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Author Topic: Jillabelle's Chimes  (Read 457 times)

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Jillabelle's Chimes
« on: November 04, 2012, 10:20:46 PM »
Here's my Ons&Offs] [url]
Role Play Ideas

At the moment I would like to stick to short stories, “One Shots” I guess. Partly because I am still finding my feet here and partly because I think it's easier to make a story longer if the characters or the plot starts to appeal and develop. But if the chemistry isn't there or the idea just isn't branching out as expected, it's easier to wind things up and finish it in a One Shot than another. I do like to see things through.

Now on to some ideas and requests! There will be more as I think of them, just thought I'd get some started...

I play a lot of D&D and Pathfinder and I've often found myself wondering things like, 'How do dwarves get it on, anyway??” or “So what if a paladin fell in lust with an evil warlock?” And that leads me to my first project: An example of a sexual situation for each class and race!

Here's some ideas; each role could be either gender and I am willing to play either role as either gender, however, I only play M/F situations although I don't care what gender the player is. And if you have an idea for one of these classes other than what I've come up with, let's hear it! But I'd like it if the character's class is central to the tone or plot of the roleplay, not “a bimbo who happens to wear a robe and wizard hat walks into a bar---”

Barbarian: Ever since Conan and Red Sonja, the barbarian is known for skimpy outfits and sexy sex. Perhaps the barbarian has taken a captive, or rescued one, and is interested in enjoying the hard-won prize? And what about that berserker rage ability?

Bard– Bards use their charisma and their honeyed words and music to get what they want. If that fails, they might fall back on magic. A bard might spot someone in their audience and decide they'll bed them before the night's out. A bard in a difficult situation might offer 'entertainment' to work their way out, and end up turning the tables on their captor. And what happens if you get two bards, male and female, in musical/performing competition with one another? Can the world survive the clash of egos?

-Lots of promise here, from a healer-type who starts giving aid and comfort to the wounded and gets a little carried away with the 'make you feel better' ideal,  to the repressed and chaste priest(ess) who is gradually pulled into some very delicious sinning! Philosophical discussions on the dogma of various gods would be awesome but not required!

– Wild Shape Ability. Nuff said? No, of course not. Let's also talk herbalism, Entangle, and a deep and powerful connection to the primal forces of Nature and by Nature I'm including Sex. Honestly it's a wonder druids get anything done at all instead of boning each other all over the woods like the hippy Wiccans they are. Smart druids. :)

Fighter – Are you a fighter, not a lover? Never mind, a strong body and a way with weapons are sure to impress, and the opposite sex is always impressed by someone who saves them from a dragon, or hacks their way through a crowd of minions to get to you... And if they still don't want to help you oil your armor, well, you've got that Strength and you know how to use it. Might go full NC on this one.

– Hmm. My last DM didn't allow these. I'll have to think on this, but welcome to suggestions!

Paladin – Oh my. The stereotypical knight-in-shining-armor. Also, tending to the 'pure of heart', and full of virtue and honor and other noble, good things. The paladin is the foe of evil, especially of  demons and devils... can they survive the temptations of Hell and emerge triumphant?

Ranger –
The woodsman, the hunter, a loner, at home in the wilds... perhaps tasked to escort an attractive stranger through the dangerous lands? What happens in the bracken, stays in the bracken... or, they have a Favored Enemy skill... what happens when a ranger meets one of their favored enemy and decides maybe not to kill this one, just yet...?

Rogue – Oh I love them, with their sneaky ways, their nimble fingers, their streetwise charm. A wily rogue could probably do all kinds of things to you... without even waking you up...

– Like a wizard, but with the ego of the bard. Some say they have the blood of dragons, or of demons. Sorcs have charisma but not as much training in how to use it the way bards do; a sorcerer might be an enthusiastic but rather awkward seducer... or might be the victim of someone trying to capture and control their power.

Wizard – Geeks. Magic-using geeks. Squee! A wizard might be the rather unworldly geeky innocent bookworm suddenly confronted with a sexual situation that none of their alchemy prepared them for... or might be a rather evil genious willing to use their magical power to get what they want which, in this case, is going to be, yes you guesed it, sex.


- OK I got nothing.

– Don't you just love them?? They're adorable! A halfling courtship of shy walks in the Shire,  bashfully presented flowers, perhaps a summer's afternoon picnic where the wine turns out to be a little stronger than normal. Or perhaps, instead, in a human city surrounded by humans, two people finally find someone their own size, and set off for a night of cheerful entertainment and thievery that neither will ever forget

Elves – Lots of potential here; I'd especially like to do something with cross-races of elves; A Drow captures a High Elf, for example, or a Wood Elf falls off a ship and meets a Sea Elf.

Half-elves -  Blank for now

– Cute like halflings but with a sense of humor that can be downright mischeivous. Bards and illusionists, I can easily imagine a gnome setting out to screw every married gnome in the village, just to see if he/she could, and having a lot of fun along the way.

– Kind of a sweet idea here; a half-orc raised by humans has never had much luck with enjoying sex, until they meet a half-orc raised by orcs. Perhaps both can learn from each other; the sophisticated ways of  the humans and the brutal lusts of the orcs!

Dwarves – DWARVES ARE AWESOME and dwarf sex has got to be loud, drunken, crashing, shouting, hollering, hammering good times! I don't care what flavor of dwarf accent you do (I've seen Aussie, Scots, Pirate, Scouse, Russian, German and Norwegian variants) but you've gotta do one!! :)

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Re: Jillabelle's Chimes
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2012, 02:48:47 PM »
I've PMed you with a possible slant on a cleric character. Let me know what you think.