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Author Topic: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)  (Read 21491 times)

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Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #100 on: November 14, 2012, 05:10:19 PM »
With regret and after much soul-searching, I have asked Zaer to leave the game. He is an enthusiastic and engaged player, and clearly wants to make a solid character, but I have spent more than twice as much time working with him as with everyone else combined, and the effort was cutting into my enjoyment of the game as a whole. I only have so much energy to spend on what is, after all, supposed to be entertainment and not a job.

If this is a problem for anyone, and you wish to leave as well, I will understand.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #101 on: November 14, 2012, 05:12:38 PM »
Just to inform in PM discussion it came apparent that all the extra effort which has been going towards development of Jay has energy draining effect similar to soulsteel for Riveda, which can lead that he looses his own interest on the game if he spends this much effort with me to build my char which in itself is something what he would feel uneasy about to let run even if he would trust me.

So, I cannot make new char nor change background, simply put I burned all the time I had available on table with ST and more than that  :'(. So for overall best I have to leave from the game so the game has chance to start off without me draining ST empty before game starts (*insert random vampire joke*).

So, I warmly wish you happy gaming everyone and I hope the game gets off the ground :). Hoping my departure gives ST energy to spare it to rest of you guys.

Edit; Damn, you were quicker Riveda :P. Indeed, do not let this scenario scare you from joining in. Just that my char was too big bite to swallow whole as it was and it took long work with.

Offline Krule

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #102 on: November 14, 2012, 05:20:44 PM »
Ah.. well, sorry to see you go, but I completely understand on everyone's part.. still want to run Sapphire Wind here.

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #103 on: November 15, 2012, 10:37:41 AM »
I don't suppose anyone here knows how to hack Anathema character templates really well? I thought I had it down, but I'm running into trouble with Sidereal Martial Arts Charms for Sidereals—it won't let me start with more than 1 for some reason.

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #104 on: November 15, 2012, 10:51:53 AM »
Oh, also, a tip: Don't go too heavily into Holy-keyword Charms. Holy is all screwed up in Gunstar by the Tyrant Sun being on the enemy side. You're all lucky you aren't creatures of darkness yourselves.

Offline Terian

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #105 on: November 15, 2012, 08:04:39 PM »
I..  Might be interested?

I'm still mulling over ideas though, what do you guys need?

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #106 on: November 15, 2012, 08:20:12 PM »
I..  Might be interested?
Having just lost Zaer, I'll take one more.

I'm still mulling over ideas though, what do you guys need?
Sidereals other than Chosen of Venus. A Lunar, maybe, especially a Changing Moon. (Alchemicals or DBs also welcome.)

Offline Terian

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #107 on: November 15, 2012, 09:29:20 PM »
I might have a Lunar--how much combat do you expect to see in this game?

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #108 on: November 15, 2012, 10:07:43 PM »
I might have a Lunar--how much combat do you expect to see in this game?
As much as the players' choice of character traits and Charms tells me they want to see. Perhaps a discussion is in order.

Certainly there will be some combat, both face-to-face and ship-to-ship, since a couple of the PCs appear to be fairly combat focused and I want them to be able to shine.

FWIW, I plan to freeform through combat and other ultra-mechanical situations, asking people for their strategies and priorities and then working out what happens based on the Charms and assets at their disposal.

Offline AndyZ

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #109 on: November 15, 2012, 10:59:09 PM »
Repeated banging of my head against the wall doesn't seem to be helping ideas fully mesh.  I should probably abdicate the Dawn position.

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #110 on: November 15, 2012, 11:06:05 PM »
Repeated banging of my head against the wall doesn't seem to be helping ideas fully mesh.  I should probably abdicate the Dawn position.
Would you like to play something else, or are you D: dropping out completely?

Offline AndyZ

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #111 on: November 15, 2012, 11:14:42 PM »
It's absolutely not you.  It's completely me.  It's just...not happening for me, no matter how much I fight or try to force it.  I'm sorry.

Offline Trystia

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #112 on: November 16, 2012, 12:33:59 AM »
Okay, so I've still got a lot of work to do for her, but I'm making progress, and felt I should at least post what I have so far.

Beneficent Emerald Silhouette
Strategic Reorganization Facilitator

Caste:No Moon
Motivation:Free the workers of the world through automation.
Intimacies:Her Daughter (Motherly Admiration), <Her Solar Mate, as played by Anon315> (Undying Love), Populat (Fond Responsibility), The Gnosis (Pride)
Anima:Silvery outline of a purple cobra, coiled around her legs and rising up above her head, ready to strike.
Spirit Shape:  King Cobra
Tell:Slitted eyes and fangs
Height:170 cm (5'7")
Weight:54 kg (119 lbs)
Hair:Wavy black, shoulder-length, often partly hidden under a beret which also serves to keep it out of her eyes.
Eyes:Dark green and slitted. (tell)
Style:Skin-tight black leather and overcoat, with silver accents.

[] Strength•••••[] Charisma•••••[•] Perception••••
[•] Dexterity••••[] Manipulation•••••[•] Intelligence•••••
[] Stamina•••••[] Appearance••••[•] Wits•••••
[] Archery•••••[] Integrity•••••[•] Craftsee below
[] Martial Arts•••••[] Performance••••[] Investigation•••••
[] Melee•••••[] Presence•••••[] Lore•••••
[] Thrown•••••[] Resistance*•••••[] Medicine•••••
[] War•••••[•] Survival••••[] Occult•••••
[] Athletics•••••[•] Bureaucracy*•••••Craft (Air)•••••
[] Awareness•••••[] Linguistics•••••Craft (Fire)•••••
[] Dodge•••••[] Ride•••••Craft (Water)••••
[] Larceny•••••[] Sail*•••••Craft (Magitech)•••••
[] Stealth•••••[] Socialize••••
Bureaucracy: Factories
Bureaucracy: Logistics
Resistance: Extreme Temperatures
Sail: Flying Vehicles

Languages: Old Realm (literate)

Allies1* (Represents a single Snakewoman daughter)
Artifact5 (Battle Skiff: The Gnosis, Precision Goggles, 'Stone of Dream Entrance', Traveler's Staff, +3)
Connections2 (The Sodalities)
Familiar5 (Machine-god)
Heart's Blood  1
Solar Bond5

Limit[••••• •••••]
Virtue Flaw:Curse of the Mother Cobra
Break Effect:Overcome by the desire to mother those around her, Emerald will attempt to feed, bathe, and clothe those around her, selecting up to a half dozen such individuals and ignoring all refusals of her 'assistance'. She will warn off any who try to approach those in her care, and if her warnings are ignored, will resort to lethal violence.
Partial Control:Emerald may restrict her impulses to affect only those she knows, but still must select at least four people.

Willpower: 5

Essence: 4
Personal Pool: 17
Peripheral Pool: 36/36
Committed: 0

Deadly Lamia Transformation - Fangs, Scales, Serpent's Body
Laurels-and-Ivy Technique

• New Friend Aroma
• First Dexterity Excellency: Essence Overwhelming
• Clay-Wetting Practice
• Second Intelligence Excellency: Essence Triumphant
• Instinctive Intelligence Unity
• Argent Muse Approach
• Inevitable Genius Insight
• Second Perception Excellency: Essence Triumphant
• Flaw-Finding Examination
• Ox-Body Technique (-1/-1)

12 Available:
12 - Background: Familiar, Solar Bond

Background, still in progress
Beneficent Emerald Silhouette exalted most of two decades ago, in the midst of a catastrophic explosion aboard a massive mobile refinery complex crawling through the far Reaches. A lone dormant Gremlin had been somehow been gathered up with all the other raw material being melted down into raw ingots in massive blast furnaces, and though it had not survived the withering heat, it its death throes it had clogged numerous coolant systems, causing critical failures. Within moments, molten slag was overflowing from vats and causing support struts to melt, with a dozen workers vaporized by the heat.

In the midst of the sudden holocaust, Emerald braved the extreme heat to rush out of the safety of the observation platform she had been stationed in to frantically try and reprogram the automated systems of the refinery to act as suppressants. Though already brilliant and on a fast track for promotion into the upper administration of the mobile platform, completing the task of reprogramming the units in less than an hour should have been beyond mortal abilities, and indeed perhaps it was beyond her, but she was never allowed the opportunity to find out. As a support strut gave way far below, metal beams came crashing down, trapping Emerald in place, less than a meter from the control console.

Emerald might have perished then and there, but instead fortune smiled upon her and her body was suffused with the light and power of the moon, the brilliant soul gem on her forehead glowing brilliantly and then submerging beneath her skin to be replaced by the shining mark of a No Moon of Luna. Transforming into a cobra with the ease of instinct, Emerald slithered free of the tangled mess of struts and perched atop the console, shifting back into human form to reprogram the automated systems with a sudden newfound level of intuition she had never before possessed. Within moments, the robotic tenders were setting up makeshift barriers and dumping coolant to bring conditions back under control.

Though she'd already saved any number of lives, there were plenty more factory workers in need of help, and Emerald went quickly into action. Discovering that she could take on the form of a half-snake, half-human creature of far greater strength and stamina, she rushed down to the floor and freed workers from debris, applied tourniquets to those who might have otherwise bled to death after losing a limb, and helped with salvaging as much of the refinery as possible. By the end, rather than exhausted, she felt instead invigorated, though she remembers few of the details of the rest of that night clearly, aside from waking up amidst a tangle of slumbering bodies, the room permeated with the scent of sex.

When the mobile refinery finally returned to the city it called home, three weeks later, there was no sign of an industrial accident, and things were running so smoothly and efficiently that despite the tragic loss of life, the platform was now overstaffed. Indeed, rather than falling behind on their quota, there was actually a bountiful excess of refined ingots. However, now that she was back in civilized society, there was no longer any excuse to continue delaying Emerald's new duties, and she was whisked away to the Academy of Celestial Refinement, only discovering during the medical examinations required for all new celestial exalts that she was pregnant.
« Last Edit: November 16, 2012, 04:33:49 AM by Trystia »

Offline Krule

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #113 on: November 16, 2012, 01:11:23 AM »
I created SW to be viable in combat and out of combat, and intend to continue along that view..

Nice to see one of the Void Hunt joining us.. *winks*

Offline Muse

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #114 on: November 16, 2012, 01:23:43 AM »
Name:      Kuroshita Mai
Player:    Muse
Type:      Sidereal
Auspice:   Serenity

Age:         44
Age, Apparent:   24
Weight         5’9”
Skin         Tanned
Hair         Blond
Eyes         Brown

Motivation:  Restore the Unconquered Sun. 

--Audience:  (Give them the show they deserve.) 
--Cathek Bamulase (Love and Lust.) 
--Horses (They should be respected and nurtured.) 
--Kuroshita Kage  (Love, Lust, and Loyalty.)
--Kuroshita Family (Love and Loyalty)
--Sako (He’s adorable.) 

Strength      2
Dexterity      5
Stamina      2

Perception      2
Intelligence      2
Wits         3

Charisma      3
Manipulation      3
Appearance      5

Resistance      3
Ride         2   Horses
Sail         2
Survival      0
Thrown      0

*Craft: Fate      3
*Dodge      0
*Linguistics      3
*Performance      5   Dance X2
*Socialize      3

Archery      0
*Athletics      3
Melee         0
*Presence      3   Seduction
War         0

*Investigation      1
Larceny      0
Lore         2
Occult         2
Stealth         1

Awareness      1
Bureaucracy      3
Integrity      3
*Martial Arts      4   
Medicine      1

Compassion      4
Conviction      4
Temperance      2
Valor         2

Willpower      8

Essence      4
--Personal Motes   16
--Peripheral Motes   46
--Committed Motes   13

--Favorable Inflection Procedure

Martial Arts
--Second Martial Arts Excellency: Essence Triumphant
--Secrets of Future Strife
--Flight of Mercury
--Blade of the Battle Maiden
--Joy in Adversity Stance
--Violet Bier of Sorrows Form

--Second Performance Excellency: Essence Triumphant
--Heart Brightening Presentation Style
--Perfection in Life
--Song of Spirit Persuasion
--Faultless Ceremony
--Defense of Shining Joy
--Ice and Fire Binding
--Harmonic Completion

Artifact   5
Class      4
Connections   2   The Void Hunt
Connections   2   The Theomarchy
Cult      4
Sifu      3

(2)  Enchanting Features

Expanded Backgrounds: 
(3)  Folding Servant
(5)  Infinite Resplendence Amulet (Starmetal and Moonsilver.) 
(0)  Skin Mount Amulet
(8)  Perfected Kata Bracers (Star Metal)
(0)  Verdant Dodecadron (This elemental core is identical to a Gem of Resilient Bamboo.) 

Punch (Violet Bier of Sorrows form active.) 
Speed         5   
ACC      +2   11 (15)
Damage   +0   2B (6b/L)   
Defense   +1   5 (7)
Rate         3

Dodge DV   5
--Defense of Shining Joy   8

Dodge MDV   8

Bashing   7/11
Lethal      7/11
Aggravated   5/9

OK   ( )
-1   ( )( )
-2   ( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
“Hi.  I’m Kuroshita Mai, and this is my sister Kage. 

“We share everything.” 

Bonus Point Expenditures: 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
2:  +2 Martial Arts
1:  +1 Performance
2:  Merits
2:  Virtues
3:  Willpower
2:  +1 Cult

Offline Malixe

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #115 on: November 16, 2012, 01:51:01 AM »
Name:       Kage Kuroshita
Type:       Solar Exalt
Caste:       Zenith
Age:         44
Apparent Age: 24
Height:       5’9”
Skin:         Tanned
Hair:         Blond
Eyes:      Brown

Anima: Sharp-eared slender creature with an eye in the center of both palms and a grim smile that spans the world.

Motivation: Restore the Unconquered Sun

--Audience (Give them the show they deserve)
--Kuroshita Mai (Love and Loyalty)
--Cathek Bamulase (Love and Compassion)
--Parents/Family (Loyalty and Respect)
--Sako the Familiar (Affection)
--The Enslaved (Fervor for their Freedom)

Strength         1
Dexterity         4
Stamina         2

Charisma         4
Manipulation      2
Appearance      5

Perception      2
Intelligence      4
Wits            3


Martial Arts      
Thrown         3   Daggers

Integrity         3
Performance      5   Dance
Presence         4   Inspiring
Resistance      1

Investigation      1
Lore            2
Medicine         1
Occult         5

Athletics         3
Awareness      1
Dodge         4   Unarmored

Bureaucracy      1
Linguistics      1
Sail            1
Socialize         4

Artifact         4   Infinite Resplendence Amulet IV (Starmetal and Moonsilver.)
Class         4
Connections      2   The Deliberative Army
Connection      2   The Void Hunt
Cult            4
Familiar         2   Snake
Savant         2

Essence:       4

Compassion      3/
Conviction      6/    Primary
Temperance      3/
Valor         2/

Willpower      8/

Essence       4
Personal Motes   20
Peripheral Motes   54
Commited      5

Enchanting features (+2)


   Second Performance Excellency
   Heart-Compelling Method
   Husband-Seducing Demon Dance

   Ox Body Technique
   Body Mending Meditation

   Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
   Celestial Circle Sorcery

   Graceful Crane Stance

   Mastery of Small Manners

   First Circle;
   Burning Eyes of the Offender
   Infallible Messenger
   Spirit Sword
   Flight of the Brilliant Raptor

   Second Circle;
   Ivory Orchid Pavilion
   Sapphire Countermagic
   Travel Without Distance

Artifacts (Attunement): 
(5)  Infinite Resplendence Amulet IV   STarmetal and Moonsilver (5)
(2)  Skin Mount Amulet (set with Amythest Dodekahedron of Sorcery)
(3)  Amythest Dodekahedron of Sorcery:  This Elemental Core replicates the effects of a Gem of Sorcery (Odinol’s Codex 107):  once per day, it may reduce the mote cost of a spell by 10.  As a level three elemental core, it grants six motes per hour.  Set in her skin mount amulet, it increases her peripheral mote pool by 6. 

Dodge DV   7
Dodge MDV   8

Soak (Without Infinite Resplendence Amulet)
Bashing:   7(2)
Lethal      6(1)
Agravated   5

OK   ( )
-1   ( )( )( )
-2   ( )( )( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )

Bonus Point Expenditures: 
(2)  +2 Conviciton
(3)  +3 Willpower
(2) Merit: Enchanting Features
(2) Cult +1
(3) Extra Spell

Offline AndyZ

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #116 on: November 16, 2012, 05:12:58 AM »
Well, this is what I've managed to throw together.  Maybe people can give some suggestions if they want to.

Caste: Dawn
Motivation: Free the Unconquered Sun

Strength 2 Dexterity 5 Stamina 2 Charisma 2 Manipulation 2 Appearance 3 Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Wits 4

Archery* 1 Athletics 3 Awareness 5 (Initiative +3) Integrity* 1 Investigation 1 Lore 2 Martial Arts* 3 Melee* 5 (Blades +3) Occult 2 Presence* 1 Resistance 5 Sail* 2 Socialize 1 Thrown* 0 War* 5

<Four ability points left, Two favoreds left>

[Backgrounds: 12]

Artifact 5 - Skyslicer

- Orichalcum Scarlet Empress

- Attached Warstrider Grand Daiklaive and Thunderbolt Shield

- Essence Core 5: Recall Stone
Allows the user to teleport back to his or her warstrider by either the attuned user or someone at the warstrider spending ten motes.  Teleportation is a Speed 7, DV -3 action.

Backing 3: Gunstar Defense Line

<Four background points left>


Hungry Tiger Technique

Golden Destruction Cut

One Weapon, Two Blows

Peony Blossom Attack

Iron Whirlwind Attack

Invincible Fury of the Dawn

Durability of Oak Meditation

Ox-Body Technique

Body-Mending Meditation

Surprise Anticipation Method

Invincible Essence Reinforcement

Fists of Iron Attack

Thunderclap Rush Attack

Dual Slaying Posture

Awareness Triumphant

Compassion 2 Conviction 3 Temperance 2 Valor 5

Essence 4 Willpower 9

Limit Break: Heart of Flint

Personal Essence: 21

Peripheral Essence: 49

<11 bonus points left>

For her base equipment, I was thinking about an exceptional alchemical glass greatsword, using the stats of chiaroscuran glass, and an exceptional synthetic leather greatcoat.  She's far from helpless outside the Skyslicer, but she's definitely optimized for it.

Because only one DB has ever been able to attune to a Scarlet Empress type voidship, she'd mostly be in a class of her own, at least until they figure out how to teach others in that regard.

I haven't even been able to find a picture I really like, though.  I kinda have one which would require articulated plate but I'd figure they'd mostly want her in something without fatigue when she's not in the warstrider so as not to be constantly exhausted.

I just...have not been able to get, like, anything decent beyond what I have there.  I've been at it for days.

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #117 on: November 16, 2012, 07:31:57 AM »
Talked with AndyZ and he's now considering a warstrider pilot in the Deliberative Army, so please apply your brainstorming efforts to that.

Offline Atarn

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #118 on: November 16, 2012, 08:40:21 AM »
Was told to see if there's place for a Dawn caste. Or a Lunar.

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #119 on: November 16, 2012, 02:04:37 PM »
Doesn't look like we have a spot for a Dawn, since AndyZ is still reworking his idea. A Lunar, maybe, but not a combat monster, we have one of those.

Offline Terian

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #120 on: November 16, 2012, 05:28:18 PM »
Bah!  But I like playing fighty characters!

Offline Rook SeidhrTopic starter

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #121 on: November 16, 2012, 09:16:30 PM »
Terian, you could play a Chosen of Battles—though they're pretty fragile in a stand-up fight. Alternatively, you could play an Alchemical or a Dragon-Blood; I've boosted their starting power level enough that they should be reasonable PCs.

Offline Anon315

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
« Reply #122 on: November 16, 2012, 10:13:32 PM »
Kelen, Truth's Shield
Specialist Regulator Commander

Motivation:Keep the peace on Autochthon, removing the Fair Folk Threat
Intimacies:His Squad (Loyalty), Beneficent Emerald Silhouette (Caring), The Mortal Denizens of Sova (Loyalty)
Anima:Golden shield, emblazoned with a seal which appears to be an Essence Hammer with a sunburst behind it.
Birthday:12th of Resplendent Water
Height:196 cm, (6'5")
Weight:110 kg (242 lbs.)
Skin:Slightly Olive-Tinged
Hair:Black and short-cropped to his head.

[] Strength•••••[] Charisma•••••[] Perception•••••
[] Dexterity•••••[] Manipulation•••••[] Intelligence•••••
[] Stamina•••••[] Appearance•••••[] Wits•••••
[] Archery•••••[•] Integrity••••[•] Craftsee below
[] Martial Arts•••••[•] Performance•••••[•] Investigation•••••
[•] Melee••••[•] Presence•••••[] Lore•••••
[] Thrown•••••[•] Resistance•••••[] Medicine••••
[] War•••••[•] Survival••••[] Occult•••••
[] Athletics••••[] Bureaucracy•••••Craft (Fire)•••••
[•] Awareness•••••[] Linguistics•••••••••
[] Dodge••••[] Ride•••••••••
[] Larceny•••••[] Sail•••••••••
[•] Stealth•••••[] Socialize••••
Integrity: The Fair Folk   1   
Survival: Tracking   1
Resistance: In Combat   1   
Martial Arts: Fighting Unarmed   1
Melee: Power Mace

Languages: Old Realm, <TBD>

Artifact3 (Celestial Battle Armor, Power Mace, Yasal Crystal)
Backing3 (Void Hunt)
Connections2 (Olgotary of Hadal)
Manse3 (Stone of Judgement)
Virtues and Willpower
Limit[••••• •••••]
Virtue Flaw:Heart of Flint
Break Effect:Kelen's heart hardens to all emotion. He feels and expresses no emotions: not robotic, but lacking all empathy and feeling. He considers only efficiency in choosing his course of action, and his reduced tact imposes a two-die penalty on all social rolls involving face-to-face interaction.
Partial Control:Kelen's emotions are significantly muted but still present. He suffers a two-die penalty to Social rolls involving face-to-face interaction, and his primary motivation
is still efficiency, but he will avoid doing anything to which he has a strong emotional aversion.

Willpower: 6

Essence and Charms
Essence: 4
Personal Pool: 18
Peripheral Pool: 26/44
Committed: 18

Third Martial Arts Excellence
Third Melee Excellence
Hungry Tiger Technique
Dipping Swallow Defense
Bulwark Stance
Heavenly Guardian Defense
Third Integrity Excellence
Integrity-Protecting Prana
Destiny-Manifesting Method
Temptation-Resisting Stance
Ox-Body Technique x2  (2 -1 health levels each)
Essence-Lending Method
Spirit-Detecting Glance
Spirit-Cutting Attack

1 Willpower
4 Background
4 Ability – Favored / Caste
2 Ability – Non-Favored
1 Specialties

To Come

Offline AndyZ

Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
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Bah!  But I like playing fighty characters!

I suppose I could work on something else.  What were you thinking for your idea, Terian?

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Re: Gunstar Autochthonia (Exalted AU)
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Name: Bamulase Cathek
Type: Lunar Exalt
Caste: Full Moon
Age: 45
Apparent Age: 24
Height: 6’2”
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Spirit Shape: Hronth
Tell: A patch of rough, scale-like skin where his ears ears should be.
Anima: Silvery figure of a large, scaled, turtle-headed creature roaring ferociously.

Motivation: Become the most respected scholar and savant in Autochthonia


--Scholars (Secret Admiration)
--Kuroshita Mai (Love and Loyalty)
--Kuroshita Kage (Love, Lust and Loyalty - Solar Mate)
--Kyruko Cinna (Respect)
--Sako the Familiar (Nasty Runt)
--Yozi Servants (Outlet for his anger)

Strength3  Charisma3  Perception2

Martial Arts5Ride0

Investigation: Analysis2Survival: In Space1
Dodge: In Space2Martial Arts: Natural Weapons3

Languages: Old Realm (native)

Connections1 (Gunstar Defense Line)
Solar Bond3
Sifu2 (Kyruko Cinna [Lunar] ~ Lunar Hero Style, Art of Relentless Persuasion, Fire Dragon Style, White Reaper Style)
Backing2 (Gunstar Defense Line)

Compassion 2
Conviction 5
Temperance 1
Valor 3

Virtue Flaw (Conviction):
The Curse of the Rampaging Rhino   
The character cannot be denied. No matter how much anyone may insist they shouldn't pursue a certain goal because of societal pressure or inconvenience or simple impossibility, the Rampaging Rhino will not rest, eat or sleep until his goal has been attained, and will not stop to consider the best route, simply push forward in the most direct way. If anyone tries to stop him or stand in his way, he will attack with no mercy until they are no longer an obstacle. The Rampaging Rhino will not wait for allies to help or catch up, he will simply keep pushing forward.
Partial control: The character will not cease the pursuit of his goal, but he can stop and consider the best course of action. Rather than attack any who stand between him and his goal, the Rampaging Rhino can simply threaten them. He can also stop and allow like-minded allies to help him with his goal.

Willpower: 10

Essence: 4
Personal Motes: 24
Peripheral Motes: 56 (36)
Committed: 20


   Second Dexterity Excellency

   Claws of the Silver Moon

   Relentless Lunar Fury
   Durable Battle-Mind

Lunar Hero Style;
   Foot-Trapping Counter
   Thousand Claw Infliction
   Rabid Beast Attitude
   Lunar Hero Form

   Deadly Beastman Transformation (Mutations: Void Adaptation, Biological Jets, Thick Skin)
   Internal Form Mastery
   Towering Beast Form
   Mountainous Spirit Expression

Artifacts (Attunement): 
(2)  Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers (4)
(3)  Moonsilver Superheavy Plate (set with Verdant Dodecahedron) (8)
(4)  Moonsilver Perfected Kata Bracers (8)
(3)  Verdant Dodecadron (This elemental core is identical to a Gem of Resilient Bamboo.) 

Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 3B, Defense 6, Rate 3, N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 6B, Defense 4, Rate 2, N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 3B, Defense 5, Rate 1, C,N,P

Dodge DV: 8
Dodge MDV: 8

Soak (Natural)
Bashing: 19(4)
Lethal: 21(4)
Aggravated: 15
Hardness: 10B/10L

OK   ( )
-1   ( )( )
-2   ( )( )
-4   ( )
I   ( )
D   ( )( )( )( )

Bonus Point Expenditures: 
(1)  +1 Conviction
(5)  +5 Willpower
(2)  +2 Martial Arts
(1)  +1 Savant
(1)  +1 Artifact
(2)  +4 Favored specialties

(Originally a black and white picture, I shittilly colored it with Photoshop.)

The original.

Hronth Bestiary Entry
Hronth are large, thick-scaled creatures with clawed arms and feet. They possess a tail that allows them to balance themselves on unsteady meteorites and maneuver in meteor clouds, and a pair of flaps on each shoulder that hide grooves from which jets of fire come out, allowing Hronth to propel and maneuver themselves in the void. Their heads are beaked like a turtle's, their jaws lined with horny ridges instead of teeth. They feed on minerals, and are capable of eating a meteorite within an hour.

S/D/S    P/I/W/W     Health Lvls   Atk (S/A/D/R,Tags)     Dodge DV/S
12/8/9   3/1/2/4    -0x3/-1x4/     Bite: 6/14/18B/1,P      6/4L/9B
                             -2x4/-4x2/I    Claw: 5/13/12L/2
Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Dodge 2, Integrity 1, Investigation 2, Martial Arts 4, Presence 2, Resistance 5, Survival 4

Coming soon
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