inflict some new punishment.  In Sarah's case these escalations were often negotiated.  She would achieve a certain score on her next test, or later her next performance review, or she would recieve some punishment, inevitably something she had hoped to avoid.  Sarah would usually avoid these traps, but after playing Discipline for more then 15 years she'd fallen prey to a few as well.  With each new kink unlocked, it would become a part of the trainers repetoire, and in time the trainer would feel free to use the once forbidden sexual act freely. 

The trainer was terribly clever, as one might expect from what was essentially a computer.  Over the years it had conditioned Sarah to enjoy promising more and more depraved tasks, and she had promised it several new unlocks when she attained a new promotion, when she was made captain, and also when she was given her first command.  Hitting all three at once would now give the trainer a lot of additional leeway with her training and punishments.  Sarah knew it would be bad, but she also knew if she kept her Master waiting it would only get worse for her.  Many years ago, she had taken certain steps, at the urging of her master, to make it more difficult for her to ever stop playing.  With effort, she could probably dismantale all of that, purging the program and seek out and destroy the remote data packets it had stored, but everytime Sarah sat down with the intent to do so she backed down.  Her trainer, her Master, had been a friend and companion for so long now.  It understood her more deeply then anyone else, and even in the moraly liberal Federation, it had made sure to sully her in ways she would not want to share with a ship's counselor. 

Roles: I would love to play Sarah.  Rather then having her a captain, it would be equally interesting to have her a more junior officer, so she has less freedom to please her Master while carrying out her duties.  My partner would play the trainer, which over the years would have developed a very distinct personality and appearance it considers its own, even as it retains the ability to look like anything it chooses.

Kinks:  I would tend toward pretty extreme, especially if Sarah is a captain.  The holodeck can make as much semen as it needs, and after a session her bruises or wounds could be patched up without difficulty, provided her Master allows that.  My preference would be for the AI to have adopted a crude pimp-like persona, but a more refined dominatrix could also be a lot of fun.

Giving That Extra Inch [Extreme - Female genital mutilation (consensual)]

Before getting into the idea itself, I would be willing to discuss transfering the idea into a science fiction or possibly a fantasy / modern-fantasy setting as opposed to its near-future Earth setting.

Set in the near future, a brilliant and beautiful female lawyer accepts a big promotion at her firm, taking hold of an uncomfortable opportunity others passed over.  Her new position will see her regularly flying out to personally advise international clients living or staying in the New Caliphate.  The New Caliphate consists of war torn and poverty rife expanses dotted with golden metropolises containing great wealth and opportunity.  While it is true such conferences could be handles remotely, some of the matters are considered too sensitive to risk electronic communication, and in other cases the law firm simply feels having a strikingly beautiful woman in the room sends the right message about the impeccable quality of their firm.

Whenever the young woman needs to put in an appearance, the firm springs for first class plane tickets, a whole suite in a 5-star hotel, a car and driver.  The one, and very major, drawback of the whole affair is that as per the New Caliphates laws, foreign born women who wish to work in the region (as opposed to just enjoying the tourist opportunities) must submit to pharaonic circumcision upon landing.

The circumcision is degrading, and especially humiliating for our heroine as the drugs designed to make the procedure bearable work fine for most, but for a small fraction of women, her included, the pain is never fully dulled, and yet the agony of having her sensitive clit excised and her delicate pussy lips mutilated never fail to make her cum like a wanton slut.

With modern medical technology able to reverse such intimate damage, our lawyer is able to repair her cute little pussy whenever she returns home (with her firm picking up the tab) but due to the nature of her work, sometimes her fresh pink clit has just barely finished the painful regeneration process when she is once more whisked away to the New Caliphate and must give it up all over again.

Story and scenes: Unless a writing partner was interested in quite a short one shot, it seems best to have the story focus not just on sexual mutilation scenes, but on how this affects the young woman's life.  From suffering regular and humiliating genital inspections while abroad, to trying to interact with male and female colleagues at work and in leisure in her nullified state.  IF she is ever forced to remain in the New Caliphate for a few weeks or more, or not required for that long, then perhaps the sudden absence of declitting begins to affect her, and she might be pushed to experiment along those lines in her personal life.  Perhaps the constant removal and regeneration slowly kill the bundle of nerves, leaving the exterior of her pussy quite insensitive and forcing her to accept this new price or give up her job.  On the other hand, it's just as un/reasonable that the process causes the opposite effect, and the removal and/or regeneration of her clit causes increasingly intense arousal.

Partners: I would wish to play the lawyer in question.  As for writing partners, there is the option to simply GM and juggle any necessary hats, or for those who prefer inhabiting more of a central role, which seems like most of us, options include...

* A male colleague who travels with the female lawyer.  - he would be her legal guardian for the duration of any stay, responsible for her conduct, required to chaperone her whenever she is out and about.  The pair probably wouldn't be romantically involved, but may have been in the past.

* A very wealthy man who lives or frequents the region.  Could be an arab / persian / kurd etc, or he might simply enjoy the regions atmosphere or have significant business interests there.

* A local female employed by the morality police, who chaperones the lawyer during her stay, residing with her and punishing her as necessary.  This may include things like tracking her use of makeup, high heels, tight dresses, etc, even punishing her for things like not praying.  It might be fun to see a user friendly phone app used to help track all these little sins, so the lawyer could watch her punishment build throughout the day.

* A fly on the wall observer - Maybe you're the lawyers teenage son or daughter, or her lesbian lover, and you sometimes accompany her on her trips (without ever seeking a foreign worker visa). 

* Something I haven't thought of...

The Prince and the Prostitute    slumming it, prostitution, voluntary power transfer
Note: I would still be willing to play with as an F/f game, but I might prefer to see if it can be done as M/m or F/m

The story of a beautiful scion from a wealthy family, and how they leaves the nest for the first time to go to a prestigious university.  As they settle in and waits for the school year to start, they encounters a young streetwalking whore, who either looks similar enough to them to provoke an intense emotional reaction, or may in fact look so alike to pass for (or even be) their twin. 

The rich teen finds something deeply alluring and forbidden in the life led by the poor whore.  The fantasy of living that life arouses them, and begins their downward spiral.  The two develop a friendship, but only sort of.  The poor whore, who has been forced to live a hard life, cannot respect the rich teen for romanticizing and fantasizing about it.  The rich teen is conflicted, wanting to help the poor prostitute in a vague, almost theoretical, sense, but secretly envying their 'freedom'. 

A careful dance of trading places begins, which I feel would have to be plotted out in advance of the story starting.  First the rich teen might just want to buy the whores used streetwalking clothes so they can masturbate while wearing them.  Later they might experiment with drugs, and eventually taking one of the poor whores clients in their place.  Sometimes the pair would experience things together, like going to a college party, or servicing a glory hole for a few hours.

Eventually, through the poor hooker essentially taking advantage of the rich teens issues, the two begin to trade lives entire.  Until the poor whore is master of the rich kid's bank account (essentially the original seat of power in the relationship) and they begins to attend university under the name of the rich teen.  This leaves the rich teen living in the poor whores old dive, and taking cock for an abusive pimp who might never know the change occurred.

The story revolves around voluntary (and perhaps later involuntary) power transfer.  This could very well involve short D/s scenes between the two stars, but more important than that, the gradual trading of lives by the two characters is a very extreme and permanent form of power transfer.  This means the character that ends up a princess starts of as a whore, and the one who starts as a princess ends up as a whore, so both characters must be ready to wear both hats at different points in the story.

In general it is the poor character, who starts as the whore, who is in control of the rich character and the pacing of the story.  The rich character is plagued by dark urges they fail to control, and so the poor character is able to use them to control them.  Still, at the start of the story the rich character has the city apartment, car, expensive clothes and bank accounts.  A few hundred dollars would mean only a little to them, but it would mean much more to the prostitute ( who may even start the story as a drug addict).

As such, I am thinking the partner I am looking for has to be a bit of a switch, and able to comfortably write (and enjoy) being in positions of powerlessness and power, as each character will go through both, though not necessarily in equal measure.

Content: Ok, so in general I would say the story is much more structured then I would normally opt for, though I am confident the two roles are open enough for unique interpretation.  Each could be bitchy, or cruel - even sadistic.  Either could have a heart of gold.  The only absolute requirement is the lust and envy the rich character had for the poor character's lot in life.  That said, the poor character doesn't necessarily have to even abhor being a prostitute, though unlike the rich character she is unlikely to consider being the cheapest of streetwalkers romantic.

Like the characters, the journey they take isn't set in stone either, only the finish line is marked, and even that could have some interesting variations.

# I am now comfortable enough with playing submissive young males to be willing to take on the story as a submissive male or female.
# Given the switchy nature of the story, I don't really mind playing either the whore on their way up, or the princess on their way down, though if I had to pick I would opt for the princess; I think I do people succumbing to their own deviant urges well.

I've presented the story as a modern piece, but it could be a historical or fantasy piece, perhaps then involving a real princess and a prostitute.  Could it be science fiction?  Probably, though unless we wanted the characters actually jumping into one anothers bodies, I'm not sure it would add much.

In Love With A Shemale   (MtF / f or MtF / m ,  possibly interracial)]

Simply put I would be interested in a plot that focuses on a relationship (and a sexual relationship) between a trans woman and either a young woman, a mature woman or a pretty teenage boy.  The relationship could be D/s, it could be quite kinky, even extreme or abusive, but it would not need to be any of these things.

A pretty teenage boy who is seduced by his hot teacher and ends up worshiping her big cock.
A lesbian cop or lawyer who ends up addicted to the cock of a transexual hooker or pornstar.
A young female college student who ends up sharing a room with a beautiful trans woman.
a wealthy teenage boy who hires a trans escort when his parents are out of town.

Older plots

Snow Bunny Drug Lawyer
Snow Bunny Drug Lawyer

Snow bunny

1.) a white female; this expression is commonly used to describe a white female who mingles amoung black males
2.) can be used as a sign of approval

Christina Wier is a young attourney, fresh out of law school.  Her law school wasn't one of the big names, and she hadn't been courted by some expensive firm, so she tried to make it on her own.  She didn't want to start of as a tiny cog in a big machine anyway.  Christina wasn't some ambulance chaser.  She didn't go out looking for people to convince them to sue, no, she had her heart set on criminal law anyway.  She took her briefcase and hung out in courtrooms, taking court appointed cases, and even taking cases off the hands of other public defenders when she though she could do better. 

It was hardly enough to keep her head above water at first, but Christina was good, and after a few months, by chance, she caught the eye of a local druglords majordomo.  Some rookie cop had pulled over a trio of young black men, and in the course of a search discovered two pounds of (mostly) uncut cocain.  Christina hadn't even been representing the men, but she suddenly found herself on her feet and objecting to the judge when their appointed lawyer didn't even bother to challenge the probably cause of the search.  Christina convinced the judge to bring the cop in to testify and she skewered the young woman on the stand.  The young men went free, free to deal drugs another day.  Of course, not even Christina could get the government to give the drugs back. 

So impressed was the upandcomming druglord's right hand man that he offered the young lawyer a briefcase full of money as a retainer for her future services.  She soon prooved herself even more valuable, not explicitly telling the men how to break the law, but at least explaining how certain things worked, and how they could make her job easier.  She even let them launder some money through her as she refunded the ever growing retainer from time to time.

Christina has no illusions she is a 'drug lawyer' even if others might find it a shameful way to make a living.  She actually doesn't find it all that disagreeable, being against the prohabition on drugs in America.  She just provides her clients with the same zealous defence that everyone deserves.  When the government does its job well (or cheats well) they often manage to get her clients behind bars, but even then its usually for reduced sentences.  Christina has a small office and an assistant now, but its still basically a one woman show.

Christina might tell herself she is attracted to defending civil liberties of those in need, but its hard for her to deny she has a thing for black men of the decidedly 'urban' variety.  Her closest friends know she is into being black owned, as her tattoos suggest, and her line of work certainly lets her meet a lot of well hung black men who are more than happy to own her for a night, sometimes in lieu of payment.

For this story I would really like to play the protagonist, at least the first time around.  I am very open to ideas for the school itself and the other primary character.

Claimed By My Black Mistress
Claimed By My Black Mistress
A pretty high school senior is used to being hit on, but she isn't prepared for the attention she recieves from a much older, educated professional black woman.  One of the black woman's friends has recently taken on a white slave, and thus she is inspired to do the same, needing not look beyond the gorgeous redhead barista who happens to have been taken on at the coffee club near her office, and who exudes a strong submissive vibe.

While her suitor's boldness would have struck the young woman as arrogance, coming from a woman she sees it as a confidence and a strength of character the submissive teen feels she lacks.  Maybe the teen is gay, or bi, or not, but in any case she finds herself only too eager to explore this new adult world. 

Note: for the teen I don't see them initially viewing this relationship through a racial lens, while for the mistress it would be very much a black dominance and white slavery affair.  This, like everything else, is still subject to change.

I would not be confident in portraying a dominant black woman, so I would have to take the other role.  Specific kinks are up to my partner.  I would probably be happy with anything from the lighter side of moderate to something that develops into an extreme, even abusive relationship.  I would be open to the role of the black mistress being some other ethnicity.  I would be open to the black mistress being a futa.

Free Market

It's a man's world, and a capitalist world.  Male superiority and misogyny are at never before seen levels throughout the western world.  Female slavery is widespread throughout the western world, with most women being enslaved by their fathers, as is their right, as soon as they reach adulthood.  A few women escape slavery, through unusually liberal parents or wealthy ones.  A Freedom License costs money, and more to renew each year, and so those free women who don't come from the richest families are highly incentivized to pursue financially rewarding careers.  This story seeks to follow one of these rare career women, trying to live in a man's world without getting herself enslaved.

Companies cannot discriminate against free women in hiring, so long as they accept the rules for free females in the company, which tend towards the extreme.  No matter how bad it may be, any complaints are met with the rebuke of the free market; that if the working conditions are unacceptable, the women should find somewhere else to work.  It isn't exactly a lie, but even the most benign company structures its rules to make sure free women always remember their place.  The most upmarket employers tend to have the most exacting standards for free women.  Only those most beautiful women with degrees from the most prestigious institutions, can hope to land such a job. 

While any company of that size is going to have plenty of female slaves on hand for the most mundane of tasks and for the sexual satisfaction of its male workforce, the truth is that the power hungry sadists working for these companies would much prefer to ravish and humiliate free women instead of well trained slave girls.  Rape is a big problem for free women, and rape by a fellow employee is considered a HR matter, one that could see the male lose his parking space, or pay a small fine, though rarely either.  To combat rape, employers are required to offer at least a set minimum or rape resistance training, which basically involves the free woman being repeatedly raped and then expected to get over it.  The better courses do provide counseling and advice for enduring a lifetime of such abuse.

A big company will often insist on its free women getting boob jobs, and these can even change with the seasonal fashions, from petite to enormous.  Such body modification is covered under the free females dress code for the company, and must be complied with at the threat of termination of employment.  There is a fairly big split on the topic of clits, with some workplaces insisting its free women get declitted to improve productivity, and others preferring to swell and enhance free women's clits in the name of worker satisfaction. 

Beyond the rules that are enforced on free females by the state or their employer, there are also certain eccentricities they tend to exhibit all on their own, and most of these can be traced back to the few existing rules regarding the treatment of female slaves.  One benign example is that slaves are expected to be collared in public, so a free woman will almost never wear any sort of collar or jewelry or clothing suggestive of one.  More troubling is the law forbidding masters from giving their slaves any injections without proper medical training, and while this would seem a noble aim it is of course routinely violated in the privacy of ones home, and it has likely led to the massive rise of IV drug use among free women.  Seeing a gaggle of office girls all shooting up on their lunch break is quite common.  In this way, any law attempting to alleviate some of the suffering of slaves tends to have a blowback effect with free women, seeking always to distinguish themselves from the common slaves. 

Good Girl/Boy Turned Prison Bitch
Good Girl Boy Turned Prison Bitch  F/f , F+/f,  possibly some M/f, M+/m, NC, prison, tattoos, piercing. 
Plot: I tried this as a woman in a women's prison years ago, and now I think I would like to play as a young male.  A well education, good looking Caucasian teen is convicted of a crime he didn't commit, or jailed despite extreme extenuating circumstances.  He ends up in with the worst the state has to offer.  His cellmates are hardcore types and they claim his body as their property.  The hero is used sexually, sisssified and prostituted.

Roles: I would play the poor soon to be sissy boy.  The dominant male should probably be in a gang, and non-Caucasian unless you're comfortable with her in an Aryan gang.  In a modern-fantasy setting, the dominant could be non-human.

Content: I think tattoos and piercings are probably a must.  Other stuff is assumed by the story or open to discussion.
In theory the prison could be a fantasy prison or a space prison

Ponygirl Scholarship
Ponygirl Scholarship     */f, public, bondage, sport-theme
A bright, wholesome, American teen has come of age and left the nest for college.  Fortunately for her, she won't have to rack up almost a million dollars in debt like most students as she has landed a full ponygirl scholarship.  The college's prestigious ponygirl squad has existed for more than twenty years, which is the lifetime of modern ponygirl competitions.  Ponygirls are expected to work alongside the colleges cheerleaders at sporting events, but they also perform and compete in their own right.  Modern ponygirl competitions have been called half art, half sport and all sex.  Intercourse plays no role in competition, but sexuality is a pillar of the sport.

The story could play out like any good underdog sporting movie, except with a hell of a lot more sexy ponygirls thrown in.  This near-future society could have some other strange kinks too.  My writing partner could play a room mate who helps my character train, or her boyfriend/girlfriend/coach.  You could even play another girl on the ponygirl squad, best friend or nearest rival. 

The story could focus on the training, or everything but.  If working as a stripper while working your way through college has its perils, then working as a ponygirl must at times be a real pain in the ass, as it also requires the dedication of an athlete.

Celebrity Hell
Celebrity Hell     M/f, M+/f and probably F/f unless it is a limit.  Extreme, kidnap, torture, rape.  (Possibly snuff)

Plot:  A pretty female celebrity (real or fictional) has managed to piss off a powerful and vindictive force.  This is probably the Chinese government as they seem to be one of the big villains de jour, but an Arab sheik, African/South American warlord, huge multinational corporation or some wholy fictional group could also work.  After crossing these people due to her campaigning and her speeches during concerts, the young singer is snatched up and taken away where she is repeatedly raped, dehumanized and tortured.

Roles:  I would choose to play as a young blonde pop star attempting to escape her manufactured origins.  A movie star could also work, or a reporter.  As the villains I would go for a secret Chinese rape correction facility.  Apologies of course to Chinese people, but it seems like we've moved on from Germans and Russians as villains, (though the Russians seem to be trying to make a comeback) so I guess everyone will get a turn eventually.

Content: Obviously quite extreme, possibly about as extreme as it gets.  The threat of death would hang over the poor celebrity, and if things are going well, I could be convinced to go for a big snuff finish.

For a suggestion of content, you might look at some of the writtings of  Llabmik

Prophetess    *+/f  (extreme)
Plot:Around the time of Christ, in the same subjugated lands, a beautiful young woman had begun to move larger and larger crowds with her wise and eloquent words.  She could be a true prohpet of God, going so far as to perform miracles (making her effectively a rule 63 Jesus), or she could preach a secular message of love for humanity, only to have the uneducated masses view her words as comming from God anyway and unfairly attributing random events to her as miracles (this would be more like a rule 63 of Life of Brian). 

A third, slightly less supernatural but perhaps no less unbelievable story, would have our heroine be a time travelling student of history, theology and anthropology.  Her knowledge of science and the future would certainly allow her to perform certain miracles, and her goal is to try to lay down the foundation for a religion that focuses on human's being excellent, by modern liberal standards.

In either case, eventually the established churches would complain and the eyes of Rome would fix on her.  A series of scenes involving escalating public humiliation would likely ensue, as her enemies try to silence her.  Eventually, things could go as far as public flogging and crucifixion.

Roles:The story could be run as more of a GM game, but for those who enjoy more frequent one on one interaction, a Pontius Pilate-esque Roman prefect might serve as a regular antagonist.  Another option would be to play one of the prophets followers, her secret lover, but I'm not sure if that would end up working well.   

Content: I guess the story could be done in a way that follows our heroine around on whacky and often sexy adventures in the ancient world, like a fanservice heavy anime, but my expectation would be for the story to be at least as brutal and sadistic as the Bible.  If people don't want to get caught in the historical munitia too much, I'd be happy to have the story be set on an alternate world.

A Kingdom Defiled
A Kingdom Defiled  M+/f, nc, slavery, public
Plot: The metaphorical barbarians at the gate have broken through!  After devastating the armies of good through treachery or brute strength, the benevolent Queen (or princess if you're a believer that everything is better with princess') surrenders to prevent a massacre.  The kingdom (or planet) is quickly occupied by the grudge holding and long denied enemies.  The occupying forces set about burning and casting down the peaceful people's high culture, and turning their women into slaves; starting and very publicly with the Queen.

This can be vaguely subtle or as bold as a house on fire.

Characters:  The good Queen/Princess and the evil warlord/general figure and his lustful army.  I can play either.  If offered the choice by someone with no preference, I would pick the poor Queen.

Content:  The cast can be fantastic involving elves, orcs or your favorite nastiness, or it can be moved IN SPACE!  Where much the same goes on, but with aliens.  The content can be fairly tame or rather extreme.

Multiplayer    MF/f
Plot:  A shy young woman is increasingly overcome by social anxiety, to the point where she has had to quit her part time job and is about to drops out of college.  Her last connection with her friends and the outside world is the video game she plays obsessively.  When she is finally forced to move out of her apartment/parents house/dorm, her last resort is to get rescued off the street by a couple she knows from her game.  They take her in, and even if at first their heart is in the right place, in time (or quickly) they recognize the value of an unpaid maid, and a pretty one at that. 

Roles:  I would play the girl taken in.  She could be taken in by a single female friend or a young couple, but I don't think she would choose to stay with a single male (for obvious reasons).  In this case my preference would be to have the female half of this couple most definitely being the pants wearer.  I think it would work best with her a very strong personality and her boyfriend / husband as more like something between her best friend and loyal sidekick.

Content: I assume it would stay pretty light, or at least I certainly don't see this one going very extreme.  Due to the main characters anxiety issues, most of the play would stay indoors.  It's a bit of a look at the life of a kept slave, though it may be some time before she realizes she has adopted that role.  At some point I would be happy with the couple medicating her, and following her as she discovers how different the world suddenly seems.

Sex Therapy
Sex Therapy  */*, doctor-patient, any sorts of kinks
Plot:The adventures of a malpracticing sexualy deviant psychologist.  She specializes in sexualy charged cases, and as she helps her clients she often finds herself drawn into their fantasies or derangements. 

Characters: I expect most of her interactions would be with her patients.  The story could focus on the long term care of one patient (perhaps across months or years), or it could instead cover many different patients, alowing the games kinks to rotate in a more episodic nature.  Some of the clients would be very dominant, while others might respond to being dominated by their shrink.  More just need their fix. 

Content:  Porn/prostitute addicts, Rape victims (who of course secretly loved the whole thing), Rapists (violent of not, convicted or not), strange strange strange kinks...

Celebrity in the closet
We're Just Good Friends...   ( D/s,  F/f,  Hiding in the closet,  possibly blackmail or abusive relationship)]
A pretty young celebrity who continues to publicly insist she's not a lesbian is starting to piss off her equally hot model girlfriend.  She does love her though, and she feels bad about hiding their relationship.  She is desperate to keep her girlfriend, and to keep her happy, which makes her vulnerable to everything from the most subtle guilt trips all the way up to covert or overt blackmail.

My tastes would probably run to the girlfriend being very dominant and borderline (or beyond) abusive.

Evil Queen
The Evil Queen    Probably both M/f and F/f unless one is a limit.  fantasy, magic 

Plot:  An evil queen uses her forbidden magical powers to terrorize the nearby kingdoms.  She is as gorgeous as she is wicked, and all have suffered under her tyranny.  The queen stays hold up in her castle while summoning dark things, consorting with the monster races and plotting against the good people who have rejected her. 

Possible directions:
>  The queen could summon up something dark and powerful.  It overpowers her and enslaves the queen to its dark and depraved will.  It may use her powers for its own schemes, but certainly uses her body to satisfy its lust.  Villains can include demons, devils, angels, tentacle monsters, vampires, and more.

>  The queen plots with the forces of chaos to overthrow the good lands, but their plan fails when their army is crushed.  The evil forces retreat, and take their revenge out on the gorgeous queen while she is at her most vulnerable.  The forces she allies with could be strong barbarian men, ugly orcs or wild beastmen.   

>  The queen's plans for conquest are foiled when the forces of good invade her lands and capture her, or perhaps it is just her own vile minions finally turning against her! 

Roles:  I would like to play the evil queen, and you have a wide range of choices: good guys or very bad guys, men or women, human or monstrous.

Content: My on's and offs are a good place to start, as are your own.  The level of content is negotiable and can be on the hard side of romantic is the queen is expected to bond with her captor (perhaps even being rehabilitated) or it can certainly head into hardcore or very extreme territory.
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These ideas are still in progress, but feel free to look through them if you want.

Boy Whores Save the Galaxy
Boy Whores Save The Galaxy
Ok this plot is going to be a bit of a strange one, and it might require some further work, which is just an opportunity for a writing partner to help shape the story. 

Basically I'm thinking about doing a story that is similar to The Last Starfighter.  For those who haven't seen it, a young man scores the high score on an space battle simulation arcade machine, only to later discover it was a recruiting tool for a pacifist alliance of alien worlds, so they can get at least a few warriors willing to defend the empire. 

This will be similar to that, except being set in 2015ish and not the 80s it will probably be freely downloadable internet games, and they won't be space battle simulations they will be sissy adventure games... and the teenage hero won't be needed by the aliens as a fighter pilot, but as a sissy boi whore... and he may or may not be instrumental in saving the galaxy somehow.

So once again, that means by 16-18 year old teenage boy will finally complete a long series of sissy adventure games, videos etc, and he will be taken away from Earth by some fast talking alien in a flying car.  Like all good Hero's Journey stories, my character will resist his destiny at first, perhaps returning to Earth, before finally embracing his boy-whoreness and saving the day.  He probably won't get 'the girl'.  On the scale of gritty to sureal, this one is going to be way down the sureal end, probably just shy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Flash Gordon.

Rocketship Remora - Space travel, inhuman looking aliens, prostitution, possibly mother/son incest
This is a science fiction story, and before I get to the characters and plot I'd like to briefly illustrate the setting I'd like to try.  I'm looking for a fairly low tech science fiction setting, so no transporters and highly limited FTL, shielding etc. 

In the distant future, long after Earth had been devastated by World War 3, rebuilt, and burnt down again, Earth finally makes peaceful contact with aliens.  At first things move quickly, and Earth is welcomed into the interstellar community, but after numerous acts of aggression on the part of the Earthlings, and the human's new banking innovations almost crashing the interstellar economy, Earth colonies are destroyed and Earth is put under sanction. 

Fast forward another generation, and things on Earth aren't looking good.  Without their off-world colonies, Earth is low on resources and the various rulers clamp down on their peoples, often using alien technology.  The only thing the alien powers will accept in trade is human females, which are strangely prized as sexual playthings by most of the alien powers, and rumor has is as food by others. 

Our heroine is born off-world, with her already pregnant mother part of the first wave of human slaves.  There are at least a handful time where pregnant women slipped through the screening process, and although the human governments only trade in females (to increase the necessity for repeat business) this means there are at least a few human males out in space. 

Raised as a sex slave, our heroine finally escapes her cruel masters in a run down old spaceship, but not before becoming pregnant as part of her former owners breeding program.  She makes a living salvaging, scavenging and often whoring herself out so she and her son can remain free.  Over time a small number of human females have been freed, mostly via marriage or rare acts of philanthropy, and eventually our heroine gets a hold of identification papers as a free unaligned civilian, which makes life easier, but in the eyes of most aliens human females are still synonymous with whores.  Despite incredible differences in appearance and biology, human females are just considered very attractive and fuckable.  This leads to another problem where human women can become prime vectors for some pretty nasty diseases, which only adds to their reputation as 'unclean' disposable sex objects.     

Our story picks up more than thirty years after the Earth's embargo.  Recently, our heroine and her teenage son have been following a fleet as it pursues pirates.  Their small vessel is dwarfed by the massive starships, and they are able to literally tie themselves off to the larger ships to enter warp with them and hide within their energy shields when necessary.  During stops, and especially after battle, the pair trawl space for anything they can sell, sometimes selling the starships parts that had fallen off or been shot off their own ships.

The game will focus on the mother and her teenage son and their interaction with aliens on ships, space stations and possibly even planets.  I'd really like for the aliens to be very inhuman, so no bumpy forehead star trek aliens. 

My New Female Life  ( Male or Female or Trans / male to female transgender)
A teenage boy runs away from home and gets mixed up in all of the abusive crap an uncaring world has to offer, until he finally breaks free and settles down to start a new life in a new city, now he is twenty-something and living as the woman he was sure he was always meant to be.  This single pretty woman has no friends in this new city, after intentionally severing all ties to her various pasts.  She considers herself a woman now, and she presents herself to the world as such, but the fact that she still has a penis makes her feel like she is constantly lying to everyone she meets.

She is unusually pretty for a transgendered person, which makes passing as a woman easier, though she does attract more attention.  She is smart, but she wasn't able to stay at home long enough to finish high school, forcing her to compete with others for the few low paying part time jobs the bad economy has to offer.  She is hoping to find the time and money to put herself through school, but it's only been a few weeks or months since she started living full-time as a woman, so for now she is just taking it one day at a time.

A blackmail plot could be a lot of fun.  Perhaps a coworker.  They could be male, female or someone in a similar position to the her.  Their desires can be demanding and humiliating or quite extreme - forcing the poor woman into pornography or prostitution, which would incidentally be far more lucrative than minimum wage drudgery.

A love story could also work.  Something hopeful, if not always sweet and innocent. 

Magic Sex Shop - Idea still in progress
Rather than having a script for how this 'story' would play out, this is more like rooting around a prop room and finding some things that might be fun to play with and then figuring out how they might be used in a story, if that makes sense.

Panty DropperTM - A slim 250ml shinny pink aluminium can.  The Panty Dropper tastes like liquid bubblegum going down, so lots of girl's like to sip it, but it's smooth enough that you can slam the whole thing back in a flash.  The concoction only works on women, but it's chemical not chromosomal, so people transitioning can be hit too. 

The immediate effect is arousal, extreme arousal in all but the mildest cases.  It doesn't alter ones state, so some people take other drugs along with the Panty Dropper.  When used against someone's will, adding something that blocks their memory is common enough for many people to think that Panty Dropper itself causes memory loss. 

The potency is sufficient for an average sized woman, so two will smash even a very large woman, and even just one will do quite a number on a petite woman or teenager.  An excessive dose, which is not uncommon for people to intentionally take, produces such extreme levels of arousal that the user will fuck anyone or anything she can for the extent of the attack. 

Warning: Panty Dropper is highly addictive.

Nudie SprayTM (Scented / Unscented) -  Initially inert (though still acting as a feminine deodorant for the scented version), Exhibition Spray becomes active only when two separate conditions are met.  First, the spray requires mixing with human sweat, and only a small amount at that.  Second, the subject must think they are being actively observed.  This mechanic is poorly understood and it seems to have quite variable thresholds depending on each individuals own psyche. 

When the two conditions are both met, the subject becomes feverishly hot, and they experience the same lack of judgement and physical response that one associated with severe drunkenness.  Additionally, the subject is struck with the powerful and overwhelming urge to remove any items of clothing affected by the spray.  The urge has been described as all but irresistible.  The subject is fully aware they are being watched (which of course they must at least feel is true or else the spray would not become active), but they are too focused on removing their clothes to escape the scene.  Some try to tear their clothing off fast, others fumble as they slowly disrobe.  Once they are naked, the subject is able to redress in their clothes or other clothes, but without showering they almost guarantee a repeat performance.

The unscented spray can be used to tag other people's clothing, but an external coat needs excessive amounts of spray.  The spray is more effective when sprayed on the inside of someone's clothes before they put them on.  The scented spray is more likely to be used by switching it with someone's can of spray on deodorant. 

Warning: Repeated exposure to the spray rarely causes acute skin rashes, and can cause chronic cases where the subject needs only become sweaty to feel the full effect of the drug.

Cum PillsTM - Unmarked white spheres about the size of a gumball.  The pills are hard coated but soft enough to crunch into the soft centre with your teeth.  When mixed with water (or saliva) the pills undergo a sudden expansion into approximately 50ml of semen. 

The same company also releases Piss Pills, Blood Pills, Scat Pills and Vomit Pills, each with their individual colours, and which are all increasingly less popular.  Mix bags are also available.

Fucking With The Program - (Idea still in progress)
No matter how advanced we get it's never the future because the future is always someplace you're heading towards, it's just not a place you can ever reach.  In this near 'future' some of the technology might seem almost magical, but it isn't, it has clearly defined and reasonable limits, and the inhabitants of this time are as dulled to its wonders as we are of our own.  The specific wonders this story will investigate and deconstruct are virtual reality and artificial intelligence , in the case of the latter I'm referring to something decidedly artificial, certainly intelligent, but not at all alive by any standards.  VR and AI permeate this world, but our story focuses on a single point of contact; a virtual schoolroom.

Even with VR technology allowing a person to 'dive' into a program and feel it all as if it were absolutely real, the notion of just downloading knowledge right into someone's brain is, as of yet, still pure science fiction.  Still, consider the benefits of a virtual schoolroom: All but the poorest children can receive an excellent education that can only be bettered by the extremely wealthy, if at all, and from the safety of their own home.  No school shootings, secessionist actions or high-rad days.  There is no disruption bullying in a virtual classroom, as the other students, when activated at all, are either bland learning drones (cheap models) or carefully constructed peers designed to maximize the lone human's learning.  The virtual teacher is, unsurprisingly, a master of their content, and they always have 'extra time' for their one special student.  It is the ultimate evolution in keeping a child segregated from all possible harms, physical and mental. 

The system isn't perfect though...  Students like you pick at its edges, loosening threads and subtly altering the whole cloth.  While the mandatory assessment phases are strictly regulated and protected, other areas deemed harmless are far easier to modify.  If you don't like your selected teacher's hair color, you can change it among various presets (once you've unlocked them with sufficient academic achievement).  An inexpensive DLC might unlock more hair colors or styles, and a simple hack could give your professorial looking history teacher a rainbow colored Mohawk.

The modding of physical attributes and clothing of virtual teachers is an entire subculture.  Usually this involves inquisitive teenage boys modifying the looks of their attractive twenty something teachers.  Patches come out and close some holes and the modders compete to find or create new ones. 

It isn't just the physical that's up for grabs either.  A good teacher needs to connect with their student, and so most programs have a suite of backgrounds, hobbies and interests they quickly select for themselves.  A quick and dirty hack might make your otherwise strict and professional lady teacher call you 'Sir' in a submissive tone.  Some serious hacking might make your roguishly handsome languages teacher think he is James Bond on some special assignment.   

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Our Well Deserved Re-Education in Eastasia

Work in progress

Our Well Deserved Re-Education in Eastasia
Rape, dehumanization, torture, rape, mutilation and snuff.  This story will not only involve, but focus heavily on those elements.  You have been warned.  This story uses a coalition of asian nations that is primarily Chinese as its villains.  If this offends you, then you should skip this story.  If authoritarian regimes torturing those who disagree with them hits too close to home, then you should probably skip this story.  Finally, this roleplay is attempting in part, or in full, to recreate the feel of a particularly nasty sex story that I enjoyed reading long ago.

A team of female American journalists release a comprehensive series of reports slamming the gross human rights abuses by the recently formed Eastasia Union.  Word is passed down from the new Premier to the Minister for Re-Education for her to deal with the Americans.  After the initial media attention is passed, and the international media move on from the Unions continued human rights violations, the journalists are kidnapped one by one, and brought to mainland China as celebrity guests at a brutal Re-Education facility for female dissidents.

The women are raped, brutalized, degraded and dehumanized.  Tortured in any number of cruel, foul and inventive ways, the women are led to believe they will be set free once they have paid for their crimes, they show proper remorse, and they are successfuly reeducated.  This will in time turn out to be just another lie, as the senior torturer in charge of their cases is under orders that none of them leave the facility alive.  Eventually this truth will be revelaed, but only when the women have been thoroughly broken and all they have left is the hope that one day they will be released.  At this point all that is left is to savor the slow ongoing mutilation of the women until their final deaths.

The Journalists
Name:Maddison Michaels
Position: Editor / Producer
Age: 55
Sexuality: Bisexual
Model: Nina Hartley
Name: Amber Afflerbach
Position: Reporter
Age: 35
Sexuality: Straight
Model: Diane Kruger
Name: Cameron Coops
Position: Data Journalist
Age: 25
Sexuality: Straight
Model: Emily Graslie
Name: Jing Jia
Position: Multimedia Journalist
Age: 25
Sexuality: Lesbian
Model: Kimiko Glenn

History of the Eastasia Torture Reports: 
The initial impetus to do serious research, investigation and reporting on the topic of human rights abuses in Eastasia came from Jing Jia.  Jing is the youngest of the journalists.  As a second generation Chinese American, she had contact with relatives and friends in parts of Eastasia, and in large part it was her personal dedication to the cause that got the ball rolling.  She first enlisted the help of one of her friends from college, Cameron Coops.  Together they began a sustained investigation into documents coming out of Eastasia, while Jing focused more on gathering images and video smuggled out of the firewalled state.

Once they put together a sizeable body of work, the pair contacted veteran journalist and editor Maddison Michaels.  Maddison brought experience and most importantly funding to their endveavour, which eventually let them hire the more photogenic and famous newsreader Amber Afflerbach to be the central spokesperson for the project.  The team went on to collect extensive testimonies and interviews with people who had recently fled Eastasia, and some still living within.

The Villains

Position: Head Torturer
Age: 27
Sexuality: Murderous Sadist
Model: Ming Zhao
Position: Minister for Re-Education
Age: 46
Sexuality: Control Freak
Model: Lucy Liu
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Re: All players welcome. Would like to try some lesbian or trans characters.
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Re: All players welcome. Would like to try some lesbian or trans characters.
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High power submissive slut because well I don't know  something about a person you would think is dominant is actually submissive is interesting.

Ponygirl Scholarship because well I love ponyplay

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Updated: New plots

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Updated: New plots

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Clarification of intent and altered plots.

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Re: Craving domination, abuse, humiliation and romance. All are welcome.
« Reply #18 on: May 09, 2015, 10:17:58 AM »
Updated: ONs and OFFs significantly updated.  Requests altered.

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Updated: Open to new partners again.  New stories available. 

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Updated: New availability, new stories.

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Re: Craving being dominated, abused, humiliated and romanced. All are welcome.
« Reply #21 on: October 03, 2015, 11:15:59 AM »
Updated: New story.

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Re: Craving being dominated, abused, humiliated and romanced. All are welcome.
« Reply #22 on: October 30, 2015, 10:42:52 PM »
Updated: New request and monthly-ish bump.

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Re: Seeking semi-con enslavement. All are welcome.
« Reply #23 on: April 09, 2016, 06:33:53 AM »
Bump for new plots

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Time for some old plots to get new love