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Author Topic: Female looking to game (fandoms, fantasy, & all are welcome!)  (Read 1176 times)

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Offline naryashadowTopic starter

So I have been absent on this site a long while due to a friendship of mine falling apart. Well, now I think I want to be back so I can get rid of some of this stifled creativity! First off my rules-

1. I only play females. I'm no good at being a guy so I do not even care to try it.
2. I want my stories to have a plot and not be completely about the sex. I don't mind it being in the story but I want it far spread.
3. I do not and will not do any Vampire stories so don't ask.
4. No kiddie crap.
5. No bathroom functions or rimming
6. No one sentence posts. Give me something to work with and we'll get along fine.
7. I do not add people to messenger. Sorry.
8. I will do period (time period that is) stories save for Sci-Fi. I'm not a fan of Sci-fi so you'd be with a lost puppy if you tried doing a story along those lines.
9. I do not mind when a muse is lost for a while, or if you have to do something that keeps you away from the pc for a good amount of time. HOWEVER! I would like it if I am informed of this. If a month passes between responses, I will consider the game dead.
10. I am rather lenient of things, most things I am willing to at least try once unless its in my off list.
11. I do BOTH Fan Fiction Rps as well as RL Scenarios, but with the FF's I prefer to actually know about whatever it is first. I do not enjoy blindly jumping into something. It makes me feel like a moron.

Anyone is welcome to message me if they want to discuss things about the story they are wanting to do. Work with me and I'll work with you.
Currently I do not have any ideas for games, but I will list my fandoms. The ones I want to work with the most are in bold.

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. WICKED (this being the Greg Maguire musical/novels)
3. Harry Potter (especially Snape. Typical I know but whatever.)
4. Clannad
5. Once Upon A Time
6. Supernatural
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Fairy Tales of all kinds
9. Black Butler
10. The Tudors
11. Audrey Hepburn films such as Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday etc
12. Old timey gangsters (think the James Cagney era if you will)
13. Classic Stories so long as I know them
14. Monster High (Don't judge! lol)
15. The Wizard of Oz

I'm also open to ideas!

Also, as I said I do not go by the messenger thing, but I will play by Google Docs if you prefer it. I myself do but if I must I can do forum stuff as well. Just drop me a line, and if we decide we're good for a game I can send you my info should you choose to do the Docs way.

Ons and Offs, Characters (I also make up other chara's!)
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Offline naryashadowTopic starter

Re: Female looking to game (all are welcome!)
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2012, 05:57:40 PM »

By Werewolf I mean one that cannot control changing when the moon is full, not a guy that can change at will. (That's not a Werewolf, that's a friggin Animagus.) For this I have two ideas.
A girl is in a destructive relationship. Her bf/husband is controlling, abusive and likes to put a show on in front of his friends to show just how easily he can dominate his girl. Meanwhile she has nowhere to go as her family refuses to believe a bad thing about the guy, and seem to like him more than they care to protect her. During a trip out to the woods, say camping or just a little hike or something, completely out of her element the girl is forced to follow the guy around and inevitably gets lost. Your chara who would be a Wolf finds her and say that she somehow gets injured, takes her back to his hidden cabin to take care of her. At first she'll be frightened of him, waking up in a strange place to a strange guy, but she slowly begins to feel safe with him. He meanwhile tries to hide what he is but with the moon nearing it gets harder to do so. How she will react time will only tell. As for the man in her life, he'll find his way to her once again and she of course will not want to go. How will the Wolf feel about this? What will happen?
 I'm thinking a Red Riding Hood Plot, the Wolf has eyes for a certain Village Girl and does not fight the urge. This can be NC or C, I leave that choice up to you! This one can have a bit of control in changing, the other one however I prefer to have it opposite.

Based off of the Vincent Price & Gene Tierney film/novel with a few altercations (No you do not have to have seen or read it to play)

The story begins in May 1844 with Miranda Wells, daughter of a humble farmer in Greenwich, Connecticut. Miranda's mother receives a letter from Nicholas Van Ryn, a rich friend of the family and Patroon of a large manor called Dragonwyck near Hudson, New York. In the letter Van Ryn invites one of the Wells girls to Dragonwyck, to act as a maid in his household. After initial doubts, Miranda's parents allow her to go to Dragonwyck, and Miranda is instantly attracted and intrigued by her rich and mysterious boss, Nicholas.
However not everyone welcomes Miranda to Dragonwyck. Nicholas' corpulent and lazy wife Johanna sees Miranda as a threat, and tries to keep her from her husband Nicholas. In love with this girl, Nicholas slowly works to poison his wife by undetectable means, and as the woman grows more and more ill, a doctor is soon called in. While the doctor is at Dragonwyck, Johanna becomes violently ill and dies leaving the man wondering what caused such a sudden death. Soon after, Nicholas asks Miranda to marry him, and she accepts.
However married life to Nicholas Van Ryn is far from what Miranda imagined. Nicholas's true mental state begins to show for the worst, his insanity plaguing them both, and his thirst for power become evident. The longer Miranda finds herself in Dragonwyck, the worse it gets. Soon she is also hearing the noises of the dead that seems to destroy Nicholas' mind, and after losing their first child, her marriage begins to fall apart.

This will have a bit of a horror aspect to it, but I am quite interested in doing this. Hope it fits someone's fancy as well!

- Dragonwyck 1946

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Offline naryashadowTopic starter

Re: Female looking to game (fandoms, fantasy, & all are welcome!)
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2012, 04:41:02 PM »
Anything dealing with Snape or the Harry Potter world
I'm a big fan of Snape, any tall, dark and cynical man can get me going so of course like so many I was instantly drawn to him the moment I was introduced to him. I'd like to do some things along the lines of SnapeXLily, perhaps starting around where she should die, but Snape be there to get her before she can put herself in harms way, or even a school romance thing. I'm also for doing a SnapeXoriginal character (just remember I play girls mostly, if I have to throw in guys lines, its not for a main chara) Keep in mind however, that I AM willing to do more than Snape themed things be it Draco, Harry's trio, the order, original characters so on so forth. Have any ideas? Let me know! And yes I have read the books.

Any Phantom of the Opera/Love Never Dies
Huge huge fan of both, would love to do something with it. Everyone knows the story of the masked Erik, his angel Christine, and his pain in the neck competitor Raoul. (Wait, you don't know this story?! *gasps*) If you are a Phanatic, (scuse the Phantom nerd lingo if you are not) like me you more than likely preferred it if Christine would have wound up with the psychotic misunderstood phantom. That's kind of something I want to play out. I've had the idea of doing stories that start with her as a young ballet girl under Madame Giry's instruction at the Paris Opera House, suddenly hearing the voice of her Angel of Music when no one else can. Basically, this Angel is the Phantom, hiding in his many inventions, passageways and whatnot of the Opera house. Upon first vision of Christine, he falls for her and trains her voice, makes her the biggest soprano of the century in return that she never goes to any other man. She belongs to him completely. Enter Raoul, childhood friend of Christine. He sees her at the first performance she gives in place of La Carlotta who claims she is sick of the Opera Ghost aka Phantom, toying with them, pulling hellish pranks on everyone. Instantly he remembers her, and falls for her as Erik had. That's the basic back story. What we do however, will not be exactly to key (save for characters)

Then there is also LND, the continuation of Phantom. On a dark night before her wedding to Raoul, Christine runs off to find the Phantom. What happens after, is up to the imagination. 

Offline naryashadowTopic starter

Re: Female looking to game (fandoms, fantasy, & all are welcome!)
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2012, 12:15:49 PM »
Werewolf/Human plot taken, but I am open to ideas!

Offline naryashadowTopic starter

Re: Female looking to game (fandoms, fantasy, & all are welcome!)
« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2012, 12:51:39 PM »
Found a link to someone's copy of Dragonwyck on Youtube if anyone is interested in checking it out. You'll find it in my requests above. Forgive me, I've been gone a while so I can't remember how to put it in video form!