Iron Sky: Space Nazis Attack!

Started by Zaer Darkwail, October 26, 2012, 04:29:48 AM

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Zaer Darkwail

Iron Sky
They hid for 73 years, building their forces and researching unseen and unheard discoveries in military technology and science. They distantly observed us until they struck unwarned in year of 2018. Bringing with them terror and fear forgotten by masses and remembered only by few old men who told stories in fireplaces to you as children.

The Nazis have returned!

I myself liked the movie and I see it could have got lot more potential story wise or even longer war than brief space battle than in the movies if the story had not been over the top in ridiculous it was funny. However I was thinking perhaps less comedic story and more realistic approach to same bit crazy idea; a steampunk space nazis invading the earth. Now the idea is that earth was not warned about arrival of Nazi forces and they were caught by surprise. There is no armed space satelites and that Götterdämmerung did not take off but rather they are still working on getting it to take off (as no doubt it would make Nazis win the war outright if it takes off and they can make nuclear bombardment from space).

So is there folks any interest on this or input on ideas how story could be taken and advanced? Would need folks to play Nazis and some play earthlings from year of 2018. There is going to be war and there is going to be occupation and so on. Nazis may use steampunk alike tech which looks and feels outdated but they may have some clever tech advances (stealth cloaks) which would give them advantage over modern dated weapons and tech. Only what they really honestly lack is in computer technology and also they have exotic energy source called Helium-3 which works like fusion fuel to their space crafts.