Star Wars: Pet of the Old Republic

Started by jacobjon, November 07, 2012, 11:17:19 AM

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She was one of the most respected officers in Darth Orim's service, desired and feared by her subbordinates. Many believed she would rise to a position of great importance, but it wasnt to be. She made a single mistake in battle, and the mistake cost Darth Orim countless men and ships. Furious, he had her tortured and interrogated until he was prepared to pass judgement. Rather than kill her, he put her life in the hands of his new apprentice, Calin Rand. Rand saw an opportunity to inspire fear in the men and establish himself, so he claimed her as his pet.

I'm looking for something with humiliation, heavy bondage, and anything else my partner and I want.
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I'm down for this, if you want to discuss.
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