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June 29, 2022, 05:36:00 pm

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Author Topic: Janey Trek (Jonny quest parody) F/F Incest, politicaly incorect, 3 spots free!  (Read 558 times)

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So I'm sure by now everyone knows just how gay Jonny quest was. Two guys and there son flying around the world and picking up cute little brown boys and having adventures with no women in sight. If that's not homoerotic I don't know what is.

But lately I've been thinking that might be kinda cool to do genderswaped. Same archetypes, but girls instead of guys. A genius scientist, her bad-ass bodyguard/girlfriend, there science baby, and a southeast Asian child prostitute they rescued and adopted. In this version both girls would be at least 16 years old, and have an intimate relationship with there two mothers. Flying around the world in a high tech jet and having adventures, fighting mad scientists and international criminal cartels.

This RP would have four slots.

Doctor Trek: Myself
A super genius scientist who has made many advances in almost every field imaginable from human genetics to aerospace engineering. Her most notable achievements are curing aids in the 1980s, thus preventing the end of the sexual revolution and rise of the conservative movement; creating the first human child born from the genetic information of two women, Her daughter Jane; and designing a hydrogen powered supersonic seaplane, the Mother Goose. She makes her living off of government contracts and royalties from her many inventions, and lives in the Mother Goose with her daughter and bodyguard.

Cathy Chase: Open!
Dr Trek's girlfriend and bodyguard.  Originally a government agent sent to keep track of Dr Trek. The two fell in love and Agent Chase ended up quitting her job to prevent a conflict of interest. Although she still has contacts in the government and tries to keep the good doctor out of trouble, Chase's relationship with Trek has changed since the birth of there daughter, with chase acting as an unconventional father.

Jane Trek: Open!
Dr Trek and Agent Chase's teenage daughter. Created by transplanting Chase's DNA into a donor's sperm, Jane has inherited her mother's intellect, and her other mother's physical ability. She was homeschooled by her two mothers and travels the world with them. (Note, Jane is NOT a clone, clones are genetically identical to a single donor, Jane has DNA from two parents just like anybody else and thus lacks the inherent genetic flaws and ethical quandaries a clone would have)

Kiki: Open!
While traveling in southeast asia, the Trek family broke up a human trafficking ring. During the adventure Jane befriended one of the girls. Deciding that Jane needed somebody her age, Dr Trek chose to adopt her as a surprise.