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Author Topic: Naomi's One on One Ideas  (Read 935 times)

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Naomi's One on One Ideas
« on: October 30, 2012, 11:07:15 PM »
As time permits I may post a few new craves currently I do not have any stories to update or add.

Sugar Daddy {Taken}

Aisha Thomas comes from a middle class background. She works for her father's gardening supply company and is the apple of his eye. When her father is a victim of the recession he's in danger of losing his business and falls ill due to the stress of potentially losing his life's dream. Aisha is devastated by her father's circumstances and will do anything to help him recover. Enters the Sugar Daddy. His name is your choice, his background is your choice. What I'd like to see is that he's either an older man, friend of the father's, or the son of the owner of a rival company, (either works) that has the means to bail out her father's company but not without a trade off, which is having Aisha for his own sexual needs. Those boundaries can be discussed between players. Can be a one shot solo scene or short term play.


The Book Update 11/16/12 Author's note: The book will be moving from PM play to forum play soon in two separate incarnations. Once these stories conclude I will retire this SL idea.{Taken}

The plot revolves around my female character and the character of your muse. The situation is simply my character is a reclusive librarian. She has no social life of her own preferring books to people and fantasizes about the books she reads, mainly the heroes/heroines of the stories. One night she comes across a book she doesn't recognize. It doesn't belong to the library. She takes it home after its left unclaimed and begins to read the story inside. [The story inside is discussed between myself and writing partner *winks*] The twist of the story being, the book is living and grants the fantasy written within its pages so long as the book remains open. Obviously there is a LOT of latitude with this scenario; set up for plot, various type heroes and heroines and genre settings, sexual or non sexual themes, time suspension [will explain that one], depending on what story is being “read”. Play begins with finding the book, and can end when she closes the book. It can run long or short [to accommodate RL schedules] and partners can be male or female. My character is always female.

9 ½ Weeks Our Story Remix [Erotic] {Taken as of 10/31/12}

Not much to explain unless you have never seen the movie 9 ½ weeks. A brief plot explanation can be found on the IMDB site or Google the name. My summary is that in the movie, you have a woman that begins an affair with a total stranger. They meet, hit it off and it become a mysterious and erotic journey as the male character keeps his life, who he is, what he does, where he even goes during the day a secret from the woman and wants only to indulge in the sexual fantasies he introduces her too. She in turn begins to wonder, who he is, what he does, where he goes when not with her. He refuses to meet her circle of friends, preferring she only plays his games. The movie struck me as more of a psychological situation, where the two characters become entangled in ways neither expected and the outcome of the movie is not the predictable happily ever after story ending; only with the affair ending and the aftermath of those 9 ½ weeks spent together. Again there is latitude in characters, plot, etc. This is an erotic story so sexual themes are intended. The elements of which can be discussed between myself and writing partner. [male character preferred for this plot but can be adapted for F/F]

Abduction Stories: [Erotic]

Sexy Alien abduction – no explanation needed there, would love for my character to be abducted by a sexy alien details worked out between writing partners! [Male alien preferred and one that is humanoid more so than tentacle having monster type] {concluded}

Please note that due to my work schedule and writing in my private time my response times to stories may be delayed. Deadlines will supersede my role playing stories so if you are not a patient sort I may not be the writing partner for you! *smiles*

If any of these scenarios grab your fancy please send me a PM and let’s collaborate!

~ <3 ~ Naomi R ~ <3 ~
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Active/Non Active/Finished Role Plays
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2012, 05:24:41 PM »
Current List of Active/Non Active or Finished Role Plays

Incognito RPG (stalled)
Incognito Stats and open call for players!(no longer looking)
What Lies Within
The Lost World of Beverly Hill's
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