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Author Topic: Jason Kelley's List of Threads: Male seeking female RP Player  (Read 371 times)

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Jason Kelley's List of Threads: Male seeking female RP Player
« on: October 28, 2012, 09:50:00 AM »
Hello there, I'm Jason, fairly new still to the Elliquiy Site, and I thought it was about time for me to set up a kind of list of things that I would like to roleplay on here.

T.V. Series

Criminal Minds
- JJ taken Hostage: Special Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is pursuing a case on her own time as a favor to a friend of her's, apart from her BAU - Behavioral Analysis Unit (FBI), she finds herself in an untenable situation of becoming a hostage.  The BAU Team has discovered what JJ is working on, when she has a timed message being sent to her boss Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner; with details of the case now made available to the team, and a message leaks out by the media that a wanted fugitive is held up in a bank with hostages, the news covering the story, shows the fugitive pressing JJ against the bank's windows with a gun to her head....
As negotiations with the men holding the bank, JJ and six other people gos nowhere useful, the police are trying to get into position while JJ continues trying to talk to her captors, trying to reason with them, all it serves is to get their attention focused on her.
The lead bank robber makes a deal with JJ, she submits to him right now in front of everyone, or he begins harming the other hostages.  To make his point clear, he begins beating one of the hostages, until JJ tries to intervene in the beating, but she is swiftly held by the other men holding the bank.

- JJ's New Romance: Set after her new husband Detective William La Montague Jr. of the Baltimore Police Department, is killed during an investigation that he was working on, JJ meets a new man that has a way of making her feel alive again, sensual, bringing that part of herself back to the surface.  The man in JJ's life now could be a true romantic guy, that likes her and wants her to be happy again or he could be the man that had never been caught during the investigation that Will La Montague had been working before getting killed; either scene is good.

- The Annual Checkup at the Doctor's Office: JJ goes in for her annual checkup at the doctor's office, she soon finds herself in seriously compromising situation.  In a sound proof room, JJ is drugged by the new doctor, who then begins using JJ in the exam room, leading JJ to getting possibly pregnant.
The doctor later lures Emily Prentiss and Ashley Seaver of the BAU into the same situation, using the still drugged and under the influence JJ, to help him, lure her coworkers to his sound proof room.

- JJ and Spencer Reid (Romance): During a time in which JJ is having relationship issues with Will La Montague Jr. of the New Orleans Police Department, she finds herself at the same time consoling coworker Spencer Reid of the BAU.  This takes place during the same time of Emily Prentiss supposedly being dead, and spans about ten weeks.  As JJ during this same time doesn't work for the BAU anymore, but with the State Department / Pentagon, neither Reid nor JJ felt there was any conflict of interest or breach of Bureau Policy or Regs.

- JJ's Past comes back to haunt her: Formerly buried repressed memories of a traumatic event in her life, JJ begins experiencing flashes of horrific images of her getting attacked; but has no clear memory of the incident happening to her.  Her coworkers begin realising that there is something wrong with JJ, as she becomes increasingly edgy and distracted around work; their questions grating on her nerves and her own behavior around her friends / coworkers likewise, she leaves the BAU to take some time off from work, hopefully to get her head back on straight. 
Deciding to confront her repressed memories, JJ goes to the Summer Camp in which she had been a camp counselor during her later teen years, and while she is there is meets the man that had held her captive for several days, and as she is fighting to survive her second encounter with this man, the BAU team gets called into a serial rapist murder operating near the same Summer Camp. 

- Ashley Seaver or JJ goes undercover at a high school: Going undercover at a local high school where suspicious reports of a possible predator might be operating in or around the high school, while the agent is undercover as a new substitute teacher at the school gathering info about kids being terrorized and Bullied, driven to commit violent crimes on other kids; one of the kids (a senior 17 years) slips a strong drug into JJ's or Ashley's drink, a little bit each time, so she doesn't become suspicious of the effects, he uses the drug on her to find out more about her, and uses its influence over her to seduce her into his bed. 
The BAU team follows the trail of clues being left behind for them about what she was finding out and who might be their primary suspect in these crimes, the BAU finds the undercover agent and arrests the person responsible, they are unfortunately not in time....

- JJ's Romance: JJ back in her early college years becomes romantically involved with a 17 year old young man or a lonely older man that she meets.  Later she is reunited with this same person while she is working with the BAU on a case that they are working on; the person from her college years, is on the same case and old feelings are reignited after they meet again on the case.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas, Nevada)
- Morgan's Romance: An old recluse finds an injured Morgan Brody after an accident, car or hiking, he nurses her back to health and in the process develops feelings for her.  The CSI team is focused on solving crimes, while Morgan is unknown to them is in potential danger, they eventually find out when she fails to answer her cell or or even report back at the end of her vacation or personal time off from work.

- Stalked!: A teenager with a serious fixed obsession for Morgan Brody of the CSI Team, manages to become her new neighbor and slowly, carefully insinuates himself into her life, drawing closer to her going so far as to plant minicams and mics all through her place of residence stalking her, while at the same time possibly seducing her, open for discussion on that might happen.

Harry Potter
- Romantic and Drama: Our characters are of two different backgrounds, two different houses at Hogwarts, and while we come from two different lifestyles, through a series of situations in the story, we become something of an odd couple at the school, that creates some trouble for one or both of us by the other students or possibly even their parents.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy
- The Alien Visitor: Alien from another world comes to Earth to explore, he's in a human disguise; during the process of his investigation, he picks up on the threads of someone feeling lonely and underappreciated, but with an intelligent and he goes to her home, uses a transporter like device to slip into her home before she arrives.  After she arrives at the house, she sees a noted from her parents indicating that they are going to be out of town for the next few weeks; leaving her alone, and with no real buds to hang out with, the depressive situation sets in until she realizes that she's not alone in the house.....

- The Lonely Girl and Android: Lonely high school or college girl meets a man with amnesia and decides to help him regain his memory and helping him recover; but in the process, she begins developing feelings for the man, only to find out that he's some kind of advanced android with feelings and emotions as well as super strength and speed and a vast amount of information in his head.

- U.S. Marshals: No specific topic on this one, welcome ideas though.

- The Secret Service Agent and The President's Daughter: An off-duty Secret Service Agent on vacation, gets catches a glimpse of two men dragging a young girl into a car, and using his camera phone, he captures the whole scene and the kind of car and reviews the scene on his phone, only to find out that the girl is the President's daughter.  Calling into the Presidential Protective Detail of the Secret Service, they indicate there is nothing wrong, but he thinks there is something wrong and pursues his own instincts and follows leads to the daughter's location and uncovers a mole inside the Secret Service.  (This story is intended to be romantic as well as dramatic, so keep those aspects in mind when thinking of doing this thread.)