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Started by LaCroix, May 23, 2008, 07:12:16 PM

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The first idea that I've come up with lately is a rather simple premise.

A young woman ( 18 or or early 20's or so, no younger) becomes lost in the woods. This can be modern, or fantasy, I'm open to either though I think a modern take suits the story better. She comes across a small cabin in the mountainous woods and seeks refuge from the coming snow storm. Unbeknown to her, her saviour is anything but what he appears and takes her captive. The following would be a story of dominance, non con, with him seeking to break her spirit, to make her into a willing slave and fuckpet. It would ential, hopefully with the ultimate goal of her hating him, hating what he does, despite that fact that she secretly comes to relish in his torment, his wickedly lustfull, cruel attentions and in the end hopefully would become so bonded to him (through fear of the unknown as he'd keep her there for years, or whatever motivations come to mind as the story evolves) and is unwilling to leave her new master.

A simple premise and certainly one open to suggestion, I'm looking for female players, no offense to the guys who play the girls but that just isn't my bag. Hopefully someone else out there will find this idea appealing.
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I might be interested in this story :) PM me and Let's discuss.