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Author Topic: Red Sun Country  (Read 255 times)

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Red Sun Country
« on: October 29, 2012, 05:55:06 PM »
This RP will be taking place in a fictional feudal setting, many of the characters are planned to be based on Japanese mythology, others are also allowed upon approval, such as the Phoenix or Minotaur a 'God' or two may be allowed upon consideration and agreeing with the whole RP group, just to be fair. Imagine the Inuyasha setting, but with non actual names Japan will be 'The Red Sun Country' a group of Islands more so, giving people options to be from islands they've came up with themselves, also from fictional places based on actual places.

Plot:There isn't some grand super long plot as of yet, there are the makings of a war though. Tengu are viewed as good/Angels and Oni are viewed as bad/devils all having territory with humans who give them influence, there are many different tengu and oni clans as well as other types of creatures to choose from. The world is going through a few changes, in "The Copper Mountain Region"[based on china/mongolia] they invented gunpowder introducing explosives and firearms? and "The Emerald Lands"[based on england/sctoland/ireland] invented steam operated machines. All of the human advances began to upset demon and tengu alike and provoked wars over ethics, and this is where our RP takes place. Humans taking sides with tengu or demons and conflicts between them, allowing your character's to run or be part of these villages, or be a foreign diplomat,emissary,or invader. All the RP's around this don't have to be exactly involving the war or the politics, just using the universe is also fine.

Wanizame,Kitsune,Neko,Tengu[both bird and dog], Minotaur, Centaur,a select few Ryujin, and many others are all welcome as far as mythological creatures go, things like matchlock rifles are allowed, a even a mech crafted by steam technology is cool, but let's just not get too carried away with it. I'll post an example at the end. Everything doesn't have to be filled.

[/b]Due to my lenience we will discuss this among people with approved characters, the sexual part isn't too important with me but to other people it's very vital to their RP experience so we'll make sure everyone is comfortable with the same things first and go from there.

Character Sheet:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Full Name: Ryujin Maguma
Nicknames: Maguma

Race: Ryujin/Dragon God
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: ?
Age: ?
Hair: Black
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Mostly dark brown, sometimes they'll appear as if a flame is dancing inside his iris.
Height: 6ft[Human] He ends up about 45ft from the tip of his tail to his nose, and around 18ft in height
Weight: 150lbs[Human] In his other form it's unclear.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Place of Residence: Ryugu-jo,Red Sun Country
Place of Birth: ?

Relatives: ?
Enemies: Tengu
Allies: Wanizame,Kappa,Some Ryujin, Some Humans

Occupation: General/Tyrant/Self-proclaimed King.

Appearance: [Dragon form]

Fashion of Choice: Maguma dresses black or blood red kimonos, black in the time of peace to mourn their dead enemies, and red for their burning passion to destroy them, if not in those common garbs, he's in armor.
Armor of Choice: Maguma is almost always in traditional samurai gear crafted from obsidian, a volcanic rock his people had come to craft and master.
Weapons of Choice: Maguma like most is proficient with a sword , yet his natural ability to project and manipulate heat allows him to make magma of earth rocks to destroy his enemies with, it's rumored he's done so to whole villages, crushing them beneath a wave of molten lava.

Special Abilities: Maguma can fly and manipulate the elements to create magma in which he uses to destroy his enemies, he's immortal being Ryujin making his age limitless, yet even a god can be killed.

Personality: Maguma is hard headed and territorial, he's aggressive, he's a liar and the lives of other matter not to him.

    Alignment: Evil/Oni
    Personality: Maguma cares for himself and is very unpleasant, if not for the balance of the other Ryujin and spirits, he would spread his tyranny.

    Religion/Philosophy: Maguma believes he is the most fierce of the Ryujin and that his power is unmatched, that he is a god, and that his soldiers and people are the most fierce, and sadly, most of them believe so too.

    Affiliations:  A large group of Crocodile, and Shark demons, also Wanizame follow his lead, being that he rules a large portion of the ocean. The Kappa, a group of turtle spirits work for him also. The humans he claims as his are of minimal importance and he uses them as if they're worthless. He's accumulated things of a lot of material worth to humans and will quite frequently use them to pay mercenaries and pirates , the non militant people that follow him are religious fanatics or forced to work and please him.

    Faction: The House of Maguma

      Likes: Death, Destruction, Darkness, Fine Obsidian, Oh, and Conquest.
      Dislikes: Losing,Older/Stronger Ryujin, Heroes, Disobedience, Tengu.

      History: Maguma is one of the great Ryujin, his early life is mostly forgotten of, yet now he's started his own colony on the back of a gigantic turtle, in the Red Sun Country directly aopt Ryugu-jo, a place where Ryujin live and congregate at the depths of the ocean. Twin, great-wall of china like coral reef grew and trapped the turtle allowing the humans to permenantly settle as well as being a large trade district, and port for pirates, home to Maguma's loyal wani and kappa subordinates. He rules this area with an iron fist, so well that he rarely has to use his supernatural abilities, dislikes most other Ryujin being he doesn't want to share his power, and he hates Tengu and their ideals and views on humans. Since the beginning of the war Maguma frequently leaves his territory to others in a conquest for own pride in which he uses humans and other creatures, it's rumored he sided with the Oni unlike most other Ryujin.