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Started by Mellific, November 03, 2012, 11:28:58 PM

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When you're working in the hive, you have but two chioces; to bee, or not to bee.

About the Writer:

Hi! I'm Mellific. Feel free to call me Mel. I have a passion for the written word and collaborative writing. I have been writing for over a decade; it is my fondest pastime. Creating characters and stories, while sometimes challenging, I find can also be incredibly rewarding. I only post in the forums, and I only write here on E. Adult content does not only revolve around sexual stories, in my opinion. Though I have every intention of including sexual elements and adult themes in my games, this should never be to the exclusion of a solid and concrete plot. As a writing partner, I believe that communication and patience work hand in hand. I expect that a writing partner will not mix or blur the lines between RP and RL. Please refer to the lists below for more details. If you wish to reach out, please do not hesitate to send me a PM.

Posting Frequency: Because I love writing and having an array of stories to write, I tend to overextend myself and sign up for more games than I can juggle with rapid replies. My goal for posting replies is once per week, or sooner when possible. Sometimes, I will be further delayed due to RL and when this is the case, I always update my A/A and make sure my partners are aware of a lack of activity.

Post Length: As long as replies are not one-liners and have enough material to work with, I am content. I do not have a minimum or a maximum word limit per post. I am all about quality over quantity. To me, neither short nor long posts are better, rather it is best to post quality, no matter its length. As such, my post lengths tend to vary in length. Please do not take this to mean that your post was problematic.

Post Order: There is a saying about how the heart wants what it wants, and I find that very same thing can be said for the muse. When it wants to reply to a specific store, it doesn't consider where in line that story falls. Therefore, I will sometimes post out of chronological order. Please do not take this personally. While I try to be as considerate as possible to those who are waiting on my replies, I find that it's generally better to write what is inspirational, rather than force something that isn't.

Characters (Yours & Mine): I do not mind playing males or females. I do not mind if you play males or females. For particular story ideas, I may have preferences for pairings, and generally speaking, my wheelhouse is MxF pairings. However, I am additionally a rainbow writer and accept MxM as well as FxF pairings and will even consider Poly pairings as well. Your RL gender is irrelevant to me. What does matter is that the character you are portraying is believable.

I'll be your honey; never expire. (ON's)

In a Partner:
  • Compatibility: I am interested in writing with a partner who inspires me and who, in turn, is inspired by our story together. I hope to write with someone of compatible writing styles.
  • Grammar: Proper grammar and spelling are important. The occasional typo is understandable, but too many errors pulls me out of the story.
  • Continuity: I am patient, however I very much appreciate being told of delays in advance. Absences are inevitable, RL always comes first, but after too long a pause, it becomes a struggle to carry on.
  • Smut/Plot Ratio: While I firmly believe that sexual elements have a place in my games, I also expect that smut will take a backseat to the overall plot.
  • Availability: I would like to write with partners who are available and able to reply more than once a month.
  • Communication: I also believe that communication is key and value a partner who communicates with me about the story.
  • Spontaneity: I adore being surprised, so don't be afraid to throw a wrench into things. I promise, if ever I feel uncomfortable or am struggling, I will express it.

In a Character:
  • Realism: I enjoy realistic Rp, and as such, realistic characters. The more realistic the character, the more immersive the writing experience.
  • Maturity: I mean this both literally and metaphorically. I prefer characters who act their age. That age must be 17 or older, for my own comfort.
  • Potential for Growth: Watching a character grow throughout the pages of a story is captivating. I enjoy witnessing and experiencing character development as a story unfolds.

In a Role-Play:
  • Realism: Though previously mentioned, it's worth stressing. I process Rp's the best when they are realistic and believable. This doesn't mean I only do human/modern Rp, though that is my wheelhouse.
  • Longevity: Not every story needs to be long. However, it should be mentioned that I begin games with the intention and hope of one day finishing them. There is nothing more fulfilling than a completed tale.
  • Enjoyment: Perhaps it goes without saying, but this applies to my writing partner as much as it does to me. I want the experience of writing together to be enjoyable for both of us.
  • Organic Plotting: By this I mean that I do not like to pre-plan too much in my games. A general idea of the beginning and even the end, is acceptable. But too much planning will deter me from the story.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. (OFF's)

In a Partner:
  • God-Modding/Meta-Gaming: Please do neither of these things. Both of them are huge pet-peeves of mine. I cannot stress enough how demoralizing it is to have your character written for you and how unfair it is to use information your character wouldn't know, in order to benefit them.
  • One-liners: While I certainly don't mind shorter posts, I need to have enough material to work with, and one-liners tend to not be enough. Please write more than that and be sure that your post gives me enough to reply to.
  • Prodding for Replies: Sometimes I post out of order, sometimes I will take longer than a week to respond. I try my best to let my writing partners know when to expect delays and I have to post where my muse leads me. Please understand that, and do not badger me for replies. If you're afraid I've forgotten, you may politely poke me, but please do not prod.

In a Character:
  • Abuse/Torture: Violence has no place in a romantic story, in my mind. There is a time and a place for Dub-con, as well as Non-con. However, abuse crosses into different territory. I will not be comfortable writing out scenes that depict torture unless death is imminent.
  • Hatred: While I don't mind playing a character who has strong animosity for another, pure hatred leads to places I'd rather not travel. It also makes a connection between those two character very difficult, if not impossible, to realistically obtain.
  • No Connection: If there is no connection between our characters, then the story won't work out. I'm not the sort to try and force something that doesn't feel right.

In a Role-Play:
  • Restrictions: It is important to me in my writing to be able to express myself as freely as possible. When there are too many rules and stipulations in place, I will shy away from the game due to a lack of creative freedom.
  • Lack of Activity: After enough time passes, I will start to lose the spark that I originally had for the story and the voice of my character will die out. Though I do not mind pausing for partners who request it, I cannot guarantee when the story is ready to pick up again, that I will still be committed.
  • Compromised Story: Sometimes it happens, and it's unfortunate when it does. However, if either writer loses interest, then the game should stop. If the story itself has become compromised or strayed too far from its original path and is no longer going in the direction either writer wanted, then it should end.

Rough: Dirty talking, spanking, biting, breath play, edging, orgasm control, scratching, hair pulling, slapping (within reason).
BDSM: Domination and submission, obedience and servitude, bondage, restraints, toys, suspension, humiliation, rough play, pain for pleasure (within reason).
Vanilla: Good, old fashioned, classic love-making without the use of force, between two people who love each other, or like each other, or just want to get down and dirty.
Romance/Relationships: Whether conventional or not, exploring a romantic relationship is always full of win.
Forced and Non-Consensual/Dubious Consent: These are big fetishes of mine if done correctly. I may be picky about who I play these sorts of scenes out with.
Taboo Situations: Another big fetish that needs to be done in the right way. Voyeurism, exhibitionism, and simply inappropriate pairings. Absolutely no adult/child incest.


Extreme Anything: Toilet play, mutilation, gore, knife play, vomit, vore, cannibalism, etc. None of these things are appealing or sexy to me.
Transgender, Hermaphrodite, Futa, Transformations: Nothing personal, I simply have no experience playing with or opposite these characters and am not drawn to them.
Bestiality: Animals and people are different species. I prefer to keep them separated. Furthermore, I just have no interest or allure to this sort of scenario.
Infantalism/Incest: There may be some rare exceptions for incest, but I do not participate in parent/child or adult/child incest whatsoever, and I have no interest in fetishizing babies/toddlers.

Thank you so much for reading through my O/O's! If you think we might mesh well together as writing partners, then please shoot me a PM. I'll be sweet as honey.

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Name: Stalk You Later
Content: MxF where I play the F and am seeking someone to play the M
Scenario: My FMC has just recently moved in and is still getting used to the neighborhood. It's her first Halloween there, and she's looking for something to do. While she's out at a bar, she thinks she feels someone's eyes on her, but doesn't spot anyone staring. On the way home, she thought she noticed the same car trailing behind her, but keeping a comfortable distance. When she finally got home, she just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. Little did she know, she had just become the object of someone else's obsession, and he was very intent on making her aware of his presence... tonight.
Setting: Modern day, October/Halloween vibes
Requirements: Someone who can post once a week or more, who can write the dominant male stalker character
Other Info: I do have some hard limits when it comes to a non-con or a dub-con scene. For example, blood play and threats of death are absolutely not going to work. I would hope that a potential partner would speak to me about their expectations for the scene and double check with me before incorporating any specific kinks. I'm also going to be pretty picky about who I write this out with, to ensure that we're both comfortable and that we'd make a good pairing.

Name: This is Halloween
Content: MxF where I play the F and am searching for someone to play the M
Scenario: My FMC takes a trip to the local Halloween Carnival and gets separated from her friend at the House of Mirrors. Now that she's alone, she realizes that she feels like someone's watching her. To be fair, there are quite a few employees dressed in costumes dotted around the park, looking to get a fright out of the customers. So it's very possible taht someone is watching her. But she can't shake the feeling as she makes her way through a haunted house, screaming at the creatures with their other worldly masks and shrieking sounds. Will she make it out of the park unharmed? Or is someone really watching her, and just waiting to get her all alone?
Setting: Modern day, October/Halloween vibes
Requirements: Someone who can post once a week or more, who can write a male stalker character
Other Info: I do have some hard limits when it comes to a non-con or a dub-con scene. For example, blood play and threats of death are absolutely not going to work. I would hope that a potential partner would speak to me about their expectations for the scene and double check with me before incorporating any specific kinks. I'm also going to be pretty picky about who I write this out with, to ensure that we're both comfortable and that we'd make a good pairing.

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