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Author Topic: The Adventures of Jack Archer (sexy 1960s spy adventure, looking for 3-5 M & F)  (Read 1152 times)

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Offline RedEveTopic starter

The Adventures of Jack Archer

May 1963, NYC.

The preamble of this adventure took place several years ago. Back when Lucky McKenna was still alive and he and Jack Archer had their fingers in the broth all over Britain and Europe. Something big was going on, so big that even Jack Archer had no idea what it was all about, even though he was involved in the affair himself. Lucky “Mac” McKenna had personally travelled to the US to lead the operation, en Jack Archer’s first assignment was to entice some kitten.

That was a job right up Jack’s alley. Archer was the kind of man who got panties wet before he even opened his mouth, and he had forgotten more about the fairer sex than most men would know in ten lifetimes. Or that’s what he would have told anyone who inquired.

His mark this time around wasn’t just any plain old Jane. She went by the name of Lucry and claimed it was supposed to be short for Lucrezia. She even went as far as to pretend she was a descendent of the Borgia woman herself. Jack doubted the minx truly could trace her roots back to the Valencians, though he did not question the notion that Lucry was only marginally less dangerous than Lucrezia Borgia. She had a reputation that suggested as much. Lucry had infused herself in the New York City underworld when she was still in high school, getting several notorious gangsters into her bed. Lucky Mac claimed the girl had more underworld contacts than most dons.

She sat upon a bar stool, in that fancy gangster club, and she looked like several million dollars. Jack Archer saw her in the flesh for the first time and he immediately guessed she was the kind of woman who’d enjoy castrating some poor sap with a rusty potato peeler. At the same time she possessed the visceral attractiveness of a snake who had just shed her old skin. And she probably possessed enough nous in the sack to eat half the French legion alive.

Jack took a sip from his drink as he quietly observed her in the bar mirror. In the same reflection he caught the stripper who was gyrating around a pole butt-naked, but Lucry possessed more sensuous energy in her pinky than the dancing girl in her entire body. Jack checked his wrist watch. In another few minutes, Butterbean Fig would enter the club and make sure that Jack would get a good opportunity to make his acquaintance with the gangster-queen: through violence. Butterbean Fig had been a middle-weight boxer of some success until he hit upon rough times. Now years passed his glory period, he still made some money in the underground bare-knuckle circuit, but a crisp 100 dollar bill had been all that Jack needed to convince him of their arrangement.

Butterbean played his role to perfection. It was quite obvious to Jack that the boxer had enjoyed a few drinks before going to the club, but he wasn’t quite drunk yet. At first all of Butterbean’s attention went to the stripper who was still finishing up her act on stage. After a while his eyes wander across the room until they settled on Lucry. A broad grin formed on the boxer’s lips and Jack knew it was just about showtime.

A guy who looked like he was some gangster’s goon was chatting up Lucry. The kind who wore tailored suits and had manicured fingernails. Without so much of a word, Butterbean grab him by the neck tie before giving him a punch smack in the middle of his face. The goon landed up against the stage and slumped down to the ground unconscious.

Butterbean no longer had any attention for his victim, his eyes were all over Lucry now. “You’re far too much woman for such a pussy…” Butterbean’s gaze was devouring Lucry. “What you need is a night with a real man.” Butterbean let his hand briefly rest upon Lucry’s knee, before it disappeared underneath the hem of her mini-dress.

“Goddamn asshole!” Lucry screamed, not exactly excelling in lady-like language. Her fists started to work over Butterbean’s face, but that noggin was used to far rougher treatment. Her attempts to fight him off only seemed to amuse him. His hand reappeared form between her legs and he held up her torn panties in triumph. Then he moved forward and pressed his lips onto hers. She turned her head away in protest and then found one of his ears. She buried her teeth deep into his earlobe and managed to bite off a chunk. Butterbean pulled back from his victim and pressed his hand up against his bleeding ear as he looked down upon Lucry with pure anger. “You fucking bitch! You should get on your knees and thank your lucky stars for meeting a real man for a change!” His hand now went to her cleavage and with one tug of his powerful arm her dress was torn off her body. Her bare chest spilled out of her ruined attire.

Taking that as his cue, Jack slipped off his own bar stool and tapped Butterbean on his shoulder. “That’s enough pal, that’s no way to treat a lady.” The boxer turned to face Jack. Even though Archer was no midget, the pugilist was a good head taller than him. “Who the fuck are you, bug?” Butterbean asked with obvious contempt. “Run along home to mummy and leave this to the adults.”

Jack frowned and raised his fists. “You’ll apologize to the lady right this instance or I’ll fuck you up!”
Either Butterbean was a good actor as well as a boxer or he had briefly forgotten about their arrangement. Whichever it was, Jack saw genuine disbelief and then anger in Butterbean’s face. “Do you know who the fuck you are talking to? I’m Butterbean Fig and I could fuck up that cat Cassius Clay if I wanted to!”

Jack was pretty pleased with how it was going so far, if just a bit concerned at Butterbean’s enthusiasm. “I’m just Jack. I probably couldn’t take on Cassius Clay, but I’ll teach you a lesson anyway.” Jack took a swing at Butterbean. Not too hard, as they had agreed to take it easy on each other. It was all just an act, after all. However, the right hook that connected with Jack’s head packed quite a punch and cut his eyebrow. No doubt the combination of the booze and seeing Lucry naked had confused Butterbean to the point where he barely remembered their arrangement. Jack was now in a real fight!

He grit his teeth and gave Butterbean three hard, quick left jabs. By now a circle of patrons and waiters had formed around them. From the corner of his eye, Jack caught a glimpse of Lucry. She was watching the fight completely transfixed. She hadn’t even bothered to cover up her body, seemingly oblivious to the fact that every pervert in the joint was stealing glances at her bare chest. Jack started using his right, which disappeared deep into Butterbean’s stomach. Jack eventually felled his opponent with a right uppercut.

The groggy Butterbean crawled back to his feet and Jack grabbed him by the unharmed ear. Pulling on it hard, he addressed his one-time partner. “That’ll teach you to show some respect to ladies. Now apologize before I send you to the hospital.” The punch that had sent Butterbean to the ground seemed to have snapped him out of his stupor and Jack guessed that the boxer now remembered their agreement. He nodded his head and addressed Lucry. “I’m terribly sorry…” As Jack let him go, two burly bouncers took Butterbean from him and led him towards the exit.

Jack turned back to Lucry and couldn’t hide some amusement in his voice when he suggested, “You need a change of clothes, darling. You might just catch a cold like that, and if not you’re likely to make a couple of guys go as crazy as our friend there…”

Lucry eyed him and then touched his bloodied face. “And you need someone to take a look at that eye, darling. Otherwise it might turn into an ugly scar and it would be a damn shame to ruin such a nice face.”

So far, so good. Jack had gotten the kind of attention he wanted from the girl. He grinned as he suggested, “In the good old days, the rescued maiden would treat the brave knight’s wounds.”

“Follow me.” Jack did as Lucry said and followed her to an upstairs salon. She sent a waitress to fetch her the first aid kit and a change of clothes for herself. Jack tried to stop the bleeding by pressing a handkerchief up against the cut brow.

“Who are you?”



“Just Jack”


“Yep, you heard right.”

“That guy was a madman, he could have beaten you into a pulp.”

“I always win when I’m fighting for a pretty lady.” He quipped.

“And now you are waiting for your reward, right? Me on my back and you on top?”

The mere thought of fucking the wildcat had his pants on fire, but Jack dutifully shook his head. “Thanks, but I’m careful when it comes to women… Nothing against them but they can be more trouble than they are worth.” He heard himself saying, and sounding semi-convincing as well.

“So you’re not into sex?”

“Sure I am” Jack said, truthfully, “But I don’t get involved with upscale broads like yourself. Sooner or later a guy will find himself buried under a truckload of trouble if he gets into the sack with your kind. If I need sex, I just pay for it. Much safer…”

“You’re a damn weird one.” Lucry said, with some genuine amazement in her eyes. It was quite obvious she wasn’t used to be turned down. The waitress returned with a dress for Lucry and a first aid kit. Lucry didn’t deem it necessary to get dressed before tending to his cut. Instead she pointed at a bench. “Sit down there.” She opened the first aid kit and sat on Jack’s lap. He started to feel like he could leap out of his own skin at any minute. His nose picked up a hint of perfume mixed in with her own musky scent. She even smelled like sex. Jack tried to keep his composure but on the inside he found himself getting so hot that it was a miracle that fire did not shoot from his nostrils.

He needed to control himself. The idea wasn’t to screw this girl and be done with it. He needed to drive her crazy and tie her to him longterm. If he gave in to his lust, she would lose whatever little interest and respect he had sparked in her so far. She treated the cut in his eyebrow with a substance that burned like hell and then put a band-aid on top of it. “There you go.” Two warm arms were wrapped around his neck and he felt her soft lips on his mouth.

“Thank you.” Jack suddenly felt relieved he had thought of wearing a pair of pants with a zipper. He wasn’t entirely sure I buttons would have been able to contain the massive hard-on he was sporting. He pushed Lucry off him and rose to his feet.

She finally deemed it time to get dressed again and she slipped into a crème-colored little number that still looked damn sexy on her but was positively chaste compared to the mini-dress Butterbean had torn to shreds.

“I’m going to a party, why don’t you come along?”

“What kind of party?” He asked.

“Joseph Troutmann's. He owns this huge estate. Complete with his own park-sized garden and swimming pools.”

“Will any press be there?” He inquired.

“Why, are you afraid of reporters?”

“I’m not too keen on publicity, there is a reason why I left England.”

“Tough guy aren’t ya?”

“I get by.”

“Maybe it’s best you meet Joseph then. Perhaps you and him can do some business.”

“I do my own business, doll.” He let his gaze craw up her form. “That way you only get in trouble through your own damn fault. But I’ll come along with you to that party. A guy’s gotta do something with his time when he is unemployed and all those damn night clubs look alike.”

Lucry let her eyes go from him to the couch behind him. “Are you sure you don’t want some other form of payment for your services.”

“Don’t mess with my principles, darling.”

“You’re a tough customer, aren’t you? I’ve known plenty of tough guys and I’ve eaten them all raw. Don’t think I won’t get what I want. I always get what I want when it comes to men. I get my name from Lucrezia Borgia, that should tell ya all you need to know.”

“That’s what had me worried. I know a few things about that particular specimen. Didn’t she practically devour her lovers after finishing with them?”

She gave him a mocking smile. “I only the devour the weak ones. When I meet a real man, I get on my knees for him.”

Jack felt relief at the fact that she had her clothes on when that last remark came…


The house was enormous, much larger than Jack had anticipated. It was one of the largest privately owned residences Jack had ever seen. Joseph Troutmann was an average-looking bloke of around 45 years old. He told Jack he was a businessman though he failed to mention what exactly his business entailed. He said that any friend of Lucry’s was a friend of his and he was welcome to enjoy anything his house and his party had to offer.

Everyone at the party was loaded. But that didn’t mean they were respectable folk. Jack pressed a couple of names into his memory for later reference. Lucky McKenna would want a full report of the goings-on at this little get-together. One name Jack had heard of before was Roger Leary, a lawyer who had gained some notoriety for getting some of the biggest gangsters in the country off on technicalities. The party was a mix of semi-respectable rich New Yorkers and common variety gangsters. It led Jack to believe that Joseph didn’t much care where his money came from, whether it was legal businesses or illegal activities.

Lucry came back outside, having exchanged her crème-colored v-neck dress for a tiny white bikini. Jack took a large sip from his scotch as he eyed her body. She walked straight by him, sashaying exaggeratedly. She climbed up a chromed ladder onto a diving board. After bending her knees a few time she dove off and broke the water in a near perfect form. The act was somehow both sensuous and provocative. The kind of thing a woman who realizes how enticing her own body is would do. She swam underwater just beyond the halfway point of the pool and re-emerged. She made eye-contact with Jack and swam towards him.

With her arms up on the side of the pool, she stared up at Jack with come-hither eyes. 

“Don’t feel like getting wet with me?”

“I don’t like water.”

“If feels good.”

“This feels better.” He took another sip from his whiskey.

“Will you get me one as well?” She asked with a pleasantness in her voice that had been missing before.

“Whatever you say, doll.”

He finished his own glass and disappeared for a moment only to reappear with two full glasses. He returned to bring Lucry her medicine.

She sipped from the whiskey as she sat on the edge of the pool.

“Ever thought of becoming a professional boxer? You did rather well against that creep.”

“No thanks, I rather like my face and I’d prefer keeping it intact. I don’t want to go through life with a flat nose, thick eyebrows and cauliflower ears.”

“I rather like your face too…”

“Thank you.”

“Maybe the rest of you ain’t so bad either…”

“The chicks who had a taste tend to think so.”

Her eyes grew hungry again.

“Take me home”, she ordered


Her home turned out to be large, luxurious penthouse flat. She was wearing a pale-blue blouse and a black pencil skirt and almost looked like a nice girl for a change. She had brought him a double whiskey and then settled into the couch in front of him.

“Are there truly no things you like about me, Jack?”

“What kind of things?”

“Well, you’ve been staring at my legs for a while.”

“They’re nice legs.”

“And what about the rest of me?”

“The rest of you is nice as well.”

“But not your type?”

Jack shrugged. He was still playing the indifferent, tough bastard but it was getting increasingly hard to keep up the act. Rationally speaking it would be wiser if he waited until their second meeting to give her a good rogering, but he was just a man, and the damn woman had been pushing all of his buttons the entire night. He had reached the point where he was begging for a release.

“I’d like to be your type…”, she spoke.

“You’re quite frank, aren’t you?”

“No point in going around in circles, is there?”

“Do you play this little game with all men?”

“Do you care if I do?”

“I’m quite interested in the love life of sexy young women.”, he said mockingly, taking another sip from his glass.

“I’m a healthy young girl. Sometimes I need sex. Sometimes I burn up with passion. I think I could burn for you…” Sparks flew from her eyes as she challenged him. “Why don’t you come over here and kiss me?”

Finally defeated, Jack rose to his feet, downed his drink and then moved towards her. Lucry didn’t wait for him to join her, instead she stood herself and met him halfway. Her tongue entered her mouth like an out of control locomotive. Their kiss was long, deep and passionate and when he finally released her she smiled lustfully.

“Thank you Jack, that wasn’t a halfbad start.”

“Something tells me a wise man would go home and take an ice-cold shower at this point.”
His words only elicited laughter with Lucry and he pulled her close to him once again. As far as he was concerned, they had done quite enough talking for one night. With his lips still tightly on hers, he started to unbutton her blouse. She herself undid the zipper on her skirt and gravity helped to pull it down to her ankles. He briefly took a step back and watched as she undid her black lacey bra, and then stepped out of her tiny panties.

She stood in front of him naked, her facial expression that of a triumphant general.

“I told you baby, Lucry always gets what she wants…”

She laid down on the expensive carpet and extended her arms towards him. Her hands tugged teasingly on his pants.

“Goddamn women...” said Jack, and his annoyed face was only half-false. In spite of that, he too started to undress.

“You act like you are doing this against your will…”

“I know your kind, you’re not doing this to give but to get!”

“Are you quite alright?” She inquired incredulously, her eyebrows raised.

Jack ignored her and stepped out of his boxers before laying down beside her. She looked wilder on her own than the half a dozen whores Jack had once shared a night with at a Hong Kong brothel.

Jack got straight down to business, not treating her like a delicate porcelain doll. He knew exactly what the girl needed. He rolled towards her to face her and then pulled her closer by the arm until their chests were pressed up against each other. He raised her free leg up and just slipped inside of her. He started to pound her, quite hard and with flapping hips.

He did not hold her. He did not tell her how beautiful she was and how good she felt. He simply screwed her hard in an almost business-like manner.

An elegant, upscale doll like Lucry was no doubt used to a slightly more tender treatment, but perhaps it was precisely because of that she had a shuddering, wild orgasm that made her scream like a cat in heat.

When it was all over, she half-rose her body from the ground and looked down upon him.

“I was right about you… You’re exactly as I thought you’d be.”

To his surprise, her next move was to get on her knees besides him and bend over to lick him. She did quite a few other things as well, all of which felt a hell of lot better than the punch Butterbean had given him earlier that night.

He let her go on for a while before pushing her off him and raising to his feet. He looked around spotted her purse and moved towards it. When he opened it, he spotted her quizzing gaze.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“I need some cash.” Jack’s tone was quite neutral.

“I don’t pay for my fucking pleasures!” She snapped at him.

“Of course you don’t, doll… But I have to take whatever I can get. I’m rather broke at the moment. You’ve got 800 dollars here… I’ll leave you 100.” He fished the cash from her purse and then started getting dressed again.

Lucry still sat up looking at him with anger in her eyes. “Fucking jerk… When will I see you again…”

“Soon enough doll… You’re better than any whore, I can collect instead of pay money with you.”


Their affair lasted three weeks. It was three weeks of wild passion and non-stop sex. By the end, Jack had wrapped her around his fingers to such an extent that she would have done anything for him. That had been Lucky McKenna’s intention, get close to her and then use her contacts and resources. But then, before it had properly started, the operation was canceled. All funds were cut and Lucky Mac and Jack Archer had returned to Old Blighty before they had any tangible results. Jack felt a bit of regret at leaving that wild kitten Lucry behind in NYC, but business was business. And he would meet her again sooner than he could anticipate…

This rather extended intro post will be the opening post of the IC thread. But I wanted to put it up in the interest thread to illicit some possible attention. :)

What I am looking for here is for a smallish (3-5) group of players for a game that focuses more on posting quality than quantity.
I myself will play the role of Lucry (Lucrezia).
The idea is for Jack Archer to get in contact with her again, roughly two years after the events as they are described above. He will be in need of her help and contacts for another mission.
Obviously Lucry won't take too kindly to the idea of him just strolling back into her life.

The location of the action for Jack's new mission will be a small South-American Island. Jack's mission will be to disrupt the Communist dictatorship by assisting the small resistance group.

The roles that need to be filled are Jack himself, his partner and handler Lucky McKenna (though he could be NPCed as well), and then the island inhabitants themselves.

Jack Archer is a freelancer who does work for the CIA and Mi6. The possible roles that could be filled beyond the ones mentoined above are members of the resistance group, officers in the dictator's army, the dictator himself, his much younger wife/mistress, his jealous brother, ... Basically any role you feel could fit into a setting like this.

The concept of this game is to create something of an R-rated or NC-17 version of James Bond. So I would love it if Jack got an "Archer girl" on each side of the conflict (e.g. a pretty young resistance fighter and the dictator's mistress). But I won't force any roles onto the players.

If you have any interested in participating in this, leave a message in this thread. I will take my time to cast this game though. The roles will not be assigned in first come, first serve manner. I will check the player's background and see if they fit in with what I  have in mind for this game.
« Last Edit: November 04, 2012, 11:43:46 am by RedEve »

Offline Mora

I'm definitely interested, Red, and wanna be a part of this!!! <3

Offline RedEveTopic starter

I'm definitely interested, Red, and wanna be a part of this!!! <3

Hooray, a first! :)

Have you thought about what role you'd be interested in?

Offline Branwen

¡Viva la Revolución!

 And by that I mean please, please let me play. I will bring Skittles and kittens and kitten flavored Skittles.


Offline artichoke hearts

Cast me however you wish, Miss Eve. Though I would prefer the leading role if you think me capable.

Am I wrong to assume that we're drawing some inspiration from a certain cartoon on the FX network?

Offline RedEveTopic starter

Cast me however you wish, Miss Eve. Though I would prefer the leading role if you think me capable.

Am I wrong to assume that we're drawing some inspiration from a certain cartoon on the FX network?

What cartoon are you speaking of? :)

Offline artichoke hearts

This one, of course:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
« Last Edit: November 05, 2012, 12:07:42 pm by cambrioleurs »

Offline RedEveTopic starter

Ah, I'm a fan of Sterling Archer, but this will be far less ludicrous.

What I'm going for is more a dirtier version of Bond. The old-fashioned Bonds with Sean Connery.
Only more sex and violence. :P

Offline Mora

Hooray, a first! :)

Have you thought about what role you'd be interested in?
I haven't a clue... Gimme an idea Eve? <3

Offline ForAlbion

I'd love to give this roleplay a shot if you'll have me, it looks fascinating  :-) I could probably play one of the characters in the resistance...would you prefer a male or female rebel?

Offline RedEveTopic starter

I think I sent this to everyone individually through PM, but to re-iterate on here: everyone who expressed interest will get a message from me as soon as more of the details of the game have been hashed out. :)

Offline Wargtass

Put me up for interest, I'm just going away for a few hours on a rather boring meeting, so I'll have a concept up when I come back.

Offline Branwen

*tackles Wargtass and drags him to the floor*

RedEve, help!

Boy, have we got a deal for you, Wargtass!  How would you like to write the sexy, rough, dark and deadly Jack Archer?  I've seen your work in other threads and it's simply fantastic!  You'd give Jack Archer a real persona and make him work for his whiskey..

Offline RedEveTopic starter

Jack Archer has been cast.

We still need some people to play the supporting roles though. The corrupt and power-crazy dictator, the lovely girls on either side of the rebellion our hero will encounter, rebel fighters, members of the regime's secret police, ...

Offline Prince Truhan

Would you take me as a dictator?

Offline RedPhoenix

Expressing interest. I love James Bond stories. I am leaning towards the dictators mistress but still thinking about the details.

Update: definitely going to apply for the mistress. Will try to have a sheet in tonight.
« Last Edit: November 20, 2012, 12:29:30 pm by RedPhoenix »

Offline RedEveTopic starter

Offline Mora

I think I sent this to everyone individually through PM, but to re-iterate on here: everyone who expressed interest will get a message from me as soon as more of the details of the game have been hashed out. :)
So you talked to me awhile back about the part I should play... Is there no character sheet then, Ms. Eve?

Offline Photo

I have a lot of interest in this!

I'd be excited to do a younger version of M or Q, or a younger field agent that is supposed to have Archer's back, but ends up being more trouble than she's worth. Also, if you's guys/girls need a specific role to be filled, g'head and tell me what it is, I might consider filling in where I am needed. If I'm needed. If i have a chance to play a women, I would typically prefer that.