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Author Topic: outsiders storyhouse - Seeking lit. F for MxF  (Read 1453 times)

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outsiders storyhouse - Seeking lit. F for MxF
« on: October 23, 2012, 08:40:40 AM »
Hey. Thanks for checking my little thread.
Call me outsider; I am looking for literate female (exceptions accepted) writers for MxF roleplay, me playing the male.
What's important is that our writing styles match and we click as writers - meaning we both like each others writing.
My preferred posting times are once a week or once every two weeks. If you can do more, that's great, and I can sometimes match it, but not always.

Cravings, plot ideas and fandoms: Obviously I am more likely to pursue my cravings than setting up something from scratch. Even so that does not mean I am opposed to that in the first place. Got an idea you like? Send me a PM. As long as it is within the boundaries I like, and you can fulfill the qualities I seek, I am sure we can set something up.
Please do PM me if you are interested, try to impress. Growing tired of one-liners. Tell me your ideas! Don't be shy. I won't bite, or if I do, its the good kind.  Do not reply to this thread.
And please check out my writing from one of the threads below. I tend to write at least three to four paragraphs each post, each paragraph at least 4 to 5 lines.
For further information regarding kinks and other things please consider checking out my O/Os.

Quick TL:DR of my Likes and Dislikes.
Frequent posts
Gritty, dark settings
Story, Plot based, active development
Character focus
Drama (intrigue, espionage, rivalry)
Detailed sex
Action sequences! Fights 'n stuff.
Violence. Blood and combat.

And dislike
Hard non-con
Abuse between our characters
Normal settings (everything that lacks the "oomph" kind of fantastic notion)
Stockholm Syndrome urban fantasies
Unrealistic bondage plots
Bodily waste (scat, watersports)
Playing with+as canon characters.

Cravings and plot ideas!

Tales of Dark and Light

There are many famous authors known for their fiction of myths, legends, mysteries and more. Bram Stoker, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and so many more fascinate with their tales of the unknown, the notion of something.. inhuman. Something supernatural. What if these things, let's call them Others, really existed in the world? Hiding in society, bound the one grand rule never to reveal themselves. Mankind may be ignorant of their existence, stupid like cattle, but would they learn of all these hidden things.. who knows what could happen. In this sub-society of human culture, Others are bound to lore, laws and two factions: the Dark and the Light, the day and the night, the eternal cycle of what some may consider good and evil. Ruled by a neutral council, the factions are caught in an eternal stalemate in their cold war for power and control.

But the war for power has blinded the factions and the council, and a new threat is slowly rising from the shadows. A grave danger, threatening to change the balance of the world. The council decides to dispatch two agents, a sinister, crazed and dangerous magician living in the darkness, and a light counterpart to keep him in check, to investigate the long shadow on the horizon.

dark fantasy - war - lots of blood&stuff.  >:(

He would have been King sooner or later. The exiled royal son, sent away to repent for his violent, cruel and tyrannic tendencies always had a legitimate claim to the throne of this ancient and peaceful kingdom. And yet, in his desire for blood, war and violence, he decided to take his fathers crown on his own. So began the last great war that would ruin the once so beautiful kingdom, but in the end, the son sat on the throne, holding his fathers head. Anyone that could pose a threat would be disposed of; his mother raped and killed by his soldiers. His cousins and uncles, executed for treason. Only one person managed to escape; his royal Sister. She must die so he can safely rule.

As she escapes into exile of her own, she learns of a legend. In a distant country, there once lived a conqueror. High with ambition, powerful and cunning, his goal was to make the lands his. So caught up in lust for power he sold his and the souls of his men for immortality. But his plans had been thwarted, the conqueror and his men sealed in ice to never return. Could the princess bind such a man to her? Could she use him to take back her fathers land, to take vengeance for her beloved parents and bring fiery judgement to her brother?

General Ideas: Star Wars
I originally came to E to write a Star Wars story, I've always been wanting to write more. I love Star Wars, it is an exciting, fascinating, captivating universe. Be it the Old Republic, the "new" Republic or in between, there are many timelines that can be explored together. I'm always willing to learn and expand my horizon in this very particular Universe. Feel like the Force is with you? Well, maybe it is with me, too.  ;)

General Ideas: Agent story
I want something intelligent, something cunning. Espionage and real intelligence business. This can vary widely. From rival nations (or in a far, corporate future, corporations, even planets, factions) trying to infiltrate another. A team of rival agents setting aside their differences to stop a plot to end the world. Or even training an agent; going on more and more dangerous missions, things going wrong, judgement and ability tests. I like conspiracies. I like double agents and I like it when things aren't as they seem even if you think you have revealed the truth. This RP would undoubtedly be challenging, yet so much fun!

General Ideas: Futuristic settings, Sci-fi to post-apocalypse
I'd always be interested in building a decaying world (maybe post WW3, complete nuclear waste) or simply setting up a futuristic world for our characters to play whatever we desire in!

Fandoms and pairings
Italics= my preferred role. Red= craving

Fandom universe:
World of Darkness, Underworld, Night Watch, True Blood
Guild Wars 1/2, Wheel of Time, Song of Ice and Fire, Dragon Age, p.much all D&D settings (Forgotten Realms etc), Witcher 1/2, M:TG. Best thing about fantasy is its broadness.
Star Wars (Post episode 6 or ToR), Deus Ex 1-3, Otherland, Tron, various other futuristic scenarios
Assassins Creed and much, much more.

Pairings I'd enjoy
Human x Vampire, Vamprie x Human, Vampire x Vampire (rival clans. blood feuds own), Vampire x Werewolf, Supernatural x Human (Magician!), Human x Supernatural (any kind really. Witch, Shapeshifter.. your fantasy's desire.) Human x Angel, Human x Demon
Human x Sylvari, Human x Human in its various shapes and forms, classes, backgrounds. I can think of a billion things a fantasy scenario would permit, such as Thief x Guard/Mage
Assassin x Target, Assassin x Rival, Mercenary x whatever. Mage x Witch
Padawan x Master, Sith Apprentice + Mistress, Jedi x Smuggler, Bounty Hunter x Rival, Bounty Hunter x Target, Jedi x Bounty Hunter.
Agent x Agent in any sci scenario, Executive x Executive, Bodyguard x Target, Hitman x Target

Writing samples! What to expect
This spot contains what you can expect of my posts and my writing, and what I would expect of you in return. Your posting length does not have to match mine word for word, but I do like being provided with detail, and will provide you with lots of detail of my own.
Introduction to a recent RP
Inferno. Hell. The realm of eternal shadow, flame and torment. Prison to all who have sinned, all those who were deemed unworthy to enter the peaceful contrast, the realm above; Heaven. It was a place of agony and unending punishment, screams of the tortured filling the air and becoming sounds of ambience, endless rivers of blood painting the landscape in deep crimson. And the fires seemed unnatural flames that would never extinguish. But what could be considered natural in such place? Where everything was distorted, the evil claiming the lands and corrupting it all. The air was thick, filled with smoke and fumes from those fires of eternal damnation. It carried the bitter aftertaste of iron and blood. But not all was simply rocks and wasteland; in the distance, seas of seething darkness stretched far and separated the lands. The liquid inside, so similar to tar. It was the essence of death, and some of the resident creatures drew strength from it. And beyond those seas, beneath obsidian rocks and spikes, the city of the damned was to be found. Multiple layers of jagged volcanic stone and endless amounts of black iron was forged to suit the needs of its population. At its center, the great abyss. What exactly it was, no one knew; a rift between dimensions? A hole without end, gaping open with floating rock just above.

Inferno. Hell. It had been his home for centuries or maybe even millennia. Time was so hard to tell down there. The ancient demon stood atop one of these obsidian rocks, staring into the far wastes of the land before him. His burning eyes filled with a yearning he felt for all his life. Freedom. It had been his sin, his ambition, his crime and the reason for his corruption and imprisonment in hell. He had yearned to break free from the rules and the ones above that bound everyone by their will. Dreamt of freedom when it was a crime. He wanted to be free, but for his great wish, the punishment was eternal captivity. He was a powerful creature, commanding respect of many. A commander of the infernal armies, for the forces of Hell were always ready for war. An eternal war they waged against those who banished the demons into hell, against those who took their freedom and damned them to eternal suffering. In the beginning, he had thought that waging this war would regain him the chance at finding his freedom. But for an eternity there had been a truce, a fickle sense of peace as powers far greater than Heaven and Hell had sealed both to wait for the end war that may decide it all. When, or if such war would actually ever break loose was still uncertain for most. Only those beyond knew, and they made no effort of ever revealing their hands, their plans. And these seals they created were strong, and to break them meant to oppose the forces beyond good and evil, inviting a fate worse than death or eternal imprisonment.

"Asael." a weak voice behind him spoke. His name; it carried honor, strength and fear. He did not bother turning to face his addresser, knowing it was one of the lesser demons, a subordinate following command. A goblin-like demon, small and fragile compared to the much greater being Asael was, assigned to the post of messenger because of the speed they possessed. The messenger flashed its yellow, somewhat bloodied and distorted teeth. "The great Lord awaits your presence, dreadful one. Yet here you are, on the same spot as every day, staring into the distance of the fire seas. The other demons have started wondering if this insanity of yours might is contageous. One might almost think-..." There was no chance to finish that sentence. By instinct, the messenger knew his words had hit a nerve as the greater demon turned around, shouting a terrifying bestial roar that made the earth quake and these obsidian stones shiver. The messenger felt the dread; feeling as if its insignificant little life was about to end. But instead, the great demon Asael just growled; horrible, guttural noises that spoke of his irritation and anger. "Leave." The command came loud and long, his voice deep and terrorizing; like a war horn being blown. He then turned back towards the seas, yearning for freedom. His little outburst was not unnormal for his kind with the exception that he did not kill the short messenger demon. Hell was where the strongest reigned; the most aggressive and those who could show their dominance over the lesser hordes. That one of these insignificant creatures dared question his intentions was simply infuriating, but it could not distract him from the yearning he felt. He was not just looking past these darkened seas; there was something beyond he craved. A gate that marked both entrance and exit from this wretched place. Not the gate that connected Heaven and Hell, but another realm entirely: Earth. Where humankind was still developing, rising, falling, evolving. Where freedom was not a lie just yet because the forces controlling fate and the universe were letting things pursue a natural path. Freedom. How he craved to be free, to ease these embers that burned so deep within his soul. To sate his desire, the one thing that controlled his full existence.

That day, he would receive a mission from one of the Dread Lords, demons of unfathomable power and potential. The true evil that controlled the planes of hell. There was one Lord for each plane, and they all followed their own agenda; but should they eventually unite for the war against Heaven, the angels and everyone standing in their way would likely suffer and might simply be overrun by the hordes of hell. The task was to explore a rift in the dry wastes to the sound; something just recently opened and apparently spotted first by the scouts of his lord. Haste was a necessity, for whoever reached the rift first might find a great advantage within. A powerful entity himself, he still dared not oppose his leader, one of the greatest and most fearsome demons in Hell. Never forgetting his yearning, he would try and ignore it for these hours to oblige the order. That day, he went out to pursue this task. And that day was the last Asael was seen in these plains of Hell. With him, a group of demons had descended into the mysterious rift. And none ever made it out.

He woke to the first rays of sunlight shining onto his bed, the warmth beckoning his conscious into awakening. He felt like shit, though. Completely hungover after a night he just barely began to remember. Lifting a hand to block the blinding sun from irritating his still reddened eyes, he sighed softly. He felt like a rock, a naked rock laying in his bed, still in the process of waking up, feeling sore all over. Fucking hangover. The last night had been as much of an adventure as most, losing himself in the adventures the nightlife had to offer; clubs, alcohol and women. Once more he drank too damn much and took a girl home. He couldn't even remember her name, or her face for that matter. Just that she was kinda cute and a great fuck. Her fading warmth was still lingering on his bed, which meant she only left recently. For the better, he supposed. That did leave him alone for the morning, but it wasn't like he had any plans anyways. Just to relax and let that hangover pass. With blurry eyes, he checked for the tray table at the side of his bed. His necklace was where it should be, and a sigh of relief parted his lips. That necklace meant a lot to him, and in muscle memory he had learned to take it off for these passionate nights where limbs ended up entangled and fire was exchanged. It was a very average looking thing, admittedly; a strap of leather holding onto a little, claw shaped piece of black glass. It was obsidian, and it carried a story he liked. For where he grew up, around thirty years ago there was something people called a supernatural phenomenon. Of course, he didn't believe in those.. but whatever it was, it had left a piece of land charred black, and in all these years no plant had ever grown there. And among all the black, he had found this little stone as if it had been waiting for him all his life. Carried it along ever since, a good luck charm if anything.

Hours passed before he first moved away from the comforting warmth and softness of his bed. To the bathroom to wash his face, get some refreshment. He walked up to the sink with still somewhat blurry eyes, his headache strong as always after the amounts of liquor consumed that last night. Gathering the water in the palms of his hands, he splashed it onto his face, feeling its cool freshness rejuvenate his eyes and lips. He looked up, seeing his reflection in the mirror. That was him, alright, and albeit his eyes were still slightly reddened, he looked a little more energized now. Adam was his name, and Live and Let Die was his philosophy, burned onto his chest in calligraphic ink letters. These last years he had enjoyed a life of freedom, of just being himself and enjoying everything he did to the fullest without ever looking back in regret. Grown a country boy with a somewhat difficult past, he had made his way into this great metropolis of a city. And things were easy from then on, somehow everything just seemed to be falling into place for the man. Of course, he was not one to complain or question his seemingly unending streak of good luck. He made the best of it, living his life as a constant adventure. But not everything was perfect in his life. His nights were haunted, filled with nightmares of things he could never clearly remember after waking. Nightmares and this burning feeling in his chest that never really seemed to fade. These were his secrets, the secrets he carried in a life that was pretty much lonesome. While his bed was filled with the company of a woman most of his nights, he did not really have many friends or close relatives. The rest of his day would be spent on the wide balcony of his apartment. He had a skyline view he so greatly enjoyed, and as the daylight faded, it seemed the great city was just awakening.
Normal post, taken from recent RP
In this monochrome world, he was someone else. Something else. A powerful entity without equal. Unrivaled in wisdom and strength. But there were those who opposed him, darkness and evil that stained the world, tainting some to stand in his way, trying to corrupt his essence, shadowy hands reaching out for him, trying to lure him in; trying to reach for someone else, a female figure enveloped by blinding, pure light, a light of hope that seemed to burn these shadows but never really could eradicate the existence. Once more he realized that the darkness needed, tried so desperately to grasp her, trying to submerge that blinding light in shadows. Desperation. Escape.

Waking up after a terrible, nightmare ridden night had become somewhat the norm for him lately. He woke up to sunlight and a not entirely blue sky, white clouds covering the endless sea of blue, creating an image of peace after the thunderstorm had shaken the land until early hours of the day. For what seemed like an eternity he remained laying on his bed, head tilted and gaze directed to the outside scenery. His apartment was on the second highest floor of the building, and no skyscrapers or other buildings would thwart or obscure his vision at the slowly moving clouds. It was strange, they filled him with envy; envy at their freedom, the carelessness and the ease at which they could move. After his incident, it seemed everything surrounding him had just become a shackle, that something was holding him from truly being him, from making his own choices and having full control over his own life. He did believe in neither fate nor karma, the notion of something predetermined was simply something he liked to throw around as manner of speech. After minutes, maybe hours of peaceful serenity, his alarm clock was ringing. Turning his head to the other side where his clock was standing on a small side-tray of the bed, he reached to silence the damned machine.
Well. Fuck. Another day of work and learning this new city he just had moved to. Not normally reluctant to start the day early, usually very eager to perform his duties, today simply felt different. As if there was a large weight on his shoulders that pushed him down. He felt sore. And the thundering headaches would return eventually, as they always did.

Daily morning routines were performed. Taking a shower to wash clean of the night, getting dressed, checking for all his things in his bag, his uniform, his weapon. And the little black leather book on another tray table, he opened it. To the left, a crowned metal star with a blue ring at its center. To the left, material like an identity card. Red letters. Police Officer. Below, a name. Alexander. It was his from birth, but somehow he always felt something weird with it. As if it was not his true name, his true identity. These doubts and thoughts resurfaced gradually over the course of his life. And now, once more. Shoving everything aside, he had a job to get to. Today would probably be as busy like any other, he figured; various crime reports and files had to be analyzed. There was not that much outside time on patrol for him yet after he just performed that incredible stunt which nearly cost him his career and resulted in his transfer. No use fretting about it now, Alex concluded. Just get to it and get it done, maybe grab a drink after work.

Things went rather smoothly from there on out. Some flashes of pain, but nothing horrible. Nothing Alex could not take, because he was used to it by now. No extensive over hours this time either, and so he would be sitting in the train home before midnight this time. A calm night after a calm day, so very different from the last. Forces of nature like that powerful thunderstorm were common yet temporary, just like the migraine he suffered from. They would come and go, he just had to deal with it his own way. And all in all, it was a much better day than the last, which only encouraged his plans to swing by the bar and not swamp himself with off duty paperwork.

Streets were busy as always as he made his way through the masses of people passing by. Yet for some reason, the closer he got to the bar, the more his migraine seemed to intensify. Dismissing it as another temporary flash of pain, he kept going. He was to close to stop now, and somehow it felt just right to enter that place tonight. Hands in his pockets, he strolled close to the alleyway where the entrance would be found. Wearing his casual clothing, fashionable washed out blue jeans, a black short sleeve shirt and a normal fitted jacket sporting a hood for cover against these oh so common rainy days. Not really standing out bar these blue eyes and the strange, nearly mysterious gaze that seemed to be more curse than blessing. Sure, the mystery had netted him to get laid more than once when he was young, but now in his mid twenties, with work consuming most of his life, that wasn't a priority anymore. He looked up to the sky before closing in to the entrance, noticing a pack of men standing about rather suspiciously, not intent on walking in just yet. The atmosphere around them simply seemed off.. they felt ominous, out of place. Dangerous. Alex, still affected by the flashing pains of his headache, tried his best to ignore his instincts. No reason to go mental just because something doesn't feel right. Passing the men, their gazes met for a split second, and Alex noticed something very peculiar on one of them, a bit of ink, a tattoo just barely showing at his chest where the shirt ended. A symbol he somehow remembered from somewhere. Another flash of pain struck Alex, and he shook his head as to shake off the pain and that image; but he could not lose the feeling that he had seen this before, and that it held a very important meaning.

Whatever. He finally entered the bar, remembering this somewhat familiar atmosphere from similar places he had been to in the past. Most of them had the same feel to it, the same scent. Of liquor and smoke, even though it may be a smoke free place. The scent carried on from the people even when they went outside. A sense of hospitality with kind faces running around to take orders. In the distance and in the corner of his eye, he noticed her, without paying any real attention just yet. Opening his jacket, he proceeded to one of the free tables, massaging his temple at a sudden explosion of his headache before it vanished into nothingness just the same way it appeared in the first place. Sitting down, he absently looked at what appeared to be a menu card for drinks, very simple really, just a list of all these beverages on solid black carton paper and eventually setting his gaze on the woman that seemed to pursue her serving duties as a barmaid, looking at her like any customer would. But there was something odd about her, something he could not quite make out by just looking at her with these ice blue sapphires that were his eyes. He knew her. Couldn't remember from where or when. Just that he did. That he had seen her before, met her, been around. That she was important to him in one way or the other. Not only him. But why was it so hard to pinpoint from where? He was not known for bad memory, in fact his intelligence and capabilities had made him a prime candidate for the police detective role. So why! Just why could he not figure this out? It bugged him, gnawed at him as he still observed her from the distant table, watching her walk, talk, smile. How infuriating this was. He certainly would have not forgotten someone as beautiful, someone as radiant. The aura she carried, something that marked her as special.

From his back, he could feel a sense of danger and urgency. The men he had seen earlier were entering, slowly, walking in ominous fashion to what seemed to be their reserved table. Them having a table hear meant they were unlikely to cause any trouble inside. Maybe they were regulars. So why were his instincts acting up? Why was he feeling as if he had been caught with his back against the wall? And why, on top of all these mixed feelings, could he not get the barmaid out of his mind? He turned again, his gaze scouting around as if he was looking for her. Maybe he should just approach her when she came for his order. He figured he would, not really feeling shy at approaching people. It was part of his job after all. And a drink most certainly would help right now.
Erotic post from an older RP
"Don't be scared.. give yourself to me fully. Let go of your fears, you are mine and I will keep you safe." he spoke, voice very rough and husky, the voice filled with emotions so sinister and desiring. He looked down on her, his hand still massaging her sex above the cloth of her pants. Slowly he could feel her arousal rise through the thin cotton and as a result intensified the movement, his fingers pressing hard against her yielding skin. She looked so vulnerable, the pale skin, soft pink lips and cherry red mounds, just lying on the bed. There was something magical about this moment, she looked like a most beautiful painting, and he burned the image into his mind; this, he could never forget. Her whole body seemed to be inviting him, daring him, and as a result, he was already bulging beneath his pants. Ridding himself of the already opened hoodie, he revealed all of his upper body and caught her glance, his eyes filled with hunger. And in one movement, his body was back on hers, his lips and tongue were on her neck and shoulder, breathing hot streams of air against her milky skin, her taste more than enchanting to him. His chest met hers, and the heat of their bodies collided; to him, it felt so right, what an incredible sensation as if currents of weak electricty were running through their connection, telling them this is how they belong.

His hand finally moved beneath the cotton that covered her most intimate parts, Adam had to feel her sex. He needed to know just how much she burned for him already, and so his fingers made their way to explore her lips and the soft burning flesh all around. His fingertips dug in deep, so very greedy, and he discovered easily how wet she was. "Mhm." he purred to her ear in reply, most definitely satisfied by her warmth and feel. He couldn't just stop it at that, and so he moved on further, prodding two middle fingers against the opening, just gentle and exploring at first but losing all caution rather quickly, shoving them in to the lowest joint. She was burning inside, and the mix of heat and the wetness that was now coating his fingers made him burn in return. Keeping his fingers inside for the moment, their movements flowing, he aimed to work up more and more of that heat. Finally he took his fingers from her sex, moving them up to her lips, urging her to clean them, taste her desire. He would get his own taste soon enough, he knew with a grin. Fingers trying to enter between her lips, he wanted to feel her tongue against the fingertips while she took in her own taste. Taking the fingers away from her hungry mouth just a moment later, now coated in a mix of her desire and hot saliva, he moved back to her breast, groping and pinching the cherry colored bud. His head then lifted and moving to hers, he smirked down on her in that lustful, devious way, quickly closing the distance between their lips, but not fully. Wanting to see how far she would and could go with the restraints, he held out his tongue in an offer, waiting to see if she would lift her head and lash out her own to reach it.

Adam's hands moved at a commanding pace, finally getting tired of the night-gown pants and the little cotton panties beneath; they had to go, and they had to go quick. So he clawed his fingers to the waistbands of both and before Emma knew it, Adam was pulling away the final things that covered her skin and her sex from his sinister glances and greedy touch. With a smile that implied victory he glanced over her body, eyes coming to rest on her pubic area and lips, his tongue moistening his own lips in hungry fashion. "What do we have here.." he said, not giving in to the temptation of reaching down and tasting her just yet. Instead, his hands moved slowly down her thighs, and in another commanding movement he threw her legs over, now forming a position that would have her legs closed and thrown to the side, revealing her behind fully. Her upper body would would still be lying on her back, weight more so focused on the side her legs were thrown. Almost a normal sleeping position if not for the cuffs that would bend her body in an almost uncomfortable way. His hand took a firm grasp of her rear, fingers spreading and fingertips digging deep into the flesh as he moved around a little, loving the sensation. "You're a big girl, right?" he asked her roughly, maybe she could guess what was about to come. Her milky pale skin color was so beautiful to his eyes, but he wanted more, wanted these cheeks to become flushed red. And so he lifted the hand to the air and brought it back firmly in a slap, not violent but forceful enough to make her skin bounce in response, probably have her moan and get agitated to the weird sensation of quick pain.

It was clear from the way his eyes were shining that he loved doing that, and more evident from the bulge against his pants that was now pressing hard against the fabric, begging to be released and unleashed on her. But it was not yet the time for that, and so he repeated the motion, the spanking. "Shhh.." he smirked at her and the outbursts of her voice. "If you're a good girl, I'll reward you with something nice when this is over." he promised between the slaps, the echoes of the sound filling the room, combining with her moans and creating the sweetest sound to his ears. The blood beneath the skin was slowly coloring her cheeks red, and that was enough for him to stop and in response gently caress the cheeks he had just violated so firmly, touching them in the softest manner, even leaning down onto them to plant soft kisses on the now red skin.

"Now for your reward." he growled to her, loving the way she looked right now, her face full of excitement mixed with what had to be a little fear and surprise. But still, it looked like she was enjoying this as much as he did, and that was enough for him to want more. He needed her pleasure just as he wanted his own, for she had given him her body and her trust. He would not betray any of that and give her everything she needed tonight, and more. And so his hands once more moved to her legs, opening them, spreading them, revealing the steaming sex that was glistening in her desire, and the beast was ready to devour once more. His lips went down fiercely to greet hers, his tongue lashing out to taste and explore, feel the wetness and heat of her skin, taste how sweet the arousal was that had been leaking out constantly since they started. He found himself more than enjoying her taste, it was almost unreal; and it intoxicated him. He could not just stop kissing her, his tongue exploring every inch of the skin, his fingers helping to spread the lips as he was teasing her opening, then moving upwards again, tickling the little bud that was her clitoris. He didn't care if she came from this, in fact, he wanted her to. He would have her more afterwards, this was just the beginning. Time passed this way, he was panting heavily and her responsive moans drove him further and further, his fingers pulsating in- and outsite in rhythmic motion.

Reserved ideas

None at the moment.

My Roleplays
A list of all my roleplays, active or not. Feel free to take a look

Darkness Rising with Kerri - dark fantasy
Eden with the greatly missed Illuminate  :'( - sci-fi/post-apocalypse/thriller
Enemy of my Enemy with Letrie - modern/supernatural/thrillerish
A Past Retold With with KatKwik - modern/somewhat supernatural/thriller
Awakening with Izabella - modern/supernatural/horror
Methods in Magic with blackcatotaku - modern/supernatural/thriller
Methods in Magic 2 with blackcatotaku - modern/supernatural/thriller
Feathers and Skin with a gallifreyan oddity  - modern/supernatural
Eye of Darkness with Izabella  -  modern/Thriller
Her New Assistant with SummerWhispers - modern
Her Bodyguard with Elizabeth Rayne - modern
Saturday in the Park  with Lyria - modern/urban realistic
The Chosen with Lyria - fantasy
A Tale of Light and Darkness with lunaticskitten - modern/supernatural
Loved to death and beyond with Damned Eternally - modern/supernatural/thriller

Inspirational pictures and music
Between two points Music - Distant romance, yearning
True Romance pt 2 feat Lilja Bloom Music - Romance
Futures  Music - relaxing, somewhat nostalgic
Monster Music - Rebellous, dark and tainted side
Injection  Music - need, addiction
Good Left Undone  Music-  love and regret

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Added Unbound to my cravings!
The Awakening is now taken, changed to reserved ideas.
Also a note to the few who have sent me a PM regarding roleplay; by accident I have deleted most of my PMs so if I did not respond, that's why D:


Added Darkness Rising to my cravings.
Added writing samples! Important to eradicate any misunderstanding.
Moved Unbound to reserved RP.

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Re: outsiders storyhouse - Seeking lit. F for MxF
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Updated 4/30/14

Available for one or two new Roleplays! ;D