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Author Topic: Creative Male seeking Female  (Read 433 times)

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Creative Male seeking Female
« on: November 08, 2012, 09:57:41 PM »
Hello, my name is Dario.

First a little about me. I write with humor and passion, and I like a wide range of stories from complicated plots with twists and turns and complex characters, to the less complicated but equally passionate scenes like nurse/patient or boss/secretary. I really enjoy a good story and interesting characters, but I also need some good action thrown in and a healthy amount of sexual innuendo or harmless flirting. I have a creative and healthy imagination and I'm totally open to any ideas you may have.

A few things that turn me on.
Cum play - everything from excessive semen covering characters head to toe and facials, to partners swallowing semen and having a bit drip down their chin.

Panties - tell me everything about them. I love reading about a pair panties stretching thin and going from dry to dripping.

Stockings - thigh highs, knee highs, those little straps, garter belts, knee high socks. And of course short little skirts or shorts to go with them.

Teasing - bending over in revealing clothing, innuendo, flirting, suggestively eating a Popsicle or ice cream cone. Tease me as long as you want, I'll chase you until my legs fall off.


I'll put some plot ideas here and if you read something you like, PM me or reply here and we can start something fun.

Any of these can just be one timers or they could bloom into something long term.

M/F/Tentacle Monster

I really want to do a tentacle monster RP! But I haven't really done one yet. So as a way to get comfortable with playing a tentacle monster I would like make a scenario where two people are surviving in a city that is in the middle of a giant tentacle monster attack.

I would play a male character and the tentacle monster, you would play a female character. The two of us would travel around the city in the midst of the chaos as the city is destroyed. We would either be fighting and trying to kill the monster, or just running and trying to escape.

My human character could be a soldier who is trying to save your character from the tentacles and city destruction. Or he could be any one of normal relations to your character like friend, ex, boss, coworker,uncle, etc. He would be in the story most of the time but could often be caught up fighting the tentacles or trapped somewhere away from your character who would get some quality time with the monster elsewhere.


Yes, a MythBusters roleplay.

If you're familiar with the show, I'm sure as soon as you read the title you thought of a something you might like to try.
What I would like to do here is to make scenarios or episodes revolving around experiments or tests where Kari (a female host) is sexualized in the process. From subtle things like a shock wave from an explosion ripples through her chest, jiggling her breasts in her tight tshirt, to fire or acid burning off her clothes. She could be locked in a chamber with my character for a long period of time, or strapped/tied and blind folded in a position for whatever test leaving her helpless to the one running it. They could test the myth that green skittles make you horny and make Kari eat a ton of them. She should constantly be getting water or other slimier liquids spilled on her, and having her clothes ripped.


I would like to roleplay about a sister who teases her brother mercilessly. Day and night she would act sexy and ware revealing clothing around him. She would enjoy playing and toying with her brother who could do nothing about it as she would never let the parents see. His body would tell him to give in to her or just take her, but his mind would stop him. She would get off by seeing his physical and mental anguish, knowing he would love nothing better than to hold her down and give her what she's been asking for and more. She could even go as far as to get her friends in on it half way, encouraging them to act sexy to get him aroused, but not let him near the friends, only offering herself.
He would eventually of course give in more and more to his sister who would take their sexual adventures to increasingly risky places. She would be dominant in pushing the sex farther with him resisting, but he could easily take control of her with physical force at anytime to stop her.

Space Journey

A crew of travels the vast ocean of stars encountering strange planets, unique life forms, and the various hazards of open space. Along the way between exciting adventures, there would be down time for the crew to work and experiment with new found materials and organisms. Also there would be time for the crew members to mingle and reflect on the their astounding experiences. But relaxing down time could slowly turn into monotonous torture affecting crew members in different ways.

I don't really want to bring up known universes like starwars and star trek because I don't want any of those specific races or governments, or major story arcs. Basically I don't want to write about what's wrong with the force and religious nuts or technical mumbo-jumbo and military bureaucracy. I'm a fan of both, but that's not what I want here. I'm interested in characters dealing with action, intrigue and each other in the vast reaches of space with all possibilities open.

Strange Dream

OK so.. this is a note I left myself in the middle of the night after a dream I had. Fill the blanks in however you see fit and if it gives you an Idea let me know.

Flying pirate ship,
inside hull is water where mermaids are kept captive who run the ship.
During full moons they get legs.

I wish I could remember more of my dreams...

********************INTEREST LINE********************

*Anything below the Interest Line is an old idea and would require a good twist to freshen up the story or some real convincing to pique my interest in it.

Personal Assistant Taken

This will be a good ol' Boss/secretary with Master/slave stuff tied into it. We could incorporate teasing, humiliation and degradation or any particular kink you'd like here.

First post example, totally open for changes;

The early morning, crisp air flooded onto the busy street as Mr.Brown stepped out of his luxury condo entrance way onto the street just as his private driver pulled up in a black limo. The wind blew his crisp black suit around his trim waste. He stretched his neck as he straightened his red tie, pushed his fingers back through his short slicked, black hair, and opened the door himself and stepped in. He sat back into the firm leather seat and poured himself and scotch from a compartment. He breezed through his phone looking through his appointments. These were the sort of thing his assistant would normally be dealing with as he enjoyed the view. But since his last assistant just couldn't stomach the work loads, and had to be dealt with, he was doing his own secretarial work. And he wasn't finding it nearly as fun doing it himself, as it was making some young pretty thing bend to his will.

He was the CEO of a large magazine which put him all over the world. He had locations to check, deals to make, people to see and places to be. Normally he did this with his trusted assistant at his side to take notes, fetch things, and most importantly relieve his overwhelming stresses with a hand job under the meeting table, or a blowjob during a conference call. Not to mention all of his filing cabinets in his office are low to the floor forcing his personal assistants to bend over in front of his desk all throughout the day, but were now making his back tight. An other stress for the new secretary work out.

But soon his troubles would be over, a new assistant was on her way today, scheduled first thing in the morning to meet in his top floor office.


I'd like to experiment with masturbation and watching masturbation. Like in a scene where two people end up watching each other, without the knowledge the other is watching them.

This could work out two ways. The first being two people who have jobs and/or habits that result in them watching each other without the other knowing. Like your character could be an private detective who's current case is watching a suspicious man, tracking his movements and seeing what he does at home. She can't help but find him attractive, especially when she has to watch him work out, or even change and shower. What your character doesn't know is that my character is actually stoking yours. He follows and watches her when she's not watching him.
Or they could be neighbours who happen to have open yards and windows that face each others houses. It would start innocently, but after the first few times they see oneanother they start really liking watching and learning when the other will be showering or swimming in the back yard pool.
For both of these scenarios they would start out not knowing about the other watching them. After a while they would notice and maybe do something a little extra sexy because they know the other is watching and getting off to them. And then eventually will get together.

Summer Job - Only open to Harem twist below

Your character is home for the summer from university and is looking for a summer job in the paper. You find one that reads;

"Island Cottage Needs Extra Hand.
Looking for someone to live on island
(guest cabin provided) to help with basic
chores, ie. laundry, cleaning, some cooking,
yard work, plus various other jobs.
Pays Well, great beach, tennis court,
3 hole golf green, volley ball access.
More info call 555-5555."

The add was run by my character who is a young, self made millionair. He stays on the island every summer to relax but sometimes invites friends over or has a casual business meeting.
But things are not as innocent as they first appear. There is only one way on or off the island, my character has a boat but doesn't let any others dock. In the staff cabin she'll find every thing she could need. A living room with a nice couch, big tv, great view of the lake, a large bathroom with all the conveniences, and a bedroom with a huge bed with lots of pillows and a walk in closet. In the closet she'll find her "uniforms" ranging from tight tank tops and t-shirts, small botton up shirts, tiny pairs of shorts, mini skirts,  lots of white cotten panties and various underwear and bras. What she wont find in the staff cabin are all the hidden camera linked to a secret security room in the main cottage.
Her jobs will start normal but slowly turn more and more compromising or humiliating until eventually becomes a slave.
Your character is really up to you, she could either really not like it but feel she has no choice but to conform, or she could secretly be really into it and loves the treatment.

Harem Twist! - She is not the only one who applies. A few girls get the job and live together in the staff cabin!


Two students who are in the same class text to each other on their phones during class. It starts out innocent but leads to them flirting and teasing each other. Eventually they even start roleplaying inclass. After a while of doing this every day they decide it's time to meet in the school somewhere and do it for real, however they're both virgins and nervous and unsure. Doing it for real turns out to be a lot different than doing it on-line.

Savage Planet

over the top action, sci-fi elements

The important thing for this scene is the fast paced action. It has to be unreasonable and over the top.

On a planet rampent with rocket launcher wealding maniacs, junkies, and homicidal "policemen", not to mention any manner of savage mutated beasts, are you and me. The surface of this hot, dry, wasteland is covered by the ruins of cities, airports, hospitals and many other places for the previously mentioned friends to hide, or completely destroy. This world is constantly punished by giant sand storms and earth quakes and the ever present sun scorching the ground. A moment to think is a rare luxury permitted to few who crawl the landscapes of this hell. There are only two ways to survive here, run and hide and pray you get lucky, or join the fun and be more savage and sadistic then the rest.

Characters for this scene are open for suggestion. They can range anywhere from people who've crashed on the planet and are trying to find a way off, or people who where born there and have grown up in this hell, surviving however they can. My hope is that as you read this you'll be inspired with character ideas that you would like to try in this setting. I will however write a few character ideas to get the ball rolling if needed.

My character was the engineer on a ship that was crippled and pulled into the planets gravity. Three survived the crash but after seven months he is the only one left. He fashions weapons out of anything he can find and tries to repair his ship to escape. One day he sees another ship arc across the sky smoking and flaming. He grabs his shotgun and heads into a ragging sandstorm in the direction of the ship, hopping to find parts and maybe survivors.
As he reaches the crest of a hill he sees whats left of the ship, and that he's not the only one looking to salvage parts. He runs down the hill, sliding over rocks and closing on the first of two men in dust covered black pants and combat boots from behind. As he gets close he pulls the shotgun off his back and right as the raider turns he pulls the trigger and blows a clear hole in his chest. Without slowing down he keeps running to the next raider who's herd the shot and ran into a hole in the ships hull. He carfully steps into the hole and narrowly dodges a machete made from a rusted piece of steel. In an instant he gives the raider a matching hole in his chest.He looks through the ship keeping an ear open for more visitors. In the smoldering wreckage of the cockpit finds one survivor, a young woman, unconscious but breathing.

The Dark Prince of Oz

This scene is a twist on The Wizard of Oz. The differences are, Dorthy is in her early 20's (at least 16) and after she starts her adventure down the yellow brick road, before she finds her companions (scarecrow, tinman, and lion), she is confronted by The Dark Prince of Oz. He is the brother of the wicked Witch of the West. He tells her that the Witch of the West is totally angry at her, and she should follow the Green Brick Road instead. He also gives her the Black Diamond Slippers, which have the unusual ability of increasing he innate sexual desire.
Now of course this could lead many differant ways. Dorthy could encounter differant creatures, such as tentacle monsters, or warewolves, or even scarecrows (these scarecrows may be a little differant the the classic). Or she could head straight for the Dark Prince's tower. Once she reaches the Dark Prince he will take her on an adventure through the land and eventually back home.

On The Run

near future, sci-fi, human/android

This takes place on Earth in a very dark, gritty, rainy city. It's over populated and crime is everywhere. Very realistic androids work off world in a variety of jobs from mining to bar slaves. These androids are very human-like. They are almost equal to humans in intelligence and strength. After an "incident" androids are illegal on Earth.
My character is a detective who's job is to track down and find illegal androids on Earth and destroy them, or rarely deport them back off world, but it hardly ever comes to that.
Your character is an android working off world as a "pleasure slave" in a sleazy bar near a mining facility (the job can change to whatever suits you). When your not working at the bar you pick up shifts at the mine to fill in.
One day at work an accident happens and you have the opportunity to come to earth and escape to a free life. My character gets a call that a few androids have escaped and are probably already running around the city.

Dental Hygienist

sort of Non/Con

One fine day my character (insert intriguing back story, or not) has an appointment at the dentist's office. Like any other appointment he takes time off work, comes in and sits in the waiting room.
But this is not his first visit to this office, and a young hygienist (your character) has noticed him and has something planed for this visit. She brings him to a room, preps him and they chat a bit. Of course that leads to flirting but soon the hygienist starts working. They trade glances as she cleans his teeth. She finishes but doesn't let him up from the chair and goes and locks the door. Only curiosity keeps him in the chair as she smiles and puts the gas mask over his face.

Hold Up

sort of Non/Con

In a crowded, busy, downtown bank, your character works as a teller. This fatefull day, my character walks into your bank, and casually looks around. They make eye contact with each other, and he walks over through the line and calmly informs her that he's going to rob this bank, and she's going to help him. After he takes care of the hostages, he takes her to the vault...


OK so ever since I was young (about 6 or so) I've had a crush on Wednesday Adams from the Adam's Family movies. She's the perfect prototype goth girl and I'm in love with her lol. Of course in a scene she'll be older than in the movies, so at least 16. I don't have any concrete plot ideas for her, but if you share a love for this cult classic dark child with pail skin, black pigtails, and an age defying deep and intelligent character, I'm sure we could figure something out.
I did have a thought about her having Thing (the disembodied hand) as almost a sidekick that goes everywhere with her. They would share a "special relationship", Thing could climb up under her black sundress while Wednesday is at school or whatever, there are many possibilities. Wednesday/Thing could be a full scene on their own, or Thing could be a mutual character that we both control in a Wednesday/OC or Wednesday/Cannon.
So if you have any ideas for Wednesday feel free to let me know.

Match Ups or Themes (classics)

any ageplay

college student/librarian
instructor/student (tennis,swimming,volleyball,est)
girl next door
firends daughter
delivery guy
home repair guy
milk man
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Re: Creative Male seeking Female
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Added M/F/Tentacle Monster, and edited.