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Author Topic: [NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Game Closed>  (Read 11301 times)

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[NC-H] ExCiv Boarding School <Game Closed>
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:31:29 AM »
Important! This is a game of oppression, and what it's like to try to make the best of a bad situation. This is not a game about abuse, though that is an element (possibly even an sexual element for some), and it's definitely not meant to dive into the EX side of things. This isn't about torture or bondage or BDSM (though the non-EX versions of all of those might come up). This may, after the current themes and setting have been explored, be a game about revolution, but not for a long time yet. If you're willing to hang in, I'd love to do that story, but it won't be now.

What this game is, is a setting where characters are oppressed and abused and seek to make the best of it. There will be plots, but the is not 'Grand Scheme' right now. The idea is to create a world to play in, not a story to finish, but eventually, all stories must end. I hope that one day I will end it with closure, with a plot. For now, this is a story about characters and about a sad, cynical place where people try to make life better (and some make it much worse). It's also about building real characters that can flourish into a bigger plot, eventually. Most of all it's about having fun with the world that's set before us, and I hope we can do that.

(Here are a few links to posts that discuss the game's theme, that I feel help capture it.)

OOC Threads
Recruitment Thread
OOC Thread (Setting Info and Character Roster)
   -First OOC Chat Post <This just bypasses the Setting Info and Character Sheets so you don't have to scroll down past them every time>
   -Glossary of Slang and other Terms
OOC Chatterbox <This is for non-game discussions out of character>

IC Threads
Main Thread/Common Room
A-Level Dormitories
B-Level Dormitories
Staff Dormitories and Lounge
The C-Wing
Main Bathroom
Mess Hall
Training Room

'Private' Threads <These threads are for student rooms or other areas where people can't just come and go.>
The Art Room
Room B2-A11 - Lucian Ayslin and Mori Sato
Room B3-C2 - Donovan Valentine and Mio Hanasawa
The Dreamscape <Lucian's Oneriomancy>

This game idea was run by me more than a year ago, and I've gotten more experience under my belt, so I'd like to try my hand at my first real game revival.

For the quick and simple version, this is a superhuman game. The plot revolves around teenagers taken to a school that is part of a government initiative to deal with 'extrahumans'. In the school, they are treated more like prisoners, where abuse is common and there are soldiers at every corner. Drugs, tasers, and shotguns filled with rocksalt are common tools used to subdue the students.

Welcome to the ExCiv Boarding School, I am Headmistress Black, and this will be your new home. The ExCiv (short for Extrahuman Civilian) Boarding School is the first, and largest, government run institution to teach those among us with special, unique talents. As many of you may know, the ECPA (Extrahuman Civilian Protection Act), states that facilities such as these must track all Extrahuman activity and extradite it to facilities such as this one. They will then be taught many of the same things taught to other students, but in an environment that is nurturing to their unique needs.

Some people have described this as 'segregation', but that is a very negative way to look at it. Much as a honor student or a mentally disable child has unique needs, so too, do extrahuman students. Another commonly expressed concern is our communication policy, which causes many families to not be in contact with the students. We feel it is necessary to maintain a certain environment at the ExCiv Boarding School, and sometimes parents can become disruptive or overly concerned towards our methods. We ensure you, we do what is necessary to turn your extrahuman child into a productive member of society. In fact, many of our students return to the facility after their time here to join our retrieval agents and counselors, furthering the cycle of helping extrahumans in their future growth.

The ExCiv Boarding School was the first of these schools to be built, and has had a successful career in educating and protecting Extrahuman Civlians for more than a decade now.

~~~Okay, enough of this bullshit...~~~

Here's the real truth of the place: The ExCiv Boarding School is a prison for people like us. They find us, they grab us, and they lock us up here. Sure, they teach us math, history, science, languages, and there are a few teachers who aren't total assholes; but overall, this place isn't a second home, it's jail, plain and simple.

So here's how things go around here, we have the students: In this place, there's no year ones, or grades, we're placed in classes based on our academic ability and a basic understanding of where we were before we got here. Most of us were in high school before we got here, 15-17 is the most common time to manifest. Instead of staying until we're 18, they keep us until they're sure we'll be 'productive members of society'. ExCiv is considered a college/university, at least prep, so some of our students are up to 22 to 24 years old. Everyone's at a different level, and we're tested to see what level we're at in every subject before we're assigned classes. Hell, that's about the only thing this place does right, of course, that hardly matters. Some of our teachers aren't really very lenient with our kind, and they don't much care to teach us thoroughly, they just want to keep us in line.

So that's when we come to the teachers: The teachers here come in all types; guys, girls, professors, psychologists, historians, extrahumans and 'regulars', disciplinarians and bleeding hearts. Every teacher is trained to deal with mental and physical assaults, capable of some kind of combat training, and carries an array of drugs, devices, tranquilizers, and almost every one has a shotgun full of rock salt. Quick and simple solution to a problem student is a rocksalt blast to the back or chest. Around here, kids who are known for getting into trouble, we call 'em 'salt miners'.

Next we have the 'counselors', except even the teachers here call them the 'enforcers': These are basically prison guards, all of them even better at combat than most of the teachers, and carrying the same, or better equipment, but that shotgun is always a popular item. A good number of the enforcers are former students, though the hell if I could tell you why. some are also sent as members of the retrieval squads, who are basically just enforcers who go out and grab extrahuman kids when they manifest.

Of course, none of it would be possible without the backing of 'Mr. Edward Kelly' founder of the Extrahuman Civilian Protection Act... Otherwise known as the giant corporate asshole who decided to pretend that they're doing us a favor by jailing us, drugging us, and firing rock salt deep into our hides.

If you're coming to join us, welcome to the family, don't think there's any kind of solidarity here, it's a prison plain and simple. Even the students don't work together or get along, to try and fight back. Welcome to ExCiv Boarding School, fuck this place...

My Chemical Romance - "Teenagers" [Official Music Video]

Here are the important Out of Character Guidelines:

  • Communication! - I will say this as many times as I have to, as many times as I can, communication is key. I am here to talk whenever possible. I take my games pretty seriously, because I committed to its players, but I also can't make a game work without players with a little dedication. If you're not interested/excited, why should anyone be? Let's talk, get to know each other even, but most of all, let's talk about what you want in the game. I am happy to explain anything and everything I can, and players who talk are more likely to enjoy playing together.
  • Writing Skills - The first thing to make me want not to read what you write is poor writing skills. If you don't speak English as your first language, that's fine, I'll cut you some slack. However... (if ur sentancez luk liket his with no punctuashun whatsoever) Then please, let's save everyone the headache. I don't want to reject you, you don't want to get into a fight with me and no one wants to look like a dick. So let's just agree that it's no fun to play together.
  • Plot, Characters, and Sex - I tend to create games with a focus on plots and characters. Sex is just a part of those things. It's encouraged even, but if you make a character who has more sex and fetishes than anything interesting going on, you should find another game. A sexpot is fine, a slut is fine, but sexpots and sluts are people, they have thoughts and feelings (and the ones that don't aren't fun to play with), so build them that way.
  • Gender - I don't mind males playing females or vice versa, and if that bothers you on principle, you might want to leave. I also don't mind lieges, and if anyone does, they really shouldn't play in my games. However, cross-gender play is something I'm wary of, not because males can't play good females (I do it), or females can't play good males, but because I've seen both go bad a lot. It's not forbidden in my games, at all, but if you aren't at all convincing, or you play it up for sex, I will probably not approve your character.

    I know it's not 'politically correct', but I think women playing men usually ends up more convincing, so I'm more likely to allow it. Lieges are a special case, and I won't question their actual sex with regards to character gender, because their life experiences regarding gender aren't the same. A well written character will character will always be approved.
  • Multiple Threads - Please! Posts should open with character location, except in threads listed as 'Private', as even within a single thread, there are likely to be multiple locations. Also, when a character is changing to another thread, link to that thread in the post (better yet, link to the post that yours leads into). On the flipside, if you are coming from another thread, post a link to where your character just came from (again, if you can link to the specific post, all the better).
  • I tend to move stories along quickly. Slow posters will likely be turned off, I hate to make people wait, including myself. I'll keep it reasonable, and I would never intentionally penalize you for having other obligations, just try to stay involved.
  • Do not insist on arbitrary post size or post amount or anything. Post enough to play off of, and try to keep with the flow of the game. Honestly, it's all about common sense.
  • Don't assume you're automatically in because you posted a character sheet. I'll take most players, but I'd rather have quality players, and I'll tell you when you're approved. Also, don't post your sheet into the OOC thread, post it in the recruitment thread or PM it to me. I'll post it to the Character Sheet thread and keep things organized personally.
  • Read the 'On the Nature of Group Games' section... Do it... do it... Seriously, do it.
  • There are exceptions to every 'rule', and someone who is genial and really tries to make an effort will be welcome much more than someone who isn't.

On the Nature of Group Games: I've worked on a lot of Group Games and group game ideas since starting here, and so far, I've found them to be a major pain in the ass. However, there are ways to defeat this, and I learn from every experience, active or failed. They are some of the most rewarding experiences I've had, even when they fail before starting. So here, I'm going to discuss the beast that is group games and how we can keep them alive.

Before we get into anything, let me post the Oath of the Drake. If you can't meet even the basic tenets of the Oath, I honestly doubt I'll care if you fall to the wayside in my games. A group game is not just an obligation to the GM, it's an obligation to the players, and obligations don't have to be bad things. However, when you join a group game, you're agreeing to contribute to a game, not just be in one. People rely on you to help tell a story, and you're messing with their free time as well as yours, so have a little consideration for them, because their time is as important as yours.

The most important aspect of a group game, if it is to really thrive, is communication. An OOC thread is a place to foster relationships and keep everyone abreast of everything that's going on. Everyone has different styles and different paces, and a game suffers when slower players get left too far behind and faster players are forced to wait.

Fast players should find ways to curb their impatience, playing multiple characters or multiple games can help, as long as they can actually keep up. If one player isn't moving as fast as you'd like, and is involved in the same 'scene' or activity, use a little common sense. If it's been an hour, you need to chill out; if it's been a day, see what's up; and if it's been a couple days and you haven't heard a peep, then we can move on. This shouldn't have to happen often, but accept it if it must.

Slower players, however, need to understand that it's inconsiderate not to keep people in the loop, and it's even more inconsiderate for the game to hinge on you and it gets left waiting. If you can't make a post yet, inform people (sometimes that's not possible, you can explain it after the fact, but don't get angry if the game moves on), but when you're working with this many people, don't force them to wait on you. If you need a hiatus, or your stuck, or you're swamped with work or school, say something. We'll move the game on, or wait, and try to get something else moving.

In the vein of pacing issue, don't try to make every scene "big". Not everything has to be drawn out, and a big group doesn't mean everyone has to be in every scene. Instead, have characters meeting up in different places to play out different situations. Unless a big event is happening, there should only be 2 to 4 primary actors in a scene. This way, if someone falls short, it doesn't drag down the whole game.

Sex scenes can be problematic in this vein as well, and you have to consider how much of the game will go on while a few characters are... co-mingling. First and foremost, in most group games, unless everyone (or most of the group) is involved, take the scene to its own thread. This can be waived if for some reason it happens in public, but that could quickly become distasteful, so if that happens, it better be discussed beforehand with more than just the people having sex. If two or more characters decide to go off, they should keep the scene reasonably short, or accept that the game will go on without them for a scene or two. If the sex scene is mostly "smut", and little character or plot progression, feel free to continue it like a solo-game type scene, and return to the game as if you two (or more) involved individuals had done your thing and the time had already passed.

Next up is trust, I will keep trying to earn your trust so you guys know I'm going to be on top of things. I'm watching everything and trying to make everything mesh; and if you trust me, and you aren't a dick, things should go well. I will do what I can to neutralize problem players, or get them someone to help them improve (whether or not that's me). If you have a problem, tell me, or start a PM between me, you, and the person you are having a problem with, and don't accuse or be a dick. Just address the problem, and we can work it out like adults.

Finally, there's the issue of character "interaction". Like, someone's fist interacting with someone's face. Fights and antagonism happen, but not everyone is here to get beat up, be respectful. Try to inform them first, and keep your wording vague. You don't just punch someone, you take a swing at them, maybe they dodge, block, whatever. Of course, if someone 'dodge, blocks, and whatevers' everything, I'll find something they can't dodge. Seriously. If you see your character getting into conflict with another in the near future, maybe start a conversation OOC before it even gets there, it'll save a lot of headaches.

Sometimes you want a swing or an attack to be a surprise, which is fine, focus on vague wording, and maybe drop a note in the OOC thread afterwards to let them know that you wanted to keep it dramatic or whatever. Again, do this everytime, and I'll keep it dramatic on your ass (okay, that's a weird threat...)

Again, most importantly, group games need to keep communication open! Active OOC discussions make games run better, because it helps everyone know what's going on. When you agree to a game, you're agreeing to a social contract, be considerate of your fellow players. If you prove over and over again that you are harmful to the game, I'll drop you, no matter how much I enjoy your writing style or your character.

Sig Image to help with Recruitment

Here's the code, with the link included:
Code: [Select]
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Setting Info
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2012, 12:31:42 AM »
ExCiv Boarding School

The first of a handful of schools based on the ECPA and run and funded by Kelly Corporations (and later a handful of other companies). ExCiv is the largest of these schools, and generally the most prototypical, with most of the experimental and prototype technology and security measures tested at this facility.

ExCiv, and the other ECPA schools, claim to be academic and counseling facilities, but are generally just prisons. The school has few rules, mostly guidelines, however, the structure of the school is maintained by the fact that the enforcers and teachers are often willing to use excessive, and sometimes lethal, force.

(Note: More information about any section of the school can be found in the first post of its IC thread.)

The School <If you read no other section, at least read this one.>

The ExCiv Boarding School is a large, concrete, windowless building hidden away in a mountainous area. Students are brought to the school forcibly regardless of parental permissions. They must be helicoptered in, and are often drugged in the process. Then, they are brought through the heavily guarded and reinforced entrance and processed.

Processing includes a strip search and a quick explanation of school rules, and then the student is sent to their respective 'level' (see the Dormitories section). Students only have what was on their person (minus anything taken in the strip search) when they came in, and are given a chance to contact their parents/guardians or have an agent retrieve a small amount of items from home afterward. C-Level students are not allowed the luxury of outside items. Some students are given a chance to purchase clothes and items from an approved vendor setup by the school and given a line of credit to do so.

Eventually, students are taken to the Infirmary to be sterilized (which is almost 100% effective, and hasn't had more than one or two notable complications in all 16 years the school has been open). This process is quick and while it leaves the student sore for a while, it is not very invasive. The process is permanent, and has both surgical and chemical elements, and is overseen by the school's medical technician.

The school is large and ominous, made of concrete and having no windows. It is isolated in a mountain range and covered by snipers, and the only door in-and-out is heavily guarded with various sensors to detect all sorts of things (such as infrared sensors to bypass stealth powers). Enforcers stand in just about every hallway, and the building does not have a 'homey' feel.

Despite all this, the place can be pretty sympathetic, given how much of the school is internally run by Extrahumans. Much of life there focuses on students finding light and glimmers of hope in a place of oppression and abuse. Some students have even come to turn the oppression and abuse into entertainment. However, the school still feels like a prison in many cases, and when things are bad, they get very bad.

The school has access to a chemical which is called 'Blue Goo' by the students, and it comes in a strange injector. The chemical starts as two separate compounds, which flush into a chamber and mix into a blue liquid, which is then injected into the student. The 'Blue Goo' has a dulling effect on Extrahuman powers, and is used with dangerous or unruly students (or students with dangerous powers they can't control yet), but given that it would be expensive to keep every student on the stuff constantly, is usually only applied when a student gets out of hand. 'Blue Goo' makes the student woozy for a bit, before balancing out and simply causing the student's power to become less usable (but not turning it off completely).

The school, despite all its propaganda, is not meant to churn out productive citizens. A-Level students are the only ones likely to be released back into society (maybe half of A-Level students get out). Most other students become enforcers or teachers or are brought into the government to work under heavy scrutiny; or are kept hidden away in C-Level or shipped to some other facility where the pretense of 'school' is simply dropped. While not overly common, a small percentage of students simply die in the school, which is usually treated as an unfortunate side-effect of an overall productive system. A student that becomes a teacher or enforcer or is otherwise stuck at the school indefinitely, is called a 'lifer' by the other students.

Administration and Staff

The school is run by Headmistress Black, who is a mysterious figure at ExCiv. Automated services, robots, and special chemicals keep the school clean and sanitary, and the food consists of pre-prepared rations (much like in the military).

Enforcers keep the school safe, and generally number about one for every two students, most of them (at least 50-60%) being former students at this point. The teaching staff is also trained in combat techniques, and many have some kind of extrahuman or technological advantage to protect themselves from the students.

All members of the staff sleep and have HQ or 'offices' in the Staff Area of the school, which is an extensive area (described in the IC Thread).

(Note on Enforcers: Besides actual enforcer characters, I will run generic NPC enforcers all over the place, if I'm not actively involved in a scene, you can ask permission to play out a few actions from an enforcer for the sake of your story, and I will give you a few guidelines. Generally, I'll allow it, as long as you don't get ridiculous about it.)


Discipline is a strange issue at the school. Students are regularly mistreated, and this isn't against the rules. In fact, there don't seem to be any hard and fast rules, at least none that are enforced. Teachers and enforcers decide how to handle students, and some are sympathetic, and some aren't. The only general rule is that no lethal methods are to be used. Sometimes enforcers cross the line with their 'non-lethal' methods, but it's rare, and subject to heavy penalties if deemed unnecessary.

It is not uncommon for enforcers to fight over discipline methods, and if a 'superior ranked' enforcer says to do something or stop doing something, it's generally heeded. In the end, if two enforcers disagree with each others methods, it's up to one or the other whether they're willing to do something about it. Overall, enforcers tend to be heavy handed with trouble students, and relatively sympathetic towards students that prove not to be dangerous. If, when multiple enforcers are on the scene, an enforcer seems to be doling out 'disproportionate retribution' onto a student, it will usually be stopped.

Some enforcers even have a good sense of humor with regards to being physically assaulted, as even some enforcers have been known to be 'rough and tumble' in the past. In the end, discipline can vary greatly depending on who is dealing with a student.

Staff Area

The staff has its own lounge and dormitories, and each enforcer and teacher is given their own room. Rooms are reasonably furnished and the Staff Lounge isn't plush, but it is comfortable. This area is off-limits to students, but a teacher could bring a student to their room if they so chose, though this behavior might be deemed suspicious.

Student/Teacher relationships do happen (and not infrequently), and while school policy frowns on them, not a lot is done about it.

This area is close to the Commons and student dormitories, to ensure someone is quick to respond if something big starts to happen.

Dormitories and Students

Students are separated into three levels, which determines their living area and how freely they can move about the school.

A-Level students are allowed to go just about anyplace in the school except the Staff Area, and are judged as minimal threats. These students are housed in the A-Level Wing. There, each individual has a semi-furnished room (bed, footlocker, desk, and a reasonable amount of room). These students generally qualify by having low-danger-level powers and by showing little inclination towards violent behavior. A 'low-power' student with a violent or dangerous attitude is likely to be upped to B-Level just on principle. The A-Level wing has its own lounge, which is more comfortable than the Common Room, but given only A-Level students are allowed to mingle there, it isn't used as much.

B-Level students are the most common students, and are judged a moderate threat. The B-Level Wing is more secure, with rooms that can be more easily locked down, and some students forced to share rooms (characters attributed to B-Level can ask to either be placed in the 'barracks', a 'bunk' room, or a 'single' room; if you wish to share a 'bunk' room, talk to other players if you feel you might wish to share a bunk).

Finally, the C-Level Wing is the most highly secure section of the school. C-Level students are expected to be watched by an enforcer (even if not being personally escorted) at all times, except in their own room or cell. C-Level students have precautions placed in their room, customized to their particular abilities, and may be placed in unfurnished 'cells'. C-Students in Cells are considered 'Cellers', a term used by enforcers and students to note the most dangerous students in the school. Some students are placed in cells due to psychoses, some are there because of the high danger level posed by their powers, and the most dangerous students are often rarely allowed out of their cells (these characters will probably be used only as villains or threats in special story arcs, as they might not be much fun to play on a 'daily' basis).

(Note for Sexual RP: Students of different levels (especially C-Level students), will find privacy to be difficult. A-Level students can easily intermingle, and are generally capable of getting into B-Level rooms without much issue (B-Level students visiting A-Level rooms is almost unheard of unless they bunk and desire more privacy). C-Level students usually have to find ways to get rid of their escorts, or possibly bring an A-Level or B-Level student to the C-Level Wing and simply try to be clever, quick, and/or quiet. However, most C-Level students will find a way (if anyone really wants to pursue a relationship with a C-Level student, just PM me if you can't think of a good way to get some privacy, I will RP one in).)

Common Room

Near the intersection of the A and B-Level Dormitories, and not too far the C-Level Wing, this room is the most commonly trafficked in the entire school. This is where students can mingle, talk, study, watch TV and movies (though programming can be limited and may even be censored, and nothing with escape or revolutionary themes are shown), among other activities. The Common Room is always guarded by several Enforcers and usually watched by a few teachers as well.

Mess Hall and Library

Other than the Commons, most students prefer to spend their time in the Mess Hall or the Library.

The Mess Hall often has nearly a hundred students in it (at least during the main hours of the day), socializing and eating the generally bland food it provides. The Library one of very few pieces of entertainment that is provided by ExCiv, and many students are glad for its presence. It has a surprisingly large selection, and does not ban or censor most books unless they are clearly dangerous material for students to have (such as the infamous 'Anarchist's Cookbook').

Food in the mess hall is prepared by an automated, robotic system. However, a few (no or low-risk, A-Level students) work under supervision to provide meals for students who cannot (because of health issues, not personal ones) eat what is normally provided. If you want a kosher meal, they don't care (though if it can be made with the supplies they have, a kind student in the right position might be willing to provide it).


There are small, mostly private bathrooms all around the school, generally consisting of a toilet and a sink. An enforcer is stationed outside each one, just in case a student is deemed a risk to use those facilities without supervision.

Otherwise, there is one, large primary bathroom, with several toilet stalls, many sinks, and open and stall showers. Anyone considered a risk is always escorted in the bathrooms and gets minimal privacy. Most others get the basic privacy of a stall in the shower or toilet, with enforcers posted all around the bathing areas.


The school's medical facilities are highly advanced, and for the most part, completely automated. A couple of enforcer technicians are capable of running the entire thing, and for minor injuries and basic diseases, the medical bay can easily cure someone in the course of a few hours or a few days.

There is a section of the Infirmary specially designated for sterilization, where operations are performed on every student to get them sterilized. This lowers the risk of more Extrahuman mutations, and avoids any unwanted pregnancy complications. This process is very advanced, using even research performed by the Nazis in WWII, in an attempt to perfect a process that has few risks or complications, and is relatively simple to perform. The various Extrahuman schools are the only known places with the technology to accomplish this method.

The Infirmary is run by Dr. Elias Strecker.
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Character Info
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2012, 12:31:53 AM »
Here I'll post the basic details for making characters, as well as a character sheet.

   Current Roster <Characters marked with ** are not yet approved>

~Zhu Que~ Rebecca Levin <Nerve Signal Control, Physical Education> {Teacher 9 Years}
~Pyrkinas~ Dr. Elias Strecker <Human, Medical Technician> {Technician 16 Years}
~Ryuka Tana~ Professor Johann Lehrer <Human, Ethics> {Teacher 16 Years}
~Trystia~ Nathaniel Kavanagh <Projection, Art> {Student 8 Years, Teacher 6 Years}

~Calison~ Davina Rathborne <Superhuman Atheleticism> {Student 4 Years, Enforcer 6 Years}
~Zhu Que~ Celeste Green <Pixie Dust> {Student 3 Years, Enforcer 5 Years}
~DTW~ Miles Schumacher <Superspeed> {Student 4 Years, Enforcer 5 Years}
~Pyrkinas~ Aleksei Kireyev <Human> {Enforcer 16 Years}
~Ryuka Tana~ Edward Lin <Kinetic Focus> {Student 6 Years, Enforcer 6 Years}
~Scarification~ Mikhail Vosh <Electromagnetism> {Student 2.5 Years, Enforcer 1.5 Years}
~ThePrince~ Joseph Wingard <Death's Touch> {Student 10 Years, Enforcer 2 Years}

~blackcatotaku~ Sophie Moyer <Minor Telepathy, A-Level> {Student ~1 Year}
~Trystia~ Adeline Gerard <Psychometry, A-Level> {Student ~1 Year}
~aya~ Iris Zhang <Electrical Manipulation, B-Level> {Student 10 Years}
~Dashenka~ Sarina Gallagher <Wolf-Shifter, B-Level> {New Student}
~FallenFeather~ Mio Hanasawa <Molecular Restructuring, B-Level> {New Student}
~Lady Grey~ Mori Sato <Regeneration, B-Level> {Student 3 Years}
~Niki315~ Erika Pendry <Technopath, B-Level> {Student 3 Years}
~CurvyKitten~ Angel Alexandria Jones <Siren, C-Level> {New Student}
~Starcry~ Naida Yaritiza <Hydrokinesis, C-Level> {Student 1 Year}
~Zhu Que~ Evangeline Pierce <Omnilinguist/Sound Control, C-Level> {Student 5 Years}
~Pyrkinas~ Crispin Wells <Bioelectric Control, A-Level> {Student 2 Years}
~Ryuka Tana~ Ashly Walker <Levitation, A-Level> {Student 1.5 Years}
~Shilue~ David Elmador <Life Sight, A-Level> {Student 1 Year}
~Ryuka Tana~ Lucian Ayslin <Oneiromancy, B-Level> {Student 3.5 Years}
~Starcry~ Donovan Valentine <Snake Bite, B-level> {Student 4 Years}
~Zaer Darkwail~ Joshua White <Feline Aspect, B-Level> {Student 4 Years}
~GMorris~ Daniel Moss <Pyrokinesis, C-Level> {Student less than a Month}

   Building an Extrahuman

Powers of all kinds will be acceptable here, but remember that in this school, the more power you have, the more restrictions you have. There will be no catch-all powers (super magic users or reality benders), I don't like them in superhero stories, and I don't want them here.

So, here's the guidelines for powers:

  • Magic: Avoid anything definitively fantastic, stretching science is fine, breaking it is not. Feel free to ask about any power, but don't be too attached to anything. Powers shouldn't allow a character too many freedoms, and really powerful characters are just going to get slapped with restrictions.
  • Telepathy and 'Mind Powers': These powers are acceptable, but it requires a lot of maturity and a little dedication. Don't do it if you don't think you can be respectful and clever, as having the ability to read minds or something similar can bleed into 'god-mode' pretty quickly. However, there will be no complete control of other characters and no full mind-reading with no limitations (it should be rather difficult).
  • Sex Powers: If you want a power that can have sexual effects, it should fall under a different category. I don't want to see giant erection, futanari, sexual stimulation, pheromone or whatever powers, unless they are broader. I just don't want characters who exist purely to make everything about sex. I like sex, but you can be a sexual person without resorting to this, it's not that type of game.
  • 'Batmen'/Gadgeteers: These aren't really powers, or anything that could reasonably be described as 'Extrahuman'. Androids/cyborgs could maybe be a thing, but otherwise, you might be looking to make an Enforcer with some cool gadgets.


I will be much more careful recruiting teachers and enforcers, as they have notably more ability to abuse their position. Students should outnumber both groups in any case.

Enforcers are often former students, and this is not uncommon for teachers (or at least for them to be Extrahumans from before the ECPA). However, this is not true in all cases. Either way, they are all capable of protecting themselves, and are equipped with plenty of methods to deter dangerous behavior in students. This equipment can even be quite high tech (beyond modern technology, but not excessively, and most items should be modern military tech level). However, no enforcer is allowed to carry a lethal weapon (no guns with actual bullets, no blades, nothing designed to kill).

Enforcers are usually trained like soldiers and carry more 'heavy duty' (but only lethal if overused) equipment for subduing students. C-Level powers on Enforcers are treated as a major threat, and these Enforcers are never allowed to act as retrieval agents or leave the facility, and are carefully monitored. Enforcers often wear a great deal of equipment, but there are many that do not, but all of them have a militant or at least government agent look.

Enforcers at ExCiv for the past decade or so have been trained 'in-house' (particularly those who started as students) to ensure a complete training, and to make sure students aren't released into the world at large for any length of time. This isn't always true, and there are still a number of military men and women in the service of the enforcers (particularly the older enforcers), but this is becoming more and more the exception, not the rule.

(Potential Enforcers should definitely read the 'Discipline' section in the second post. Being an enforcer is quite a complicated thing, as there are a lot of nuances, so if you ask to be one, be ready for me to throw a lot of new info at you.)

(There is also, currently, room for a 'Medical Technician', someone who is able to keep the various automated medical equipment running, and do things that require a human touch.)

   Multiple Characters

Multiple characters will be allowed, but on a case-by-case basis. If you can't post enough to keep up with one character, it wouldn't be a good idea to take up another. Don't ask me to play multiple characters unless I have a chance to see your style or have played with you before. Annoyingly overeager players are not endearing.

Also, if you have more than one character, use different font types or colors or something noticeable to indicate different characters. It just makes things easier on everyone.


Ethnicity is notable in this game because the ECPA is an American law. However, Extrahumans can be found all over the world, and only America has decided exactly what to do with them (particularly in such a heavy handed fashion). America is the only major country with facilities designed to hold Extrahumans (outside of some high-level correctional facilities in Asia and Europe). If your character is 'Asian-American' or 'African-American', just note that and move on, all Extrahumans living on American soil fall under the same laws, regardless of birthplace or ethnicity.

However, if you wish to have a foreign character, we'll have to work out a reason why you're in an American facility under an American act. If it's as simple as being a transfer student before your manifestation, just say so and we're good to go. However, there are some nuances to this.

A student that might be a C-Level risk (or a B-Level bordering on C-Level) might get extradited because America has the facilities to contain them. In particular, the UK in this world hasn't quite decided on its laws regarding Extrahumans. So, unless an Extrahuman Citizen has broken a law, there is no recourse to punish them. Instead, they perform an 'assessment' on 'high-level' risks and extradite them to America if they are deemed a public safety hazard.

   Some Pictures for Inpsiration

Always willing to add some to this collection to help other players out. Keep them modern in style and focusing on one (maybe two) characters. Photograph or drawing makes no difference. If you intend to upload more than 2 or 3 pictures, put them in spoiler tags and reduce pixel height to 500.

For Enforcers, try to keep it militant looking and avoid any weapon that clearly seems lethal, guys in heavy suits like the ones shown so far are best, and a 'modern/sci-fi' twist is always good.

Also, at least for these pictures, avoid obviously popular characters or famous actors/actresses. I prefer to avoid them altogether, but I can accept them for individuals. However, if someone is inspired by an anime character or actor, they probably don't need it posted here to give them inspiration.

Code: [Select]
This code will shrink a pic down to 500 pixel height:

[img height=500]<Image URL>[/img]





(If you play multiple characters, sheets should show a clear indication of color/font, and stick with ones that are easy to read.)

(This image has nothing to do with anything,
I just wanted an example and Shae's
one of my favorite Cosplay models)
Player: <Link this to your profile, please>
Gender:     Age:
Height:     Weight: (Not necessary, but putting imperial and metric measurements would be appreciated)
Position: <Student, Teacher, Enforcer>    Callsign: <For Teachers and Enforcers, delete if student>
Sexual Orientation:
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? (Note years as a student and years as an enforcer/teacher separately, if applicable. Also, if you wish to play out the character being 'retrieved' and processed, just put 'Just started' or '0' or something. Note that ExCiv was opened in 1996, so no one has been there more than 16 years.)


Weaknesses: (This section covers limitations or holes in one's powers, or other weaknesses, possibly caused by their powers. You may not have any weaknesses, other than being vulnerable to bullets and tasers like a normal person, and that's fine.)


Description: <and/or Picture>

Sexual Preferences: (Type information here about how you prefer to go about scenes. Do you prefer to 'fade-to-black' or only play out scenes that are 'important' <first time, major turning point, etc.>? Or do you prefer to avoid adult content in general? Each character may be different so fill this out for every character.)

OOC Notes: (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just delete this section)

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<Image URL Here>[/img][/floatright]
[b]Player:[/b] <Link this to your profile, please>
[b]Gender:[/b]     [b]Age:[/b]    [b]Ethnicity:[/b] <See above for how ethnicity interacts with this game>
[b]Height:[/b]     [b]Weight:[/b] (Not necessary, but putting imperial and metric measurements would be appreciated)
[b]Position:[/b] <Student, Teacher, Enforcer>    [b]Callsign:[/b] <For Teachers and Enforcers, delete if student>
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[b]How Long Have You Been at ExCiv?[/b] (Note years as a student and years as an enforcer/teacher separately, if applicable. Also, if you wish to play out the character being 'retrieved' and processed, just put 'Just started' or '0' or something. Note that ExCiv was opened in 1996, so no one has been there more than 16 years.)


[b][color=green]Weaknesses:[/color][/b] (This section covers limitations or holes in one's powers, or other weaknesses, possibly caused by their powers. You may not have any weaknesses, other than being vulnerable to bullets and tasers like a normal person, and that's fine.)


[b]Description:[/b] <and/or Picture>

[b]Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Type information here about how you prefer to go about scenes. Do you prefer to 'fade-to-black' or only play out scenes that are 'important' <first time, major turning point, etc.>? Or do you prefer to avoid adult content in general? Each character may be different so fill this out for every character.)

[b]OOC Notes:[/b] (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just delete this section)
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Re: [NC/Human] ExCiv Boarding School (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2012, 12:43:03 AM »
Noting interest.  ;D

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC/Human] ExCiv Boarding School (Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2012, 12:48:35 AM »
"Cool, less than 15 minutes to get interest, good deal."

Offline Dashenka

This looks like fun :)


I'm guessing you need players for all the roles? Teachers, Students and enforcers?

Offline Zhu Que

"Interested of course. ^_^

I have several ideas, at least one or two for each kind of role, so depending on other players and situation, I can/will play anything."

Offline blackcatotaku

I'm interested and I'm PMing you a character concept. :)

Offline Trystia

Looking through this, I might be interested, would love to chat via IM about it a bit and see if this would be a good venue for me.

Offline LeSane

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This is rather interesting so its bookmarked. I'll be pming you about a position as well as a character concept for you to look at after I return if you do not mind.

Offline Pyrkinas

I'm in again. I'll probably make an Enforcer and a Student, and/or maybe a teacher if we need one.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Zhu and Pyrk, you know you two are always in. Perks of the GM having RPed with you for years on and offline. Also, Pyrk, I always expect you to make an enforcer or military dude when you get the chance."

This looks like fun :)


I'm guessing you need players for all the roles? Teachers, Students and enforcers?

"Yes, though I'm going to be very careful who I allow to play non-students."

This is rather interesting so its bookmarked. I'll be pming you about a position as well as a character concept for you to look at after I return if you do not mind.

"I never mind interest. PM away."

Offline Dashenka

So if I want to play a student, in terms of the supernatural powers, do I think X-Men style?

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Think... I dunno, anything really. X-Men's a good place to look, but comics in general, as long as your power set isn't too broad, there should be a theme for your powers and it should encompass too many things. No Superman characters, no Green Lanterns, definitely nothing on the cosmic end of DC/Marvel where powers get insanely ridiculous. You can also think 'Heroes' (the TV show) or the Incredibles (but less silly, more dark)."

"I'm also going to post a section about how the school works as a whole in the second post soon. You'll all see what I mean when I post it."

Offline Dashenka

So the ability like Pyro? To control excisting fire? Would that be something along the lines you were thinking of? Or shapeshift into an animal?

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

So the ability like Pyro? To control excisting fire? Would that be something along the lines you were thinking of? Or shapeshift into an animal?

"Pyro would be acceptable (probably C-Level, though if it has to be existing fire, and the character isn't a 'dangerous personality' maybe B-Level). Shapeshifting is acceptable as well."

Offline Dashenka

Wicked. I don't mind having level C. I'll start conjuring up a character :) Any specific sheet you want us to follow?

Offline Starcry

I think I saw something (anime/movie) that had an idea like this. Forgot what it was though.

I am very much interested as well!

Let me know when we can start working on characters!
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Wow... overwhelming response, will have a sheet up soon. Just gotta tweak the old one."

Offline Zhu Que

"Alright, so gonna bring Evangeline in as a student, she'll probably be more fun as a student rather than a teacher...

Also might make a teacher or Enforcer. We didn't have a female Enforcer last time, could be fun."

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Okay, going to put up an OOC thread that has a glossary of terms (the kids at the school like to name things, and you guys can feel free to submit some), as well as a history of how the world got to this point."

"Check the second post for a new section that helps describe the nature of the school, the process of being 'retrieved', and other small details."

"Also, the character sheet is up and ready. Please only seek approval for a single character at a time. Zhu Que and Pyrkinas are currently allowed multiple characters, other players I know well may also have the privilege. I will ask some people personally if they may want to, and you can petition me for multiple characters under the guidelines stated in the third post."

"If you guys can, I'm always glad to see players work together to have characters with prior relationships. If you get assigned to B-Level, you may even share a bunk room."

"Another also, I'd love to get a few inspirational pics if people have them."
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Offline Starcry

Naida Yaritiza
Player: Starcry
Gender: Female.   
Age: 17
Ethnicity: White, British. Speaks with a soft "proper/posh" English accent.
Height: 1.70M
Weight: 126lb
Position: Student. <C-Level>
Assigned Enforcer: Davina Rathborne
Sexual Orientation: Pancurious.
How Long Have You Been at ExCiv? One year.

Hydrokinesis - Naida can control water and freeze it at will.

Jet stream - Due to the fact Naida is in-tune with water she tell when it will rain and snow. She can also tell when storms or blizzards are on their way.


* Can only control water in it's chemical substance state.
* Cannot control any other element.
* Can only freeze large amounts water if she feels threatened.
* Cannot freeze any other liquid substance.
* Cannot make water on demand.
* Cannot create tsunamis, whirlpools or Maelstroms.
* Cannot morph water into weapons using her freezing abilities.
* Is sensitive to temperature change.
* Can only tell the weather change if she is outside.
* Can only give advanced warning depending on severity. (Usually an hour or two before anything arrives.)
* If storm or blizzard is on a massive scale it will overwhelm her and make her feel ill. (Usually a day or two before they hit.)
* Unable to manipulate the jet stream.


Naida was born naturally hazel eyed, peach skinned and blond haired and was the only child of two very loving parents. She grew up in relatively friendly neighbourhood, apart from a few trouble makers that got on everyone nerves. Growing up and in school she was like any other normal girl and had a small group of friends, whom followed her from primary school to secondary. Unfortunately, she also had her share of bullies who picked on her for the most stupid things. It started with being picked on for being the only child in her family. This grew more into her appearance when she hit puberty, for it was then that her skin went from warm peach to a pale that would usually be associated with people with anemia. It quickly began turning ugly when boys started paying attention to her.

Naida's powers began to manifest when she was fifteen. It was an accident and luckily it was only her parents who saw it. They saw both she and her powers as harmless yet useful. They also didn't want to send their only daughter away for something that wasn't her fault. They didn't care about the laws or the reassurances, that it would be the best thing for parents to do. To them they would be losing their baby, so they kept her gift a secret, while she experimented without their knowledge. Sadly, a bully at school exposed her powers. In a fit of jealous rage the bully and her group got Naida alone and all went to throw buckets of water on the poor girl. Naida froze most of the water and reflected any others back, all the while thinking nothing would come of it, since no one was around and no one would believe the girls who ganged up on her.  Unfortunately, her school watched the whole confrontation on CCTV and contacted Extrahuman Civilian Boarding School, as they were obligated to do under ECPA and the new conditions in the UK and US treaties. They didn't bother contacting her parents about it, since they felt that is where their obligations ended and they didn't want to get involved in any politics.

Early hours the next morning staff from ExCiv came to Naida's house to collect her. While she slept her parents were given the opinion of handing her go quietly or facing imprisonment for resisting to give up their only child. So as much as it pained them they signed their daughter's life over to these strange people and could only watch as their daughter was torn from their home. They weren't told if they would see her again or not. They were simply told she would be put under a risk assessment and depending on results would depend on visitation and if she would be extradited to the US. Since that night they have not been contacted.

After the risk assessment was performed it was decided the US had grounds on which to extradite Naida. She was judged on being able to cause damage on a global disaster level. The mire possibility of her being able to create tsunamis, maelstroms and manipulate the jet stream if she were left unchecked in the UK was enough to have her removed from her homeland on a no return bases. So Naida was flown from the UK to the US, without a goodbye to all she knew and loved.

Once Naida arrived at her new home she quickly discovered things weren't as news reports and adverts said. She had been thrown into a prison environment without a fair trial or judge. Her only solace was the fact she wasn't the only one there. There were other teenagers, who like her, had powers. However, she wasn't given much time to even socialize because she was only shown around and her room before she began a half a year of hell in which her abilities were fully tested. She was forced to use her powers and at one point was pumped with enhancers to see how far she could be pushed. They stopped once they were happy with the base line of what she could or couldn't do. Sadly, as a side effect her features have changed dramatically from what they were. Naida now has teal hair, almost snow white skin that is freezing cold to touch and her eyes slightly glow with aqua.

At first they classed her as "Celler" due to the other possible risk of her being able to control blood. However, once they performed further tests they were satisfied with results that she couldn't control any body fluids, so in turn they decided to reduce her classification to a "C-Level." This meant instead of being put in an empty room by herself, being on a strict diet and having an Enforcer at her door at all times; she was instead given a small room, a less restrictive diet and an Enforcer that would escort her any time she wished to leave her room. On top of that she was to be given special medication known as "Blue Goo" at regular intervals, so to keep her powers from growing too much and to keep it under control while they trained her, was to avoid contact and heavily monitored in areas which had heavy water content and had to have her meals bought to her room. Certain areas of the complex were also off limits to her. 


Before she was taken to ExCiv, Naida, was a happy, bubbly, out going teenager who didn't really have many desires, apart from living life to it's fullest and becoming an Art director. Her favorite subjects at school were Art, Music and History. She had very simple pass times including: listening to music, playing the piano, swimming, drawing, painting, rollerblading and hanging out with her friends. However, all this was taken away the moment her powers were publicly revealed and she was extradited to the US. Since being branded a threat to all humanity she is no longer that girl and has dramatically changed. After all she has been subjected to it has left her with slight paranoia towards anyone's intentions and after the long time in isolation; it has made her slightly socially awkward around her peers. She usually keeps to herself unless someone approaches her and even then it is a task in itself to have a proper conversation with her.

Her only escape from this hell is her painting, which she is very limited in. The only reason she is allowed to paint is because she is to use oil based paints and use paint thinner to clean her brushes. While at first they refused such an expensive venture they have only allowed her to paint on the grounds that they sell whatever work she creates. This is to cover the costs of her supplies, to bring money to the school and most of all; bring good publicity and evidence of how well treated the students are. However, they have only told her it is to cover the cost of her supplies.


Naida's once warm, peach, baby soft, skin is now white and cold as snow but still has it's softness. Her eyes which were once hazel are now ocean blue but have a slight aqua glow to them. Her once think blond hair is now thin knee length teal hair, which she usually puts up when she is painting. Even though she looks fragile with her clothes on; off her build is slim but reasonably portioned for her age. She also a bullet scar on her left shoulder, where an enforcer was ordered to shoot her during one test, to see how she would respond to threats to her life. Nadia wears no make up and often dresses in a simple, ankle length, black skirt and long sleeve, white, cotton shirt which has black trimmings on it.

Sexual Preferences:

My personal style - I like plot to my smut and not just straight hook up sex. So if anyone wants to have sexual relations with Naida you'll need to give me a good reason why she should get together with your character/s and pm me. That way we can work things out. Also just because I have lots of actual ons does not mean they will all be Naida's. I will most likely select a few for her that I feel will fit with her character. However, if wanted I can do a mixture of "fade-to-black" as well. (Some times it is implied other times we could do a thread.)

Naida - She isn't too experienced. She hasn't had intercourse before but has explored "heavy petting" with male and female partners and masturbation without the use of toys. She doesn't see herself as straight, gay or bisexual, but more closet curious about all genders and sexualities. What she doesn't realize yet is that she is pansexual so she would be classed as pancurious. From the small amount of sexual experimentation she has done she has discovered she enjoys breast play, being whispered sweet nothings, passionate kissing, having her ears nibbled on, being teased until she can't take it any more and oral. 


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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Working on some stuff related to ethnicity and Extrahuman policies in foreign countries."

Offline Starcry

Just thought I'd let people know that I need an Enforcer for Naida. So if anyone would like to step up let me know! ^^

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Added a section on 'Discipline' in the second post."

EDIT: "Also clarified some things for enforcer characters."

EDIT2: "Also added a small section on the Staff Area."
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