Craving some Dark Harry Potter based fun

Started by Google, October 21, 2012, 06:19:33 PM

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So Potter based Ideas for fun... I have a few little plots in mind, most of them alternate takes on how things turned out.

Say during the conclusion of the fifth book Lucius Malfoy not only managed to grab the prophecy but also took hold of a certain Mudblood ally of Potters, and as a reward for his success the Dark Lord hands her over to him, with the instructions to break her and turn her into a potential tool to use against Potter.

Or maybe during the seventh book, Ginny's attempt at forming a resistance is foiled by Draco who takes advantage of the fact that she is alone and unprotected.

Or maybe a darker twist... Potter and Co never escaped the Ministry of Magic during DH, instead they are taken prisoner and when Voldemort realizes that part of his soul is trapped within Harry he works to find a way to extract it and put it into a new vessel, while at the same time tormenting Potter by breaking Ginny... for his own sick pleasures of course.

Yea really craving dark Potter... so if you have a liking for any of those ideas or an idea of your own, PM me.
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