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June 18, 2018, 01:53:32 PM

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Author Topic: Hyde (Interest Check) (Extreme)  (Read 242 times)

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Hyde (Interest Check) (Extreme)
« on: October 28, 2012, 06:27:00 AM »
This is an interest check for a story that I have run before in various formats on other sites, but never as a group setting. The basic premise follows:

The story of Dr. Henry Jekyll was true and based on actual events that most thought to be too fantastic to be believed, but because of dark magic and other thoughts that could be discussed were all too real. The story follows the idea that the being that is known as Hyde was a creature that was awakened by Jekyll during his experiments and unleashed on the world, unlike the book, Jekyll did succeed in killing Hyde, but he himself did not die, with the help of a witch, Jekyll broke the connection he had to Hyde and in killing him split him into seven parts, not necessarily dismemberment, but spiritually, each part taking on a characteristic of the seven deadly sins. I have had various thoughts on how these were dealt with, items that carried the properties, viles with a powder substance, again I think could be discussed. Basically the theory being that Jekyll killed Hyde, but in some form or another he is still around and just waiting to return.

This brings the thought for this story, it's modern day, could be London or perhaps New York or Los Angeles or some other city in the world, the items containing the properties are given to seven couples, they have no idea what they are for, but both become infected with the properties of the item, thus starting the chain that will lead to Hyde's return. Those infected with Lust would lust after pretty much anything, man, woman, beast etc..Greed would start to amass large tracks of money and or land or both. I am not certain if we would use all seven sins or combine some into others to make some simpler to deal with as Gluttony could still be a form of Lust or Greed and Sloth, well there I don't know at the time of this writing, but the basic concept is that there would be seven couples that would contain the properties of either the seven deadly sins, or the ones that are agreed on for the story to be told well, the catch here though is that the couples are in search of their ultimate mate as well, so if the couple has Lust, just as an example, the woman would be not necessarily compatable with the male counterpart and vice versa, same goes for the others as well..putting them together could be disasterous. Ultimately the seven women would end up with the man that contains Hyde, restoring him to power, the male counterparts would be used to power the female and keep them charged, but ultimately Hyde would likely kill the males, or return them to their prior it would end up with Hyde and basically a Harem of seven women, one of which would become his Queen, which would likely depend on the females and who was the strongest at that point.

The end result would be Hyde returned to his former self and out to do what he was denied before which is world domination. In spite of the length of this, it really is largely open to the ideas of interested writers. I am just trying to paint a picture of what could be.

In addition to the seven starting couples, I would like to see the opposition to Hyde, which might be the family of Jekyll, perhaps some sort of Guardian council or something that for whatever reason doesn't see what is going on until it's too late to stop it, obviously there would be a need for, let's call them victims of the carriers of the essence of Hyde and any other ideas that would make this story come to life.

Interested writers may inquire here. I will adapt this as applications come in and a story develops.