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Started by Relius, November 01, 2012, 09:43:38 PM

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My name is Relius and I am looking for female RPers who are interested in writing MxF plot based role plays. If you do find yourself interested in any of the ideas below, or have an idea you think I might enjoy, I encourage you to PM me so we can discuss the details, along with checking out my O/O thread, which is linked within my signature.

Paradise City

On the surface, it was your typical coastal city, a tourist and party-goer hot spot. Plenty of celebrities and CEOs make it their home, with streets so pristine and clean that most people don't notice the grime beneath all the shine and polish. The position on the coast makes it a prime location for many criminal organizations, most of which have come to agreements with each other and the police to keep peace. No need to worry about any of that when the beats are loud and the drinks are cheap, where good college girls go to find their bad boys and cash flows faster than the ocean currents. No specific plot, but plenty of possible trouble making pairings, from the son's of mobsters looking for some fun, the femme fatales making men beg for attention and the hotshot businessmen and women celebrating their next big sale. What could possibly go wrong in a city where the party never stops, and the city never sleeps?

Teacher And Student

I've been looking craving a Teacher/Student RP for awhile now, with a bit of a twist to it. Perhaps he's a master of the blade, a soldier of fortune hired by a noble's daughter to help her learn the finer art of the sword in secret, as her father does not wish for her to learn. Or perhaps we do take this in a school setting, but in a school of espionage where seduction is taught alongside marksmanship and how to hack into encrypted databases. And adding a supernatural twist never hurts, making the handsome or beautiful teacher secretly a demon, vampire or werewolf among other things, using students as prey until they find the one that makes them pause and take them under their wing.

Even without a twist though, I might be willing to go for the idea if it sounds fun and naughty enough.

Mind and Muscle

One is a noble that lives high above in the golden city, looking down at the peasants mulling about below, a master of the arcane. The other lives far below, one who has mastered their craft with sword and strength, a known duelist and gladiator who fights for coin. Though separated by upbringing, they find themselves drawn together by fate when a series of shocking murders goes largely ignored. Neither caring who they might upset in the process, the headstrong pair find themselves reluctantly agreeing to partner up in the pursuit of justice, even if it means suffering the company of a snob and a brute.

For this idea, I'm looking for a world that it either high fantasy or more of a Victorian steampunk world, in a capital city where their is a very clear distinction between the Haves and Have Nots. Those lucky enough to be born rich are also the only ones who have access to those who teach the magical arts, a right of theirs by noble birth. Everyone else gets by with the work they can provide with their hands, while those gifted enough with good looks or above average intelligence are awarded with loftier placement, but never high enough to see themselves standing with the nobles.

Finer details on the world and the characters can be talked over via PM, doesn't matter who plays what role.

-Possible GM RPs

I've dabbled in GM RPs a few times in the past but haven't really felt the urge to return to it until now with the pair of settings below.

School of Assassins/Magic

They were the rejected sons and daughters of the nobles, the illegitimate children that couldn't be simply tossed away. So they were taken to the north, to a training ground where they would be forged into something useful, tools to be wielded. A cruel, cold world of backstabbing and betrayal, where favor among the teachers flows as easily as water flows down a mountain. The School answers to no one, it is a place that governments and powerful people come to when they need something that'll get the job done. A sorceress, an assassin, even personal aides or dancers that do more than what they appear. As a new student, delivered with a group of other unfortunate souls, you're thrust into the initiation ceremony designed to cut the number of new students entering the School by half, before finding yourself in a nest of vipers, fallen angels and one angry dragon.

A Choice of Birth

For eighteen years, she'd thought she was nothing more than a normal farm girl, destined to be bought off in an arranged marriage. Her aunt and uncle had been kind to her, but she had seen what happened to the other farm girls, the one's who weren't even half as pretty as her. It wasn't until the night of her eighteenth birthday that she realized she was meant for greater things than farm work. A vision came to her as she slept, a vision of her true mother and father explaining her heritage and what lay before her. A rebellious angel and loving succubus, they defied the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell with their love and bore a child to the world with the powers of both. She would have the chance to claim her destiny as she wished, to be pure as an angel, sinful as a demon or walk the path of both...



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I would be interested in playing out the Airships, pirates and a quest for revenge one. I am fascinated by the steampunk verse, have a few books on it, and am an avid fan of Retribution Falls. I know that I can play this out to your satisfaction.



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I'm very interested in the Prince and the Witch! I am a tomboy and believe I could do the Prince justice.
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