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Started by Aragem, October 25, 2012, 01:10:27 PM

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This is a new kink that I recently got into.  So I'll be updating my ons and offs with this information after I finish this post of course. 

I don't mind if you are a male or female as long as you can play the role.  Either way, you'll be RPing as a futa, a woman with a male penis.  And by the wayIf you are interested, just PM me with the story that you like the bed and we'll discuss it.  It is my choice whether I'll respond or not to your request.  Thanks for reading.

Again, because there has been some confusion, any named characters are the characters that I will be RPing as.

High School Spice

Two stories are possible with this.


Jenny: Me
Bully/Teacher/Headmistress: You

Jenny Mako has spent most of her life in American with her American and Japanese mother, until her father gets a job in Japan and her family moves to her mother's homeland.  She is transferred to a private all girl Japanese school where she has a hard time fitting in due to her half Japanese/American background.  However, her exotic looks gains her the attention of a certain individual with a secret.

Jenny attracts the attention of a teacher or headmistress.  This staff member is highly respected by the faculty and PTA.  The teacher/headmistress strives to protect the school's reputation at all costs, but also has a dark secret of being born a futa and also finds Jenny Mako a rather lovely and desirable young girl.  See her everyday in the hallways, in study hall, sipping milk in the cafeteria, and yawning her way through a lecture keeps stoking the flames of lust she inappropriately carries for Jenny, until it accumulates into fantasies and temptations that she knows would destroy the integrity of the school if it should ever become public.  It isn't until while driving home from a parent teacher meeting that she sees Jenny walking home alone on a raining night and offers the dear girl a ride.  This could be a non-con or it can even lead to romance.


The Witness


Tonya:  Me
Detective: You

Tonya Mitchells has always  been a trouble maker.  Skipping school, vandalism, and shoplifting have always been a daily routine for her, despite her parents best efforts to reign her in.  They even sent her to an all female school hoping it'll curb her enthusiasm for mischief.  Until one day, she witnesses a crime that results in the death of a fellow student.  Tonya knows now to talk about what she saw.  The culprits come from very powerful families with unscrupulous backgrounds and her coming forward may likely end with her sharing the same fate.  Unfortunately, the homicide detective doesn't believe her story of not seeing anything and is pretty persistent in her coming forward. 

Tonya tries to drive the detective away and sticks with her story of seeing nothing, however the detective is a woman who isn't so easily deterred.  However, when she is threatened both in school and at home, her only recourse is to turn to the detective for protection.  However, the detective has a secret of her own, one that she may be more than happy to share with the lovely young Tonya.     

The Step-Mother

Sarah:  Me
Step-Mother: You

Sarah Thompson wasn't thrilled when she heard that her widower father had remarried, nor was she happy when she had to move from Wisconsin to searing hot Florida.  It doesn't take long to see that her father had married for money because her new step-mother was rich since she owns an international chain of five star hotels in different continents.  When she moves into the large beach house with it's own private beach, one thing Sarah notices is that her father and his new wife sleep in separate rooms which was curious, but Sarah wasn't one to pry into her father's married life. 

One day, her father goes on leave for an important business trip leaving Sarah alone with her step-mother in the beach house.  Sarah figures that it should be alright, she'll stay out of her step-mother's way and the older woman should stay out of her way.  Unfortunately, what Sarah hasn't realized is that the older woman has developed an attraction for the young step-daughter and enjoys watching the girl swim in the ocean wearing her little bikini from the bedroom window while stroking an erection she has between her legs, a secret that her new husband would never tell the world if he knew what was good for him.  And now she has dear sweet Sarah to herself for almost a week.  Anything could happen in a week between a mother and her daughter.

This could be a non-con, or a romance depending on how you want to run with it.

Temple of Delights

Hanna:  Me
High Priestess: You

Hanna grew up in a small village miles away from any major cities or capitals.  Her life was pretty much determined from her birth.  She was raised on a farm where she was taught how to be a farmer's wife by performing chores on the farm with her brothers and sisters.  Then when she was of age, her father would see that he found her a proper man whom she would marry and have children that would continue the cycle.  However, when her father attempts to set her up with the wealthiest man in the village (an overweight middle age pig farmer with three children of his own), Hanna rebels against tradition.  Since she refuses to marry, her family has no choice but to send her to a convent in the capital city of Troia where she would assigned to a temple of the Gods and serve them in worship and prayer for the rest of her life.

The temple she is sent to is the Temple of the Divine Love, a temple dedicated to the worship of a being with both male and female parts.  The world is hard at first, but luckily Hanna is no stranger to hard work due to her life on the farm and manages to impress the priestesses with her dedication.  She especially captures the attention of the High Priestess who decides to take Hanna on as her personal pupil and make her part of her entourage as she follows a pilgrimage across the land to visit other temples.  Hanna is thrilled for the chance to see the world and considers her family sending her away a good boon indeed. 

Serving under the High Priestess has its own rewards as well, as Hanna finds the woman intriguing with her wisdom and beauty, even seeing her as a second mother.  As Hanna becomes closer to the Priestess she soon learns that the woman has received a very special reward from the deity they worship, a gift that the Priestess is more than happy to share with the young pretty Hanna. 

This could be considered an adventure/romance as they'll be traveling together to other temples.  GMs are welcome to spin this fantasy world.

A World without Men

In the year 2020, a virus sweeps the earth creating a pandemic that affects the male members of the human race.  Fathers, brothers, and sons die within days leaving behind the grieving mothers, sisters, and daughters who are left behind.  Because of the fear and confusion, nuclear war destroyed what was left of the society leaving the women behind to recreate their own world.  300 years have past and humanity is slowly rebuilding itself.  The earth is now ruled by single totalitarian government that favors the strong and wealthy elite. 

Since the world is devoid of men, work has been done to bring back males since the Downfall.  So far the race has been kept alive by cloning and attempting to change  the X chromosome to a Y chromosome.  However, any male infant successfully borne immediately falls victim to the Male Virus where as girl infants are healthy.  There were attempts to create a chromosome that would produce a male child immune to the virus, however something else was created.  What came of it was futanari, women with a fully functioning male penis.  These woman proved to be stronger than the average woman with a more natural athletic build.  These women, futas, soon became leading citizens and then became the officials of state and soon created the foundation of the Elite class.

In the present, the Elite consists of futas, either born or medically changed that rule over the lower class which consist of natural women or exiled futas.