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Author Topic: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Game Closed>  (Read 11499 times)

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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #50 on: October 30, 2012, 10:56:28 PM »
"So, it is of note that people aren't sure what this game intends to do. I find that it's a strange question to ask of anything, as what I hope the point of any endeavor is to reach the goal of enjoyment. However, I understand the sentiment, so I'd like to make my intentions a bit clearer, stick with me on this..."

"I don't intend on anything really, though revolution does seem a obvious long term end (but it's an end, and I'd rather that be a story unto itself). So, what are we doing now? Twiddling our thumbs? Of course not, what I want is to create characters who have real lives and experiences. Most book, show, and movie series start off similarly. They focus on the characters, building people. There are plots, and I have intentions of pursuing small goals and conflicts that help these characters grow."

"However, if a bigger plot grows, I want to it to grow from the seeds of these characters who have real backgrounds. A revolution is more exciting if you're invested in the hardened leaders, the mysterious villains, and the little hints sprinkled throughout."

"So what we're doing is having fun, building a world, and one day, I hope we can do something big with it. Should that day come, it will be all the better for the fun and games we partake in now."

Offline Lady Grey

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #51 on: October 30, 2012, 11:53:25 PM »
Mori Sato
Player: Lady Grey
Gender: Female     Age: 18    Ethnicity: Japanese American
Height: 5'2 Weight: 120 lbs.
Position: Student
Sexual Orientation: Straight (virgin due to shyness)
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? five years

Powers: Regeneration. Mori's body can regenerate most damage. This means she does not become ill or scar when hurt. In a way it makes her near immortal.

Weaknesses: She can be killed if her body is completely destroyed. Her head or part of her body must remain to regenerate completely. There is also the time it will take. Cuts will heal far quicker than the loss of a limb, severe burns, or regenerating from near fatal wounds. Objects like bullets will hinder the healing of wounds unless removed. Overtime the body may heal over them, causing the items to be removed surgically.

Bio: Mori was born in the united states to Japanese parents. A good portion of her early life and school years were spent in america. Grades were good, and her academic record was spotless. However things began to take a turn when the Sato family picked up and moved to Tokyo for work and a promotion that waited there. The misplaced girl was shy and had trouble fitting in her new School. Her grades remained steady, and she seemed happy. The truth was that she was getting bullied by her fellow students. Notebooks of hers would go missing, contents of her school bag were found scattered on the front lawn, but worst of all was the abuse. Maybe it was that her japanese had an odd accent to it, or the rumors that traveled around that she was some American whore, but something had set some of the more sadistic girls off. She covered the bruises with long sleeved shirts and sweaters. Within a year, her black hair began to take on a purple tinge to it. The school and her parents thought she'd dyed it at first, but over time they began to realize that the color didn't grow out. Even stranger, was the fact that scars she used to have from childhood, were disappearing. She stopped getting sick, and the bruises she was sustaining stopped showing up all together.

The worst part was when the bullies finally figured it out. The beatings were becoming worse, but it was when they brought out knives that she pulled enough strength together to fight back. She managed to get them off of her and to run away. It wasn't until she saw the blood that she realized she'd been stabbed in the side. Mori collapsed, losing most of her blood. An ambulance was called, but the skin had sealed by the time they reached the hospital. The hospital staff had to triple check their work, knowing that it made no sense. Her clothes were soaked with blood and paramedics had witnessed the wound where she was bleeding out. The Sato family took their daughter home that night and kept her from school until her bullies were dealt with. On the day she went back to school, she was seized by ExCiv and has been there ever since. She is easily spotted in the school, by her tendency to wear her high school uniform. She was extradited to America due to her citizenship and the temporary nature of her stay. Her parents also moved back to America in hopes she might be able to return to them one day.

Personality: Mori is shy but kindhearted. Despite the cruelty she has sustained, she still likes people. If she is in pain, she keeps it inside and tries to hide it with a smile.

Description: Long dark purple hair almost black, and light brown eyes. Fragile in looks and demeanor.

Sexual Preferences: I prefer to play out scenes and am not afraid for things to become very sexual. It's something that should be worked up to between players. Flirting, touching, kissing. I like to either be dominated, or play it switch. However I would be willing to do fade to black for some if the story called for it.
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #52 on: October 31, 2012, 12:16:43 AM »
"Since she was in Japan at the time, do you mind if we imply their stay was temporary? She was still a full US citizen at the time, and so she was extradited back when she manifested her powers to avoid any legal complications. That work for you?"

"Also, it would be good to note that anything that is in the way (like a bullet in a wound or stiches) can stop her from healing all the way, but the wound will heal around it given time. So she needs to remove anything buried deep inside her as quickly as possible to avoid her power sealing it in and forcing her to dig it back out forcibly. Work for you?"

Offline Zhu Que

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #53 on: October 31, 2012, 01:33:57 AM »
Celeste Green
Player: Zhu Que
Gender: Female    Age: 26 years   Ethnicity: American, born and raised.
Height: 5'8 (172.7cm)    Weight: 142 lbs (64kg)
Position: Enforcer - Evangeline's escort    Callsign: Sandman
Sexual Orientation: Uncertain. Leans towards males, but would accept a female if she could find one resistant or immune to her powder.
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? 3 years as student, 5 years as an Enforcer (since they found her power worked well to deal with Evangeline).

Powers: Pixie Dust - Celeste builds up a fine layer of dust on the surface of her skin and in her hair, which has a strong sedative effect. If she makes bare-skin contact with anyone else, the sedative effect kicks in. The dust takes a while to absorb through the skin directly, but with enough of it, the dust has a calm effect, and eventually makes them drowsy. If ingested or inhaled, the dust works much more quickly.

Celeste can also have the chemical extracted directly from her body, making much more potent. This chemical, when injected into a target, usually through a tranquilizer dart, often instantly knocks out anyone effected.

Celeste's suit is designed to collect the dust off her skin, allow her to gather it in her hands and throw or blow it into the air. It can also refine it into a gas which can be ejected from her suit at the wrists, or through vents near her neck. The gas can be released in a low dose, to calm and disarm targets, or a heavy dose to knock them out. The more she does this, however, the more time her body needs to build up this dust. She is also immune to the effects of her own sedative chemical (which should be relatively obvious).

Weaknesses: Celeste cannot use her 'power' constantly, as the chemical needs time to build up and form the dust-like layer. She also has no way to spread it accurately at a long range, except through her sleep darts, which rely on her hitting the target accurately and have limited ammunition.

The other major weakness of this ability is that, other than 'using it up', she cannot turn off this ability. To make prolonged contact with anyone, she generally has to thoroughly shower first, and avoid contact with the mouth, nose, or any open wounds. Under these circumstances, she has about 30 minutes before the buildup is likely to make the target drowsy and eventually knock them out in no more than an hour. Again, this requires a thorough (and preferably warm or hot) shower immediately beforehand.

Bio:  Celeste Green was what most would call the perfect daughter up until college, which came early for her. She did her homework, did her chores, got a part-time job, never broke curfew or got drunk or high. Celeste even excelled and skipped grades. None of this was because she was a genius or anything like that. She had a plan for her life and damn it all if something like school stopped her. Celeste had already been taking college preparatory classes by the time she was fourteen and started her first high school-college-hybrid class the school year after. She packed her schedule full of credit hours. Even with so much on her plate, Celeste added extracurricular activities to satiate the need on her resume.

  She went with cheerleading. By age seventeen, she was one of the assistant captains and helped plan routines. She never felt bad about having a full schedule, as it was all according to her plan for her ultimate career.

  One day, her world got flipped upside down and she was dropped on her head... literally. She was being lifted and tossed for a big part of a routine, and her spotter dropped her as he fell to the ground dizzy and nearly unconscious. Luckily, he'd broken her fall some but he was unresponsive, his light snoring frustrating her. As the others checked on them, she realized that he had a weird shimmer, almost completely unnoticeable, on his palms. She then noticed the fine, translucent shimmer on her skin as well, all the places he'd touched were missing the powder.

  Over time, she came to realize this powder was a nuisance to her having physical contact with others, as testing theories showed the powder could sedate in all levels from calming to outright coma-like states. She researched and came across mention of a school to assist Extrahumans. She willingly 'transferred' to the school, leaving note with her family that as of eighteen, she was a legal adult and had transferred to another state for a better college. That was the last anyone outside ExCiv Boarding School walls had heard from Celeste Green.

Personality: Celeste is diligent and very driven. Her goals may not be the same as other staff members, but she is there to keep any harm from coming to anyone. She is not fond of Extrahuman powers, as they have halted her life plans and caused her to be locked up, no different from the students. She can be kind and very open to conversation, but has a hard shell to crack. She also hates being told what to do, and usually goes about orders that do not come from the upper ranks in her own way.
Description: (Picture of Celeste for staff) Celeste is tall and lean, built from years of healthy habits and cheerleading, then from the time she trained (and its continuance) for being an Enforcer. She tends to wear a cloth mask over the lower half of her face when she isn't wearing a helmet, to keep some kind of barrier between her and the students. It is hard to tell her exact body shape due to the suit, but since the suit is made with her movements in mind rather than the bulk of some Enforcers, it is obvious most her muscles are in her thighs and arms with a sleek torso and hips.

Sexual Preferences: Celeste is currently uninterested in relations, as coming in contact with someone's skin tends to not work out so well for her. Kissing is even an issue, so she prefers to focus on her job. Evangeline is enough of a risk that Celeste never feels like she can lay off a little and get interested in some one. (I do enjoy writing out scenes, but if it isn't really important, then 'fade-to-black' works.)

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #54 on: October 31, 2012, 04:10:06 AM »
"Celeste approved, and I'm actually going to post my enforcer here, and see if you guys think my idea is a little too ridiculous:"

Edward Lin <林安伟>
Player: Ryuka Tana
Gender: Male    Age: 26   Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Height: 5'8" (1.72m)    Weight: 153lb. (69.4kg)
Position: Enforcer    Callsign: Marshal
Sexual Orientation: Straight
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? Marshal was a student at ExCiv for six years, and an enforcer for another six years.

Powers: Kinetic Focus - Marshal's power allows him to focus on a spot and cause any object that already has kinetic energy and is light enough, to be rapidly pulled to that spot. The most common example of this is when Marshal throws an object and focuses on its target. Once approaching the target point, the object will be pulled in, causing the thrown object to hit with a high velocity and a great deal of accuracy.

Marshal is also capable of making projectiles from other sources go where he wants them, making shooting anything at him a waste of time, if he knows it's coming.

Weaknesses: Marshal has no control over what's pulled in when he focuses. If any other small, moving objects move by, they will also be drawn in. He has to be careful what he throws and where he aims because when he holds back, the objects still reach a notable, and painful, velocity. When holding back, he is unlikely to break bones (except with small, dense objects focused on a bone itself), but it can still inflict a dangerous amount of damage if the student moves anything vital into the target area.

If Marshal doesn't hold back, he was able to break a Catcher's hand (through his catcher's mitt) with a baseball, and cause another pitcher's throw to crack his baseball bat. Marshal can't control the level beyond holding back or not holding back.

Marshal can only focus on one spot at a time, as well, and he must be actively focusing on it for the ability to continue working.

Equipment/Training: Marshal knows many different forms of Oriental Martial Arts, but focuses primarily in striking-based styles. He favors Jeet Kune Do, but modified to deal with his armor, and also has a liking for Muay Thai and Karate. Marshal is agile and focuses on quick strikes when fighting unarmed.

Marshal also keeps special tranquilizer darts (made to be thrown) on his person, and small metal balls coated in a soft rubber like material. The metal balls can be thrown with minimal risk of breaking bones so long as Marshal holds back his power, but they will leave a hell of a bruise. Marshal also  keeps a taser on hand, and is known for a pair of goggles he uses to keep track of things. The project a light screen and send a signal to his gloves. If Marshal moves his hand to 'touch' the light screen, the screen reacts to sensors in the gloves, and the gloves apply a light pressure that feels like Marshal is touching something. With this, Marshal can quickly look up any information he needs.

Bio: Edward was born in a relatively urban area on the West Coast of America. His mother is also a born American citizen, while his father was born in China and move to America later in life. Both his parents insisted on giving him a Chinese name, and teaching him Mandarin to allow him to keep to his roots. He was a diligent student, never getting below a B, and a reasonable athlete. He had an interest in Martial Arts (starting with Karate as a young child).

In his pubescent years, Edward noticed he always hit his target when he focused on it, even if his throw wasn't particularly good. At first, he used this to beat his friends at dart games, but eventually, he realized he would make a good baseball pitcher. He tried out for the team, and was quickly proven right. His slow ball wasn't much good, but he could pitch an amazing fast ball, and an almost impossible curve ball. At this point, his powers were still developing, so he hadn't reached their full strength, but he didn't know that he was doing anything exactly supernatural. It was only when he was practicing batting did he realize that he could make the ball come right to the bat with a little practice.

His powers truly developed when he turned 14, and he managed to cause a ball to fly at him so fast it cracked his bat. Then, when he pitched, the ball hit the catcher's hand so hard it broke three of his fingers. It wasn't long before Edward was taken to ExCiv Boarding School. He lived there for six years and caused quite a bit of trouble (nearly risking becoming a 'Celler'). However, he settled down a bit and became an enforcer eventually.

He has trained in many forms of martial arts (hence his play-on-words Callsign), and is one of the more experienced and higher ranked enforcers.

Personality: Marshal is a dedicated enforcer, and sympathetic to his fellow Extrahumans. However, he sees troublemakers (like he once was) as the cause of Extrahuman strife (if they didn't hurt people, Extrahumans might not be so ostracized). So, when a student gets really out of line, Marshal is aggressive and will take them down, even if it must be violent. He has put a few kids in the Infirmary for getting out of line.

Marshal also tries to keep at least some connection to his Oriental heritage, to help him remember his parents. He can occasionally be found complaining or talking to himself in Mandarin.

Sexual Preferences: <Get to it later>

OOC Notes: <This too>

Online Dashenka

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #55 on: October 31, 2012, 05:19:30 AM »
Sarina Gallagher
Player: Dashenka
Gender: Female    Age: 24   Ethnicity: American
Height: 1.75m (5'8")    Weight: 45 kg (100lbs)
Position: Student
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? Newcomer

Powers: Sarina has the ability to fully mutate into an adult gray arctic wolf. When in human form, the green/yellow eyes are the only visible clue she is different. Her hearing and eyesight is superhuman, even in her human form. Shapeshifting only takes a matter of moments and if a very fluent process.

When in wolf form she can communicate and intermingle with other wild wolves.

Weaknesses: The longer Sarina stays in one form, the less adaptive she becomes to the other. After having been in wolf form for a week or a month or more, her digestive system does not react well to fruits and vegetables. Also walking on two legs again and communicating to humans might be a bit of a struggle. This also goes the other way from human to wolf.

Bio: Sarina was born and raised in a small town in the north of Montana. Until she reached the age of 15 nothing was obviously different about her. From that age on though, Sarina started to change. First there were the sleepless nights because of all the sounds only she could hear. Some far away, some closer by. When she told her parents, the initially didn't think much of it but when her eyes started to get lighter and lighter they began to worry. They had heard about the 'superhumans' and took Sarina to a doctor. The local doctor though said it was probably nothing more than puberty and the change in eyecolour wasn't anything to worry about. Sarina though knew something was different about her. When the lights went out, she could still see as if it was daylight and her sense of smell and hearing got even more sensitive.

When she was nearing her 16th birthday she was walking back from school when she started to feel faint. Something was happening to her. Her hands were twitching and she couldn't stand up anymore. Knowing something was wrong and knowing about the common conception about superhumans, Sarina managed to stumble off the street into the bushes where she noticed her skin changing to fur. Over the months to come, more and more features changed to wolf features and back again. Her first full change happened in the winter of her 17th year.

It was night and the wind was raging through the small town. All day Sarina had seen parts of her body and physique change. Everybody was asleep when she got out of bed and left the house. It felt like she wasn't in control of what she was doing and she walked into the woods at the end of the street. There it happened. Not smooth and civil but small parts at the time and excruciatingly painful. When it was done she had fully transformed into a reasonable sized gray wolf with a thick fur coat.

Sarina came back to her senses and in her new form, walked into the forest deeper and deeper. She could hear the smallest of mice running and dashing through the undergrowth more than 100 yards away. She could smell the people in her town even further away. When she turned around, she could even see through the darkest of the night.
When she came back to the edge of the forest, her own will morphed her back to human form with one slight drawback. Wolves don't wear nightgowns or underwear and when she transformed, her clothes had been ripped to shreds so she was now naked.

Amused rather than scared or worried she made her way back to the house and from that day on, she had control over her morphing frequently going out at night to wander the woods and forests. By now the ECPA had been implemented and Sarina was intelligent enough to knew what this meant for her so she kept a low profile and kept her new 'powers' a secret to everybody including her parents. The more she spend time in the wild however, the more she felt at home there. Years went by and she managed to start a life for herself. Having graduated she found a job at the town hall as administrative clerk and her own small apartment.

Recently more and more wolf sightings had been made around town and local farmers were getting a bit restless. Sarina didn't think much of it until one day. A farmer came to the town hall claiming his lifestock had been attacked by wolves and sure enough, the day after the remains of one of the cows was found. This caused outrage in the small community and the mayor, with approval of higher governments, put up a reward for killing the wolf responsible for the 'crime'.

Sarina of course knew that it had not been one wolf but always a pack and over the years she had studied a lot about wolves, both from the books as from first hand experiences. She knew a local pack of wolves and although she wouldn't fit in the pack, they accepted her in her wolf form. Two days after the reward it all went wrong.

A pickup truck pulled out in front of the town hall causing quite a stir in the quickly gathering crowd. From behind her desk at the reception, Sarina couldn't really see what caused it but she soon heard that the wolf who killed the cow had been captured. Moving outside was the biggest mistake she made in her life. The moment she saw the lifeless body of the beta male of the pack dangling from the truck she could not control herself. She began to breath frantically and felt the shape shift coming. She panicked and quickly tried to get to a secure spot where she knew she wouldn't be seen. Her car was the first choice but she didn't make it. In sight of the crowd she morphed into her wolf shape sending a shock wave through the crowd. Horror, amazement and lots of other emotions were heard as they approached her. Her clothes lay next to her, shred to bits so there was no denying it.

"I knew it. Those eyes... I told you so."

The crowd closed in and Sarina snarled at the people.

"Kill it! Call the police!"

Whatever was going to happen, Sarina didn't wait. She dashed away into the woods. That night she went home only to find the house being guarded by police. She decided to take the gamble but as she came closer the police dogs quickly caught her scent and she had no choice but to run off. Ever since she has been roaming the wilds with the pack of wolves. She got accepted and was now part of the pack.

Personality: Sarina is easygoing and calm. When she gets caught, she is almost completely feral having spend a year or so around wolves and not seeing humans at all. Most social skills known to humans are lost to her.

Description: Quite long and very thin, Sarina is an attractive girl to look at. Her bright green/yellow eyes give her a somewhat alien look.

Image of her body NSFW!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sexual Preferences: Sarina is obviously still a virgin, but during the cause of the game I have no difficulties for this to change. Sex should add to the game so no sex for sex sake.

OOC Notes: I do prefer to write in first person in game.
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Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #56 on: October 31, 2012, 05:24:22 AM »
I voice interest. I was in earlier incarnation as kid who could 'animate' objects (a suspected reality bender but was heavily on drugs to halt any use or progress towards using it if he has that talent).

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #57 on: October 31, 2012, 05:55:54 AM »
I voice interest. I was in earlier incarnation as kid who could 'animate' objects (a suspected reality bender but was heavily on drugs to halt any use or progress towards using it if he has that talent).

"Hey, and yes, I remember. Though notably, I wanted to try to avoid some of the more ridiculous levels of power I allowed last time. Also, I'd rather get a few more A and B-Levels before adding more C-Levels. However, you are welcome to join."

"To Dashenka, Sarina is looking good so far. She's almost definitely going to end up in B-Level."

"Also, to everyone, over in the OOC thread, I decided to discuss a little about contraception in the school... It's worth taking a look at."

"By the way, B-Level students may wish to look at who else is in B-Level (there's a roster of potential students in the third post with the character sheet), and see if they might want to bunk with one. B-Level has single rooms, bunk rooms, and a few 'barracks' rooms."
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Online Dashenka

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #58 on: October 31, 2012, 07:43:50 AM »
Finished :)

Offline Trystia

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #59 on: October 31, 2012, 12:05:25 PM »
I'm liking all the interesting character designs I'm seeing so far, though it's still quite lonely down here at A-Level. I also wanted to say though, that Celeste may need to shower thoroughly before intimate encounters, but I see no reason she couldn't -continue- showering through the intimate encounter to prolong it.

Offline Zhu Que

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #60 on: October 31, 2012, 01:52:59 PM »
I'm liking all the interesting character designs I'm seeing so far, though it's still quite lonely down here at A-Level. I also wanted to say though, that Celeste may need to shower thoroughly before intimate encounters, but I see no reason she couldn't -continue- showering through the intimate encounter to prolong it.

"Always a good possible solution, lol."

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #61 on: October 31, 2012, 01:59:28 PM »
Ryuka, what sort of posting rate are you looking at for this RP? Also, are characters with combat-effective powers (think X-Men type) automatically classed as C-Level, or does their attitude play a part? Would a technopath-oriented character (think Forge of the X-Men's ability to build damn near any machine plus the ability to control electronics with a touch) be viable for this game?

Lastly, you mentioned earlier you were looking for slang terms to add to this game. Can people contribute even if they aren't joining the game?

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #62 on: October 31, 2012, 02:34:46 PM »
"Alright, Sarina is approved."

"And, yeah, Trystia, I thought about that, but that just gives her incentive for a sexy shower scene." XD

Ryuka, what sort of posting rate are you looking at for this RP? Also, are characters with combat-effective powers (think X-Men type) automatically classed as C-Level, or does their attitude play a part? Would a technopath-oriented character (think Forge of the X-Men's ability to build damn near any machine plus the ability to control electronics with a touch) be viable for this game?

Lastly, you mentioned earlier you were looking for slang terms to add to this game. Can people contribute even if they aren't joining the game?

"I don't have a posting rate in mind. I'd rather it move as quickly as possible, but I can't know for sure how fast because everyone will post at their own rate. I can post multiple times a day almost every day, and I will do my best to help the game keep moving, but also to keep people from falling to the wayside. I'd say being able to check in at least once daily would be a good thing, but not mandatory. People who can't post every day but can post frequently during some parts of the week are also fine. It's just a matter of striking a balance with the group and your scene partners, which is why communication is so important."

"If you're a 'once a week' poster, this probably won't work out for you. I'll also find ways to keep the game moving if players fall out for a short period of time, which happens every once and a while. I honestly just can't know until the game starts. It may move faster or slower than I think, and whatever happens, I'll just try to keep a balance."

"As for the character, I'm not familiar with Forge. Student Level is classified by the potential danger of the power (both within the facility and in the outside world), then by whether the individual is violent or has any combat training. So, Naida is C-Level despite her completely non-violent personality, because her power is potentially devastating, but her personality keeps her from being a 'Celler'. Lucian is B-Level because he has no tendency to force himself into other peoples' dreams. Mori would be C-Level if she were violent, because her regeneration could potentially make her a very dangerous combatant."

"A Technopath would be okay (depending on what they can do specifically), but not one that can just build things. If the technopath is just a mechanical/technological genius when it comes to building things, that's fine, they would pretty much never have the material to do so, though. A Technopath that can control technological items at a range would probably be C-Level, which I am currently trying to keep the numbers down on until we get a few more non-C students."

"Also, yes, if the slang fits the setting, you can contribute it if you'd like."
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Offline blackcatotaku

Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #63 on: October 31, 2012, 04:53:32 PM »
I'm liking all the interesting character designs I'm seeing so far, though it's still quite lonely down here at A-Level. I also wanted to say though, that Celeste may need to shower thoroughly before intimate encounters, but I see no reason she couldn't -continue- showering through the intimate encounter to prolong it.

I plan to play a level A character so no worries about being all alone. My character is afraid of her powers and they are not harmful.

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
« Reply #64 on: October 31, 2012, 04:54:22 PM »
That sounds interesting. :3

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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"Sounds fun, can't wait to see you play it out. ^_^

Actually, I can't wait to start. I've been checking E non-stop all day between classes and stuff... College on Halloween should be more... fun... not enough people in costumes like me... and some friends... Saw a Rainbow pirate and a witch (I think), but other than that just us three so far." Pouts.

"Now on to Religion class in my Porcelain doll/Renaissance costume..." Shifty eyes.

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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Do we get pictures and lay outs of the place? I could help with that :)

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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"It's hard to find good images for the place, a layout map could be useful, but I hate drawing maps."

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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Send me a pm how you want it.. roughly and I'll come up with something :)

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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"Man, I'm terrible at this sort of thing... because I'm super picky but I don't really know how to describe it well. You can see some of it in the second post of this thread. I mean, it's a vast concrete building with wide halls. The A and B-Level dorms are near each other and the Main Bathroom is near both. The Common area is not far from that, and the staff area is located in place with easy access to all of them. The C-Level Wing branches off from that area, and the Mess Hall is just outside that wing. The Library would be on the way from the living areas and the classrooms, but the classrooms probably won't come up much."

"I know if I plan a map, I'll need to add something to it." Shrug, "if you can work with that, or get a vague outline, that would be fine."

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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Fixed my profile! Let me know if any other changes are needed.

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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Donovan Valentine
Player: Starcry
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Ethnicity: French/American. Speaks with a slight French accent and sounds like he is hissing or whistling a little when he has been defanged.
Height: 1.95M
Weight: 154lb
Position: Student <Level -B>
Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? Four years.

Snake's kiss - Donovan has the power to paralyze someone with a simple bite into areas where veins are easily accessible. If he misses a vein the area he bit will simply go numb for a good half hour. However, if he were to rub his venom into glandular areas it acts as a relaxant, will make the person a little sensitive and will give them a slight high for a good hour.

The amount he can dispense isn't enough to kill a person and with every year he ages the potency of the venom increases the amount of time it lasts. The after effects (when it has worn off) of venom varies depending on how the venom was dispatched. If it is a direct vein injection the person usually feels tired and a little high. If none vein then the area will just have very painful pins and needles for 5 minutes. If rubbed into the glands the person will return to normal.


* For venom to be truly effective it needs injected straight into blood stream via veins.
* Takes 5 minutes for the venom to kick in when injected via veins.
* Takes 10 minutes if injected into skin.
* Takes 5 minutes if rubbed into glandular areas.
* Venom effects only last an hour.
* Venom's potency grows by 15 minutes per year he ages.
* After one bite the venom loses potency by 15 minute with every bite.
* After four bites the worst it does it disorientate a person slightly for 5 minutes.
* Cannot dispense venom without fangs.
* Takes a week for fangs to fully grow back once removed, unless threatened in which they grow back instantly.
* Takes two weeks to be able to dispense venom after removal, unless threatened in which the venom become infused with adrenaline, which makes it act instantly no matter how it has been dispensed.
* Is defanged once a month.


Donovan was the child of a French fashion designer student and a small time American musician. He was born and raised in California but it was at the age of one they noticed he had naturally long tongue, which had a split in it, giving it a snakelike appearance. This meant he had to attend speech therapy to help the slight hiss and lisp in his voice. His parents used to call him their very own Gene Simmons and their rocker friends adored him and often asked him to show them his tongue when they saw him. Although, through the first years of Elementary school his speech was a point on which he got teased on until the issue vanished at nine. Then the focus went to his girly looks.

As a child and before he went to the boarding school he used to have long flowing blond hair that went down to the middle of his back. He was also often mistaken for a little girl, despite the clothes he wore. What didn't help matters was his rather femmine voice before it broke into the smooth yet soft, raspy tone it is now.

When he was ten his canines grew longer and became fangs. Luckily they only became noticeable around Halloween so it wasn't too much of a big deal, that was until the holiday passed. Once it had been and gone his parents told him to remove them, which after using most reasonable removal methods, could not be done. They ended up taking him to a dentist who verified that although unusual they were indeed real and could only be removed if he pulled them out. Something his parents weren't willing to do.

Now with his tongue, hair, voice and now fangs he became quite popular with some girls and continued to get picked on by the guys up into High school. Once he was there he started getting into fights. They started out as monthly and quickly escalated to after school, daily. Thankfully he knew how to defend himself, but this didn't stop them trying. However, it was during one fight that his gift manifested itself. One of the boys restrained him from behind as the others went to attack him but they stopped when Donovan sunk his fangs into the boy's wrist seeing it as a weak point he would exploit to escape. Only instead of simply letting go of him the boy just dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks. The teacher that caught them only saw Donovan bite the boy and came to the boy's aid, while asking what had happened. With it being two against one he had no chance with the truth.

The school called in Donovan's parents and they told them their version of events. How he savagely bit the boy for no reason and had been causing nothing but trouble for the school for a long time. They also revealed a report that had been done on the boy and showed his parents the bite marks and results from the blood tests they ran. Unfortunately, for them ExCiv had already been called before them to take their son away.  However, since he had been deemed no massive threat they allowed his parents to say their goodbyes and for him to take some chosen belongings. These were mostly books and some note books he had been writing in.

It didn't take them long to process and confirm him as a level B, since unlike some of the students his powers were from a simple and visible source. Sadly, he soon found out he had gone to one hellish school to an even worse one. He wasn't safe as his parents were told he would be, as one enforcer took it upon himself to be Donovan's tormentor. He felt it wasn't enough for the boy to be torn from his family and experimented on, and didn't like how femmine he looked. However, after enduring so much mental and physical abuse, Donovan, ended up biting the enforcer in self-defense and it is this that earned him having his venom milked and being defanged on a monthly bases. Something that even to this day he hates. Not just because he likes his fangs but because they don't use anything to numb his mouth before they rip them out.


All things considered he has a great sense of humor and is a very friendly and outgoing person. He is also a bit of a flirt with the girls and enjoys showing off his snakelike tongue whenever he has the opportunity. He enjoy poetry, writing, reading and is a sucker for romance novels and Shakespeare's works. He will usually get irritated if anyone simply uses the expression "Oh bite me!"more so when he has been defanged. He also dislikes people trying to touch his fangs and they are usually given a warning slap on the wrist if they try. Although he doesn't mind showing them off to anyone curious as to what his powers are. He doesn't like being compared to vampires and more so to any from the Twilight series. Doing the latter will earn a slap if such comments come from a female and a punch if from a male. 

After they remove his fangs he is not a good person to be around. He is very irritable, easy to anger and usually likes to be left to his own devices. If anyone does bother him he isn't his usual chipper self and will snap at the slightest thing someone says or does wrong. He also doesn't react well to sympathy or any attempts to comfort him. In this mind set he will usually beat someone up if they make fun of him and not care about the consequences. He will usually be like this for a day or two.


Donovan has surprisingly warm skin considering how pale he constantly looks. Although, he will always say he is cold and has never been seen breaking a sweat. Since having his long locks sliced off by his tormentor he now has it in a short yet stylish cut that another more sympathetic enforcer styled it into. His eyes are are the colour of jade stone and some times when it is too bright his pupils will slightly turn to slits. The length of his tongue when he lets it fully out is 12 inches, but he has only shown 6 inches to anyone before. His fangs (when fully grown) are 2 and a half cm long and curl slightly forward, giving them a snakelike appearance. He is of slim but athletic build and is well toned, despite his slim appearance. He usually wears clothes his mother sends him twice a year. (Birthday and Christmas.) These styles can range from classic French Noble style, to laid back, baggy, grey combats and a dark green tank top. But he often just sticks to wearing a suit that looks more like a private school uniform. It is navy blue, with golden trimmings and special hand stitched design on the left side of his jacket. He wears a white cotton shirt with a red tie to finish his look.

Sexual Preferences:

My personal style - I like plot to my smut and not just straight hook up sex. So if anyone wants to have sexual relations with Donovan you'll need to give me a good reason why he should get together with your character/s and pm me. That way we can work things out. Also just because I have lots of actual ons does not mean they will all be Donovan's. I will most likely select a few for him that I feel will fit with his character. However, if wanted I can do a mixture of "fade-to-black" as well. (Some times it is implied other times we could do a thread.).

Donovan - After the abuse he was subjected to, Donovan, finds it slightly awkward to be touched intimately by any gender, more so by males. He really doesn't like being asked to bite his partner as the subject of his fangs is very personal and a sensitive matter. In fact it is a massive turn off and he will usually drop what is going on without hesitation. He has only ever had full on sexual encounters with males and limited ones with females, as each he has even attempted have end up with being asked to be bitten. He hopes that at some point he'll find someone who won't ask that of him, but as things stand he is beginning to think he might as well just be gay with attractions to girls.

He has discovered he very much likes giving pleasure to his partners first. He also really enjoys giving oral, whispering sweet nothings, stroking and licking and kissing his partners necks. When he is having intercourse with males he doesn't mind if he is the giver or receiver and simply goes by his partner's preference. If things to to the "heavily petting" stage with females he will usually be more dominant, yet gentle and want things on his terms. Due to the awkwardness of being touched he prefers having sex with clothes on or if clothing is to be removed he prefers doing it in the dark. To do so other wise would take a lot of convincing.


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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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About how many people will be involved in the group RP it looks like quite a few characters are going to be involved?

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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"I take that to be a good thing. I'd love for this to get to big game territory. We have at least 11 players currently, you can see the roster in the third post for everyone who is actively making a character."

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Re: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Superhuman 'Prison' Academy> (Need Students)
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Mikhail Vosh
Player: Scarification
Gender: Male    Age: Nineteen   Ethnicity: Mixed Descent, but is claimed as Russian. Has a heavy Russian accent.
Height: Six feet five inches tall.    Weight: One hundred and Ninety-seven pounds.
Position: Enforcer - Escort None  Callsign: BLACKOUT
Sexual Orientation: Curious on all accounts
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv?
 Two and a half years as a student
 One and a half years as an Enforcer
Electromagnetic pulse (commonly abbreviated EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. The abrupt pulse of electromagnetic radiation usually results from certain types of high energy explosions, especially a nuclear explosion, or from a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field. The resulting rapidly-changing electric fields and magnetic fields may couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. In military terminology, a nuclear warhead detonated hundreds of kilometers above the Earth's surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device. Effects of a HEMP device depend on a very large number of factors, including the altitude of the detonation, energy yield, gamma ray output, interactions with the Earth's magnetic field, and electromagnetic shielding of targets. His power is a sustaining EMP doam that makes most tech malfunction permanently or shut it down for a steady period of time.

Abilities due to suit...
Resource Integration Gear, or RIG for short, is an integrated health management and strength augmentation system that assist users in previously impossible and dangerous environments. The RIG has several basic functions. A spine-mounted display serves to indicate the user's general state of health as a glowing bar. When the user dies, it emits a 'flat-line' sound which others nearby can hear. Holographic projectors mounted on the inside of the helm can create a two-dimensional display in front of the user, to display whatever they might need to see. The size of the display can vary depending upon the data it is accessing. Though its information  upon it will only be readable to the wearer.
   Health Management
The most distinctive feature of the RIG is its health management system, which actively displays the wearer's health in real time via a segmented colored bar that runs along the spine of the wearer, allowing for interface into the wearer's nervous system, and therefore the ability to detect the wearer's current status. These bars will drain and refill depending on the user's health. If a RIG wearer dies, the RIG will give off a flatline sound, identical to an alert cardiograph.
   Nervous shutdown
This is an attack that suits his passive nature when it comes to violent encounters unlike most Enforcers he would rather settle it quick and painless mannerism. By sending a jolt throughout the body due to the suppressed energy of his electromagnetic pulse by R.I.G. It will shut down the nerves when he either punches them in a certain spot numbing the area or stunning them to the point of being slight concussion though mild. If he were to grip onto a vital part of the body( Example: The neck) and send a constant stream of energy flowing. The one being held would more then likely be in a vegetable state permanently.
Suits built in built-in drug injector since his power is mostly used against machines his EMP ability has had been halted or what the ExCiv research team called it 'redirected' his electric radiation to sustain the suits functions as well as suppression of to emotions that would trigger relapses when around precious equipment or around other students. The drugs keep him in a dulled to calm state for hours on end. his power is diminished to the point the magnetic field is only an inch from his body when drugged.

Overuse of his personal EMP power when abused causes health issues within his body. This normally regards to throwing up blood, or something that is just as bad. Thanks to the misuse he gains temporary hemoptysis affect as a limitation on the time he can maintain it. Hemoptysis is the expectoration (coughing up) of blood or of bloodstained sputum from the bronchi, larynx, trachea, or lungs. Strangely it will vanish from his body when he is properly restored to his peak performance. It is the reason why his RIG bases the wearer's health, be it a rough estimate of damaged body parts or the functionality of internal organs. It is known that if the user of the RIG is harmed, the RIG automatically applies any carried medical aid to the damaged area. The RIG could also potentially show signs of bacterial or viral-based illness.

Subject of interest Mikhail Vosh identification serial number S-C4R. Audio logs has been placed within his file after extraction from Russia. Along with classified business ledgers with such a potential threat in the hands of a short term ally at the time, an Extrahuman such as him could not be allowed to found whilst his talent and raw potential remain unchecked. Target has had chemicals administered into his bloodstream to put him into a vegetative state, until further notice. The administration of this injection may have been ill-placed since subject has not been brought back in a reasonably level headed state.

[Medical records/ . . . Deleted.] [School Files/ . . . Deleted.] [Personal Files/ . . . Deleted.] Retrieval Agent's Note: I successfully disguised the abduction as a kidnapping. Decoy body planted in the immediate area; decoy is disfigured beyond visual identification. Dental and DNA IDs of target have been replicated in the decoy.

. . .

Mikhail's system has finally subdued the drugs given to him since his capture. A few interested parties have decided that we must speak to him, with Kireyev acting as interpretor. His electromagnetic power interferes with our recording devices, but we will attempt to record the audio, as well as include a written transcription. (All info on record is confidential. Senior Enforcers have access to his file along with this log.) The young man has been restrained before beginning this interview.

"What the hell is wrong with my body?! Where am I!"

"S-C4R you have been asleep for some time since your arrival here. For two months you've been in a drug induced coma. That little mishap was a mistake. In the struggle, you were accidentally given a higher dosage than intended."

"That does not answer my question. Where in the hell am I?" [/Signs of anger is shown in vocal patterns and facial expression.]

"Where you are is not important, Mr. Vosh. For now you will answer what we ask. Struggling will make this harder on you alone."

[/Subjects power is emitted, and he has been injected with a mild sedative to relax his flaring emotions before continuing. The effects of this process took four minutes. Replacement equipment sent for continuation. Mikhail quickly understood his situation as one with little to no chance of refusing, without penalty. It came to attention that he did not know that he was gifted with such power. When asked of his upbringing, subject tends to ignore that line of questioning. However, his personal files were read before deletion. Living with his father, twenty-five miles from the capital of Russia. Poorly taken care of due to lack of steady income as well as his father's alcoholism brought about by his failure in a previous marriage with the subject's mother. Our reasons for retrieval are [REST OF FILE REDACTED.]

Mikhail has accepted his enrollment as a student of our facility. Though he will be isolated, and looked after by an Enforcer. He accepted the drugs needed to hold off his powers on a regular basis.

Mikhail is, first and foremost, an incredibly resilient man. Despite the hardships he's been meant to suffer, he has grown and changed considerably, gaining in both strength of body and mind. He's come to realize over time what matters most to him and what he is willing to sacrifice to protect it - everything. He gives of himself relentlessly for the sake of those precious few. He is both incredibly loyal and incredibly selfless, though this was not always the case.

Family and Friends
As a child he attempted to make something of a family between his father and siblings, though one was unfortunately struck down by an illness and his father rarely gave his approval despite how much he desired it. When it comes to how he acts with other people, his personality is really picky. If it is someone he is friendly with, he'll act just like one of the guys (or at least attempt to) and be rowdy, reckless and sometimes a bit goofy. When it comes to people he has a close kinship to he will smile and talk with them on an even level...very interested in sharing his own thoughts but keeping his secrets as well. But then there are people that annoy him and these are mostly people he wouldn't think twice about caring for. Mikhail will ignore most people, but will not treat them in a cruel nature despite how they should be respected.

Intimacy issues
He holds himself at an arm's length to most, preferring to keep his distance in order to protect those around him. Having been kidnapped by, Mikhail has developed an aversion to being touched by other men and women alike. When he is suddenly touched by another man, he will react violently to the person touching him, only reacting curiously when women try to touch him as well though he's just a tad more distant since thinking back on his mother. The three years he spends with the ExCiv largely downplays this paranoia as he becomes more friendly with fellow Enforcers as well as teachers. Though he does not talk at all at times. This later allows him to leave behind his fear of being touched, but only in his suit. Recently being alone causes him to take up this fear again in a way largely related to the first.

Beneath the outer layers of his personality
 The regret, the longing, the emotional distance - is an insatiable anger which cannot hope to be tamed nor satisfied. With the usage of the R.I.G. armor, he's constantly doing battle with himself in order to keep these emotions in check, lest he let his rage win out and he become a hindrance. The nature of these feelings are clear - his hatred and pain caused by the 'abandonment' of his mother.

ShockPoint suit is a variant of an 'Elite Advanced Suit' which is state-of-the-art suit used by elite combat & retrieval teams of ExCiv. The original concept of it is the Elite suit has some red texture on the helmet and on the shoulders. The helmet differs from the Advanced Suit, which has some black markings on it. Several parts are colored white such as the legs, the wrist and the hips. Whilst his own the appearance of the Shockpoint Suit and the Elite Suit are slightly different, some key differences being in appearance. Armor pieces being a black color. Armor pieces having a texture which resembles carbon fiber. Some suit parts colored a midnight purple or blue. The one aspect that makes it more unique than the normal its predecessor is its sealing ability. On highly classified technology, and is intended for this specific  operating due to his hazardous ability.  Unlike all other full-body rated suits for Enforcers, the Suit is self-sealing, meaning that it will seal itself if punctured or otherwise damaged in a manner which compromises the wearer's exposure trapping the leaking electromagnetic radiation from his body.

Sexual Preferences:
(Either 'Fade to black' or 'Important' scenes seem alright with me.) Mikhail is never one to be conversing or flirting so he is strictly business. Even if he had nothing to do it would be rather obvious he has no idea what to do with himself around a person he liked or vice versa. There will be much alone time with himself when off duty.

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