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Author Topic: If you want the honey, don't knock over the beehive.  (Read 2868 times)

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If you want the honey, don't knock over the beehive.
« on: November 03, 2012, 11:28:58 PM »
I am not my characters. I do not necessarily condone what my characters do. Yes, I accept and admit that my characters, as well as their actions, are a branch and stem of my imagination, however, I cannot stress enough that the Rp's, characters, story-lines, etc, are all fantasy... no matter how realistic the content seems. I do not appreciate being judged for the characters or stories I participate in, nor do I expect to be. I do not appreciate when others consider that I am my character, in any sense of the imagination. If you cannot separate IC from OOC, then don't bother reading ahead, because we won't be able to Rp together. No feelings will be hurt in the process, as Rp to me, is a game and a hobby I very much enjoy, while maintaining the sensitivity of such knowledge that the person I am typing with, is in fact, a person, behind the computer screen. In a potential partner, I am seeking active posting (once a week would be great), and in return I tend to post within one to three days of receiving a post. If after five days you haven't seen a post from me, you may want to check my A/A.
I think that's about it for now. If you dare, read on to my O/O.

Flame ON.

In a Partner.
I am interested in Rping with a partner who inspires and motivates me. Not that I am hoping to find my muse in a partner, but I do look for a few things.

1) Grammar and spelling.
It's not that hard with a spell check button.

2) Intriguing story-line.
I'm not interested in only sex, with no plot.

3) Being challenged and motivated.
I am not saying I am the best writer, or Rper out there, but I do crave to find in a partner, someone who is compatible with me and my writing style.

4) Online availability.
I try to be on everyday, and when involved in Rp's, I will try to post as quickly as I can. I would appreciate the same in a partner. Of course, absences are understandable, and Rl always comes first, but general availability should be compatible. I am expecting our story to be active.

5) A multi-tasker.
I don't care what another typist writes about, or how many stories they're involved in. However, when it starts to affect our Rp together, it becomes an issue, unless a person can evenly balance all of their Rp's at the same time - which I don't believe is asking for too much; it's simply consideration for your fellow writers.

In a character:

1) Intelligence.
Though my characters might be attracted to unintelligent folks, it will likely be nothing more than a crush, because, for any sort of depth, intelligence is a need.

2) Maturity.
Again, for any sort of depth, a character needs maturity. I'm not talking about the obvious lack of maturity in underage characters, because that is dependent on age. However, a character should be mature enough to be able to adequately progress a story.

3) Intrigue.
Plain and simple, if there is nothing for my character to respond to, or play off of, then the story will quickly go nowhere.

In a Role-Play:

1) Realism.
Not that all Rp's I do have to take place in a modern setting, or anything, because I do play non-human characters, too. However, what I mean here is, I like when writing is realistic. No wild and crazy conclusions resulting from simplistic everyday interactions. What happens in the story, need to make sense in the story, is all.

2. Plot and purpose.
I like knowing that the story line is headed toward either a common goal, or an ending point. Every story has an ending, and I would rather not pointlessly Rp with no end in sight. That's not to suggest I want the Rp to end as quickly as it begins, quite the contrary, I would like for it to go as long as it needs to go for.

3. Spontaneity.
I'm very much a spontaneous writer, not that I don't think things through or put a lot of thought and consideration into my characters and plot-lines. But, I do tend to go with the flow, and I would appreciate that in the Rp.

Flame OFF.

In a partner.

1) Mixing/God-Modding/Power-Playing/Meta-Gaming.
Don't assume I, the typist, am my characters. Don't take OOC material IC. Don't play my character for me, or post as if your character is a 'god.'

2) One-line posting and no-plot stories.
I normally post multiple paragraphs, (one paragraph being six to eight sentences) and expect the same from a partner. I have been known to post shorter, if the occasion calls for it, but honestly, if I am putting in the effort to post long and in-depth paragraphs, I would expect that in return from my partner.

3) The opposite of the five things I listed for the ONs.
I hope this is self-explanatory.

In a character:

1) Extreme violence or play.
I am not into several kinks, please refer to the kinks and icks section, below.

2) Hatred to the utmost.
I have no issues playing out a character who despises another, but when hatred brews, death is imminent, and I would rather not play characters who are always dying off.

3) Robotic and dead.
Don't take this too literally. I sort of mean, how the character is portrayed, or comes across IC. I prefer characters to feel alive, and real, rather than cold and absent... sort of ties back into the ON of 'Realism.'

In a Role-Play:

1) Too much pre-plotting.
After a while, it just starts to get excessive. If someone tells me tons of details about a story that they want Rp'd, and doesn't give me any freedom to adapt to the character in my own way, or add my own tidbits to the story, then I'll probably just tell them to write a novel, because that's not Rp. If too much scripting is used, I'll be majorly turned off, and will feel as if I am limited in what I can and cannot do in the story, with my character, etc.

2) Too much pausing.
After an abundance of pausing the Rp, and then picking it back up again, the story starts to get fuzzy and I may lose interest after too much time has passed where the posting is postponed.

3) Too many restrictions.
Freedom to express myself in my own way is important to me, especially when it comes to what I am role-playing. If an Rp has too many rules, or not enough freedom for me to express myself, I'll shy away from it.

That should pretty much wrap this up. Hope you didn't get burned in the process, and thanks for reading my ONs and OFFs; you might notice that there is no MAYBEs, and that is because, obviously, anything I have not stated as a definitive 'yes' or 'no,' is a 'maybe.'  If you care to look further down, there is a list of Kinks and Icks, to better understand how and what I Rp; keep in mind I tend to try different genres and styles when I have the time and ability to do so, so I rarely say 'never.'

(Spanking, biting, scratching, suspension, bondage, toys, Domination and submission.)

(Good old fashioned love-making, between two people who love each other, or like each other, or just... want to sleep together.)

-Straight, Bi-Sexual, and Gay relations.
(I prefer MxF, and will play either role, but can also expand beyond that.)

-Romance and relationships.
(Doesn't every girl want this? Yes please. <3)

-Forced and Non-Consensual/Dubious Consent.
(A big fetish of mine, if done the right way.)

-Extreme anything.
(Toilet play, mutilation, torture, gore, etc... At some point, it's no longer sex.)

-Transgender, Hermaphrodite, Futa.
(Nothing personal, I just don't have experience playing these sorts of characters and have no idea how I would.)

(Furries are one thing, but bestiality is just. No. Just, no. I have a dog. Don't make me think of him like that.)

***Please keep in mind that all of the above is subject to change, as I tend to change my mind, and generally believe in trying everything once. Please PM me if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to know where I stand on some of this particular subject matter currently.***

If I think of anything later, I'll be sure to add it in, but for now, that's all I can think of. Again, thank you for reading this much and be sure to look for my Rp ideas list, if you think you might be interested in an Rp with me.
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  • Like magnets torn apart, you don't know why you come back every time.
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Re: If you want the honey, don't knock over the beehive.
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2012, 08:04:34 PM »
Role-Play Ideas

Availability: Tentatively available for new stories.
Postability: Once a week is my aim.

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a modern setting; humans, present-day, realistic and believable content.

And How Does That Make You Feel?
He wasn't your typical doctor. He didn't walk around with his head held high as if his very existence was more meaningful than anyone had yet realized. He had no egotistical big-headedness or case of self-absorption. He preferred to be called by his first name, so after many months of reminding and insisting, he now goes by Dr. James to those he works near and with. He wasn't clean-cut and well-shaven, his scruffy beard was trimmed but longer than the hair on the top of his head. He didn't drive a fancy car; it was a Mazda. He didn't wear some unapproachable lab coat lined with self-importance, he actually wore a leather jacket when he went out in the back to smoke a cigarette. His patients mostly consisted of older folks who were starting to show signs of dementia, or had severe psychological problems like bipolar disorder, or manic depression. The newest addition to his client list would strike him then, as she was a beautiful, young woman... who appeared to have no psychological hang-ups. So, why was she paying for three hour-long sessions a week? Dr. James is no detective, but something tells him the situation is not a normal one, especially for someone like him, who mostly specializes in geriatrics. Bethany uses the sessions to talk to the doctor, but nothing profound comes out of them... until one day, when the tension became too thick, one of them just had to cut it.

I would be open to discussing the details of this idea with a potential partner. Obviously, I'm seeking tension-building romance, also want to fulfill the fantasy of doctor/patient interaction. Maybe the Psychiatrist develops feelings for Bethany and internally struggles during their need to fill one hour sessions daily, as he attempts to keep his lusts in check, having to remind himself that he is still a professional. Or Bethany develops feelings for the Psychiatrist and gets lost in the fantasy of possibilities for them somehow ending up together. Or, perhaps, mutual feelings are shared between the two, and the new question is why they were brought together in the first place?

"Help Desk, how may I be of assistance?"
Clare had recently landed a gig at a temp agency, which quickly found a short-term spot for her at a local call center. Excited at the opportunity, she immediately went in for an interview, bright-eyed and eager. After meeting with several members of management, taking a few task-oriented tests and answering various questions in the oral interviews, she was finally given the good news; she would start Monday morning as a phone center operator. First thing in the morning, Clare arrived along with the other newly hired temp's, and began the rigorous three week training process. During this time, she would acquaint herself with the other employee's, both in the office and outside of it. One such noteworthy department would be the Help Desk. There was one voice in particular, which she was immediately drawn to, that being the voice of Ian. Though they had never met in person, he had a way with his words, or maybe it was just the allure of his voice, which held a certain power over her and piqued her curiosity enough to ask if she'd ever see him in person. As it turned out, he had to come by the office in order to set up the new hire's computers, though he often worked from home or off-site. When they met each other, Clare felt an instant spark of chemistry that she hoped was shared by Ian. As it turns out, Ian was well aware of Clare's little crush and intended on using his persuasion to his advantage, by means of planting something on her computer, be it a dirty, personal e-mail, or several downloaded, not-safe-for-work images... any of which could be used as blackmail against Clare. What was his reason for doing this? Well, if Clare wanted to keep her job, she'd have to please the man who intended to blackmail her, by any means necessary.

I am very much craving a story along these lines as of late. Not only would this game be an office-centered romance story, but there is also the element of blackmail thrown into the mix, which if a partner preferred it be left out, could be arranged. Perhaps the motivation for Clare and Ian is simply pursuing a relationship because they are both instantly attracted to one another. However, the element of blackmail does create a delightful slue of emotions to work with, where I feel the relationship between the two main characters would be bumpy at first, but would likely smooth out over time. My intention would be for Clare to willingly submit to Ian's wishes, initially due to the blackmail he threatens, but over time, I'd prefer for her to develop real feelings for him. This could be a story about dominance and submission if a partner so wishes, I am more than willing to get inspired by a potential partner's take on this, as well as hear any additional ideas that this may spark.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.
Piper wanted nothing more than to be a model. It had been her dream for as long as she could remember. Even as a small child, she could vividly remember posing in front of every available mirror and hamming it up before any flashing camera. Her parents always supported her aspiration, even entered her into several 'cute baby' contests and teen beauty pageants. Piper was always a worthy competitor, a face to remember as she worked to make a name for herself. It wasn't until she moved to LA and got serious about her career that a modeling scout sought her out and Piper's name would make its way to a particularly distinguished agent, for a highly esteemed modeling company. Yet, it seemed her agent wanted a little more than what she had originally presumed. Easily, his influence could make or break her in this highly competitive industry. He held the keys to her career in the palm of his hand, now she just had to figure out how to free them from his grasp.

I am fairly flexible with the initial premise of this plot, meaning, if a partner is more interested in my character being an aspiring actress rather than an aspiring model, or something along that same vein, I'm more than willing to talk it over and consider slight alterations. This is another story where I can envision elements of D/s, should a partner be interested in that. If not, I can also see this amounting to NC, when the situation arises. However, I do not intent for it to only be NC, I would much prefer to have NC plots turn into a consensual relationship.

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a fantasy setting; mythical, magical, and extra-ordinary (including Apocalypse settings).

Nothing Left.
By the year 2020, technological advancements had not surpassed the hopes of many scientists and healthcare professionals. When the 21st century first began, people of the world had been promised that they would work harder on vaccinations, and preventative measures against sickness and disease. After the Swine Flu epidemic, the healthcare agencies had no choice, other than to promise better things for their people, better than things had been. Yet, no one could have predicted how bad things would truly get. As the years since the swine flu passed, a strand of the virus had been left to mutate, and over time, transformed into an epidemic that spread throughout the country. It managed to work its way through the things we eat, the items we drink, and even, the air we breathe. But when the signs and symptoms of contamination were so faint to trace, and so easy to conceal, how could anyone truly trust another? How would they make it through this, without a cure?

This is an Apocalypse setting, which was inspired by the setting from the video game, The Last Of Us. It is another zombie apocalypse, but the way in which people turn is very specifically stemmed from a strand of a virus, that had never gone treated, that no one ever was able to capture and vaccinate for. Over time, it spread, even in some instances, being airborne. I wouldn't require a potential partner to have played or seen the game, but we can always discuss more details. In that setting, a story is established surrounding two characters on a mission; he is an older man, and she is a younger girl, he has been sent to smuggle her in the city, where a group is looking to take her in. Perhaps in our story, for a bit of a spin, we can just have your character stumble upon mine, and agree to take care of her, transport her to a group that she heard was a few states over. In the game, the girl has been bitten, but is not infected, and they think that she might be their hope for a cure. Which translates to a very difficult decision in the end. I would love to make this plot into our own, unique version, and am excited to hear from an interested potential partner.

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a past setting; Historical (not based on actual historical events), including any time period that would pre-date a modern day setting.

In the fictional Norse-land of Leirinmore, the villages have been at war over a newly discovered plot of land, at the tip of the continent, branching out into the vast sea, like its own island. For so many years this territory had been ignored, but as soon as it was found, various nearby villages came to stake claim, a number of battles and wars ensuing. After losing a great number of their Northmen, certain villages began to team up with others, deciding to join their forces as allies, and over the years, Leirinmore was divided. The two strongest armies became enemies, and the fight over that piece of land had never ceased. Yet, there was a possibility for peace. This would come to fruition upon the gathering of leaders, at the next landsmeet. What would follow, could not have been predicted by any attendees. The two fueling armies showed up, and the spokesperson for one, offered a peace agreement, to the other. In exchange for the war to be ended, and the land to be forgotten, he would offer his enemy, his younger sister's hand in marriage. It was an arranged marriage, which would ultimately be the reason for peace and unity to exist between those two strongest forces of the land.

This is based on an original Rp I did in a chat-client. It is not supposed to be set in a real, historical, location, but inspired by the viking age. My plan would be for this Rp to progress, revolving around the couple within the arranged marriage. I would prefer for there to be a certain amount of conflict between them at first, perhaps they cannot stand each other, or one of them has a pure hatred toward the other. But, for the betterment of their people and the village as a whole, they must act as if they are both equally willing to go along with this marriage. Obviously the romantic element of this story comes into play, as their story and relationship develops. As time goes on, the one with a grudge, or the both of them, would start to lighten up, and before they know it, they've fallen for each other.

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a Sci-Fi setting; futuristic, cyborg or other robotic creatures and content.

Teach Me How To Feel.

Over time, the appearance of our personal computers has drastically changed, from the enormous, clunky box, to a sleek laptop, to our mobile devices, and now, by the year 2030, a robot. There are a variety of options to choose from, as well as a varying array of uses for these well-crafted machines. Some take the form of realistic, lifelike, human beings. The malebots and fembots are in no way of rare form, but a most popular item, so selections may be sparse until re-manufacturing can begin. There are also forms that take the shape of animals, and other, more mythical creatures. These are slightly more obscure, but as long as a customer has a vivid imagination, almost anything can be created for them, on the website, through special order. These machines are meant to be whatever the customer wishes of them. Perhaps they are simply in need of a companion in their lives, with artificial intelligence. Perhaps some customers simply wish for a high-powered machine, to do all of their computer features on, but wish for it to be more mobile and free, than a portable computer. Be cautious though, there have been several improvements and advancements in response to a long list of errors and malfunctions, specifically with the humanoid computers. We are looking into this with the best of intentions, and are constantly striving to perfect our product, for our customers.

This is my third attempt at doing a humanistic robot story, wherein the computerized woman learns to develop feelings, despite her inability upon creation, to feel. I have never been able to get this story very far off the ground, but have allowed myself another opportunity to take a chance at it, with the right partner. Fair warning, I will be especially skeptical upon approaching this story in particular, considering the previous two failed attempts. My idea for this story would be to portray the humanoid fembot, who would be, by company standards, a failed attempt. She would look exactly like a human, and I have always imagined her counterpart finding her (like a stray dog), rather than being a customer to this computer company, and purchasing one of these machines (unless he's so poor, he can only afford a 'broken version'). I would like for this story to develop into something of an impossible love-story, between a being who does not understand love, and the human who saves her from a fate of becoming scrap and junk.

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a Horror setting; thriller, suspense, some action and psychological thriller content. There is also an element of romance embedded within this category, albeit slightly twisted, dark, and beyond the ordinary. Can be based in modern, medieval, or fantasy settings, but not a Sci-Fi setting.

Selective Amnesia.
Stephanie and William have only been married for a short two months, before they were both affected by a horrible car wreck. They were driving home after spending the evening at the cinema, and the roads of Chicago were slick and slippery. William grasped Stephanie's hand and guided her knuckles up to his lips, where he planted several kisses. Stephanie turned to look at him, smiling wide, when just then, his front tires got caught and locked up, while trying to go over a particularly thick sheet of ice. This sent the car veering, and it spun in circles, before the passenger side smashed against a telephone pole. This shattered the glass, and sent the passenger's head flying through it, glass shattering, shards everywhere, blood dripping along the red paint of the exterior. The driver's side took next to no damage, and the driver therefore, was unscathed. Months later, the victim would suffer amnesia, and not remember a thing.

I have a couple of ideas for this story and would be willing to discuss them with a potential partner. Either William or Stephanie could be driving the car, depending on what a partner would prefer; obviously whoever is in the passenger side, would be the one who suffers amnesia. My hope with this story is to have the character who has not suffered amnesia, attempt to convince the victim of the crash, to come back home, move in with him/her again, and face the fact that they are married... despite the fact that the injured party doesn't even remember their spouse's name. A twist on this story could be as follows; the relationship between William and Stephanie, is actually brother and sister... it could be that after the crash, the driver realizes how much he/she needs the other, and... loves him/her. Despite how odd that may be. Using the amnesia to their advantage, perhaps they can convince the other to give them a chance, romantically speaking. The trick is to just keep them from finding out the truth.

The Ghost of You.
There was a rumor floating around, that a ghost traced the hallways of the school she had belonged to before the accident, haunting the halls, in search of her belonging, stuck in-between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Her name was Elanor, and she had been on her way to Junior Orientation. Like most days, she had not prepared ahead of time, and was running late, so her walk to school had turned into a run, careful consideration dissipating with every passing minute, only reminding her of how late she was, rushing to avoid being even later than she had to be. Just outside of the school's parking lot, Elanor darted across the street without looking, and had been struck by a car. They say that the person in the car never stopped, and that her body lay in the street for some time, before a passerby had discovered her. She was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, admitted into critical care, with a coma. Now, as the story goes, the spirit of her drifts on, oblivious about the accident, and unaware of what she needs to do, before her physical body can awaken again. Yet, when she notices that, for the first time, a classmate seems to notice her, she knows it is no coincidence, and decides to act on it, before it's too late.

For this story, I would much prefer portraying the role of the ghost, rather than the role of the one person who can see her. I would like for this story to develop as we go, and make it into something truly unique. It would make sense for the one student in the school who can see her, to either have some sort of tie to her, or other reason for his sixth sense, at least, when it comes to her. It would develop, in my mind, into something where they need each other; she needs for him to help her, to eventually wake her physical body up, or to reunite her spirit with her body... and he needs her to fulfill the mysteries that only she can delve into.

Rough Drafts.
Ideas that still need to be fleshed out.

At-Home Nurse.
This concept involves a patient who has suffered from a recent accident or surgery and meets a nurse at the hospital. When he is discharged, it is clear that he will still need at-home nursing care for a while, during his recovery. The nurse happens to provide such a service and passes him her card, should he feel so inclined to call. He does, which prompts her to visit his home routinely. Things quickly get hot between the pair, but while this patient is recovering, he was given very specific instructions to avoid sex for at least a month. Besides, it would be entirely unprofessional for a nurse to sleep with her patient.

Artificial Feelings.
The concept of AI's are quickly becoming a commonality. By the time robots start to move into peoples houses, the belief that they were a threat to humans, started to wane. After all, they were created by man, to function and perform according to that man's will. Many people saw the benefit in purchasing a robot to do their chores and act as a maid, or landscaper. The perk being, they didn't need to get paid, just recharged at the end of the night. So, when one man decides to push the boundaries and limitations of such an AI, by tweaking a model he had purchased for simple tasks, things take a turn. Originally, he bought the robot for ease of access, after his wife died. He had been too depressed for a long time, to keep up with the house. But then it occurred to him - maybe she could live on... maybe she could be reborn, into this very machine.

Significant Other.
For this concept, I would require a partner to take on the role of two characters, so it will be a bit of a commitment on that front. Essentially, we would play two pairs. First, there is the married couple. Then, there are the 'others' who they are cheating with. My thought would be that the marriage has gotten stale, and lost its spark, but isn't over yet. Perhaps they've considered divorce, but they've never openly talked about it, or threatened the other with it. Yet, each spouse is cheating with someone else, behind their spouse's back. In my mind, I'm picturing something like; the husband cheats on his wife with the new office intern, or even the maid who weekly cleans the house, while the wife is cheating with a neighbor or maybe even someone from the landscaping company. Because there are so many angles that this could go, I would like to simply sit back and watch how things progress, in terms of jealousy, suspicion, doubt and betrayal.

One look at my profile age and it should be clear as to why this concept suddenly entered my head. It's time for that dreaded ten year high school reunion, which our characters were invited to through Facebook. For whatever reason, (this part can be discussed) our characters decide to go. Perhaps they were just to curious about how their peers turned out, or maybe they were hoping to rekindle an old flame with someone. When our characters happen upon each other, things get interesting. In high school, they were rivals of some kind. Maybe he bullied her, or maybe she humiliated him in front of everyone. Whichever one was wronged, they will be the one seeking to get revenge on the other. This doesn't have to be a Non-Con situation, but it can get as dark as we'd like.

Darkest Knight.
Based in medieval times, a Princess and a Knight must work together in order to escape the Kingdom during the midst of a war. When it looks like the Kingdom is about to crumble, the Knight is given direct orders by the King to collect his daughter and take her to safety. No longer does her title matter, what matters is keeping her alive. The Knight is sworn to do as the King says, and therefore, just before the King takes his final breath, he makes an oath and vows to protect the young maiden for the remainder of his life, no matter what. The only problem is... she's a brat. When they are forced to venture off together, it's clear that she doesn't have a single fond feeling for the Knight either, who she considers boring, rude, and old. When the Princess has to mask her identity and blend in with other commoners, in order to venture to another Kingdom, where she might be able to seek refuge, she throws a fit. Nothing is easy for the Knight, while he has her in his custody. Nothing except... how hard he gets - despite himself - when he stumbles across her bathing, one night.

I'll See Your Bet, If You Raise Your Cock.
For this story, I would prefer to have two partners writing with me. It would be M/F/F. Katie and Charlotte are dating and have been sexually active for some time. Though Katie has only ever been with girls, Charlotte was only with guys before meeting Katie. Her most recent ex-boyfriend bumps into them one night at a party, witnessing them kissing each other. He's in sheer disbelief to discover that his ex-girlfriend would move on to date... a girl! Something must be going on, there. He's willing to bet money on it. So, he suggests such a thing to Charlotte. The bet boils down to a night of sex, where Charlotte is the one receiving, and whoever (her ex-boyfriend or her current girlfriend) can make her cum quicker, or first, wins the bet.
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Re: If you want the honey, don't knock over the beehive.
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2012, 08:05:16 PM »
My Play-Mates.

Test-Run Rp's.

Dead Rp's.
Roomies | Mayovagn
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Test-Run Rp's - I've decided to implement a 'testing period,' where I consider new Rp's, before fully accepting them as current Rp's. I've come to notice that though a person may have wonderful ideas, rich with detail and full of promise; that doesn't mean we would make good Rp partners. I ask that people who are in this category not be incredibly sensitive to the title, or possibility that the Rp may be dropped, simply due to an unbalanced partnership. I promise however, if I choose to no longer post to an Rp, I will send a PM.

Current Rp's - These are the Rp's I am currently involved in playing in; the partners I have are thus far well suited to my tastes and the stories are ones I fully intend on finishing.

Paused Rp's - After enough time has gone by without a reply, I will shelve the Rp into this category. Also, if someone informs me through a PM or other means (Yahoo, Skype, etc...) that they are currently going through a lot in their RL (or if I decide I need a break due to mine), and may take longer than normal to post due to those circumstances, the Rp obviously must take pause, until things settle and posting can commence. I do not take this personally, nor do I assume that the story is done, until someone tells me otherwise, so until more information is gathered, these stories are simply on pause.

Concluded Rp's - These are the Rp's which have reached a conclusion. For the longest time, this section was unmentioned because stories very rarely actually reach an end. I am incredibly happy to finally be able to add this section here. Concluded Rp's are to be stored here for future reference and tracking purposes.

Dead Rp's - When an Rp dies, I will save the link to the story and post it here. It is not my intention, nor hope, to collect a graveyard full of expired stories. However, I have decided to revise my list so that it mentions all of those stories which unfortunately had to be put to rest, in order to make my list complete. Though it is sad to see so many failed attempts, I believe it is better to keep track of every writing prompt, rather than let some fall by the wayside. I want to stress here that dead Rp's are not ones where a conclusion was reached, therefore, they were cut short.
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Added a new section to 'Role-Play Ideas' entitled Rough Drafts... Also wrote several rough drafts.