Wanted. (M for F (NC/BON))

Started by Dave, October 31, 2012, 02:19:28 AM

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PM me if any of these interest you, of give you an idea you'd like to work out with me!

Wanted: One female submissive
Insane Asylum Forced to have a psychiatric examination after a careless carcrash, a young woman falls victim to a group of perverted doctors who decide they want the girl for their own. She is proclaimed to be insane and dangerous at the hospital and restrained against her will, where she is taken to a cell to be used and toyed with by the doctor as he trains the girl to become his sex slave.

Wanted: One female submissive
Bad Cop In a sketchier part of a large city, a cop in his earlier thirties has had the worst few months of his life. With nothing left going on his life, the cop decides to turn his anger one day onto one of the local prostitutes, a new, very attractive young girl that had just arrived on the scene. The cop busts her for prostitution, but then handcuffs her and takes her to a warehouse he had rented out about a month ago in a very secluded part of the docks. The cop then begins to set up a place for what he decides as his new sex slave to live, and begins training the girl to please him.

Wanted: One female submissive
Car Wash Bitch A young man working at a car wash one summer is greeted by a large chested, incredibly rude woman who begins to order people to clean her rather expensive car, and yelling at them for not doing well enough. Having enough of her behavior, the man finds a way to bind and gag the girl and lock her in a closet until he closes the store and play with her. He uses the woman sexually and takes pictures, threatening to show them to everyone if she does not return and continue servicing him.

One submissive female
Sweet Dreams A couple in their earlier twenties are happily living in an apartment together, in a long term mostly vanilla but someone kinky relationship. One night the girl has an incredibly vivid dream where she is taken control of and sexually dominated by an unknown man. She wakes up incredibly aroused and over the next few days and weeks, tries to convince her boyfriend to become more dominant and sexually dominate her, to the pint of her in dream.

Wanted: One dominant female
Chemistry A young, incredibly attractive female professor takes a liking to a quiet, intelligent student in her new college chemistry class. She tells the boy he is failing and will need to visit her office to make up for it. When he arrives he finds himself suddenly tied and at the mercy of his professor as she begins to use a series of sexual toys and restraints to dominate the student and please herself. Throughout the course of the schoolyear their relationship continues, as she dominates him more often in his life.

Wanted: Two dominant females
Neighbors In an apartment complex, two incredibly attractive young women move in next door to a young man. The two girls are very friendly to him and invite him over for dinner. At dinner however, he is quickly restrained and used as a sex toy by the two women. Without any explanation the two begin training him as their perfect pet, dressing him up and sending him out in public on dates to humiliate him.