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Author Topic: Dark Fantasy Fairy Tales (Arthur vs Morgan)  (Read 353 times)

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Dark Fantasy Fairy Tales (Arthur vs Morgan)
« on: October 21, 2012, 01:02:49 AM »
A fantasy world in which you take characters from fairy tales (like Peter Pan, Snow White, ect) and put them in a dark fantasy world. They have the same personalities that you'd expect them to have, but turned into a dark fantasy species. They can have magical abilities, but make sure it fits with the fairy tale character. They are not the same person, they are a member of this world with their own history. The name should be changed as well. The gender can also be changed if you like. The king of this world is Arthur. His name stays the same just because it's so recognizable.

For example, Peter Pan has a very carefree whatever is fun at the moment personality. So maybe he's a party boy who has casual sex quite a bit. Or Dorthy is very curious and sentimental while also very strong willed. So maybe she explores around her house/city and gets into quite a bit of trouble.

This world is inhabited by fairy tale characters with different names. They aren't the same person, but have changed names. For this rp, I'm looking to have a big epic battle between the forces of Morgan Fearrington (Morgan le Fay) and Arthur. I will play Morgan and I'd like someone to play Arthur. All of the fairy tale characters should either pick a side, Morgan or Arthur, or stay neutral. Morgan has been recruiting people for his vendetta against all things magical. Now Morgan has recruited a large number of people that use all kinds of magic to achieve their ends.

Arthur has been fighting against everything magical for many years, believing magic to be evil. However he is starting to change his mind after seeing how people can use magic for good. Merlin has changed his mind on a number of things, having ascended to Arthur's council through various backroom political maneurverings. He is sympathetic to Morgan's cause, but believes that magic and non-magic should live peacefully, something he is trying to teach Arthur.

Basically if you're interested, pick a character from a fairy tale and tell me about that character in this world. And choose a side: Morgan, Arthur, or neutral.

Code: [Select]
[b]Based on:[/b] (fairy tale character)
[b]Side:[/b] (Arthur, Morgan, or neutral)

If you want Arthur, please let me know. I want to make sure we have a solid history behind him basically.

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Re: Dark Fantasy Fairy Tales (Arthur vs Morgan)
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2012, 01:03:33 AM »

Morgan's history:

Morgan lived in an all magic village which was hidden. Arthur was trying to destroy all magic in the world, thinking that it was evil and thus he had to hide or be destroyed. The village was hidden by a barrier that kept people from being able to see, but not from being able to get in. Morgan was told never to go outside of the boundary. But he was always a devious little kid and disobeyed, going outside of the magical boundary. That's when a soldier saw him. He was so terrified of the soldier that he ran back into the village and hid for awhile. He didn't say anything to anyone because he had disobeyed his parents.

However, the soldier reported to his superiors what he had seen. Several days later there was an army on their doorstep. The magic people, though they had powerful mages who defended, were still defeated by the king's armies. The entire village and the people in it were destroyed. But Morgan somehow survived. He had run away that day, ashamed of disobeying his parents and scared from what he had seen. Though he saw the ashes of his village being destroyed, the magical barrier no longer able to be maintained. This happened when Morgan was about 8.

Morgan hid in the forest near the castle of the local lord Paragor (stand in for Uther). He stayed there for years maintaining himself by drawing from the forest. He was able to control the animals who gave him food and shelter. He was able to survive in the forest for many years, eventually shedding his clothes and going naked, the shame of being naked nothing next to the shame of disobeying his parents and causing his village to be destroyed.

One day a tree nymph of the forest saw him bathing and thought him beautiful. She raped him that night, against Morgan's will. He was attracted to men and thus would not have had sex with her had she asked. Morgan wasn't as strong magically than as he is now. He wasn't able to defend himself against the nymphs powers. He worked on his powers, determined to be stronger than anyone else. When her son was born Morgan destroyed her utterly and took the child, raising him. He named the child Mordred because to Morgan, he was a manifestation of everything bad that had happened to him (more dread).

While Morgan still went naked, he worked to better his magic and eventually became one of the most powerful mages in existence. He keeps himself looking young with his magic and remains naked both so that people underestimate him and are tempted towards him. When they get close he can utterly destroy them. He hates all things non-magical and would see the complete destruction of everything that is not magic. He believes that non-magical people are inferior to magical people and that magic is a manifestation of the ultimate will of nature. Morgan often takes advantage of travelers through his woods, raping the men and destroying the women to assert his dominance and fulfill his bodily needs. Because those who are non-magical are inferior, they do not really matter in the long run.

Mordred grew up with Morgan, also running around naked all the time. He came to believe what his father taught him. Now he is 16 and Morgan is 32. Morgan raised his son to hate all things non-magic and love all that is magic. Paragor would often perform executions of magical people in his castle town and Morgan would bring Mordred to visit them to show just how evil non-magic people are.