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June 21, 2018, 11:34:44 AM

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Author Topic: Sudden Mass Effect interest! Looking for f or m characters for m/f content!  (Read 426 times)

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Offline Flying TenguTopic starter

I know, about six months late for Mass Effect, right?  Nevertheless, I've suddenly found myself desiring some rp based on Mass Effect.  Maybe it's from trying to grind out a few more achievements in multiplayer.  Oh, how those achievement titles elude me...


PLEASE NOTE: I will play either male characters or female characters.  My male characters can be human or turian, while my female characters can be human or asari.  I would prefer that the character I choose to identify with, if male, does not participate in NC activities.  So, if you want a game with 90% or more NC content, I would be playing a female character.  Please see both my signature and my rp preferences for more details.

My story ideas:

Dying Earth - TAKEN; NO LONGER AVAILABLE - The Reapers have finally invaded.  Earth has fallen.  Millions die every day, taken up into the terrible ships for conversion, or simply absorbed by the cannibals or husks that roam the cities.  There are only a few packets of resistance left, with all of the major cities and most of the leadership being under Reaper control.  Every available transport ship was scrambled at the time of the attack, evacuating as many people as possible.  Many of these were shot down by the attacking Reaper forces.  Some of the people on them lived...
I imagine this as rather similar to a zombie movie, but, y'know, Mass Effect!  We'd play survivors of a downed transport, stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Our characters would be working their way across the shattered remains of earth, trying to reach one of the aforementioned pockets of resistance.  Lots of sneaking about, scavenging for supplies, hiding in small spaces, all cuddly-like.  I see this being a quickly formed attachment based on the intense circumstances, just like Keanu Reeves says doesn't work in Speed.

Archangel's Successors - This idealet (I wish that was a word) would be set on Omega, very shortly after the events of ME2.  Garrus' team had been providing hope for the ordinary people of Omega, showing them that the criminal gangs could be fought, hurt, and defeated.  His team is gone, but so are the heads of the three major criminal organizations.  A new team of heroes rises up to see if they can finish the job Garrus started.
Our characters would be two of the members of the new band of vigilantes.  We'd fight crime!  This could either be romance based, lust based (nothing gets a person excited like a successful mission), or NC based, if it involves occasional capture by the crime syndicates.  In this last instance, you could play a crime lord while I play a female character; see my note above for clarification on this.

Your ideas:

Let me know if you have ideas!  I'd be open to suggestions based on Mass Effect, and falling within that "PLEASE NOTE" above.  That leaves a fair amount of space, so feel free  to PM me with anything you think of.

FINAL NOTE:  The thing that's most important to me when doing a roleplay is communication.  Send me messages!  Expect messages from me!  Let's talk about what we'll be doing, and what else we want to do.

Thanks for reading!
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Offline Flying TenguTopic starter

New idea!  Especially as one of the above is taken.

Please note that this idea has more NC content (well... semi-C, really) than either of those above, and is probably a bit smuttier as well.

In this idealet (I insist on using this word!) the male character would be a bodyguard of some sort, the female character would be something else.  A famous entertainer, perhaps a diplomat, and either way probably an Asari.  For some reason, the two are briefly separated in a dangerous area; this could be Omega, the slums of Ilium, a less secure ward on the Citadel.  A criminal or criminals grab the female character and engage in some amount of NC activity with her.  We could discuss exactly how much, but it should feature forced pleasure.  Regardless, the male character finally charges in, dispatching the criminal/s, but arriving some amount too late, based on what we discussed.  From there, the dynamic between the two characters will have changed.  From her perspective, he rescued her while she was naked, vulnerable, and involuntarily aroused, leading to new feelings towards him.  From there, future content could come from the interaction between the two... or perhaps she seeks to recreate those circumstances, and begins frequenting dangerous areas again, hoping to be captured once more...

Since the NC content in this game would not come from the bodyguard, I would be happy to play either character.  And while I recognize that this game could exist outside of Mass Effect, it's still a Mass Effect game that I'd like to do, so please only ask if you, too, would like to do Mass Effect.