Good Dommes Are Hard To Find... And Other Cravings (M seeking, plots within)

Started by Sarcyn, October 26, 2012, 04:14:15 PM

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So this is only my second ever request thread despite having written literally hundreds of thousands of words on these boards.

I'm going to keep it brief since I think the best way to plot out a story with someone is for both parties to talk it over and get a good feel for the story.

What I am looking for is a Dominant Female or possibly Transgender Domme to play against my submissive male. I envision all sorts of things featuring but a few 'essentials' I would like to include are:

  • Body worship, including but not limited to feet, legs and genitalia.
  • Chastity
  • Humiliation and pushing of boundaries/limits
  • At least the threat of forced bisexuality for my character, possibly in a cuckolding sense.
  • Blackmail/coercion.

I know this sounds incredibly vague right now but I envision this story featuring a strong Dominant female, either a pro-Domme or an experienced Mistress who has enjoyed the lifestyle in her private life for some time and a submissive male who has long had cravings to serve and submit but has never had the courage to act on them. Perhaps he is caught in a situation where his fetish is discovered and exploited, or perhaps he finally plucks up the courage to go to a fetish club, we can work out those such details as and when. One thing to note, I am more than ok with the Domme being younger and in fact that thought appeals somewhat.

A few parings that spring to mind are:

  • Father x Daughter
  • Teacher x Student
  • Employee x Boss
  • Corporate Executive x Pro Domme

I think that given what I have said about working out the details with a writing partner that I shall leave it there for now, but hopefully this is enough to give a good idea of what I'm looking for. One thing to note is that I have no preference when it comes to the gender of my writing partner and as mentioned the character can be natural female or transgendered... if you have a really great set up with a male Dom for a homosexual set up then I am open to hearing it but this is something I would have to consider carefully since I would prefer this game to feature a female (or mostly female) Dominant.

Please feel free to PM me or comment in this tread if you are interested, and hopefully people by now realise that I expect at least halfway competent writers to partner with - you don't have to be perfect but make some effort and no txt or l33t speak please.


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Not sure if you'd like to write with me again, but I'm interested. Drop me a link if you like.
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I've decided to add another idea or two to this since I've been trawling through the request threads and don't seem to be getting a bunch of traction.

Sold to the Mob
This is a story I've had kicking around my head for quite a while now and actually I think is quite close to a request I saw from someone else but it was so long ago I've no idea who they were or if they're still interested. The basic premise is that a guy gets into major debt/trouble with the local mafia/mob and ends up having to give them his daughter. They then proceed to pimp her out to pay for Daddy's debts and from there of course there are many different directions this could take. Perhaps one of the mafioso decide they'd rather take advantage of the girl themselves and steal her away, either kidnapping her or just paying off the higher ups. Or she could curry favour with a particular client. I would be looking to play the male roles in this one, and at first obviously it would be her with quite a few different characters before we settled on a longer term pairing.

The Last Free Woman
In a world where women have become officially enslaved to men and are mostly kept as pets or sex slaves there is one woman who remains as the last hope for females everywhere.
That is the cheesey movie-trailer style intro to this plot but basically I'd be looking for a woman who has somehow avoided the power and reach of mankind and begins to form some kind of resistance. This story would involve both writers portraying multiple parts as the female protagonist goes about trying to free as many women as possible, with plenty of scope for us playing out some of the slavery scenarios before she gets there. I envision this being rather an epic tale so would need someone with some stamina and I think probably a decent amount of planning/outlining might be required so this is hardly for the faint of heart or easily distracted. I'd imagine there is also scope in this for there to be a team of 'trackers' who are trying to find the leader of the resistance and her encounters with them could be sexual or purely violent. While there is plenty of room for raunchiness in this story I would like the plot to be a major factor and I think that there would be less sex than non-sex if that makes sense. Still in the early development stage this one but I'm quite excited by the idea.