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Author Topic: ~*Pirate RP! (M/M looking for Doctor to be my Prisoner!) *~  (Read 278 times)

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~*Pirate RP! (M/M looking for Doctor to be my Prisoner!) *~
« on: November 03, 2012, 07:26:22 PM »
Hello! Welcome. I would like to start off by saying that I will be playing the Pirate Captain Vicktor and his first mate Gnarde as well as the soon to die, upstanding, Captain Dallias. The role play starts out at the end of a long chase and sea battle between the two ships and Vicktor gains the upper hand (this is not the first time the two have fought). Basically Vicktor kills the captain and takes the ship. You (the Doctor) are part of the surviving prisoners now tied together in a line and at the mercy of the most feared and brutal Pirate Captain Bloody Vic.

Here is what I need: I need the Doctor (you) to be an extremely moral man. In other words your work as a Doctor comes first no matter how strongly you wrestle with other emotions in your head. I want the doctor to feel forced into the service of my pirate captain (because he will be if Victor finds out he is a doctor). I want him to hate Victor with a fiery passion at first, but he torn between that and his duty and love of being a Doctor. I want the doctor to be absolutely loyal to Captain Dallis and be filled with rage that Victor killed him. I want the doctor to see Victor as evil, unmoral and a blood thirsty, low life killer. Victor has killed the only man the Doctor had looked up to, followed with his entire heart, and perhaps even loved a bit and to add on top of it he will kill those of the Doctors best friends because they will not join him. Now, this is a considerably wrong foot to start off on but I want the relationship to grow as the doctor comes to learn that victor may not be who he thought he was and starts to have feelings for him when he sees a different side of him. Then he comes to learn certain compromising secrets that Victor would do almost anything to keep secret and so a delicious power play can come in here.

So what it comes down to is I want a switch who is mostly bottom in the bedroom but I want to have some interesting power dynamics between them outside the bedroom. Victor likes to assert his authority and can be a bit sadistic about it. He has morals and rules but they are more like guidelines really...

Well, here is the first post and you can see if your interested. Oh and this is set in a fantasy world on the high seas. Expect sea monsters, mermaids and other strange things as the rp moves on...

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The loud bone shuddering boom of cannons, accompanied by the sickening sound of splitting wood seconds later as the main mast was toppled was, to him, the sound of his doom. "Damn him!" Dallis swore under his breath and threw clenched teeth. His ship was too slow to out run the smaller, fleeter pirate vessel and now they were dead in the water. Even if they managed to saw through the main mast and disengage the ship from the dead weight it would be too late.

"All hands to your stations! Prepare to be boarded!" Captain Dallis shouted above the god awful din of men's voices and the boom of cannons. The last volley of cannon fire from them didn't strike the pirate vessel as it was too fast and circled out of the way, just barely. He made sure his saber was loose in is scabbard and he loaded his pistol. His stern, cool blue eyes glared across the water to the band of jackals harassing them, and there, he could see the pirate captain he knew through frequent sea battles. The dog had never been able to get the upper hand on him until now. The legendary pirate went by many names, Malik Al-Bahr (king of the sea), The Reaver, though he liked to call him Bloody Vic. It was a personal and mean joke between them.

As the boats ground together he drew his saber and shouted "For Avalon! Long live the Queen!" and his men let out a battle cry as the two opposing forces slammed together and the firing of pistols and the high pitched clashes of swords mingled with the animal screams of men in the heat of battle...


Vicktor only had eyes for the captain. He had waited too long for this sweet revenge, yes all the taunting, the humiliating defeats and the maddening escapes by this one man were at an end! Captain Dallis, it was going to be sweet, sweet, revenge. He swung across on a rope, leading the charge against the lone Avalonion navel ship and singling out there red haired, most dignified, captain.

He dropped to the deck and narrowly missed being shot before he attacked hard and fast. "AAAAHHHH!" he snarled as he pressed the captain, forcing him to give under his volley of attacks. There swords met, flashed away and met again, the light of the bloody summer sunset making the cold steel blaze red in it's glow. He managed to slice deeply into the bicep of his foe and let out a bark of laughter as he saw the blood spring forth and soak into that pristine uniform. The small victory didn't last long as Dallis got his second wind and the larger man unleashed an angry roar and a devastating series of attacks. Vicktor was forced back under the ferocity of his adversary but this did not wipe the smile from his lips.

"It has been too long my friend! Tell me, did you always dream of dyeing in battle? Perhaps by my hand?" he taunted him as he fell back from his heavy blows, raining down upon him, knowing he could not keep that pace for long. They had fought before and the anger and hate between them ran deep. This confrontation was a long time coming. The feud between them was more than what it appeared to be.

Dallis threw a punch at him in anger and desperation with his massive fist and he managed to block it but it slammed him up against the broken main mast and he earned himself a deep gash on his forearm, the blade biting through a thick leather gauntlet in an attempt to reach his throat. "Ah! Damn you!" He snarled, anger blazing in his dark eyes in response to the pain. However he could see Dallis was sufficiently worn down by now and he pressed him again even more fiercely than the last time and he fell back before him once again. That wound on his sword arm was costing dallis and he slashed him again on his sword arm and on his right leg. The blood lust roared within him as he drove his enemy back on a deck slick with blood. Screaming for satisfaction he could not stop, he would not stop as he finally knocked Dallis's sword out of his hand and with one mighty thrust ran him through.

The fighting had been dwindling and now there was utter silence as he listened to the mans dyeing words. "Take care of Vallie..." Dallis struggled to say. Vicktor glared at him hard, eyes hard, jaw set.

Dallis saw the way he was looking at him. "Damn you Vicktor!" he snarled and coughed up blood, sinking slowly to his knees.

Victors rage softened, revenge was taken. "Alright! Alright. I will Dallis...die already you fool." he growled the last part.

Dallis smiled, eyes glazing. "Your...the fool..."

Vicktor watched as Dallis collapsed to the deck, blood poring from his mouth and blue eyes far away, glazed by death. He stood there a moment, unsettled by his last comment. Damn the man always had to have the last word. Then took off his hat and bowed deeply, muttering something before raising his voice to all.

"None shall touch him! He fought bravely and well and he will enter the underworld intact!" it meant no one was to steal from him anything on his person. He put Dallis's dropped sword back into his hand and turned to his crew who had rounded up the surrendered crew members and was now working on transporting cargo. They worked like a well oiled machine. It was all in a days work for them and they needed no orders as they went about there business.

He came over to his First Mate Gnarde, passing the captive men. He paused to look at them a moment, letting his slightly curly jet black hair fall into his equally dark eyes. He was dressed in black from head to toe save for a blood red sash about his waste, and a white lace under shirt, that was now torn and bloodied at the forearm, which still dripped blood and stung like a thousand bee stings. They were fine clothes so one could see he made a good living off of this sort of thing. He made no pains to conceal his bloody sword from them, wet with the blood of there former captain. He would get to them in good time, but first the cargo...

"What was she carrying in the hold Gnarde?" he asked as he stopped beside him, looking over the ships ledger. Gnarde was a large man of about six foot four, Scandinavian, blue eyes blonde haired, well if he had hair, he shaved himself bald and wore a black hat. He was even tempered, good natured and loyal to the bone. Vicktor didn't like the fact that he was taller than him but Gnarde more than made up for it. Gnarde in his mind was not replaceable and he knew when he wasn't around Gnarde enforced his rules, granted, he was a little kinder about it than he would be...

"Ah, she had 12 chests of gold, 20 rolls of fine silk, 50 pounds of tobacco, 75 pounds of sugar, and 15 kegs of Ballei's Best Rum!" he raised his voice on the last part and the pirates cheered as they either hauled the cargo onto the other ship or guarded the surrendered prisoners.

Vicktor chuckled at the response to the rum, knowing it would not make it back to port to sell. It wasn't a bad haul, could have been better but this was not about the cargo. "How many of ours are wounded or killed?" he asked.

"We have 46 remaining crew and we lost 12 men, one of which was the ship doctor. We have 5 seriously wounded and ten more minority so, myself included." he said as he nodded down to a deep slash on his thigh.

Vicktor nodded. "Good man." he said as he slapped him on the back and then turned his dark gaze upon the prisoners. Some of them were gazing off over accost the blood soaked and body littered deck at the remains of there former captain, some glared darkly at him and others seemed just plain in shock, all of them were probly fearing for there lives.

"Listen, all of you..." Victor said as he walked over and stood before the captives'. "I am going to sink this ship and you are going to be on it!" he let that sink in for a moment before he spoke above there frightened objections. "Unless! want to join my crew. You will be treated fairly and the pay is good. We also need a Doctor, there would not happen to be one among you?" he asked as he searched the faces before him.
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