God of War: Twilight of the Gods

Started by godfang, October 31, 2012, 09:57:11 AM

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It was foretold by the Norns. The Twilight of the Gods, the day the Giants and the Forces of Hel surge forth from the underworld for a war with the gods of Asgard. Led by the trickster god Loki, the giants utterly destroyed Valhalla, slaughtering the Aesirs brutally. Odin was killed by Fenris the wolf, his remaining half-body displayed on top of Loki's palace for all to see. Thor was devoured by World Serpent Jormungand, swallowed alive, kicking and screaming as the beast disolved him in it's belly. Freya was captured and gifted to the king of The Jotun, the ice giants, to be used as he pleases, her screams of pain and horror echoes through the frozen realms of Jotunheim everyday.

But it was not enough for Loki. Soon he began attacking other Pantheons, drawing more dark creatures to his cause. The Egyptian Pantheon Fell after Anubis betrayed them. The gods and goddess of the far east tried to withstand the dark tide but they were too few. No gods were spared as Loki and his forces rampages through the world, turning it into their own nightmarish haven. Humans are reduced to living in hiding as giants and monsters now rule the land.

The greek Pantheon however, was spared the indignity of being enslaved or tortured by Loki, for they were already ruined by one man. Kratos. God of War.  After his destruction of the Greek Pantheon and near death by the blades of Athena, Kratos went to live a quiet life in an island to the west of Greece. When a goddess finally comes to find him to request help, the Spartan initially refused the request, saying that his vengeance is already sated and he has no more interest in slaying gods. Only when a band of Giants attacked the island did he pick up his blades one more time. Kratos slayed the Giants and proceeded to fuck the goddess for six days and six nights before leaving for Europe. His goal, to Kill Loki.

-What i am looking for-

-A female partner who is a fan of Mythology in General (especially norse, greek and egyptian)
-A partner who enjoys equal part sex and equal part violence (Since this is based on the God of War franchise)
-Someone willing to play multiple characters ( i too will play multiple characters such as Kratos, Loki, Anubis and some of the bad guy. Hopefully you'll play the many females Kratos meets (and ravages) along his journey to Kill Loki. They can be Valkyries, Goddesses in hiding, humans, monsters, etc.
-I can play it on threads or, if you are willing, IM's. I use either msn or ym.


Kratos, the ghost of Sparta. Killer of gods and former god of war. A warrior without equal, his rage once gave him the strength to conquer gods. Now that his anger is quenched, will he have the drive to become the unstoppable force he once was? Kratos is still an immensely powerful warrior though he has lost alot of his magical weapons.

Loki is a half-god-half-jotun. He hates the gods of Asgard with all his hearts and swore to one day bring them down. In a sense, he is alot like Kratos for he too once served the Aesir until they decided to punish him by bounding him with the entrails of his own son. Loki's act of killing Odin mirrored Kratos' murder of Zeus, but where Kratos is a rampaging beast, Loki is a cunning predator who patiently waits for his moment to strike. He is also a much more sadistic being than Kratos. He currently resides in the Ruins of Valhalla where he spends his days torturing his captives while raping goddesses.

That's about it. If you're interested, please contact me and we can talk about details :D