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Author Topic: Plots abound! (F seeking F or M)  (Read 680 times)

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Plots abound! (F seeking F or M)
« on: October 23, 2012, 06:34:30 PM »
I'm looking for a roleplay partner who delights in well written, detailed posts over IM (AIM, Skype or MSN) or threads. I prefer to not have the story revolve around sex, so if that's what you're looking for then you need to mosey on along. I have several ideas listed below and will add more as needed.


Plot one - Fantasy/Medieval: A familiar curse has taken hold of an Heiress to the Castle of Greenbriar. After turning away a sickly looking old man from seeking shelter in her home, he revealed himself to be a powerful Wizard. Angered by her shallowness he cursed her with the same curse his own sister had used on a man hundreds of years before. He transformed her into a Beast of his own making. Now trapped in her home, she has only one night a week to be her true self. Unless freed from this curse before her thirtieth birthday, she is doomed to remain as a Beast for the rest of all time.
(This can be set loosely in modern times, or the past.)
*This plot is loosely based on the stories of The White Cat & Beauty and The Beast

Plot two - Romance/Modern: They met on the seashore after a terrible storm. They met in a burning building. They met during the war in the medical tents. They met in a restaurant. So many times they have met, so many times he as died. And every time one dies, one lives on. Longing and lingering. Sometimes he remembers, sometimes its a new beginning all over again. But every time, the lover looks the same and every time they fall in love. However this time when they meet, there is something different. He/She is already dating someone else, and it looks serious.
*The genders can be different. I don't have a preference on the immortal or the reincarnated.

Plot three - Fantasy/Comedy/Modern: Lock ins are always a blast. It doesn't matter if it's in a gym or a classroom, as long as your friends are there you're bound to have a great time. Except, this time it wasn't voluntary. A routine trip to the aquarium resulted in you once again clonking yourself on the head. For some reason this particular time you were knocked out for a good three hours, and no one found you. Now that you're free from your hiding place, you remember the aquarium is closed for the next three days for (a major holiday/road construction/bad storm) and you're trapped. Since no alarms are going off you decide to investigate. They don't show you everything on those behind the scenes tours...
*This one involves a mermaid being part of the aquarium, which I would prefer to play.

Plot four - Fantasy/Medieval: Kings are not always known for making the best choices. This king in question happens to have a terrible gambling problem. One evening at a tournament, the King made the bold move of placing a bet against one fighter. When the fighter lost, the King didn't have what he offered. In a moment of fear and panic the King offered his daughter's dowry as payment. Of course, the daughter typically goes along with the dowry...Now the poor Princess has been sold away from her civilized kingdom to a rather Barbaric King.

Plot five - Fantasy/Romance/Modern or Medieval: Jack Frost, like many other legendary figures, tends to spend a little too much time watching humans as they go about their lives. One spring, as he's biding his time in preparation for his season, he catches sight of a young woman bathing in a stream near what seems to be her home. He soon becomes obsessed with the young woman and as the first snow flurries swirled down to the earth below he went with them in the hopes of making the young woman his own.

Plot six - Dark Comedy/One sided romance/Horror: So he killed her...Who would have known? He had done a pretty good job of disposing of what needed to be taken care of, and now all he needed to do was live his happy-go-lucky life. Until the bitch came back...Who knows if it was Voodoo or some other kind of Karma that he simply ignored? Either way, she's certain that it's a sign that they're meant to be together forever. Come rotting limbs, broken teeth or even the cold breath of death.
*Based on the song, "The Bitch Came Back". I'm thinking Zombies for this one.

Plot seven - Fantasy/Quest/Medieval: In the frosty kingdom of Gildae the royal family has been set upon by a faceless terror. It gives no indication of what it wants, but it prowls about the streets at night slaughtering anyone unfortunate enough to be caught unaware. Finally the King's hand is forced and he goes to a gypsy woman to get an idea of how to best defeat the monster. The Gypsy tells him the monster is actually a physical curse that was cast with the royals in mind. Each member of the royal family must walk the village streets until one of them is claimed. It turns out to be the second eldest princess, Josette. The curse lies dormant during the day, but at night she is transformed into whatever best suits the curse that day. It might be a Banshee, coming to wail away the soul of a child. It might be a terrifying were-beast, hell bent on devouring any she sees.

Realizing that the curse is no better in this form than before, he goes back to the Gypsy woman who tells him that there is a Southern prince capable of breaking the curse. He must journey with the princess to a cave deep within the Forest of Goliath, a hideous place that reeks of death, and there they will find the creator of the curse. This individual must be slain, and only then will she be free of it.

Plot eight - Fantasy: When the heir to the throne calls for a companion, a companion he shall receive. Thankfully one was volunteered for him, lest he go about hosting balls and the like to find one. The one he was given was a commoner. A miller's daughter. With a temper as fiery as her hair, she did not go willingly. In fact she has a very low regard for the royal family; her opinion of them is so poor, that she has joined the ranks of a rebel group in the hopes of ridding the village of them. Yet now she is in the perfect position to do just that...
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Re: Plots abound! (F seeking F or M)
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2012, 08:33:00 PM »
Updated with plot eight.