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Author Topic: Magical/Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Rockstar Role play ideas UPDATED ; F seeking M or F  (Read 739 times)

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Offline blackcatotakuTopic starter


As I am exploring the site a lot of other people's stories and role play requests got me thinking of some ideas. Updated ideas!

Space is the Final Frontier
Trying to maintain a crew in space is hard, its even harder when your a bounty hunter. Allow me to introduce myself I'm Liliana Gladstone, bounty hunter extraordinaire, and I'm looking for recruits. Being a bounty hunter with your own ship is hard enough but its near impossible without some more crew members. I don't just hunt people I also take on odd jobs and most of them require more than just one warm body.

Idea for the role play; bounty hunter in space seeking a crew member to join her misfit band of space outlaws. The character I am playing is a hot headed bounty hunter who is looking for people to fill out her crew, so anything anyone wants to play in a futuristic space setting is fine. I tend to try and build my Rps around mutual likes and OC settings with OC characters so I am very flexible about the story and would love to work out details with interested parties. Sorry got waaay too many responses to this one so I am full up for this idea...

Not Your Average Training Academy
Modern day with a twist/parallel universe, this setting would take place at a boarding/prep school called "Antignum Academy". In this version of our world magic does exist and only a few understand it but they wish for the world to have the opportunity to learn. Magic has only come back into being over the last decade or so through forces unknown and children and adults have started to regain magical abilities that had once been removed from the gene pool. Some can talk to animals and take on their forms, others can levitate objects with their mind and speak telepathically, and still others can control the elements. The possibilities seem endless!
Desired roles within the setting: student x student, teacher x student, teacher x teacher (the picture for the teacher I would play is show below)

Fame and Fortune or Bust
Modern day, modern time. (This is one I don't expect many would be into but eh what the hell might as well try right?) Rock band looking for additional member. This is based around the idea of a struggling band that is trying to make it in the industry with some of the dark gothic style intertwined with it. Drama, sex, drugs and music why  not?

All of these ideas are open to being modified if there is an element you like and another you don't. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss details. I try to list my preferences and style of RP on my O/Os but I'm always willing to discuss over PM or here if you have questions or elements you want to add to rp together.
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Offline blackcatotakuTopic starter

Mecha Fantasy
The galaxy is a large place and its all of our responsibility to take care of it, the Galactic Alliance is looking for fine men and women like yourselves to take to space! Recruiting for pilots and mechanics to maintain the newest elite fighting force of space age mechanical weaponry, maintaining the peace and serenity of our new planetary alliance is a big task are you up to the challenge?
So this RP is based off the idea of a Gundam or Giant Robots in Space mixed with military; my concept was that my character is a starting pilot who has gone through the academy for the Galactic Alliance Mechanical Fighters Program, or MFP, and is starting off her first round of duty on a military base helping to stave off enemies, maintain peace and train other pilots.  There are openings for your character to either be a fellow pilot (more senior or entry like my character) a mechanic (basically a person who builds, maintains and works along side the pilots individually as a team to plot strategies and keep the Mechs in top shape), or an officer of some kind. Ideally I would like this RP to be for those who are interested in the Sci-Fi genres/settings like Gundam, Babylon 5 or Battle Star Galactica, as I am looking for someone who wants to RP a setting where it could be highly political or military depending on how the plot develops.

Creatures of the Night
I am a huge fan of vampires and werewolves and mages oh my! I am craving an RP that includes the elements of the supernatural and perhaps in a setting not unlike the table top environment of World of Darkness where all these creatures are operating in the dark and for the most part intend to keep it that way with their own internal structures and cultures of how to interact amongst each other and normal society. A lot of my idea of how vampires work is along the lines of trueblood and The Vampire Lestat, not Twilight or Vampire Diaries so if you try to bring up vampire concepts like these I won't be very responsive... I am interested in mixing elements of supernatural like Vampires x Werewolves, Mages x Vampires, and so on. So if you are interested please contact me and we will work out a more defined plot.